Remember, I don’t’ own the Beatles, this is a fiction from my warped mind.




“PAUL THE LIGHTS RED!!!!!” John screamed.


Paul slammed on the brakes; he swerved around the on coming car and missed it. Panic hit both of them again as the car started to skid on the wet pavement. The sound shrieked in their ears as the tires squealed.


John held on to the dashboard, bracing himself for the impact that he knew would happen. Pictures flashed through his mind of all the people he loved. “I’m sorry Cyn, Julian daddy loves you.”


Paul’s heart pounded as he tried in vain to bring the car under control. He heard John’s cries somewhere in the distance. He thought of his family, his brother, his aunties and uncles, his cousins and mostly of his poor dad. “At least Rita was safe, sorry Janie.” Paul whispered.


The car struck the pretty blonde girl and she died instantly. Her umbrella flew up into the air and tumbled down to the sidewalk, no longer protecting her from the rain.



“I’M SORRY PAULIE. I DO LOVE YA MATE! OH CHIRST!!!!” John yelled as he watched the lamppost grow closer and their fate along with it.


“ME TOO, I LOVE YA JOHNNY!!! GOD FORGIVE ME!!!!” Paul didn’t know how he got those words out as he too watched their fate move closer. All he knew was he had to say it before they died.


The car crashed into the pole. It rolled up like an accordion; shards of glass flew into the sky and dropped to the ground like large shiny teardrops amongst the rain. The lights went out down the block and the lamppost bent over the car like an old tree.


John died fast, his head going through the windscreen. Paul laid half conscious, blood pouring out of him as quickly as his life. George saw the blood. The blood of all three victims, it ran together making a pool as it joined the rainwater, running down into the gutter.


The car exploded just as Paul lost consciousness. The noise made George jump; he pulled hard away from Paul. He couldn’t get his balance as he stumbled towards the wall, he held out his hand to find it. Ringo and John grabbed him and sat him down on a chair.


The two looked horrified at George’s state. Paul had seen and heard the vision. He knew the destiny that George saw. Shook up, he leaned on the counter for support and weakly watched George.


George sat there in shock. He had tried to save them and it didn’t work. He had saved Rita, but claimed another girls life and John’s too. Now, three would die. He shook his head as tears ran down his face and he groaned softly through his sobs. Not one of his mates would die, but now two would. This wasn’t supposed to happen. He was supposed to save them from their untimely death and instead he was making it worse.


“NO!!!!” The torture made him yell as he slammed his fist against the wall.


John and Ringo had never seen George like this. Scared John told Ringo to go get Rita. He looked over at Paul, who just leaned limp against the counter in shock.



 Rita rushed in and saw George, head in his hands, sobbing in the chair and mumbling through his tears. She then spied Paul, who by now had slid down the wall onto the floor. He sat; dry eyed and just staring off at the floor.


She quickly turned to Ringo and John. Ringo had told her a small portion of what happened when he found her.


“They’re in shock, c’mon and get them into the other room. “ Rita instructed them.


First Ringo and John pulled Paul up from the floor and dragged his dead weight out and into the conference room. Rita knelt down to George.


“Georgie, it’s alright luv. “ She felt a sadness cover her as she tried to get him to answer. She knew if she touched him she’d find out what he had seen. She took a deep breath and exhaled as she centered her energy.


“George, I’m going to touch you. I want to see what you saw.”


George pulled away from her, “ No! It’s to horrid.” He sobbed.


She lightly lay her hand on his lap, “SHHH, there, there now. It’s quiet all right now. Let me see what the two of you saw.” She gently cooed to him.


He reluctantly let her take hold of his hand and then the other. He felt her touch tighten and an energy course through his veins.


She closed her eyes and felt herself travel away from the time they were in, to the time that George had seen. The vision ran fast through her. She heard their words, felt the strong emotions and then finally saw their death. She pulled away. Her face was pale as she became aware that John was in the room with them.


He tilted his head and looked down at her, “What happened?” He said quietly and with concern in his voice.


Rita slowly stood up and pulled herself together. She didn’t want to panic John and she could feel he was on the verge of it.

“Ringo with Paul then?”


John nodded,” Didn’t want to leave him alone. What happened?” He repeated to her.


“First, let’s get him into the other room and then I’ll tell you. They’re in shock and we have to tend to them first.” Rita’s eyes caught John’s and she could tell the love he had for his three mates. John was a good man, he just had demons that came out sometimes in cruel deeds, and she could feel it.


“C’mon there Georgie.” John told him lovingly. He lifted his friend up and pulled George’s arm around his neck and then tucked his other arm under George’s. He took him to the conference room and placed him gently next to Paul in a chair. He then turned to Rita, as did Ringo.



Rita explained to the two other Beatles what she saw, what George and Paul saw. They were visibly shaken at what she said.


“There’s still time to change this. John you must. You and Paul have to change this. You see if you don’t it just gets worse. You do believe me now don’t you?” She looked from one to the other.


“I do. I mean look at them. My God, John it has to be true and I don’t want to lose two of me best mates. Maybe that’s selfish, but so be it.” Ringo told John, focusing his attention on him.


“Right, I believe you. After this how could I not. I don’t want to see what you all did, but I’m not ready to die either. “ John told Rita and Ringo, as he sat up on the table, deep in thought.


“Good, I think this blonde is Vickie. I’ll have to get her to leave with me. Things have just switched around again, but we can switch it too. “ She confided in them.


“ You think that really Rita?” Ringo asked; his big blue eyes shone at her.


“Yes, I do. Paul and George will be all right. We just have to give them time and help them along some. Let them know that we are going to change this. George feels as if he’s failed you and Paul, and this strange girl. Paul is just in shock and exhausted from the experience is all. He’s never seen or experienced anything like this. He has just witnessed his own death, it will take him longer to come out of it.”


Rita went to George; she stood in front of him and laid her hands on his shoulders.

“George we can still change this,” She looked deep into his brown eyes. Rita saw the grim look on George’s face as he looked back at her. Good, she thought when she saw the life in his eyes. Even though he looked grim, he was showing some life and that was what she needed to see.


George sniffed and then swallowed, “ You think we still can?” He coughed after he lit a cigarette and exhaled the smoke.


“Yes, just like before, like we said. You can’t lose hope, because that’s all we have. You can ring Ravi tomorrow, maybe he can help some more.” She smiled at him.


He gave a weak smile back, “But it’s worse now.”


Rita nodded her head,  “ No it’s just different now. We know it’s Paul that John has the fight with. Now, we have to plan ahead is all. I have a feeling this blonde girl is Vickie and I can get her to come with me. So you see that problem is done with.”


Rita’s smile lightened George’s heart, he felt her hope and his smile broadened, “ Sorry bout that mates.” George said with embarrassment to John and Ringo.


“No, George it’s us. We’re sorry we doubted you.” Ringo smiled at George; impulsively he bent down and gave the younger man a huge hug.


John gave a chuckle that brightened the room a little more as he got up, “Rings I think you’re getting a bit soft on us.” John then walked over to George and bent over to hug him too.


George smiled and met John’s stare as he was breaking the hug, “ Looks like Ritch isn’t the only one that’s a bit on the soft side.” They all snickered at what George had just said.


“No, just don’t tell anyone. I wouldn’t want my image to go down the toilet now,” John straightened up and turned towards Paul, “What about him?” He turned back to George and Rita.


Rita looked at the two and then to George, “ I think he experienced the vision you had George. Could you guys help me to take him to my flat? I think he needs to sleep.“


George got up and nodded,” Yeah, just wait a sec. I want to talk with him.” George moved over to Paul. He crouched down so that their eyes were level.



Paul’s eyes slowly moved to George’s. He had heard bits and pieces of the conversation around him. He felt so drained, so tired and so very scared. Would they be able to avoid all they had seen? He didn’t know; it just made him feel sick. If he weren’t so tired he’d tell them all that this wasn’t going to happen. That it was a bad dream, only he knew better.


George felt bad for his oldest friend in the band. They had known each other for over ten years now, since they were kids. George studied Paul, never losing eye contact. He stroked Paul’s cheek, “Sorry you had to see that mate. We’ll try to change it, beat it. I won’t let you die or John. You hear me luv?”


Paul’s face fell into the palm of George’s hand. He couldn’t help the tears that finally fell. The shock was slowly wearing off and the emotions were now hitting him hard.

“Georgie?” he softly whispered.


George felt the warm liquid run down his hand. He felt Paul start to shake and knew that the emotions were crashing down as the shock wore off. He too had felt that way in the loo. It took longer for Paul. It had been his first time at really seeing the visions instead of just images or pictures.

“What Paulie?” George gently spoke to him.


“I don’t want to die. I don’t want to cause John’s death or that girls.” He whined, as his sobs grew harder.


George pulled his hand away from Paul’s face and then put his arms around Paul’s back embracing him in a hug. Paul laid his head down on George’s shoulder. George could feel the fear, guilt, and confusion. He felt Paul’s body rattle as he cried.

“We won’t let it happen, I told you that one. John’s not going to die and neither are you or that girl. “


John walked over to both of them. He knelt down beside George and put his arms around Paul too, “It’s not happening Paulie. You and me mate, we aint dyin. You think I’d let that happen. We’ll all change this thing, you’ll see.” John hugged them both and before they knew it Ringo was there too.


“We’re mates, and we stick together. I’ll do whatever it takes so this doesn’t happen, you can be dead sure of that one. “ Ringo assured them all.


Paul had quieted down some. The three let go and stood up. John gazed at Paul.

“You ready to go there, son?”


Paul nodded, “My flat.” Was all he could get out in between hiccupped breaths.


“Ok, let’s go to Paul’s, I’ll have Les drive us and then if any of you have to leave later he can bring you back for your cars. It’s the closest anyway. Let’s get him home. “ John told everyone, taking charge of what needed to be done. Mal had been sent home, so George and John helped Paul to the car.




Ringo got out and opened the gates and Les drove the car through. They helped Paul out and into the house.


“Here put him on the couch.” John told George.


“I’m gonna put on the kettle.” Ringo told them and went off into the kitchen.


Rita sat on the couch and took a wet flannel from George as he handed to her. She gently wiped Paul’s face and his eyes closed at her touch.


Paul felt so damn gutted and just wanted to sleep. Rita felt so good and calming. He felt himself start to drift off.


George and John sat smoking in the wing chairs in Paul’s living room. They looked up as someone came down the stairs. A beautiful redhead stood at the bottom of the landing. She had on a silk kimono that outlined her perfect figure. Her feet wore healed slippers that matched it and she radiated beauty as she stared at the situation in front of her.


She saw Paul on the green couch, John and George in the wing chairs, but whom was that strange girl sitting beside Paul? He didn’t look good and she noticed the wet flannel that was being wiped on his face.


John pulled on his cigarette and calmly looked Jane over as he always did. He found her unbelievable sexy in the kimono as his mind wandered for a minute. His mind always did with both Jane and Pattie.

“Jane, your back early.” John stated in a matter of fact way.


Rita snapped around and saw the pretty redhead. God, she was gorgeous, Rita thought. She could never compete with that. Then again, her and Paul had only been together once. She wondered if things didn’t work out; how this girl would look in a week in a half. She shook everything out of her mind and stood up.


John went over and put his arm around Rita and brought her out into the middle of the room as Jane came towards them.

“What’s the matter with Paul? Is he alright John?” Jane asked frightened.


John nodded, “ A bit too high fer his own good. He needs to sleep it off luv. This here is Rita a friend of ours. Well, more of me and George,” John pulled Rita closer to him,  “Well, more of mine.” He snickered, pretending to be a bit high himself.


 “Oh, hi I’m Jane, Jane Asher. Paul’s girlfriend, it’s nice to meet you.” The voice was pleasant, but had an unsure overtone to it.


“Nice to meet you Jane. I’ve heard some nice things from Paul about you.” Rita glanced over at Paul. He was half awake.


Jane went over to him and sat down where Rita had been a few minutes before.

She gently stroked his face and then looked up at John, George, Rita and then noticed Ringo had joined the them.


“What did he take? He looks a fright.” Jane questioned John.


John pulled Rita tighter to him, as if she were really with him.

“ A….. He um took something. I’m not really sure what it was; they slipped something more to him. We, me and Rita were dancing. I didn’t notice until I saw him stumbling around. Ritch brought my attention to him, and then George said he didn’t look well. Rita thought we should bring him home and watch him to make sure he was all right. So here we are.” John gave her a goofy smile, “Right luv?” He directed the question to Rita.


“Yes, that’s right. Jane it’s important that you watch him. Some of that stuff was pretty strong. I think he’ll sleep on and off for a long time. Also, he may have dreams from it. I mean horrid ones.” Rita had to tell her what to expect. A little truth thrown into the lie, she had a feeling it would happen and she wanted the redhead to know what to expect. She didn’t want her getting scared.


She felt John kiss the top of her head and shot him a look. He just shrugged and smiled at her. Jane saw this and figured the girl felt strange being caught with a married man.


“ John, shouldn’t you be home with your wife and son?” Jane questioned.


John nodded, “Was going to do that very thing. Now, that I know Macca will be in your capable hands.” Slight sarcasm dripped from his voice, “ Aren’t you supposed to be playing actress with your troop there Janie?” He teased.


She shook her head, used to John’s teasing and knowing it was his come back for her remark about his wife and son.


“I’m off until Monday. I thought I’d surprise Paul and spend the weekend together. I knew you all were off. I’m heading out Monday morning.” She answered John with a smile.


George and Ringo couldn’t believe what they were watching. It was as if Jane was in one of her plays and didn’t even know it.


“Um, Jane? Do you want us to bring him upstairs so as you can keep an eye on him?” George inquired, feeling uncomfortable about the whole situation.


John smiled at George, “Of course she does mate,” He then turned between the two Beatles and Jane, still holding Rita tightly, “Only Janie, I don’t think you’ll get anything from him tonight luv. If I could be of assistance, I’d be more then willin. Reckon George could take Rita home,” He smiled brightly at Jane and watched her blush. God, he loved getting a reaction out of people. To him it wasn’t just a game; it was a sport.


Jane felt her face turn hot. She hated when John did this to her.

“No, I’m quiet sure I could live without being a notch on the famous Lennon belt.” She gave it back to him. He had embarrassed her and she wasn’t going to let him get away with it the way he usually did.


“Pity luv, I’d have satisfied you in a completely different way then Paul could,” John winked at her,” Besides, it’s not just any girl that gets into my belt.” He laughed hard and then let go of Rita.


George looked at the two men in the room, “ C’mon, let’s get him up there.”


Jane looked gratefully at George, “ Thank you George.”


He gave her a small smile, “Not a problem.”


Ringo looked over at Paul and remembered how heavy he was when they took him to the car.


“We have to bring him up all those stairs. He’s dead weight. You think the three of us should do it?” He asked his mates.


John laughed again and a wicked grin crossed his face, “I’ll get him, like a sack of potatoes, right over me shoulder.”


“You need help there mate. Don’t want a hernia now do you.” Ringo laughed.


“Yeah then you won’t be able to shag for a bit.” George added and laughed with Ringo.


“Wouldn’t want to put me self out of commission. What would all the poor birdies do? Right luv?” He smiled over at Rita.


“No Johnny, you can’t do that now.” Rita joined in.


John winked at her, “Alright mates let’s get him to the bedroom for our Janie here.”


Rita could see the embarrassment on Jane’s face and knew that’s exactly what she had planned tonight. Only John had the nerve to say it out loud. He Let everyone know that Jane wouldn’t be making love tonight and embarrassed her in the process. Instead, she’d have to baby-sit her boyfriend. A prospect that Rita figured Jane had never counted on. She watched as the guys picked up Paul and carried him up the stairs. She stood there alone with Jane. Jane gave Rita a disapproving look.

“It doesn’t bother you that he is married and has a son?” Jane asked, moving in front of Rita.


“ Well, yes it does. If you must know he told me he was divorcing her.” Rita felt uncomfortable and after the sentence left her lips she wondered if she had gotten John into deeper trouble. After all he was protecting her, by fabricating the story that they were together.


“No, I can assure you he is very much married.” Jane informed the girl that stood in front of her. How could John do that? She shook her head and looked at Rita.

“If I were you I’d stay away from him. It could get a bit messy. Just a friendly warning between us girls. I’m sorry if I came off a bit harsh, it’s just that I didn’t expect this and I thought Paul and I would have a lovely evening. “ Jane’s face was sincere as she extended her apology to Rita.


Rita felt bad for this young girl. Obviously, she didn’t know how Paul truly felt, and wore blinders to his infidelities.

“I understand. It’s quiet alright, I would feel the same way.” And Rita truly did. She wanted to stay with Paul and hated the fact that Jane had shown up.


The three bounced down the stairs laughing. John came back over to Rita and pulled her again into his arms, unaware of the chat the two girls had had.


“ John I don’t think this will work. I think you should take me home.” Rita feigned hurt as she told John.


John realized that Jane must have said something to Rita, “Well, I guess if Janie isn’t getting any then she bloody well made sure I wasn’t. Right, I’m off. You all comin?” John strutted to the door.


“He’s all yours luv.” Ringo told Jane as he kissed her on the cheek.


“Thank you Ritch, George.” She smiled and gave them both a peck as they headed to the door with Rita.


:”What no kiss or good-bye for me? Janie I am truly hurt.” John smiled, and then sauntered over to Jane and pulled her in his arms. He planted a kiss on her lips that would have sent most women to the moon. He then released her and took in her embarrassed and breathless stare.

“See what your missin luv? Cheerio, any problems with our boy just give us a call.” John tipped an imaginary hat and then left out the door with the others, leaving Jane to contemplate what just had happened.


After they left Jane had to admit John’s kiss was very powerful. It was sexy and left a tingling throughout her body. Then again she had been in the mood to make love and Paul defiantly was in no shape for that. She locked the door and then went upstairs to see how he was.