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Brittany's Bio

Brittany's Bio

The Interview

Age: 16!
Weight: 110
Height: 5'6
Hair Color: dark blonde
Eye Color: blue/gray
Birthday: October 12
School: Rocky!
Birthplace: Lincoln, Nebraska
Favorite bands: Skillet, Earthsuit, Benjamin Gate, Sonic Flood...stuff like that...oh and LaRue!
Favorite movies: That Thing You Do!! The Mummy, Anna and the King...chick flicks :) Mission Impossible, Star Wars! I just like movies!
Favorite books: Anything by Philip Pullman...any fantasy book.
Favorite songs: Any worship song... i love I Want to Know You by Sonic Flood!
Most respected artist: I think Ginny Owens because she is blind and i think that would be tough to do.
Favorite President: hmm...I don't really know...but probably Lincoln
Favorite car/vehicle: Well I drive my dad's Taurus right now and she's kinda growing on me.. but i just like small
Favorite thing your mom makes for dinner: I don't know what to call it but it has hash browns..ham..scrambled's like a breakfast casserole...mmm
Where do you work: I don't work anywhere right now but i'll probably have to get a job soon...bleh
Favorite Quotes: Cling to your inperfections, they are what makes you unique...i saw that on a tag for mudd jeans..
Favorite Bible verses: Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding but in all your ways awknowledge him and he will direct your path!" I love that verse.
Brittany's Interview

Q: How did you get started in Already Taken?:
A: Abbey and Miranda just asked me and Kevin if we would like to be their singers and we said "YES!!"

Q: What is your favorite part about performing?:
A: I haven't been involved very long yet but from my experience performing in other things I like pretty much all of is a total rush... but i love reactions and participation from the kids and audience members.

Q: How have you personally seen Already Taken grow in the past two years?:
A: Well like I said I haven't really been invovled very long but since i've seen them perform at kids camp and other events they have gotten better at their instruments and sound more together..they just look like they are having a good time!

Q: What is your favorite worship song to perform?:
A: Well I haven't found that one out yet either but just from practice My Redeemer Lives and Eagle's Wings.

Q: Do you like being in a coed band?:
A: Yeah it's fun!

Q: What's the dumbest thing you have ever bought with money?:
A: I know i've bought something stupid at some point but i can't think right now..

Q: When you were a baby, were you a chubby or skinny child?:
A: I think i've been skinny my whole life.

Q: Name one thing about yourself that almost no one knows about you:
A: haha...when nobody is around...I make faces at myself in the mirror and i do weird tricks with my toes...they are really long and i hate them but if you want to see i'll show you :)

Q: What is your favorite sport?:
A: I am really bad at sports so i just watch them on TV..but nascar racing..and football!!!

Q: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?:
A: Kenya, Africa..but i know that is going to happen someday cause i want to be a medical missionary there!

Q: What do you think makes you unique and different than everyone else in the band?:
A: I think everybody is good at this but i try and not get frustrated when i sing a wrong note or forget the words and i just keep trying my best until i get it cause if you are hard on yourself you won't get you anywhere.

Q: Name one thing that the other band members bring to the band, other than their musical talents:
A: Estep brings humor, Miranda is leadership, Abbey is just fun to be around and is encouraging when i feel nervous etc.

Q: What is one thing that you bring to the band?:
A: I try and bring a smile and a good attitude.

Q: What do you want to do after High School?:
A: Go to college and become a medical missionary in kenya, Africa..cause God says so :)

Q: What is an event in your life that has impacted you the most?:
A: well, obviously having Jesus as the ruler of my life is a big impact...but i can't think of anything else right now.

Q: What do you think about being agnostic and evolution being taught in public schools?:
A:it's poopy..

Q: What does worship mean to you?:
A: Worship is everything...cause worship isn't just singing like everybody thinks! You worship God when you pray, give tithe..take out the trash when your parents tell you to! But my favorite part is the singing!

Q: The Last Question: In your opinion, where do you think the future will take Already Taken?
A: I don't want to think about it! I just want to see where God takes us one day at a time!