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Sorry 'bout that. No doubt we'll all back onstage one way or another - our egos are too big to remain on the dance floor... This webpage will be staying up for awhile, 'cause like fuck did I spend all that time on it just to take it down.

NEWS JUST INWe'll be appearing posthumously on the R*E*P*E*A*T fanzine Love Music, Hate Racism benefit album 'Fear of a Black Kennett', along with Miss Black Americe, The Exiles, The Dawn Parade, King Adora, The Virgin Suicides, Kinesis, Asian Dub Foundation and... oh, absolute LEGIONS of cool bands - for ordering detals etc see here.

'Comprehensive Details of Everything' demo ep still available and really rather needing to be shifted so I can reclaim my bedroom - mail us your address for a copy. Or let us know where we can meet you, hand copies over to you and save us the postage... Take some for your friends while you're about it. They also make good ashtrays, coasters and ninja throwing stars - they can stop a charging rhino at 50 paces(by stealing its credit card while it's looking the other way...)

We'd hate to think that your evenings have been left bleak and empty by our demise - check out Rock Lands "Pop of the Tops" club for something to do with yourself, or see what R*E*P*E*A*T fanzine has to offer...


We Can Build You were:
Ebony - vocals
Richy Derula - guitar
Holl(i)y - lyrics and bass
Archie - noise guitar
Attilla the drums on Ben

We met at college, all already sick of education despite a common love of learning, counting down time so we could get onto waiting out University, drudging through a 9-to-5 job, drifting through old age and then just... ending. Except none of us thought that was enough. Life should feel like it matters, and it didn't. This band was our solution to that, something which came entirely from us and wasn't touched by the standards the world thought we should judge ourselves by.

For main influences we'd have listed PJ Harvey, Holy Bible-era Manics, Joy Division, Nirvana In Utero, The Pixies... you get the picture. Our lyrics weren't written with music in mind so the melodies had to stretch to fit the words and ended up twisted and unexpected with strange angles to them. The songs fed off who we were, and when we were playing and it went right it felt like touching something important and vital, a total contrast to lives we'd so far felt unable to totally invest ourselves in.

We had the arrogance to believe that a group of absurdly convicted, asocial misfits, half of whom couldn't play and whose aspirations were bigger than their abilities, could take a set of lyrics utterly lacking in lyricism and put them to music which didn't seem to fit into any particular category - and that people would listen to it and see it as something worth believing in. Music alone can't change the world, but it can influence the people who do. And the world needs changing. A band can't make a great practical difference, that's true, but if we could have made people listen, made people think, if we could have challenged people's assumptions, got them to re-examine things and then re-build their ideas from a slightly altered and hopefully wider perspective, then maybe we could have sparked something off, maybe we could have built something worthwhile out of our dissatisfaction.

Just being disillusioned isn't enough - you have to make something you can be satisfied with out of that feeling or you might as well have stayed blind. This was our attempt at justifying ourselves, at proving that all our questioning of everything was worthwhile, that what we'd made of ourselves was justifiable, that things didn't have to be as they are. This was our something to hope for and believe in, something important enough to be worth living for. There's a freedom in being unable to care for the life presented to you as the one you should lead - if the things you risk losing mean nothing to you, then you really have nothing to lose.

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