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About Me

Hello, Hello! Well, I think you guys should know a little about the webmaster of this WONDERFUL site! My name is Karyn. I am 13 years old and I'm from beautiful Southern Cali. I obviously love Justin Timberlake and *Nsync. I also like: Sum 41, Blink 182, Alicia Keys, The Dave Matthews Band, 311, Weezer, and Radiohead. I love to listen to music, go online, go shopping, and talk on the phone. I first started liking *Nsync when I saw their Disney Special. After that, I was hooked. Well, I knew who Justin and JC were before *Nsync came out because I would always watch The Mickey Mouse Club. Anyways, *Nsync's first appearance was on April 15, 1998, right? Well, guess what? April 15th is my birthday! It was fate, don't ya think? Well, I've been to 3 *Nsync concerts and they have all been amazing. Especially the one I went to on July 24, 2001 ('Celebrity release date) I was 15th row, section A4. That's right by the catwalk they come down on in the beginning. And guess what? Lance touched my hand! And Justin looked right at me! If I asked him if he remembered me, he wouldn't. I mean he sees thousands of faces every night; it would be hard to keep track, right? I totally support Justin & Britney's relationship. Sometimes, I don't underdstand why people boo when he mentions her. What are the boos going to do? Nothing! But hey, that's their opinions. I think they make a great couple! Hope you guys like the site! I've worked really hard on it! --Karyn

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