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Why? Because it's fun. Because I can. Because it could matter. Because it's not boring.

Essential albums: Manics - The Holy Bible * Lou Reed - Berlin * Suede - Suede * Tori Amos - Little Earthquakes/Boys For Pele * Guns'n'Roses - Appetite for Destruction

Bands: (apart from the above album-writers) Velvet Underground, Bowie, Nation of Ulysses, Pulp, Roxy Music, Miss Black America, The Dawn Parade, The Clash, The Who, PJ Harvey, Magazine, The Smiths, Dead Kennedys ... I could go on.

Authors: Marya Hornbacher, Oliver Sacks, Terry Pratchet, Quentin Crisp, Hunter S Thompson, Douglas Adams, Philip K. Dick, Chuck Palahniuk, Jack Kerouac ... more. Too many more to list at whatever small hour it currently is.

One Wish(no altruism allowed): To find something to do with myself which covers everything I want out of life.

What's important? Compassion, conviction, doing things for real reasons rather than lofty and potentially inhuman ideals. A sense of absurdity. Friends, music, dancing, books.

Films: Bladerunner, Requiem for a dream, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Favourite words: Currently I'm liking the word weasel. Weeeeeeeeasel. See? And I'd like to point out that 'chitinous' is an utterly repulsive word.