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Band Credits

Josh's Credits

I'd like to thank a few people-
Jesus: Thank you for dying on the cross for me and taking my sins to give me new life. Thank you for your salvation, love and grace.
Miranda: Thank you for always supporting me in the band as well as outside of the band. Thanks for being a leader, and I know we have many more fun times together ahead of us.
Abbey: Thanks for being a little sister and a friend. Keep up the good Bass (fish) playing! You keep life in the band interesting. Thanks for always being there.
Mom & Dad, Howard & Crystal, Darell & Jess: Thank you for helping me grow up and for supporting me in all of my decisions, as well as for guiding me in my choices.
Maguyver: I told myself I wasn't going to cry.... I can do this. Thank you, Maguyver, for showing me that you can make a laser with a ball point pen and a belt buckle, as well as how to get out of trap after trap.
Thank you.

Mirandas Credits

First I must thank Jesus Christ for helping me acheive my greatest dreams. You are my everything, I love you.

The Band: To all the times we have shared, and all the times to come. Thank God for the inside jokes!
Abbey: To the other half of my heart. I could not imagine life without you. You have taught me LOTS. I love you sis. BYE! Bye! Dontcha know.
Josh: You have always been there for me, and I could never put that all into words so I won't even try. You've helped broaden my tastes let's say(haha). Movies rock! Ok well except for Red Dawn.
Brittany: You have a gift, wow. Thanks for joining. I can't wait for all that will happen. Keep living your obvious love for God. You're a beautiful girl.

To Lauren, Brandon, Niko, Matt, JP, Stephanie, Tyler, and Dustin; thank you for all that you did to make Already Taken what it is today.
To my friends and family. Brandi, Allison, Wendi, Rachel, Jeavon, Niko, Laura, Brenna, etc.. Thanks for your prayers and support. I need some guy friends.
To the NFL and Gone with the Wind. You inspire me.
To everyone I've ever met. It was real.

Abbeys Credits

Jesus: My best friend, my father, I love you. Thank you for giving me freedom, giving me joy, and thank you for loving me. You hold my heart forever and I give you all the glory.
Pastor D. and Jessica: Thanks for all you have put into us. You have seen us at our best and worst. Thanks.
The Band:
Miranda: Thanks for being an awesome sister and still loving me even though you know I can be an idiot sometimes. I love hanging out with you and thanks for being a great influence.
Jason: Thank you for being so simple and so funny! I love just hanging out with you and kicking back. You rock at Monopoly.
Josh: Thanks for putting up with me. Thanks for being the brother I have always wanted.
Brittany: Thank you for your heart. You help put energy into practice and make it fun. Thanks for being a wonderful friend.
My Friends: I love you all so much! Thank you for being the greatest influences ever, and thank you for sticking with me, even through thick and thin. I treasure each and every one of you. To: Josh, Brittany, Natasha, Laura, Allison, Brandi, Lindsey, Lacy, and Jason.

Brittany's Band Credits

Jesus: I don't think I could sing my best and be in a band without praying and thanking you first for everything. Everyone is human and friends will make mistakes but you are the only one who will always be there for me no matter what!
Mom and Dad: I know that you will always support me and pray for me in anything I do. And I'm the only one in the band who can't drive now so I definetly thank you for all the rides you give me! :)
Miranda and Josh: Thank you for making the band so fun to be in and I can't wait to get to know all of you more! I feel like I am welcome and I can be myself around you. Thanks again you guys!
Abbey: Thank you so much for listening to me when I needed to vent and always being available to me when I need to call. Thanks for praying for me too! I hope that we can continue to grow closer. Oh, and thank you for all the rides you've given me too!
Pastor Darrel (P. Diddy Darrel) and Jess Hailey: I feel like I've learned and grew a lot from doing JOY Team. I look forward to working with the kids and other JOY Team members every weekend! JOY Team wouldn't be where we are now without you guys!