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Miss Black America

The Dawn Parade
Bitter-sweet reality rock soaked in vodka and blackcurrant. Breathtakingly alive, unashamedly honest, and the live show will set your soul alight.

The Exiles
Slick, knife-edge rock with an irresistible clean-cut catchiness. Plus their live act resembles a sort of Showcase Of Ultimate Cool.

Sample-shot rock played with a punk attitude and in danger of becoming so amazing live that the Universe has to expand itself beyond infinite capacity in order to contain their stage presence. Not skate-punk.

Rock with razorblades in and a melancholy edge - driven, dark, angry and quite likely to cause rock’n’roll to attain the status of the 8th deadly sin.

Scarlet Soho
Utterly engaging clinical sterility. Expressive and emotionless vocals over industrial-esque keyboards and drum machine, plus some killer guitars…

We Start Fires
Large-hearted alt-indie-pop seeking to change the world – no matter what happens, they’ve already increased the average quality of the planet’s music. And on top of the blinding ambition and the ace tunes, they quite simply ROCK.

Dark, hypnotic indie to lose yourself in, with stunning vocals.

El Spoonio
Rocky, poppy stuff with a medieval quality and a warped sense of humour: “This one’s about mini-milks and child abuse.”

Electro-pop-r'n'b brilliance, with a Ziggy Stardust/Brett Anderson psychotic preacher frontman. And a DJ sideline as The Hot Bedfellows

There’re three basic categories of Manics site on the net:

  • The comprehensive fansite such as Stay Beautiful(news, press archives, downloads, more pictures than you can shake a stick at) or the scarilly obsessiveSciryl/Lyrics..
  • The irreverent piss-take sites such as the rarely updated but timeless Imitation of Dignity (‘Freak out JDB by jumping on him shrieking hysterically “You ate Richey! You ate Richey!”’).
  • The really, really bad ones – seek and you will find.
Incidentally, the best Manics book I’ve ever read is ‘Everything’ by Simon Price.

Tori Amos
Piano-based perfection.

Quirkily-vocaled girl rock that BITES, complete with rock star attitude - what's not to like? Also the patrons of the mightily-named Club Motherfucker.

These Animal Men
Hot looking sharp sounding destruction on speed, now sadly defunct and condemned to remain unrecognised. But you can still go look at the site.

Mmmm, Juicy!
Comes equipped with easily-removable staples to allow you to reattach your arse after you laugh it off. Will also, after extensive genetic modification, do the washing up for you.

R*E*P*E*A*T Fanzine
The best fanzine in the world EVER – crammed with music, interviews, rants, humour and politics, and never fewer than 100 pages. And they promote gigs and release records too – how essential can you get?

Drowned in Sound
Online fanzine/music resource. Absurdly comprehensive, immeasurably better than the NME, and all done purely for the love of music by people who actually care about the bands they write about. And as if that wasn’t enough, those with nothing better to do can slag Holl(i)y off on the message boards for disagreeing with their musical taste.

Bubblegum Slut fanzine
Online companion for the beauteous Bubblegum Slut zine - go forth to this webpage, purchase a zine and then marvel at and luxuriate in the glory of the FURRY COVER! That's concept-dedication for you.

Juxta! Webzine
Rather ace online 'zine with a lovely review of us, plus seemingly endless reems of articles on suitably worthy bands and an impressive willingness to review demos from new bands.

Suicidal Trash webzine
Slick looking jam-packed online fanzine: interviews, live reviews, gorgeous pics, and US! In the 'ones to watch' section! Hurrah...

Theme From Narc
It's named for the Pixies and contains lots of musicy articles. What more d'ya want, BLOOD?

Sugartown Nights
Awesomely dedicated music promoter – Mark H is the evil-lacking overlord/hero of the Bury music scene, and single-handedly responsible for kickstarting/re-creating the situation where Bury St Edmunds has more than one non-Burysound gig a year.

Wombat Wombat
Ace Norwich gig promoters who like us and said nice things, and who put on regular gigs of astounding quality.




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