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Littleport Leisure Centre
Hmmmm. The venue looked like a cross between an aircraft hangar and a hospital ward. We had to borrow an amp... and were told not to change the settings. I wore chunks of skin off my leg carrying ill-advisedly heavy and abrasive things. Archie's guitar de-tuned itself magically mid-set. I was later informed that the audience could only hear the voice and the ride cymbal. And then some demon convinced me that it'd be a good idea to call the audience pathetic, so that's the last time those particular people ever come to sit round tables at the back of the room while we play.
Other than that, Perfect.
I think I can say with some conviction that we'll never play Littleport again.

Cambridge Portland Arms
5pm and there's a phonecall from Archie saying he's stranded in London after having had to go up there to collect his guitar which he left on the train, can we sound-check without him - Richy hangs up and starts swearing... Ben arrives with his feet swathed in bandages: 'Yeah, I'm fine, the bass drum won't be a problem'... Archie arrives at 7:15 and Richy stops swearing long enough to blag an extra soundcheck for the recovered guitar... We sit around till 8:45 putting bits of demos together and not thinking about how last time went... And then we played and IT WENT WELL!

Bury St Edmunds Prior Inn
We got filmed for a media project along with a rather rambling(stay on the subject of the question? What an absurd idea) interview beforehand, which was very cool in a surreal way. Breakdowns into shambolic timing aside, this one was enjoyable - the fun factor outweighed the stagefright, and no longer having to concentrate on not shaking with nerves was something of a relief. Plus we were playing with the astounding We Start Fires, which was always going to make for a good night. I also wish to point out that you get to this venue by walking down Hospital Road until you reach the cemetry, because this fact amuses me.

Cambridge Portland Arms
This was great. Being on stage was just so much fun, there was a natural sense of joy to it which could make anything worth the effort. And afterwards had that clean-cut exhaustion which it's almost a pleasure to feel because it's so utterly justified and it resulted from something so worthwhile.

Winchester Railway Inn
01/03/2003 - Pink Flamingo all-dayer
On the way back the M25 disappeared, forcing us to go through central London, and at every street corner an old man ran out into the road dangerously close to us. Could whoever's paying these people please stop it? It'll all end in tears.

Newmarket Palomino
No audience to speak of, but we played with Slowdrowned, The Broken Family Band and Greg McDonald so it was a damn good night in its own right. On the way home we were turning the dial on the radio to find something to listen to and the snippets of conversation caught included '...what's going on?' 'Well, it's the end of the world'. Could've done without that, really - it felt a little too true, what with the inevitable-war-and-death context.

Cambridge Portland Arms
We played with We Start Fires again - hurrah! And then we went down to Bedazzled and they played some incredibly good tunes.

Norwich Student Arts Bar
Really high white-painted ceiling with beams across it = feeling similar to playing in the inside of a bleached whale corpse. Only without a permeating smell of decay.

Cambridge Portland Arms
05/04/2003 Love Music, Hate Racism Launch Night
We played with Miss Black America and The Dawn Parade. It made for a good night. I missed the orgy afterwards though - typical.

Norwich Arts Centre
We broke three strings during 'Who's Not Pefect Yet' - one from Richy, two from Archie - and played the rest of the half hour in a very improvised way, but it still felt like a very good gig. Isaac came down to see us and mentioned the gig history, at which point I remembered that I hadn't updated it for a month. When Ebony screamed a small child ran from the room with his hands clasped over his ears. This pleases me.

Norwich King Edwards VII
Hour-long showcase gig which people actually, astoundingly, DANCED TO. And we got an encore(!) which consisted of 'Who's Not Perfect' again 'cause we'd run out of songs. Quote of the night 'Oh yeah, it's a biker pub - didn't I mention that?' The compulsary idiotic antics consisted of Richy and Archie deciding to go on a Mission and get people from other pubs to come to our gig instead - and not coming back. So Ebony went to find them... and soon after Richy and Archie returned, making it Ebony's turn to display a conspicuous lack of coming back. But everyone returned Just In Time, so THAT'S alright then.

Norwich King Edward VII(again)
The most noteworthy thing about this gig was probably the whole two-drummers stunt, Rob and Ben being in the process of entering and leaving respectively. It was fun, and we decided to do it again. My night was made when the lady behind the ticket counter at the station accepted a demo, thus making the whole changed-timetable fiasco almost worthwhile. I didn't leave the mailinglist on the train. We played with Evader and they were Good.

Cambridge Strawberry Fair
Hurrah for this gig - it was ace and we had fun. And that about sums it up, really.

Norwich Ferryboat, NPUC 2003
Line of the night comes from Rob: "Mark! There are children present! Don't say orifice!" Song line of the night:"Don't be afraid - the clown comes out to play". I have never liked clowns. We signed a boot, and played with three astounding bands. Huzzah NPUC2003 for a line-up of jaw-dropping quality. Of course, I mean that in the most modest sense possible.

Cambridge Junction
Three seconds into the first song a drum monitor blew, silencing us all for the next 10 minutes while the audience giggled at us. We're going to have to track God down and Have Words about events like this. It's just SHODDY.




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