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Name: Matthew Kane Smith

Birth Date: 2-13-78 

Marital status: Married

Musical Influences: Mom and Dad, Waylon and  Willy, Johnny Cash click the logo for SCRAWL HERE the zz top message board Ira from the band , sclogo.gif (4910 bytes), Garth Brooks ,Keith Urban and then a touch of  Big band music... Benny Goodman O yeah a splash of Bob Ross.  

Bands: Amarilla Band , Cedar River band , ROUGHSTOCK , Mackie BLUE, GREENBRIER.

Favorite Bands or groups: Amarilla Band  " Willy and Waylon" click the logo for SCRAWL HERE the zz top message board" Ccr" sclogo.gif (4910 bytes)" Hootie and the Blow Fish" Dave Matthews Band" The Blue's Travelers"  I like all music....Music is My life and all way's will be....

Favorite Instrument: That would have to be my Fender Music master Jazz bass..

Equipment: 5  String Cort Action V Bass   Washburn 5 string 

Color: Tarns. Blue


Amplifier: Bass Master Yorkville 200 watt ,Gibson 2x10 ex cab. & 2x10 with 18 Peavey ex. cab.

Favorite Place's to eat: Texas Tavern in down town Roanoke Va., Rally burger's ,Texas Road House.

Favorite Food Dr Pepper and Mello Yello Texas Tavern food, Pizza.

Favorite Time Of Year: I would have to say ..Fall in Roanoke Va. Up on Bent Mt. Over looking The Valley. That's my favorite spot. Up by the TV. and radio Tower's Yeah I know It sound's strange You Just have to go there for your self . Then you will under stand.  

Favorite Movie's: Star Trek or sci-fi movie and any thing with Jim Cary

Favorite Color: Blue Black and Lime green

Favorite Nascar Team: Teem Petty has all way's been my favorite. It was # 43STP LogoRICHARD PETTY THE KING and the #42 Mello Yello car the Adam petty in His #45 car.  " for the petty team and family" You will all way's be #1 to me..

Click Here to Hear me sing.

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