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Stainless Steel Axle Adjuster



Want to do better than the sappy stock zinc-plated-that-will-eventually-rust axle adjuster?

Want to do better than a chromey aftermarket-part-that-will-eventually-rust axle adjuster?


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Yes?  Read on....

Yes I wanted to get rid of the stock adjusters, and chrome bolts these days are really on my bad side. I've been replacing chrome bolts left and right due to the fact they are rusting like there is no tomorrow.   (See SS Bolt Mods)

I replaced my axle adjusters with Stainless Steel bolts-nuts-acorn nuts from a hardware store.

Parts needed:

3" x 3/8" SS bolts (all thread to the head)        (x2)

3/8" SS nuts                                              (x2)

3/8" SS acorn nuts                                     (x2)

Hack off the heads of the bolts. I use a side grinder with a metal cut off wheel for everything. If you don't have a mechanical way off cutting through steel, this mod is not for you.

Take the bolts and slightly angle the end that will make contact with the axle spacer notch. The stock bolts are angled more than they need to be, and the axle spacers may vary from model to model; I won't go into detail. I did not angle mine too much. I chucked them into a drill press and contoured a slight angle on them.

Take a steel punch and knock a few dimples into the threads where the acorn nut will pass over. The idea here is to freeze the acorn nut onto the bolt. Apply a couple drops of RED thread lock on the threads where the acorn nut will pass over. Apply acorn nut to bolt and torque down until it torques no more - with nominal leverage of course. Once the thread lock sets up, forget about ever taking the acorn nut off. Even if you could , throw it away as the threads in the nut are now ruined due to the dimples.

Install the new adjusters into the swingarm, carefully repositioning and calibrating to service manual specs. This is critical for proper belt tension and tire tracking.



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