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A Guard Prayer

Lord, as I prepare to take the field, I pray to you for a few things: Please guide my flag. Please allow it to land safely back in my hands when I toss. Please allow my tosses to reach your home in the heavens. Please guide my feet to the correct position on the field. Please sheild my eyes from the sun so that I may look upon your home easier. Please guide the band members to the correct spots so they don't hit me. Please help them to play the correct notes. Please help my dancing have feeling. Please guide my fellow guard members so that we will all be in sync. Please allow the other band to do well, but not as well as ours, so we can win. Please help me to not be a sore loser if we don't win and please allow my band and I to be gracious winners if we win. And last but not least, please hold the wind in your palm for seven minutes while I perform. Thank you, Lord, for your time. Now the field is calling me. Amen.