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        Band History

The band was formed in 1979 when a group of police officers met to explore the possibility of taking music lessons in the bagpipes and drums. After months of formal training and hard work the band made its first public appearance in 1980 and welcomed home the Americans that had been held hostage during the Iranian Hostage Crisis.

Since that time, the band has performed in many parades and celebrations in the New York metropolitan area as well as other locations across the country from Maine to Washington D.C., and as far south as New Orleans; winning awards and trophies for many of their appearances. The members consist of police officers and civilians of the Port Authority and have offered the opportunity to other law enforcement and emergency service personnel and civilians from outside the Port Authority to participate in our program.

In early 1999, after wearing a traditional green kilt for over twenty years, the band voted to change the uniform to more closely represent the police department by wearing the colors of blue and gold.

The uniforms were delivered in January of 2000 in time for the 100th police graduation class. The enjoyment of the new uniforms was short-lived when the terror attacks of September 11th struck our nation. During the attack seventy-five members of the Port Authority family were lost at the World Trade Center. Thirty-seven were Port Authority Police officers. From the thirty-seven, three were drummers with the band. This devastation did not prevent the band from performing its most solemn task, a funeral for a fallen officer. The band played at over forty funerals and memorial services with the help of the New Jersey United Pipe Band in the fall of 2001, sometimes two or three and on one occasion five services in a single day.

With fixed intention, the Port Authority Police Pipes & Drums continues to demonstrate its commitment to distinction.