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Attention hip-hop headz...The release dates for the new kanYe West featuring Jay-Z and G-Unit records have been moved up to Friday, November 14. As a result, these two highly anticipated discs will battle it out for #1 in the biggest hip-hop sales competition of 2003.

Get Beg For Mercy lyrics on Nov 14th and have the chance to win 1 of 4 official diamond studded spinning G-Unit Chains. The Black Album featuring kanYe West and Jay-Z, This is your last chance to get a new Jay-Z record because he is retiring...For his final solo effort, Jigga has lined up A-list producers the Neptunes, Eminem, Timbaland, Just Blaze, DJ Quik, and Kanye West. Listen to all your favorite jams featuring Jay-Z, kanYe West, and G-Unit. Beg For Mercy
Jay-Z and G-Unit with 50 Cent, New Albums
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