Its not clear what exact date the band was officially formed, but it known that the idea was forged during a converstion on the sidelines of football practice in August of 2004. The founding members were Brent Lewis, Cody Barnes, and Sean Lacavera (on temporary leave from the band). A name was conceved the following week by Cody. The original band name was "wasted youth" but because Brent had later forgotten the first word, he used "mislead" to substitute for it. when people asked what the band name was, he simply told them "mislead youth". the rest of the band liked the name and decided to use that name instead. Later, after hearing about the band from cody, Aaron Lassig was welcomed into the band as our third guitarist. A few weeks later, Brent got into a converstation with Haley McCarville and hence she too was welcomed into the band as its fourth guitarist. lacking a lead singer, Brent voulenteered to do some vocals untill some one else could fill the position. Due to some personal problems, Sean had to tempeorarily leave the band. Cody, Aaron and Brent have bugun weekly practices and are quickly getting to an even pace. While looking for a drummer, Cody found Ryan Culpa and he became the bands first drummer, the band could now progress further with someone to keep a beat. While coming up with an idea for some new music, Brent realized that we needed a piano player, and after doing some searching around, Brent discovered that his friend Stephanie Lutz played piano. She was unoffically welcomed into the band that day and officially welcomed to the band a week or so later when the rest of the band had agreed to adding another member. Cody, Aaron, and Brent have continued practiceing, and soon Haley will also be practicing with the band. Seeing as is that Haley is better at guitar than any one else in the band, She is automatically the lead guitarist. Brent has voulenteered to do the vocals, and has been working on his style, but his true passion is with guitar, so he will play while he sings, for a while it will be these four practicing so that they can find the direction for the songs, and write them. This is the story to dat of a hopefully long and sucessful career for Mislead Youth.