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Why?: so I can do rock star poses

Bands: Velvets, Pixies, Joy Division, PJ Harvey, Blonde Redhead, Stooges, Nick Drake... too many more to mention.

Essential albums: always changing, currently; 'velvet underground and nico', 'closer'- Joy Division, 'Grace'- Jeff Buckley, 'the soft bulletin'- Flaming Lips, 'Pet Sounds'-Beach Boys, 'innocent and vain' - nico

Authors: Franz Kafka, William Burroughs, Jean-Paul Sartre, Naomi Klein, Noam Chomsky, Flann O'Brian, (all very serious and obvious I know).

Films: Mullholland Drive, Being John Malkovic' (I should watch more films)

Favourite words: um, uh-hu, maybe, perhaps, 'nyway, dun'no

Watch anything on tv?: Simpsons, Shooting Stars

Any heroes?: Pigeons (for not getting lost), Tapirs (for amusing me), Piglets (for squeeling), Tortoises (for carrying the earth on their back), Rhesus Monkeys (for hanging off trees by their penises)

One wish – no altruism allowed: Make the world a worse place

What’s important?: coffee and distractions.

Come your revolution, who’s up against the wall? Lions (for being patriarchal), Pandas (for being stupid and sitting on their cubs), Maggots (for being in my apple then being in my mouth)