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Links To Other Sites

OK, I know the Judy Garland picture has NOTHING to do with colorguard, but she is my favorite actress so I had to put her in here somewhere. The "Links" page was the only place I could put the picture in where I wouldn't look completely stupid. Here's some guard-related and non guard-related links. Enjoy!

Guard Links ( Very cool guard clothes and accessories.)
Algy Costumes (Great uniforms.)
McCormick's (The BEST place to order flags.)
Fred J. Miller (Beautiful artsy-type uniforms.)
My Buddy Kristen's Website (Some guard and nonguard related stuff.)

Non Guard Related Links

Pacific Sunwear (Very very cool clothes. My favorite store.)
Judy Garland Database (Information on all things Judy.)
Great American Cookies (Includes yummy pictures of mouthwatering cookies!!)
Montgomery Central High School Band (My band!! YAY! GO INDIANS!)
Paul Frank (That designer that makes the clothes with the cute little animals on them.) (Tons of cool stuff to do when you are BORED!)
Snoopy's Gallery & Gift Shop (Cute collectables from Charles Schulz's wonderful comic strip.)