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Beverly Hills Middle School


What is it?

BOA (Beverly Hills Band and Orchestra Association) is the support organization for the Beverly Hills Middle School instrumental music program.

The group is comprised of coordinators, committees, and parents who work in conjunction with the instrumental music teacher to support the endeavors of the Middle School music program.

One of the reasons our music students can perform in the venues, and at the level they do, is that their parents volunteer to support the students and the music program in many capacities. Without the physical presence of parents to guide, organize, chaperone, coordinate, etc...., the events, activities and performances would not be possible. We are all very busy people..., whatever time you can give to support the efforts of your children will be greatly appreciated.

The BOA organization supports a substantial financial portion of the instrumental music program at BHMS each year.

Please get involved and be a part of this very important group.



Tim Blessington

Director of Instrumental Music

email: TimBxBHMS@aol.com


Meetings are held 9/25/14 and on an "as needed" basis.

There will also be a meeting in preparation for the Jazz Festival on 4/15/15 @ 7:00pm in the band room. The Jazz Fest will be held on Friday, April 17th beginning at 6:30pm. Much volunteer help is needed to ensure the success of this event. The Jazz Fest represents our ONLY fundraiser for the school year and also...... it's a lot of fun! Any help you can give would be appreciated.

UPDATED 8/30/13



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