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Why?: generally speaking, because.
Bands:We can build you, godspeed you black emperor, velvet underground, david bowie, mercury rev, flaming lips, jeff buckley (much so), (i'm not really sure how many to write here)manic street preachers, pixies......
Essential albums: berlin, all is dream, grace, slow riot for new zero kanada ep
Books/authors: island by aldous huxley, one flew over the cuckoos nest by ken kesey and the other beats maggie cassidy by kerouac especially, the dharmapada and the Light of Asia, What do you say after you say hello? is a funny psychological book (the emphasis is on the 1st you) and Current Reading is a book called don't tell me the truth about love by Dan Rhodes which i wish didn't have that title
Films: the servant, natural born killers
Favourite words:________sky........ .breathe. fall,,,, stop smash slice tear, touch.. shudder_stroke__feel____squeeze _hold_ fly_________ *transcendent* (orgasm)
Watch anything on tv?: news and stuff when i feel like dying
Any heroes?: mahakasyapa especially, not-the-world's-strongest-man from the song by scott walker (on scott 4) and everybody-who-superman-doesn't-come-for from the song by the flaming lips (on the soft bulletin)
One wish – no altruism allowed: transcendence and the cessation of wealth
What’s important?: poetry and violence
Come your revolution, who’s up against the wall?: if there was a really big wall, we'd all fit against it