I don’t own the Beatles. This is just fantasy fiction from my warped mind.


Coldness filled the blackened night as George and Rita stood in front of Abbey Road studios after John had dropped them off. Ringo bid farewell to them and left. Clouds of white mist swirled out with each breath they exhaled. George stood with his hands in his pockets; Rita curled her arms around herself, tightening her coat in hopes to keep warm. George gave her a grin as his teeth chattered.


“C’mon, I’ll give you a lift home. I’m about to freeze out here and by the looks of you, I think you might too.” George told her with a small laugh. He turned and unlocked the car door.

Sliding in he opened the passenger side for Rita and then started up the car to warm it up and them.


‘Ta George, it’s too cold to walk to the tubes.” Rita told him mindlessly.


George had seen it coming; he had seen the look on her face when everything happened with Paul and again when she spotted Jane. Rita had fallen for Paul and he knew she had fallen hard. He didn’t think he should tell her that Paul had fallen just as hard for her, but he knew somehow that she knew this too. Paul wouldn’t do anything about it right away. Paul was funny that way and with everything that was going on, he knew that Paul was to preoccupied by all of this to do anything. Somehow George figured Paul would if all worked out the way they wanted and the alternate destiny didn’t win out. He wasn’t sure yet, he just felt it. Then again as they had seen anything could happen. He slipped his hand in hers.


 Rita snapped out of her thoughts when she felt the warmth of his hand in hers.

She felt the light squeezed of it, his touch told her that he knew. George knew she had fallen for his friend, and he also knew that his friend had fallen for her. She hadn’t intended too, neither of them had. It was all to clear to her now how it happened. The dream flickered in her mind as she turned to look up at George’s kind and gentle face. His brown eyes searched hers.


“You’ve fallen for him, gone soft have you?” It was a question that they both knew the answer to. George gazed at her with steady eyes as he waited for her answer.


She met his stare, knowing it was one of concern and emotion, not of anger or disappointment. Rita knew from the moment she had met George that she could tell him anything. She knew that they would be connected as friends for life. Just as her grandmother had been connected to her friend through the kinship of their psychic abilities, so would she with George. She also felt that connection to Paul. She knew that connection would be there for just as long, she just didn’t know how he would fit into her life.


“Yes, I’m afraid so George.” Her thumb caressed his hand and he turned to her as the heat started to warm the car and them.


“I thought you might. I thought it rubbish when you said that the two of you would take it day by day. I reckon the closeness the two of you have shared is something few people do.” George cracked his sore neck and then his thumb met hers. He caught it in his and then released it as he too caressed her hand.


Rita gave him a sad smile, “ Those dreams of Paul and I dancing in bare feet, under the stars and dressed in white formals. I know now what they meant. I don’t know why I didn’t see it sooner. The fog, that was really clouds as our souls met and we danced into the heavens together after we died. I no longer have those dreams, so I know I will be safe. I have touched his soul and he has touched mine.” Rita stopped for a minute; a tear ran down her face as she thought about it.


George nodded; he understood exactly what she was telling him. The signs had been there all along and yet neither had seen them. The dream, if he had only listened to her dream he would have known it was Paul and her immediately. Dying together as their souls danced together, forever one in the lord’s arms, he thought. It almost seem as if it had come out of a book. This whole situation seem as if it were a novel on a best sellers list. To bad he only wrote music. If things worked out it would make one hell of a book. His mind focused back on Rita.


“I know you wanted to stay with him tonight. It was a surprise to all of us when Jane came down stair. I suspect it will be a surprise to him when he wakes.” George told her.


Rita shook her head in agreement. “ I did want to stay with him. I know this all sounds like a lot of bullocks, but really in just a few days I have fallen for him. We shared a destiny, maybe it’s not the one that is suppose to be, but still we were in each other’s dreams.” Rita told him quietly as she wiped the tears away.


“Luv, it’s not a lot of rubbish, really it isn’t. Especially when you not only shared a destiny, but also shared each other in a way that is more intimate then most can. You became one, not in just body, but in mind and most importantly in soul.” George reassured her.


He took his hand away and caressed her cheek with the back of it, wiping the tears away. She hurt and he felt for her. He didn’t know what would happen between the two, but he did feel that she was better for Paul than Jane. He liked Jane, she was pretty, smart, and her own person, but she wasn’t what Paul needed. She was a step that Paul took up the ladder of society and she looked good on his arm. Sure he knew Paul loved Jane, or thought he did. It just wasn’t the love that one needed for a permanent relationship. Plus, he still had that feeling about Paul and Rita.


Rita leaned towards George; her head lay on his shoulder. She could felt his compassion as he rubbed her back and kissed the top of her head. His hold was warm and loving. Rita knew he would always be in her life and was glad. She only wished that Paul too would be in her life forever, but not as a friend. She sniffled and wiped her nose with the back of her coat sleeve as she kept her head resting on George’s shoulder.


“You’re right George. Only you would understand. I think you will be someone in my life that will always understand me and I you. I just don’t know what to do. I can feel him, and not just like anyone in love. I get feelings about what is going on with him. He will wake scared from a very real dream tonight. He will dream what he saw through your eyes, the vision of his own death. He will feel, smell, hear and taste it, and I’m afraid that will scare the hell out of him. Bloody hell, I need to be with him, he needs me to be with him. Jane won’t understand it. He will feel death all around him and he will not know what to do in order to get rid of it. He will also feel the guilt of John and Vickie. Guilt of killing two people, one he loves dearly and another he has only just met. This will surely tear him apart and I can’t help him. “ She sighed, feeling depressed and helpless.


“You think that will happen?” George asked softly into her ear.


“I know it will, and I will feel it when he does. George? “ Rita asked thoughtfully.


“Yes luv.” He hugged her as he answered.


“Will you go to him tomorrow?” She asked.


“Yes, of course I will. He is me oldest mate and believe me I do love him. He can be a right arse at times, stubborn, hot headed, moody, but he can also be kind, warm and a generous soul. I will ring him in the morning and stop by. Will that make you feel any better?” George asked as he took his fingers and curled them under her chin. He lifted her face to his waiting for her answer.


“Yes, yes it would. Thank you so much. Pattie is a very lucky woman to have such a wonderful husband. I only hope she realizes what she has in you.” Rita gave him a small affectionate smile.


George blushed slightly, making Rita smile more.

“I am lucky as well to have her. Rita what will you do about your feelings for Paul?” George changed the subject, allowing his face to lose its redness.


“ First, I want to get passed November 9th with Paul and John intact. I know Vickie will be safe. We must figure out how to stop this change in destiny. Maybe you could take Paul’s keys from him so he can’t leave in his car?” She asked hopefully. That would be an easy way to end the whole situation.


He thought for a moment, “ Yeah I could do that, sure. Now that he is safe with such a simple plan, what are you going to do with your feelings for him?” George wondered why no one had thought of something as simple as taking his keys before. He then pushed on with her feelings for his mate.


Rita sat up and turned to stare out the windscreen, “ I guess I’ll have to see what happens. We’ve already seen how things can change. Maybe we can be together, if not then I guess I’ll have to deal with it now won’t I.” She turned and gave him a bigger smile that lit up her face and hid her pain.


George smiled back at her. He hoped that things would work for them. If they didn’t he knew that he would be there for her.


“I suppose I should take you on back to your flat and get my self home before Pattie wakes and worries on me.” George turned back to the wheel and shifted the car in reverse. Driving away he wondered how he would find Paul tomorrow and what would happen between Rita and his mate.



The sun had risen, it’s rays held back from the room by heavy drapes. The lilac scent that Jane had sprayed in the room had long faded with the hours that passed through the night. Candle wax hardened around the base if each holder, spilling lightly over where they sat. There wicks charred from her soft breath as she had blown them out.


 The night hadn’t been what Jane had excepted as she crawled into bed. Her mind had envisioned a sultry reunion along with passionate lovemaking. Instead, Jane watched Paul sleep, trousers still on along with his shirt. Her hand ran over his beautiful torso, feeling his warmth that she love so much. She watched with worry and disappointment, her head felt each reassuring breath as it lay on his chest. It was like a lullaby; her eyes could no longer stay open and sleep soon consumed her too.



The pole was just ahead. Paul knew he couldn’t stop the car and destiny would overcome. He heard John’s yelled words to his wife and child and then heard himself ask for forgiveness. Paul wanted forgiveness from God for not heeding his friend’s warning.  He wanted forgiveness for killing two innocent people along with himself. Hot tempered, that’s what John and he always were. He knew he could be stubborn and John could be impulsive, often using his mouth when he didn’t know where else to hide. Paul knew this, yet he let John bait him and forgot about George’s words, and then ignored John’s when he reminded him.


The pole moved in slow motion, it almost seemed as if it was moving towards them instead of them moving towards it. BAM!!!! He heard the thunderous collision between both objects. Things went dim for a moment, and then light flickered as his lashes batted open. His eyes squinted and burned from the warm fluid that ran over them. He moved slightly, pinned, weak, and in pain. He saw John dead, his body half way through the windscreen. He remembered now, the ghastly screams of the girl, the yell from John and the hollered pleas from himself. He smelled something, but didn’t know what it was.  He felt so cold as he watched the red think liquid make puddles on the seat and dash. Was that his own blood he wondered? He was slowly dying; he felt it as he said a prayer he had long forgotten about that his mum had taught him. The order assaulted him again, as he felt so dizzy and so ready to go. It’s Gas he thought as he started to lose consciousness.


 Paul shot up in bed, screaming as he heard and saw the explosion that would burn their bodies, making them unrecognizable. Sweatsoaked through his clothes, his body shook wildly as Jane jumped up startled and held him tightly.


“What Paul, what is it?” Jane asked, her eyes wide open and scared.


Paul turned his head quickly at the voice below him. Who was it? Was it an angel? Was he dead?  He panted as he tried to remember how to breathe.


Jane reached over and turned the lamp on. She saw his pasty white face and the sweaty fear that ran through out it. His clothes were soaked as if he had stood out in the rain with them on. She hated those bloody drugs he took. Paul looked a fright, and all because he didn’t listen to her and stay away from the hard stuff. It didn’t matter now though, she just wanted to calm him down. His body shook so violently it scared her as she hushed him in sweet whispers.


“Shhhh, it’s alright luv. I’m here.” Jane looked up at his bewildered and scared eyes.


He saw the light shine off her flaming red hair. Flaming, like the car had been. The flames that had engulfed him and John, and turned their bodies into the black smoke that rose into the heavens. The thought made him shiver more. NO!!!!! His mind yelled. He couldn’t conceive it. He pulled away from her.


“NOOOO!……No no no!!!!! I’m so sorry.” Paul sobbed.


Jane took her hands and shook him holding both shoulders.

“Paul it’s me. It’s Janie.” She tried to make him focus on her.


He saw her soft lily-white skin, not charred, but white and alive. He looked into those beautiful eyes that shone with love and concern. It had been a dream. It was real, he remembered now. He had seen, heard and felt it through George’s eyes. This time it was a dream. He wanted to cheat death; they had too. He needed to feel alive, needed to know he was still alive. He wanted to take her and feel all the life she had inside her. He needed to come back and the only way he could at that moment was to fuck death away. To make love to her, as hard as he could, removing the cold of death with the warmth of life. He had to work his body, feel the pleasure, to know he was truly there and alive. He grabbed her and kissed her hard. Yes, those lips that accepted his were so warm and alive. He felt her tongue eagerly search his mouth as he found it and wrapped his around hers. 


Paul broke from her only long enough to take his wet clothes off. He then came back down on her hard and determined. Jane’s body lay trapped under his. Paul peeled her silk kimono off and found the most luscious soft smelling skin under it. He pressed his naked body against hers. He rubbed against her, skin-to-skin and took in all the sensations that it brought to him.


Paul roughly ran his fingers over her warm body and sucked hard on her nipple. He was hard and ready. He needed release, he needed to feel his body work for it and it didn’t matter to him who it was as long a he could feel and be alive.


Jane felt the roughness. Paul had never been so rough with her before. It scared her and yet it excited her as she felt him push hard, pulling her two legs apart that stood in his way. Jane saw the look of a madman possessed with only one thing on his mind. She wondered if he even knew it was she. Pain rushed through her body as he entered her. Would he tear her apart, she wondered?


Paul savagely shoved her legs apart and plunged deep inside of her. He didn’t even give her a minute to get used to him inside of her. He rammed his burning self into her. Jane had been a bit dry at first, but he couldn’t think, all he knew was the Id part of his brain that drove him onward. Paul felt the warm wetness come and surround him. It felt so good this warm wetness that brought him closer to the living. He held her warm body as close as he could, only wanting to rid himself of the coldness that he felt. Each thrust came harder without a thought of how this was affecting Jane. His mind still struggled to get out of the dream.


Jane didn’t understand his roughness and never thought it would excite her so much. She felt him hold her so close that she could barely breath. Each time he entered her, her body reacted to the pleasure it brought. She found his lips and felt the bruises of urgency from his kisses. She wondered for a minute why he was taking her this way. It was soon forgotten as another wave of pleasure filled her body.


Paul worked his body as hard as he could. Instead of cold sweat covering his body, now hot sweat poured off of his back. It ran down his wet mop of hair that stuck to his face and ran into his eyes. He quickly wiped the burning perspiration from his eyes. He brought himself up allowing him to push deeper into Jane. His body no longer cold, burned with the heat of his desire. He gasped in ragged breaths as he made his body work harder. Paul could feel Jane’s body being pushed up the bed and into the mattress as he plunged deeper, harder and faster into her. Each urgent movement brought him farther from the dream of death and closer to the land of the living.


Jane felt the heat pour off of Paul’s body, he felt like a furnace. Even from the distance he now had between them she felt the heat being thrown off his body. His sweat sprinkled onto her body and she could smell that luscious male order mixed with the order of sex. The smell helped push her to the edge; she could feel the start of her climax.


Paul felt her body start to tremble. He knew it was the being of her orgasm as she pulled him tightly into her. He groaned at the feeling. He felt the electricity of life hit each nerve as her orgasm started bringing him into his own. He couldn’t think, couldn’t stop as his body kept commanding him.


“Bloody Hell!!!! ………..So alive, you feel so fuckin alive!!!!!” He panted as he yelled, feeling the storm starting to thunder through his body.


The storm hit him like lightning, shooting through his body, bringing him back to life. He could even feel the hair on the back of his neck stand on end as the force closed in on him. His ears heard thunder, or was that his heart beating so hard it sounded like it?


“I’m …….alive…..fuckin,…….OH YEAH!!”  He gasped hard as he drew in a breath that sent his body into the waiting hand of his climax and his life.


His mind swirled as he continued on autopilot, pounding and then releasing the life fluid into the girl that lay under him. His body shook and then stopped as he relished every last drop and feeling that came out of him.


Jane exhausted felt Paul’s body slump onto her. She didn’t quite understand his yells. She knew it was hard to concentrate on what he was saying as her own body took her away. Jane felt his hot body fall from hers and she panted, trying to get herself back.


Paul’s body trembled as he fell onto the soft body under him. His mind was still cloudy from the powerful storm that took him. He pulled in hard breaths, filling his lungs with the oxygen that would keep him alive. Yes, he thought, he was alive. The coldness was in the back of his mind. He shivered from the heat in him and the coldness that still sat in back of his mind as they mixed together. He quickly pushed them away, holding on to life as he continued to breath heavily. He reached out for the warm body he had held onto. He saw her curl up to him, warm with love in her eyes and face as she kissed him.


“Janie.” He panted quietly as he remembered it was her that brought him back from death. He knew she had no idea and his mind started to race. He needed to talk to someone. He physically felt alive, but the fear was still burned in his mind. He lay there calming down until he heard her soft breaths as she fell into a peaceful and heavy sleep.

He un-wrenched himself from her body and stood up to watch her sleep for a minute. Jane? When did she get here? He shook his head, grabbed some fresh clothes and took a long hot shower. He changed, shaved and brushed his teeth. He put on his deodorant, picked up his shoes and snuck out of the room.


Paul’s brain started to replay everything that had happened. Without thinking he missed a stair and slid all the way down them. He slowly got up and rubbed his sore bum. He needed to be with Rita or talk to George. What was Jane doing back? This would only make it harder to get to the only people who could help him. He put the kettle on the cooker, sat down, lit a cigarette and looked up at the clock. Ten isn’t late; he wondered if he should call Rita or maybe George. The whistle brought him back as he got up to pour himself some tea.



George sat on his pillow in the music room. He had felt Paul’s dream, as he knew Rita had too. He had spoken to Ravi earlier. George remembered what Ravi told him after explaining the phenomenon that had transpired the day before.


“George you are now just as connected to Paul as Rita. You have shared a vision with him. He will be affected and scared by this intimacy the two of you have had. Rita is also very connected to him, for they have had an intimacy of their own. He is in the middle and you must be there for him. The idea of taking the keys are good, but always have a back up plan my friend.” George repeated this in his mind over and over again.


“Back up plan? “ He thought to himself.


He had decided to meditate on it all. That’s when he felt Paul’s dream. Deeper into the meditation he was drawn into a place he had not yet experienced. He was in Paul’s dream. He followed the dream as Paul had followed George’s vision. He heard, saw and felt it all. He felt Paul’s fear of death, felt his coldness and then to his shock went through Paul’s desperation to feel alive. He couldn’t stop or get out of the mediated state that brought him into his friends mind. He witnessed and felt the feelings and then the urgency at feeling alive. When he finally came out of it, he was surprised that he was sweaty and felt as if he was the one whom had had sex to feel alive. He grew more responsive and realized Paul needed him. He slowly got up and shook off the glow, he rubbed his bum, not knowing why it hurt. George dialed the rotary phone, spinning the dial to Paul’s number. 


The phone didn’t even ring once when it was picked up. Paul greeted George before he had a chance to speak.


“George, thank God.” A relieved Paul spoke.


“Yes Paul, it’s me. I had another vision and saw what you did. I think I should come by. I know you are shaky and need me. “ George told him.


“What happened last night? When did Jane get here? “ Paul asked in bewilderment.


“You were in shock from seeing the vision through my eyes. We took you back to your flat. You were in shock and when we saw that Jane was home we took you upstairs. John told her you were slipped a drug that we didn’t know of. Rita told her it was strong and you’d probably have bizarre dreams. John made it look as if Rita was with him to save you the embarrassment. We were dead keen on staying with you, until Jane showed. Rita is worried too and told me you’d have this reaction. I didn’t know I’d relive it with you. Ravi says that now you are in the middle. The intimacy of sharing a vision as we did has brought us closer in our minds as you with Rita after the two of you also shared……..well a different kind of intimacy. Either way it works to be the same. “ George felt flustered by this admission to his friend, “ Jane is leaving Monday morning and wants to spend time with you. I could bring Pattie along and we could do something together. Sound bout right to you?” George asked.


“ Yeah, yeah good show that. I’ll get Jane up and tell her that you and Pattie are on your way over. That seems good.” Paul answered hastily, then he thought about what George had said, “ You could see what I did, the dream and all that sort?” Paul fidgeted with the phone cord as he waited for George’s answer.


“Yes, sorry. I can’t control it all the time. My mind trembled with yours, I felt your fear inside and the urgent need to feel alive. Dare I say,” George paused for a minute wondering if he should continue, but then realized they needed to be up front with one another. “ I did see and feel, I’m afraid, the choice you made to feel alive and crawl away from that cold feeling of death that washed all over you. Sorry on that one. I came out of it and must have hurt my lower back, did you fall and I didn’t see it? “ George asked.


“I tripped down the stairs on my bum. Hurts like hell it does.” Paul answered, his face flushed with embarrassment.


“ Right then that’s why my back hurts. Quiet strange that. Well, don’t feel embarrassed mate. I’ll be by soon. “ George hung up the phone, still pondering everything that had happened between them. Strange he thought as he picked up his pillow and started towards the door.



Pattie listened to George’s conversation with Ravi and then heard him speaking awhile later. She crept from the door and slowly picked up the phone receiver. She heard the whole conversation between Paul and George. She was shock to find out how these visions and dreams were connecting the two. She hung up quickly and ducked into the bathroom. She finished putting on her make-up as she thought about the last few weeks and what she had discovered. It was so hard to hold this all in and she tried to be supportive of George, but she just wanted to scream to him to tell her. All she could do was sit by and watch it all unfold. It was Saturday, eleven days left after this one she though and then it would all be over. She heard a light tap on the door.


“Pet? “ George yelled in.


Pattie smiled at the name he always affectionately called her.

“Yes luv?”


“ I need to go to Paul’s. I thought since Jane is home for the weekend that we could spend the day with them. Is that alright?” George asked.


Pattie opened the door to the bathroom,” Don’t you think Jane wants time alone with Paul?” She told him, snickering to herself. She knew the real reason, but she had to play her part.


“Um, well, Paul asked us over. C’mon luv it will be nice.” He pleaded lightly with her.


Pattie moved closer to George and stood on the tips of her toes in order to wrap her arms around George’s neck. She kissed him full on the mouth. Their lips stayed locked and She could feel him stir. This was mean she thought, but so was keeping her out of what was going on. She understood why, but still she wanted him the feel the frustration she felt, even if it was for a few minutes.


“ I thought we could have a quiet day together and we could start with making love.” She cooed in his ear.


George pulled her tightly against his body. She fit into him and he knew she felt his hardness. George felt himself getting lost in her kiss, in her body and in their love for one another. Well, a quick shag wouldn’t hurt, he thought as he surrendered, feeling her body rub against his hardness.


Pattie felt his hot rapid breath against her neck. She felt the goose bumps crawl up her body as it answered his. She heard him groan in her ear as he nibbled it. She had to stop this before she too got carried away. Gently she pulled away from him and caught her breath.


“Well, if we must then let’s, straight away” She smiled teasingly up at him.


“ You are a wench aren’t you?” George groaned as he straightened himself in his pants,    “ I need a sec”


“Oh sorry. “ Pattie giggled as she watched her husband’s tight lip nod.


“You’ll get yours later, so watch out.” George told her, as he was now able to move.


“Promise?” Pattie giggled a bit more as she took her coat from George.


George pitched her butt as she walked ahead of him to the door.


“ I promise, Guaranteed that one is.” He gave her a mischievous smile as she looked over her shoulder and tossed her blonde hair. Then laughed again as they headed towards the car door. God he loved her so much and that laugh, the hair toss, everything. He shook his head and wondered if he could watch her die like his dreams. He would save her he knew he could never live with out her. He put the key in the ignition and they left for Paul’s house.