Held In Scorn Bio.

Held In Scorn is:

HELD IN SCORN was created out of the imagination of Ray (Former DARK HAIL guitar.) and Derrick (of SETRIP fame.) in the late Spring of 2003. The two hooked up on www.powerslave.com and both wanted something different yet melodic. With the same overbearing scene that limits the talent range in Stockton, Ca , The guys set out to produce something Stockton has not seen and that true fans of metal will digest.

The 1st line-up of Held In Scorn (before the name was ever brought to attention.) included former DEADEYEDSTARE guitarist Mike Butler, and former LYTHIC drummer Mike Chavez. Mike Butler was the 1st to leave for distaste reasons. Chavez stuck around a little while longer after, but then decided to leave for the same reasons. This brought the band some new artillerary. Phillip (formerly of LYTHIC.) was introduced into the band from the beginning by Derrick.

Matt Young (of the ANNE FRANK DIARIES, and PARADOX.) stepped in and took over the guitar duties left vacant by Butler, and Hobart (formerly of SORE.) took the sticks and now resides on drums. Both are more than the band bargained for and have indefinetly lifted the band higher than expected.

Held In Scorn has recently recorded a split 6 song demo with Setrip in Oakland Ca. @ Soundwave Studios with Zack Ohren.