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Jonestown Punch

Jonestown-symbolic of something "heavy" as in sound.

Punch-light, appealing, and object that can be used freely in the imagination.

The Group was new, the music different. At first their following was limited to the Boston "underground"-the hip young local fans who listen and keep up on the new sounds and trends. That was in 1994 and the beginning of Jonestown Punch. "Six Polished Turds" became their first album and first bestseller. It was also the introduction of a new sound created by three young men from three different parts of the country who combined their unique musical talents to form waht was soon to become known as "the Jonestown Punch sound." No one member is responsible for the Punch sound. All three contribute ideas to each song that is recorded and those ideas are often as different as the three young men themselves. The sound that was introduced on "Fun For the Whole Family" becomes even more prominent on their second E.P. "What was Cool is Now Christian." And the musical genius of Jim LaPrad, Rick Clark, and Mike Keel becomes even more obvious than before.

Jim LaPrad is the Punch's leader and spokesman. His ideas about music are as unique as the group itself and he isconstantly thinking of new ways for expression through sound. Jim's father was a church organist and much of the classical influence is evident in his writing (he wrote "I Don't Want It"/"Stars," the group's first single) and playing. He migrated to the east coast at an early age and is often the most serious member of the group. It was Jim who first founded the Jonestown Punch and originated the name.

Offstage he is the deepest thinker, but onstage Mike Keel becomes the humorist and wit of the Jonestown Punch. Mike's musical training goes back to his pre-teen years and his "heavy" bass lines are easily recognizable in this and other Punch recordings. His unique arranging ideas have been a valuable contibution at every Punch phase. A native of St. Louis, Missouri, Mike is another member who spent a gret deal of time travelling before finally settling down in N. Attleboro two years ago.

Rick Clark is one of the Punch "nomads." His father, a career man in the military, was always on the go and consequently Rick was able to call 34 states "home." Aside from promoting his musical genius, travel also made Rick one of the most out-going of the three members. Rick is an outdoorsman who digs fishing hunting and skindiving. His drum "training" goes back to the sixth grade when he fashioned his first drum by building a practice pad and cutting out and varnishing his own drumsticks from wood.

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