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Z is 4 Scott Official Webpage

Hey guys, sorry i haven't been keeping up with the site. I got some spyware and it put me outta commission for a while, but I'm back!!! so yeah, i've updated a couple things so check it out. Peace out ya'll.

SUP AND WELCOME TO THE NEW! IMPROVED!! REVISED!!! Z is 4 Scott website. So look around, come back lots of times and tell your freinds.(please)so yeah this website's ok i guess i mean it's better than some other ones...right? RIGHT??? excuse me i'm kinda weird so NEways i'm julian and i'm really cool and weird.

k um i kinda decided we're not gonna start-start the band for like 3 more years but i'll keep u posted on songs we've written and crap. thanx! you all rock!

get this gear!