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Clarence Cloudwater Retrieval

****Attention Doug Cosmo Clifford and Stu Cook. On behalf of the tribute band, we would like to thank you for everything! Your concert was awesome! Dreams really do come true. (thanks doug!!!) Keep rockin! I'll see you guys next time you get to Pine Knob or whenever I can get a car to drive nearby. Maybe you should come to East Jordan Michigan and we'll put on a show for you guys! Thanks again. Please (dustin's (my)email) or (aaron's email). It would mean so much to us! Thanks again. ****

Welcome to the homepage for CCR... Clarence Cloudwater Retrieval. We are a tribute band to the greatest band in rock n roll history, Creedence Clearwater Revival...And now, Creedence Clearwater REVISITED!

Back when they were popular, (1969-1972) Creedence Clearwater Revival was with out a doubt the most successful and greatest rock and roll band of that time... Even more popular than The Beatles. Now even though they might not be as popular as they once were, the music still stands today as the greatest rock and roll ever created!

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Come see us live at Dogma's Warehouse Creedence says so!

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