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UD Medication Policy/Authorization

If a child is on or must have access to medication (i.e.-- epi-pen, inhaler, insulin, nebulizer, etc...)due to an ongoing condition an "Authorization for Medication Administration in School" form (B-816) MUST be filed with the school nurse's office in order to participate in field trips/extra-curricular activities. Download the form and follow the proper procedure instructions. Please contact me if you have any questions. This medication Procedure/Policy will be strictly followed as per School Board specifications. Failure to follow the procedure as described will result in the student being excluded from the activity.

Every Instrumental Music Student MUST have a "Music Dept. Medical Information/Participation Consent Form" filled out, signed and turned in. In order to go to performances and activities the Music Dept. Medical Information/Participation Consent form MUST be completed. Please note that this is NOT the B-816 form for medication/chronic illness.

Fall forms and Med Policy

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UPDATED 9/1/14