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What has been happening in the CLUSTERFUX camp? Alot! The Less Art Warehouse is cruising along at full speed, We've done many successful shows there with the likes of ANS from Texas, Infested from Las Vegas as well as numerous local and regional bands. All the shows are ALL AGES - ALWAYS, free bottled water and between $3 and $5 depending if we have a touring band in the house. Most shows are matinees, they start at 2 and are normally over by 6-630. There are several reasons for doing the shows this way. Here are a few: 1)Denver has a small scene, by doing the matinee we dont compete with any other show 2)It's over early enough you still have time to go party! 3)Kids that may not be allowed to stay out real late get a chance to take in all the hardcore punk they can stomach! Check out Less Art at this link.

The Less Art Records comp is finally out! 13 bands! 25 songs! SMD, Clusterfux, the Last Priority, Los Emputados Soboros, Apocalyptic Chirst, Security Threat and more!!! It's only $5 postage paid to the Less Art address elsewhere on this page 12/27/05

The Last Priority / CLUSTERFUX split 7 IS NOW AVAILABLE!!! This one delivers two songs from Oxnard's Last Priority (Blown to Oblivion and DIY or Die) and one track from CLUSTERFUX entitled Sparrow's Fall. ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY!! $4PPD to the address below! Red Vinyl! NARDCORE LIVES!! The CLUSTERFUX Apocalyptic Christ split 7" is till available. There are only 50 copies of the first press still available. It has gotten great reviews from Maximum Rock n Roll, Profaine Existance and Slug Lettuce! Chrstine from S&L wraps it up pretty good when she says "Fucking Great!(S&L # 82). With props like that how can you resist?!

MP3s can be heard on our My Space listing. Click HERE

There have been several photos added with more coming soon. Check out the distro for new titles and we have also added tons of patches and backpatches to the distro at unbeatable prices! We are adding new designs almost weekly.

We also have a new PO Box. Contact CLUSTERFUX and Less Art Records at: PO BOX 16328, Golden CO, 80401.

Order the "Get Bombed" split 7" from Less Art Records at the above address or use the link to the Less Art Records site. PayPal is accepted.

The fury of old-school, Punk Rock welded to the punishing drive of Metal describes the sonic assault of Denver’s longest running thrash/punk band CLUSTERFUX. Forged by a love for the classics in both the Metal and Punk genres CLUSTERFUX. have been delivering their brand of Crossover to those willing (and even those unwilling!) to listen since October of 1995. Hundreds of chaos crazed, live bouts later CLUSTERFUX. is still at it. Many compilations and self released offerings later Boston’s Rodent Popsicle Records released their latest CD appropriately titled “Thrash Mongrel” in the Winter of ’02. In a musically challenged climate where Pop Punk rules and cloned “Punks” are afraid to break from the mold, CLUSTERFUX. hammers listeners again and again with fist-in-the-air Punk Rock aggression and heavy as metal sensibility. The unrelentless thrashing mayhem has left many a critic confused. Called everything from “cheesy metal” to “crust”, “hard-core” and “speed metal” one thing is for sure!…CLUSTERFUX. will kick your ass! “Thrash or Be Thrashed!” WARNING!!!! -Your parents will not like this, they will not think it’s cute, it will scare them, and you cannot get the CD at Hot Topic!!!!

CLUSTERFUX. have shared the stage with: Caustic Christ, Municipal Waste, Jag Panzer, Silencer, DRI, Citizen Fish, Toxic Narcotic, UK Subs, Vice Squad, Word Salad, Logical Nonsense, Conflict, Good Riddance, Anti-Flag, Against All Authority, the Forgotten, Drongos for Europe, Defiance, the Unseen, the Virus, the Last Priority, All Systems Fail, Justified Anger, Forth Yeer Freshman, Monster Squad, Midnight Creeps,Alergic To Whores, Fatal Riot, the Street Brats, Failed Resistance, Assrash, the Exploited, Resiliance, Total Chaos, Catheter, Security Threat, Countdown to Armageddon, Dog Soldier, Naked Aggression, Broken Bones and many, many others!

Influences include: DRI, Slayer, Anthrax, the Accused, Overkill, Exodus, Black Sabbath, English Dogs, the Exploited, GBH, Broken Bones, Misery, Final Conflict, Filth, Doom, Destroy, Circle Jerks,Black Flag and tons more!!

"Thrash Mongrel" is still available for $8ppd directly from Less Art Records: PO Box 16328, Golden CO, 80401
Or click the link below to the Less Art Records distro site.

Click or Die!!!

Rodent Popsicle Records

Punk Rock @ United Punk