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Mmmm, Juicy! fanzine review

Drowned in Sound review

Juxta! 'zine review

R*E*P*E*A*T fanzine review

Wombat Wombat gig synopsis thingy

Juxta! 'zine interview.

A Vision of the Future from Juls, who is The Oracle.

Bubblegum Slut fanzine review

Theme From Narc live review

I'd Rather Be Fat Than Be Confused fanzine review. The issue which featured us also contained a 'how to survive a tornado' fact sheet: "What to do if the big winds come". This pleases us.

Some reviews from Unpeeled fanzine, who we agree with about everything except the bit about us being shite.

A live review courtesy of R*E*P*E*A*T fanzine. live review

There's an interview with us on - a Cunning Thingy on their site prevents direct links to specific pages so you'll just have to find it yourselves. We can't hand EVERYTHING to you on a plate, y'know.




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