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...The Neavus Diary


23/07/2004- The come back begins...

Tims shoulder is coming right , so the band is looking at getting back into things soon. Keep an eye out for a new website, new single and a bunch of new songs when they re-launch themselves into the chch scene over the next couple of months.


Our final gig before Tims operation that we had down for this Saturday night @ the Rockycola Cafe
unfortunatly got cancelled, sorry everyone, its just one of those things.
Tim is going in for his shoulder operation next Thursday and we will be taking the next couple of
months off from the live scene while he recovers.
However, before his operation over the next week he will be busy recording drum tracks for our
next single. The rest of the band will be recording later on to keep ourselves busy during the break.
In the meantime stay tuned to this website for updates on Tim and the single and we will be back
around September sometime.


Sorry about the lack of updates from us recently.
We have been pretty busy lately with sorting out the tour and Tim & Simon have been busy moving flats.
The tour was a complete success with wicked shows in Dunedin, Nelson and Wanaka. Over the five days of the tour we spent 35 hours in the van clocking up nearly 3000kms across the south island. Dunedin at the Refuel bar with El Schlong went off. It was good to catch up with old mates and meet new ones, cheers to the boys' high massive for giving up their beds and letting us crash at their place.
After the big haul to Nelson (11hours from Dunners) the next night was an emotional one for all with Mother Guru's last show at the Phat Club. We played one of our best shows in ages and hopefully showed our appreciation to the Guru boys for everything they have done for us over the past year and a half. They will be sadly missed and we wish em' luck for their future endeavours.
With a quick night rest in Chch we got back on the road down to Wanaka. El Schlong went off opening for this time @ Paddys. We played a good show which was actually our 1st on the road as an opening act. After we packed down we got straight back in the van and headed over to Queenstown arriving about 3 in the morn.
Cheers to everyone who helped us with the tour and let us crash at their place. Special mention goes out to Gaz & Dave @ Gardner Cars for letting us use their van, which we couldn't have done without.

Just confirmed next Sat night (6th March) @ the Rockycola Cafe in Christchurch also we are finally going to make it to Dunners thanks to El Schlong. We will be down there on Wednesday 7th April for a Pint night so if anybodys got a spare bed or couch for a touring rock band give us a holler!

17/02/2004- Serpent Rising Update
Timary and the Rocky went off last weekend! Got a good game of backyard cricket going in Alex's backyard with the Guru boy's- some unconventional yet effective bowling techniques shown by Mo saw him take the most wickets for the day GO THE FISH! Unfortunatly the gig on the 27th at the Dux has been postponed until the 2nd of April but Neavus will still be playing that Saturday night (28th Feb) with Mother Guru at the Wunderbar in Lyttleton for the closing show of the Serpent Rising Tour.

28/01/2004- Neavus in Takaka this Sat
Change of plans- the first gig for the year will be this weekend when Neavus support Mother Guru on the first date of their nationwide tour in Takaka. Hope to see you there!

15/01/2004- Happy New Year!!
Hope everyone had a good nu years, we certainly did rocking it out at the Motunau & Kaiteri Beachs! We have got a HUGE year ahead of us with heaps of gigs lined up all over the place. Your first chance to catch us for the year will be at the Dux de Lux in Chch on Fri the 27th of February so pencil that date into your diarys now!

After a couple of months down the brand new site is finally finished. The new address is, so to keep informed on everything Neavus stay tuned!

20/11/03- Alex is off for the rest of the year to play Rugby in Argentina so the next few months are pretty quiet for Neavus as far as live shows go. 2003 has been a huge year for the boys with highlights like making the Battle of the Band Regional Finals, headlining shows at the Dux and supporting Mother Guru up and down the South Island. Over the next while they will be busy writing new material and getting themselves ready to go hard for an even bigger one next year in 2004!
5/9/03 Battle of Band Semis!!
Neavus are through to the Regional Semi finals! It was a huge night back down at the Southern Blues bar with massive competition for the boys, it would have been a huge job for the judges to pick from such awesome bands with the likes of Wicked Daze, EOD and Nexus having all played excellant sets. Eventually after a tormenting wait they announced Neavus and Wicked Daze will be the bands playing next week at the regional final. Neavus would just like to take this chance to thank all of our support who came down and cheered the boys on especially our right hand man Matty Boa, our girls, crawfy's mum and the Gardener crew. Cheers guys!

1/9/03 Jadam goes off!
The jadam jam was a huge night for all, with the bands going hard and the wicked crowd going even harder. Neavus played a great set and are looking forward to further Jadam's coming up in the next couple of months. Even closer for the boys is Thursday's Battle of the Band Semis as well as Timaru's Loaded Hog on Friday night with Mother Guru so get down there and check em out!

27/8/03 Jadam Jam Update
This saturday night down at Dirty Harry's in New Brighton Neavus will be playing at one of the most anticipated gigs of the year, the JADAM JAM! With 8 other bands, including Undermime, Melee, Skint and Wicked Daze this gig will be huge! Tickets are $5 on the door, doors open at 6:30. Neavus will be on about 9:30 but come down earlier and get real pissed while watching the other great bands.

10/8/03 NEAVUS in Mot
Cheers to our Brothers Guru for having us up in their neck of the woods, it was a huge night down at the Hotel Motueka with all the bands going off. Thanks to everyone who came down and we'll be back some time soon for sure.
19/7/03 NEAVUS Make B.O.B Semis!
After a fucking excellant set at the Southern Blues Bar on Thursday night Neavus are through to the Christchurch semi finals in this years NZ Battle of the Bands. The semis are still a month ot two off yet so stay posted for dates.

17/7/03 Battle o' Bands
Tonight at the Southern Blues Bar on Madras St Neavus are competing in the opening night of the NZ Battle of the Bands. The bands order in which they play will be drawed at 8 so lets hope its not like last year with Neavus playing in the after midnight slot.

23/06/03 Cheers
Thanks to everyone who came down to catch us before Cripple played on Saturday night. It was a mad afternoon for Alex having to race from rugby to the dux still in his rugger gears, but the night went off for the guys which is always good. Special thanks goes out to Kez for coming down, sorry we didn't get a chance to catch up but definatly next time.
Don't forget also this Friday night Neavus @ the Dux with Slow Train, 9pm free admission. See you there!

16/06/03 Cripple this Saturday
Be at the Dux De Lux this Saturday night to see two of Christchurchs best live acts, Neavus and Cripple Mr Onion grace the stage together for the first time. Neavus will start at 9 with Cripple on at 10.

9/05/03 Wicked night @ the Dux
Neavus played a cracker set @ the dux on thursday night when they supported Grief. There was heaps of positive comments and the band would like to say cheers to everyone that came down. Here's a picture from the night taken by Crawfords mum.

21/04/03 Neavus In Support
You can catch Neavus at the Dux in the 2nd week of NZ Music Month when they support one of the best metal bands in Christchurch. Thursday the 8th May Neavus will be supporting Grief. They will be on stage from 9 so get down there, sink some piss and go hard!

4/04/03 Rock On Junior Elementry!!!!
The Dux was awesome, thankyou so much to everyone who came, we just hope you had as much fun as we did.
Cheers from Neavus.

27/03/03 Countdown begins for Dux De Lux
Thats right, 7 days to go till the big gig @ the Dux. The posters will be up soon and there will be heaps of other publicity goin on so you will have no reason to forget to go. This night is going to be huge, the band have been building for this one all year so get your mates and head down to the Dux de Lux on the 3rd April.

8/03/03 Neavus @ the Jet Set
Neavus. This Friday. 14th March. 9:30pm. Jetset Lounge. Don't bitch.

16/02/03 The day after the night before
The first official Neavus tour went real smoothly and was a complete success. Thanks to Mother Guru and the Loaded Hog for letting us play and also Eddie @ the Anchor Motel in Timaru. Hopefully we will get back on the road soon so till then we'll just be goin hard inside the city limits.

15/02/03 Today, Tomorrow, Timafuckingru
After a huge night at the Jetset Lounge last night, Neavus leave for their first tour today. Tonight they will be supporting Mother Guru @ the Loaded Hog in Timaru. This set is going to be a fucking boomer, the guys are amped and ready for some sex, drugs & rock n roll, so make your may down to Timaru if your the big smoke or if you are already in Timaru I don't think they'll mind if you take one saturday night out from bingo to go and watch Neavus.

07/02/03 Neavus @ The Jet Set Lounge
This Friday (14th feb) Neavus are playing The Jet Set Lounge. The show will start round 9:30 so grab a valentines date and take em out to see Neavus live.

25/01/03 Dux gig postponed
Unfortunatly Neavus will be unable to play on the 30th of January at the Dux due to Tim dislocating his shoulder. This is a very unfortunate accident for the band as they were really looking forward to this show, but you don't have to worry because they are just about to confirm a new date for the Dux for sometime in late Feb.

12/01/03 Holy Shit!!.. It's 2003
After a good break over the new years we are getting straight back into it and already have three gigs lined up the next month. The first one is going to be huge, Thursday 30th January, Dux De Lux. This is the one we have all been waitng for and we promise to make it good one cause we are gonna go fucking hard. After that is the 14th of January @ the Jet Set Lounge (take the missus out for a Valentines date to see Neavus) and also the 27th of January @ the Jet Set. This year is looking like its going to be a big one for us, we are gonna play a shite load of shows as well as hopefully get some recording done so we can apply for some grants.

16/12/02 Tims gota new car (as well as the legal permission to drive it)
Its been three months and finally Tims got his licence back, so to celebrate he's bought himself a new car. Tim can now be seen in his yellowy/greenish machine terrorising the elderly population of the Christchurch suburbs. Look out Colombo Street skanks!

14/12/02 Venue change for Saturdays gig
This Saturdays (21st December) gig at the Rockycola Cafe has been moved to the Jet Set Lounge. The reason for the change is because of capacity restrictions at the Rockycola and the fact that Neavus are so muthafuckin rad that every bro and his ho wants to see them. Neavus will return to the Rockycola in mid January so keep checking this site for updates. This is Neavus's first gig with Crawfy back and also the first with Kieran on guitar so its very important that a shit load of mutherfuckers get down to the Jet Set this Saturday night and go very, very hard!

25/11/02 Guess whos back, back again, Crawfy's back, tell your friends
Yes, you heard it right, the man is back. After 9 months in merry ole' England Crawford had enough and decided to come back here and give everyone a heart attack. Crawford has re-joined the band on bass with Kieran making the shift to guitar. The new lineup will play their first gig at the Rockycola Cafe sometime next month. Fuckin rad to have ya back Crawfy.

22/11/02 Neavus set to rock the Rockycola
The bands finale for 2002 looks like it will be at the Rockycola Cafe & Bar. Although the dates haven't been confirmed yet it looks like it will be in late December. As soon as they dates are finalised they will be posted on the website so stay tuned.

19/11/02 Neavus have quiet time
After a pretty hectic few months Neavus are having a well deserved rest and are taking time out to write some new material. They are also currently trying to get some more gigs lined up for the xmas peroid so keep checking this site for where you can see Neavus next.

8/11/02 The Return To Lincoln
After an awesome show at Lincoln High 2 months ago Neavus were asked to come back and play on their last day of the year. The crowd was a lot smaller this time round but 10 times more enthusiastic which really got the band going. The set started badly with Alex breaking a string in the first song and having broken 3 strings during the week he didn't have any replacments. However after the song he was able to rescue the string and finish the set until during the last song when it broke again. "Next To Me" was a crowd favourite as was "Seven" and "In The End". Overall it was a good show and Neavus may look at returning again maybe in the New Year.

29/10/02 New Photos
The site has just been updated with some new kodak moments of the band. Its got some of the pictures from previous gigs like the Loud Lunch @ Pioneer Stadium and also the only documented footage of Tim signing his very first autograph. To check them out go to the Photo Album link above or click here

21/10/02 Neavus Just Fucked Papanui Up... Well Not Exactly
After extensive rehersing leading up to this Papanui gig and the whold band looking to have a big one this show was a bit of a downer. A definite lack of crowd enthusiasm was a contibuting factor but all in all we learnt lots from it and it'll make us even better the next time we play. Tim is also now the pin up boy for the Papanui High School Special Needs Divison.

9/10/02- New lyrics section added
Red has just finished the new lyrics section and it is now up and running. Now you can all sing your favourite Neavus songs down at the local karoke bar. To go to the lyrics page click on the link above our click here

1/10/02- We're talented, yes we're GIFTED
Big props go out to the team @ GIFTED clothing for hooking Neavus up. Now that everybody wants to look like Neavus go and check out the rad GIFTED merchandise at

19/9/02- Lincoln High Lunchtime: The first Neavus tour
Neavus went on their very first tour yesterday, leaving the city and heading out to Lincoln. They played throughout the lunchtime at Lincoln High and were a great success. One girl even wanted to know where she could buy a copy of the songs! Kieran had an awesome show for his first one with Neavus. If you had told someone in the crowd that Kieran had only known the songs for just over a week they probably would have told you to go fuck yourself. The show was made even better for the boys with a gift of $100 cash from the school. The first tour was a great success and Neavus have already decided that they will tour again in the near future. Maybe this time they might get as far as Rolleston.

12/9/02- New Bass Player Found
Neavus would like to welcome Kieran Brewster to the crew. Kieran has been brought in to look after bass duties and bring an extra element to their live performance. For more on Kieran check out the members section by clicking on the link above.
6/9/02- Seven Demo Completed
After two days in the studio the demo for "Seven" is finally complete. It will now be sent away to NZ on Air and other sources to see what people think. For your own personal copy please email and we'll arrange for a suitable alley way to make the exchange. Big em' ups go out to the Pete and Andy @ Blast for their help with recording.

30/8/02- Tim and Si's Ranch o' Relax'o
With Tim losing his licence (95 in a 50, hell yea!) he has needed to move closer to town so Si and Ryan have moved out of Buffon and are moving in with Tim. The new flat is fucken rad and plenty of piss will be consumed on its premises. Remember... you can't spell relax'o with out relax.

27/8/02- Alex gets full....finally
Its taken two years but Alex has finally got his full licence. He sat the test on wednesday and past with flying colors. He is now the only member of Neavus to legal drive.

23/8/02- Battle o'Band Semis- Best and worst gig ever
After coming last in the draw... AGAIN!, Neavus got onto the stage about 1:30am. Shit went bad from the start with Alex's amp getting stage fright and refusing to work. A quick onstage fix got the amp working but half of his pedals out for the night. With this problem out of the way they went on to perform an awesome rendition of "welcome to the darkside". The crowd really got into this song and they didn't even notice when Alex's guitar cut out due to a flying cable. The boys recovered well and "Come Lick It" was another crowd favourite. "Next To Me" was going well until the Laney got the jitters again and just fucked up completly. Alex resorted to just singing for the first chorus but the show had to go on and Tim kept playing (big ups bol!) which gave Alex enough time to fix his amp and finish the show. The rest of the show went smoothly, well hard out is a better term. The boys really redeemed themselves and left the stage pleased despite all the fuck ups. A big cheers goes out to Chris who came back and helped them with this show. Everyone wishes him well for the future and hopes to catch up sometime.

16/8/02- Neavus To Record "Seven"
The date is nearly set for Tim, Al and Si to head into the studio and record "Seven". They have a meeting today with a record exec at Blast Studios in Christchurch and a final date should be set for some time in the next two weeks. To pre book your copy of the 2002 single of the year email

13/8/02- Neavus in Battle of the Bands Semi Finals!

It has been just announced that Neavus are in the Christchurch regions semi finals for the LION RED RAW BATTLE OF THE BANDS. After hours of deliberation amoungst the judges Neavus have been picked the next best band out of the 35 bands that tried out and missed on the original selection.
Chris Humphreys has agreed to re-join the band for this show, so many cheers go out to him. Neavus's Semi final is next Thursday at the Southern Blues Bar so get down and give them heaps of support!

5/8/02- Chris Humphreys Leaves Neavus
Unfortunatly Chris Humphreys has decided to leave the band. It was hard decision for him but it was one he had to make. "I've over done the music a bit this year, and I'm just gonna take some time off" Chris said yesterday. Chris joined Neavus 5 months ago when Crawford left for England. He was a great find, considering he was the only one that replied to their wanted ads. He played six shows with the band including the Rapid Rock Festival and the 2002 Battle of The Bands. The rest of the band say there is no hard feelings towards Chris and they wish him the best for the future.
This on the other hand means that Neavus are on the prowl for a new bass player. If you are interested or know someone that might be please feel free to email the band at...
Suitable applicants must have experience and gear and be very willing to put up with 3 pimp daddy gang bangers from the wrong side of the tracks. Aiight?

1/8/02- Welcome to brand new Neavus site! Byatch!
We've changed the layout and added some new features just to keep it interesting. Contact us on the CONTACT NEAVUS page or sign the guestbook below and tell us what you think. Also the URL address has changed to
Now its more easier than ever to remember the Neavus site address!!

29/7/02- Tim Ruth goes to course
Tims xmas holidays have come to end!! After 8 months of sleeping in, staying up late and doing absolutly nothing Tim has started a course at Avonmore. He's studying to become one of those computer geeks so he can make heaps of dosh and then be able to sleep in, stay up late and do nothing all over again.

25/7/02- Neavus come 3rd in B.O.B
It was always gonna be a big night for the boys. They competed for the first time in the LION RED RAW BATTLE OF THE BANDS. After coming last in the draw for the order of bands(I told Simon to pick from the bottom!) the boys faced a five hour wait listening to the other bands before they could even get on to the stage. By the time it was their turn to get on stage it was about 1:30am. An unfortunate incident in their first song ('Welcome To The Darkside') involving Tims hand and a wayward drumstick left a lot of blood on and around the drums. Surprisingly Tim managed to stay conscious and they carried on the set without a hitch.
Sadly Neavus didn't make it through to the semi-finals, but everybody said they deserved to and that they should be real proud of themselves. They have learnt a lot from this experience (such as the Southern Blues Bar is full of disgruntled homeless goths that smell bad) which will help them for the future and they will probably achieve their goal of world domination by next year.

Also... a big big thanks to everyone (Eliza, Karly,and Riz) who came and supported Neavus at The Battle of the Bands. We all know how hard it is to sit through anything for five hours without throwing a few coins so cheers for sticking by us.