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Garage Door Opener



Here is a mod that enables you to safely open your garage door from a slight distance, without fumbling for a remote or having to dismount to open it. Basically this mod adds an external switch trigger on a store-bought key chain size remote. Actually any size remote will work as long as you have a place to permanently store it and keep it weather proof.  
Parts I used:


Radio Shack #275-1571 Momentary SPST Pushbutton



Keychain Remote                                                                 JB Weld


Take the left side switch housing apart. Take out rocker switches. Drill a 3/16" diameter hole in the left side of the switch housing - either top half or bottom half [or BOTH] - see picture below for location. Take a Dremmel and clean out metal stubs, rocker switch bracket, rocker switch button, and generally make the inside area larger to accept the switch. You need to be proficient with a dremmel to make this fit. It is not hard, but it does take persistence and several trial fittings to make it fit correctly. Test fit with rocker switches in place. Once enough material has been removed and the switch fits, solder two wires on the switch, with enough length to route through the bars and reach the placement of the transmitter. On my Fatboy, I mounted the Genie Keychain transmitter in the headlight tin FL nacelle via velcro. Different transmitters/brands, at different frequencies, behave differently when subjected to a metal enclosure. Test fire your particular transmitter, say at the end of your driveway, with the remote located at its final resting spot. It would be a shame to go through all this and the remote not work due to inadequate placement.

Place the pushbutton switch in the housing and secure with JB Weld on the inside, tape it up and walk away from it for 24 hours to cure. Replace rocker switches into housing, route wires though bars. Take the remote apart and locate the switch on the printed circuit board that operates the door. Solder the new switch wires in parallel across this printed circuit board switch. Velcro transmitter in place. You can even get fancy and mount a jack on the transmitter, to disconnect your wires via a plug if you need to take the transmitter off for whatever reason. That's it....simple except for the Dremmel step. It does work out.

Why not just go with a commercial unit that piggybacks on your door opener? Because the units I have seen use antiquated technology (i.e. selectable DIP switches that are easily scanned and sniffed) whereas my particular door uses rolling code technology - every transmission uses a different rolling code.

Another analogy would be trying to operate a high end HDTV with rabbit ears.

And yes, the price.....$30.00 for the remote, $3.00 for the switches.


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