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I'm going to be a Senior!

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This page hasn't been updated in YEARS. I'll get right on it...not that you really care, do you? :) SURVEY

full name | Shannon Elizabeth Theresa Farrell
nicknames | shan, shanny, shanaynay, shanny shan shan, penguin, sexy, bunny
screen name | LusciousLipz910
sex | female 0:-)
birthday | August 13th, 1987 (2:06 AM, to be exact!)
height | 5 feet 5 inches
hair color | brown
long or short hair |long
eye color | brown
city born in | Port Jefferson--Long Island, NY
siblings|1: Sean
makes you laugh most | my friends, my bf
knows the most about you | jonathan, amanda, and bonnie
kindergarten | nicky hartman (yes i still remember!)
1st grade | no one...?
2nd grade | andrew martin (really clear memory!)
3rd grade | chris something...
4th grade | nick zachpal and brian something...
5th grade | CJ Miranda (EW!)
6th grade | kevin walker
7th grade | ryan hofmann (UGH! I dated him!) and then corey herth (dated him later)
8th grade | rob figueroa (dated again)
9th grade | rob walsh...then corey herth
(dated)...then rob again!
10th grade| brandon leake (oh brother...) then anthony palermo (uh...)
11th grade| joe pinzone...then a quik fling with mark mccook. (more like mccock if you ask me. LOL) bf/gf status | enamored with a certain gorgeous boy ;)
job | yep...public library page
scared of | dying...pain in general...stuff i can't control (ex: water, nature...)
role model(s) | Mr. Mack
most interesting thing you've done this summer | um....nothing really.
store you shop at the most |hot topic, kohls, mandee, pacsun
have you ever done any drugs |nope, unless u mean prescription. :)
do you collect anything |superman, penguins
are you a ditz | i think not, my friend.

day of the week | Friday (TGIF BABY)
thing in your room | my bed, my stereo, my pic of jonathan
cousin | Linda and Billy
song |good question
animal| penguin!
ice cream |mint chocolate chip and reeses
thing to do | write stuff, draw, watch comedy, smallville, hang with friends, computer stuff
movie of all time | Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Patriot
hangout |my room, bowling alley, jon's house
favorite pizza topping | ricotta cheese, pepperoni
where do you see yourself in 10 years | maybe a teacher, married to the love of my life (JON!)
if you could live anywhere | on the water in east LI
dream house | victorian style house
what age do you want to get married | between 20-23
how many kids do you want | 3
girl's names |Cassidy, Lana, Noelle
boy's names | Andrew, Rory

been in love | yes
cheated on a bf/gf | no! i never have and i never will...its not in my character. plus, its mean, its disloyal, and its just WRONG!
tied your shoes together: nooo....why would I--ack! *trips and falls flat on face* heyyyy....
eaten something with a lot of fat | story of my life, hon ;)
had sex | yes
worst feeling in the world |suspense, having someone you love crush you, having to throw up (what? it sucks!)
best feeling in the world | being in love, knowing u always have someone there for you.
can you define love | love is a feeling, so its too hard to put into words.
do you get along with your parents | eh....usually...sometimes...
are you ticklish | who me? noooooooo.... *evil grin*

first thing you notice about the opposite sex | very observant, not one thing grabs my attention before another, usually.
perfect "dream" date | walking on the beach at night with no one else around, pouring rain...
what do you look for in the opposite sex | great personality, sense of humor, sweet, funny, friendly, non-biased, smart...hotness doesn't hurt either *wink*
what does the opposite sex not know about you |about me or women in general? my answer: EVERYTHING!

what do you wear to bed |tank top and PJ pants
what's your bed time | dont have one.. im a night owl! HOOT!
is there a tv in your room | yuppers :)
what's the last thing you do before you fall asleep | listen to music, think, watch TV
how many schools have you been to |Islip and good ol' Wm. Floyd
are you passive or agressive | depends on the situation...I'll say I'm kinda sadistic, though. *evil laughter fills room*
vanilla or chocolate | chocolate is a girls best friend
would you rather be hot or cold | between...neither extreme is all that pleasant

[ Body ]
1. What do you most like about your body: my eyes and my hair. I've been told I have a nice smile, too.
2. And least: my weight (especially my tummy...hmph)
3. How many fillings do you have: 1 or 2
4. Do you think you're good looking: ehhh, i guess im ok lookin. Atleast nobody runs screaming :0
5. Do other people often tell you that you're good looking: my bf tells me every day :)
6. Do you look like any celebrities : nuh uh....i is uniquers. someone once told me i looked like Michelle Branch..but i dont think so!

[ Fashion ]
1. Do you wear a watch: always!
2. How many coats and jackets do you own: 4 or 5
3. Do you wear makeup: always, feel naked without it!
4. Most expensive item of clothing: converse sneaks: 44 bucks
5. What kind of shoes do you wear: converse, vans, flip flops
[ Friends ]

1. Do your friends 'know' you: yes, fairly well, but sometimes i can shock them!
2. What do they tend to be like: evil, insanely weird, funny, moody, loving, wacked (like me! awww...)
3. Are there traits in you that are universally liked: probably one or two. im a nice person....i suppose...awww...
4. How many people do you tell everything: 5: jonathan, amanda, bonnie, melissa, jamie

[ Other ]
1. Favorite band ever: dont have one
Most listened to bands: My Chemical Romance, Breaking Benjamin, Something Corporate, greenday, Gavin DeGraw, Matchbox Twenty, All American Rejects, Eagles, Evanescence, Trapt, Simple Plan, Alien Ant Farm, Queens of the Stoneage, The Calling
3. Do you find any musicians good-looking: Chris Carabba (Dashboard Confessional), Bret Micheals (Poison), Bret Scallions (Fuel), Jason Mraz, Rob Thomas (Matchbox Twenty) Brandon Boyd (Incubus) and Dave Navarro (Jane's Addiction)...hee hee
4. Can you play an instrument: um, if you count plunking out twinkle twinkle little star on my keyboard, then sure!
5. Type of music listened to: Rock, Alternative, Country, emo, some pop, some rap, some hip hop
6. Type never listened to: classical?

[ Stuff ]
1. Do you own any plaid clothing: boxers
2. Do you own Converse shoes: yup, 4 pair
3. Do you own Saucony shoes: nooo what r those?
4. Do you own old school Nikes: no
5. Do you wear tight pants: unfortunately, they're the only ones I own!
6. Is there more than one zipper in your pants: why, are u lookin for another way in?!!
7. Do you know what a squatter flap is: um, im afraid to answer...
8. Do you own a messenger bag: yes.
9. Do you wear your messenger bag across your chest: not usually....gets a bit uncomfortable, y'know?
10. Do you own braces: i used to...from age 9 to 13.
11. Are braces worn anywhere besides the mouth: yes...leg braces, right?
12. Do you have short or shaggy hair: to my shoulders idk...
13. Does your hairstyle exceed a height of 3 inches: a length, but not height...whoo, thats spiky.
14. Would you classify your hair as a deadly weapon: nah
15. Do you think mohawks are "neat": mohawks are mohawks.
16. Is your hair black or red: no...brown.
17. Do you have a favorite brand of hair dye: only used it once to highlight...Feria...
18. Do you own a bandana: nuh-uh...i don't look good in them.
19. Do you wear plugs in your ears: no...why would i do that? wait...what are they? what do you mean? why am I still talking???
20. Are you amused by safety pins: sorta...they hurt my fingers, though.
21. Have you ever used duct tape as a sewing substitute: i don't even sew,
22. Do you own one or more objects with studs or spikes in them: my studded belt.
23. Do you own one or more articles of clothing from Dogpile, Lip Service, or Tiger of London: no...but there's a tiger of London, huh?
24. Do you enjoy leopard print: not looks better on the leopards than on me.

[ Habits/Beliefs ]
25. Are you disgruntled (having a general hate for everything): um, nah. i don't hate much.
26. Are you an anarchist: no...but lately it seems like we live in an anarchy, so...
27. Does the American flag anger you: nooo..its a symbol of patriotism. it angers me when people burn it, though. its not america's fault that our prez is a giant idiotic A-SS-HO-LE.
28. Are you "working class": i work. I go to class.
29. Do you dislike "preps": some, but not all. my best bud is kinda preppy, anyway.
30. Do you dislike Hot Topic: ITS LIKE MY FAVORITE STORE!
31. Do you smoke cigarettes: noo way...that's disgusting.
32. Do you smoke cloves: no that's even more disgusting!
33. Are you a thin waif: no, but don't i wish!
34. Are you vegan/vegetarian: no, sorry. i luvs the moo moo and the oink oink and the cluck cluck too much to give them up. Ask Bonnie.
35. Do you think meat is murder: technically, yes. If you look at it from the hamburger's point of view, that is. Or the McNugget...
36. Do your nighttime activites usually involve drunken underage vomiting: no...but they do involve bowling and a bunch of unnaturally weird teenagers in the darkness...
37. Have you ever slept in an alley or park: NO!
38. Do you wash your hair less than once a week:
39. Have you ever gone a week without a shower: NEVER
41. Do you know who Jack Kerouac is: um, no
42. Do you like Mr. Kerouac: if given the chance to meet him, perhaps i would.
43. Should Mumia Abu-jamal be freed from prison: who is he?
44. Are you a member of the Makeout Club: should I be? Can i join?!!?
45. Do you say "rad": no...and is it totally horrible to want to slit my own throat when i hear people say it? the 70's have come and gone, people....

[ Other ]
Name: Shannon
Do you like it: Yes, I love my name!
Sign: Leo
i live in: uh, a house?
School: William Floyd High.
Crush: bf
Shoe size: 9 1/2[womens].

[ Favorites ]
Number: 14
Color: blue
Month: August
Class: English
Teacher: Mr Mack
Drink: hershey cookies n cream
TV Show: Friends
Radio Station: 106.1 BLI, 107.1 The BOX
Word(s): Biznatch
Flower: red and sterling roses
State: NY and VA

[ Love and Relationships ]
Do you have a bf/gf: yes
Do you have a crush: no
How long have you liked him/her: