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COAL CHAMBER bassist NADJA gives WMN the full scoop on her influences, trying out for KITTIE, and COAL CHAMBER's upcoming fall tour plans!!!

Ex-TESTAMENT, DEATH, & OBITUARY lead guitarist JAMES MURPHY speaks to WMN about his illness, his future plans, and his former bands!!!

Former SOD/current MOD frontman BILLY MILANO gives WMN the scoop on his new music projects, his thoughts on other metal musicians, and hunting Arabs with TED NUGENT!!!

Another WMN exclusive interview, this time with SHADOW FALLS guitarist MATT! Read about Matt's thoughts on the current European death metal scene and who he would like to tour with in the future.

Read our WMN exclusive interview with exKITTIE guitarist FALLON BOWMAN & bassist TALENA ATFIELD! Both ladies discuss their former band and also give us a glimpse into their musical future!!!

Read our WMN exclusive interview with HALFORD guitarist PAT LACHMAN. Pat tells our viewers about Halford's Crucible and his other band DIESEL MACHINE. is copyrighted with all trademarks reserved from August 1st, 2002 until
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