Remember I don’t own the Beatles this just fiction from my warped mind.



George paced nervously back and forth in the kitchen as he spoke to Ravi. Pattie was out running some errands, so George quickly rang him.


“I know that it’s John who is going to die Ravi. I’m dead keen on finding a way to stop this! He can’t die!” George knew how upset he sounded, but he didn’t care. He needed to tell Ravi and he needed to get his anxiety out. John couldn’t die; there was no way he’d allow that to happen. One of his best mates, someone he had looked up to for years. Now, they were close. He had grown up, and his admiration for John Lennon had grown to a loving friendship, a brotherhood, just like he had with Ritch and Paul. No, he had to find a way around this. He listened to Ravi as he kept pacing.


“George, my friend calm down. Nothing good comes from this excitement. Are you sure it will be John? Are you sure when you touched him that he was the one who left the room?” Ravi tried to calm his friend. He knew that if he didn’t George would never be able to handle the task at hand.


“No, I didn’t see who left the room, but I did see John. Like I told you, I was in the studio and looked up at the big window to the control room. He was stark raven mad he was. It had to be him. Although, he never drives himself to the studio.” George thought the last part out loud. Maybe Ravi was right, and maybe it wasn’t John at all.


“You see George, It could be one of the producers or dare I say your manager. You don’t know. You must find out who the other person is that John is fighting with.” Ravi told him calmly, “ Did you see this Rita girl? Did she shed any light to the situation?” He added, thinking he might be able to help put more of the puzzle together.


“Yeah, Rita is a seer too. We figured out that we both have been dreaming the same thing. Only she doesn’t dream of the studio and doesn’t see the accident. She only hears and smells it. Funny that one is. I don’t quite understand that. Anyroad, she says that she never sees a girl in the accident and that she never has seen John,” George stopped for a minute to think about the fact that she didn’t see John, “ Don’t know why, but she does see Paul and seems to have this connection with him. “ George sighed.


“It’s not hopeless George. Actually, you have found out a lot. You see my friend, one does not see their own death.” Ravi tried to gently explain to George.


George stopped pacing, lit a cigarette and then it hit him, what Ravi had just said. The girl that would die was Rita. He shook for a minute at the thought of the vibrant woman he had met, dying in this horrible accident that he saw over and over again.


“ You mean to say it’s Rita who will die? Maybe this one time John does drive to the studio. Maybe that’s why the accident happens because he is a horrid driver, really he is,” George snickered for a minute forgetting about everything, and thought about how scared he had been the few times he had driven with John. He had vowed, they all had vowed, never to drive with John again. He remembered how he almost piss himself when John ended up on the opposite side of the road with a car coming dead on, in front of them. George pulled on the wheel, and brought them back to their side of the road. They had stopped and George drove the rest of the way yelling at John and telling him that he would never drive with him again. John just laughed it off as he often did, saying George was right. That’s when John had hired Les to be his driver. Then his thoughts shot back to the fact that Ravi had just told him it was Rita who would die.


“Rita?” George again asked Ravi, hoping above all hopes that he had not heard him right.


“Yes, George. Rita does not see the woman, for the woman is she, and that is why she doesn’t see the accident. She doesn’t see it because most victims don’t see in time. She doesn’t get out of the way. You must get her to leave from her home for a few days around the time of the accident in order for her to live.” Ravi told George, giving him some hope that Rita wouldn’t die.


“Right, so if I get Rita out of there, then she’ll be fine. Then I just have to worry about John.” George felt a bit relieved by this fact.


“Now, George, if you get Rita away then yes she will be fine and avoid the harm that is not meant for her. Just remember, the man may not be John, you do not know for sure. You must find this one out.” Ravi was glad that George had indeed found answers to some of the puzzle. Rita would be safe, now they had to find out if the man was truly John or not.


“Rita is coming to the studio to help me tell the lads. I think it’s time and maybe we might find out some more answers.” George informed Ravi.


He had calmed down quite a bit as he took a drink of his soda and leaned against the kitchen counter. He was worried about telling the guys, but he felt he needed to.


“I think now would be a wise time to do this. George, just do not get John upset for it might not be him who is to die.” Ravi cautioned.


George nodded in deep thought and then realized he was on the phone. “ Oh right, no I won’t be getting John all upset. You’re right I have to make sure first, but if I tell them and especially John. Well, maybe if I don’t figure it out he will watch himself or if it’s not him, watch whoever it is.” George reasoned.


“You are right my friend. I think this is good. Please keep me informed. “ With that Ravi hung up the phone.


George put the phone on the hook and thought about how hard telling the others would be. He’d have to talk to Rita. How could he tell her that she would be the girl that dies? He had to, and he had to get her to leave her flat for a few days around the 9th. He would, he thought with determination. He looked at the clock and thought about whether he should call her or just stop over. Was this something you tell someone over the phone? All he knew was that he wasn’t looking forward to it. He figured it might be easier to tell her, since she knew about the incident and had fore seen it too. Maybe, just maybe they could fix this in time, he thought, as he put on his coat, and left, deciding to tell her in person.



Rita woke to the new day with a lighter feeling. She looked at a sleeping Paul and smiled at what they shared the previous night. He’d sleep for a while, she thought. He probably had never felt the intensity that washed over their bodies, minds and souls, before. He would be exhausted. She remembered only one other person that was able to receive her physic ability before. It had been overwhelming to Wayne too. She remembered the first time, how he had slept for so long, how he had experienced so much with her, the way Paul had last night.


 She watched him in his deep sleep, and remembered how he had felt part of what she had and how she had felt part of him as well. Rita thought about how safe and fulfilled she had felt laying in his arms. She was sorry that he had felt the dream and woke with her at 5:05a.m. He only saw bits and pieces, pulling her back into his arms and giving her a warm kiss. He told her it was all right and nodded back off. Soon she had too, and they shared the dream of dancing in their white formals, barefoot, under the stars, and with the fog swirling around them.


Rita got up and grabbed some clothes. She showered, dressed, put on her make-up and went into the kitchen to make some tea, along with some food. She looked up at the clock that read 12:30 as she finished her plate and put one in the oven for Paul.


The bell rang and Rita got up to see who it could be ringing it. She was surprised to see George and buzzed him in. She opened the door, as the jean clad Beatles rushed up the stairs.


George smiled at her and kissed her on the cheek. Although, he hadn’t known her long, he felt he had known her forever and felt a closeness to her. A closeness and love that he knew she felt too.


Rita took his coat and hung it up. She ushered him into the kitchen and poured him some tea. He walked over to the counter and fixed it as she lit a cigarette for both of them.


“I figured after yesterday, I’d let you make your own tea. “ She smiled at him as she sat down at the kitchen table.


“Ta Rita. Sorry, I didn’t call before I came over.” He said with a bashful smile.

Rita thought of the man that slept in the other room, the man who had captured her heart and soul. She didn’t mention Paul as she looked over to George and smiled contently.


“So what brings the famous George Harrison to my flat so early? Weren’t you going to pick my up later on?” Rita asked him, a quirky smile on her face.


“It’s not really early silly girl.” He gave her a grin.


Rita giggled and then asked again, “What then?” She knew there was a reason behind his visit.


George suddenly felt uncomfortable. He fidgeted with his cigarette before he spoke again. “I need to tell you something I’ve found out. It’s not very pleasant I’m afraid.” He told her softly.


She nodded, having the feeling he was going to tell her what she already knew.

“Are you here to tell me that it is me who is the girl who will die on the 9th?” She looked over at him sadly.


“Um yeah, how did you know? I mean I figured it out this morning when I spoke to Ravi.” He asked with a look of bewilderment at her knowing this fact already.


Rita looked down, and stubbed her cigarette out, “ I saw it yesterday after you left. You see physic abilities run in my family. My grandmother told me about my gift, she also warned me of this time and that you would help save me. I didn’t listen to that part too much. You see she had had the same experience when she was young. The time she had told me she again saw her own death. She told me that another seer had helped her the first time to escape a death she wasn’t ready for. They bonded and were friends the rest of her life, as I expect we shall be. Anyway, I focused on the fact that she would die this time and the seer also saw it and they knew that it was now her time. She visited me yesterday and told me again. She was here last night and Paul was drawn to her picture. Funny, he could feel her abilities just from picking up the picture and he told me about it.” She looked up at him, her lips pursed in a small smile.


Suddenly, George felt alarmed. He eyed her suspiciously, “You didn’t tell him did you Rita? We agreed that you wouldn’t, that we’d tell them all together.” He waited impatiently for her answer, barely breathing.


She shook her head no, “ I told you I wouldn’t. He does however pick up on my abilities. I have only met one other person besides you that could. He knows I have them and that my grandmother did too. He just felt it. He…..” She trailed off embarrassed, and looked down into her cup of tea and lit another cigarette.


George let out the breath that he had been holding. He took her pack and lit another for himself. He needed the nicotine to calm him.

“What Rita? What happened that you are afraid to tell me?” George asked anxiously as he scanned her for a clue to what she needed to tell him.


“Well, I needed him so much last night. The connection is so strong and we both connected not just sexually, but with our minds and our souls, or hearts. Whatever, he saw some things, but I doubt he could put them together. He felt some of what I felt and woke with the dream at 5:05 a.m. I know we also shared that same dream together about the dancing under the stars that I told you about. He’s been asleep for quite sometime, usually happens to someone who can receive. They are exhausted from the experience. I’m sure he didn’t put it together. I think later he will, when we tell them and that could help convinced the others.” At that point their eyes meant. She could see that he agreed and was relieved at what she had told him.


At that moment, Paul came out dressed only in his jeans; his hair mussed up and sleep still on his face. He leaned against the archway to the kitchen, his legs crossed as well as his arms. His arms seemed to warm his chest, as he held a confused look at seeing George there. He was also surprised he had slept until half one p.m. His bewildered stare hung on George.


George felt it and looked up at Paul. He smiled his usual smile at Paul.

“Afternoon mate, you still on touring time? “ He chuckled.


Paul’s brow rose, still looking at George, “ No, I’m not,” He stated defensively and then his face again took a bewildered look, ” Hey, Georgie you told me that you and Rita weren’t together. I didn’t want to step on your territory man.”


George thought Paul’s embarrassment funny and laughed, “No Paul. Rita and me, we’re just friends, you can do what you want the two of you. I mean I know how you get when Jane is gone.” George cursed himself at the last part of his sentence as it escaped his lips. He saw Paul flinch a bit at the comment.


Rita saw this and got up. She went over and gave Paul a kiss, “ It’s all right. I know more then you think I do and I understand about Jane,” She then turned to George, “We are taking it a day at a time. All we have is each day, right George?” She smiled as she sat a plate of food down for Paul along with some tea.


“Right, each day ……all we have.” George mumbled lowly, thinking about what would happen if they didn’t figure this whole mess out.


Paul’s brow furrowed at this comment as he sat down and started shoveling his food down. He didn’t realize how hungry he was.

“What’s this morbid talk anyway?” He asked between bites.


George had to laugh at Paul, taking away the seriousness of his mood,

“Nothing really.” He cackled.


Paul looked at him quizzically, “What?”


George smiled at his friend, as memories passed through his mind of their tours, “Cor Paul you all had a laugh over how I ate on the tour and now look at you.” George’s laughter grew louder.


Paul started to laugh, his food spitting on George.


George brushed off the food and good naturedly yelled at him. “ You pounce! You got me covered with your disgusting half eaten food!” His face turned red at how hard he was laughing,


“Well that will learn you now won’t it, Georgie.” Paul laughed just as hard with him.


“Cor, we stopped touring a few months back and yet I feel like we are back there. Y‘know when we had the good times?” George shared with his mate, who he loved dearly.


Paul nodded, “See it got crazy, but there were some fab times, there were.”


“Oh we had oodles of them. Whenever there wasn’t anyone around. Then they’d suss us out and we’d have to start all over again.” George smiled along with Paul at the great memories they both remembered. Memories that only the four would ever know.


Rita smiled at the antics, she remembered hearing of them and now she was witnessing them in her own flat! Wow, she thought, they never seem like Beatles to her, but with this they did and she sat back to watch and enjoy the sight.


“Yeah we could be real tossers we could,” Paul chuckled at some of the thoughts that ran through his mind, “Oh and Harri? You did shovel your food down like a bleedin horse he did. Always hungry this bugger here, though we could never figure out where he put it.” Paul got up and washed off his dishes, putting them in the drain board. He then sat down and lit a cigarette, he watch George take one from his pack.

“You pinchin me cigs again Harrison?” He laughed. They always shared everything and this felt good, this was the part he missed so much about touring.


“ Oh stop you lout. We always shared, since we was kids we did Rita.” He smiled.


Rita could see the joy that flow between them. They were more then mates and she could see it now. They were more like brothers, and she hoped she might see the four of them like this. Then it hit her, if they didn’t finish figuring out the visions, then she might never see it. Her face fell at the thought and both Beatles noticed.


“Hey, why the long face luv?” Paul asked.


George suddenly became aware of why she looked that way. Now, he too thought of it. He tried not to show it.


Rita smiled and made a feeble excuse, “It’s just I wish I could have seen some of this. I think it’s great you guys are more like brothers then mates.” She hoped that the half-truth had satisfied Paul.


“Yeah it is innit?” George added to the excuse that he knew she was making.


“Yeah.” Paul mused for a moment. He then crushed his cigarette out and got up from the table, “Rita you mind if I use your shower?”


“Yeah I think that would be great Macca. I’m tired of smelling you.” George laughed again.


Rita shook her head with a smile, “Sure Paul, the towels and flannels are in the top shelf in the loo.”


“Yeah get yourself in that bog and shower you smelly twit.” George teased.


Paul met his gaze and nodded, “ You’re lucky mate that I know you’re having a lark. You might be older now, but I can still punch you up pretty bloody good.” He laughed as he kissed Rita, “ I can use you tooth brush too luv?”


“You only think so mate.” George smiled over at him.


“Sure, help yourself.” She smiled up at him.


“I know so mate.” Paul gave him a wink, “Ta luv.” Paul gave her another kiss.


George saw how they were together, it warmed his heart. He did wonder how Jane would fit in now with how connected the two were, but that was not his concern. He had more important things to worry about and his face became serious again as Paul left to shower.


“You come down to the studio later luv. I’ve gotta go.” George told her as he got up, put his cup in the sink, and went out to the living room. He put on his coat and kissed her good-bye.

“Remember, not a word.”


“I know that. He’s leaving after his shower anyway. Don’t worry so much, it will be fine tonight.” She smiled reassuringly at him.


“Right, I think you should come down around seven, I think we’ll be done by then and if you came with me they’d be suspicious. I’ll leave your name with the receptionist, she let you right in. You just go in the control booth if we aren’t done yet” He leaned in, kissing her again on the check, and then left.



Pattie had forgotten something in the house that morning and went in to retrieve it. She heard George on the phone with Ravi. She knew she had caught the beginning of the conversation and hid to listen. She really hated to do this, but she just had to know how far they had gotten. She knew some of the story and could clearly hear the conversation as it went on.


 Rita would die if George didn’t tell her and get her out of her flat for those few days? She wondered about this Rita. Then she heard that John might be the one who dies? My God poor Cyn and Julian. George had to figure this whole thing out. Oh, maybe it was someone else. He was going to tell the lads and not her? He’d tell Rita today before they told the others?


She pondered over the latest part of this saga and a feeling of dread crossed over her once again. She sat on the arm of the couch, in her pants suit, her pale blues eyes shone with tears at the knowledge of what was happening. She heard George hang up and ran out to her car. She parked down the street and watched him come out of the house. There was a small part of her that wondered if he had a thing with Rita. She decided to follow him and find out more.


She drove carefully behind him so he wouldn’t see her. She watched him park and run across the street to Rita’s building. In a minute he was let in. She parked a distance from his car, but close enough to watch. That’s when she noticed that Paul’s car had been parked in front before George had gotten there.


She sighed with relief as she realized that Paul was probably with Rita and not George. She knew how Paul was when Jane was gone and it didn’t surprise her one bit, although she often felt sad for Jane. She would never tell Jane, but she figured the pretty redhead already knew of her boyfriend’s infidelities.


Pattie sat there for about an hour. She watched George come out of the building and run to his car. She watched as he drove away. She noticed that Paul wasn’t with him. She started her car and figured she’d stop and get something and then go home to her George. She suddenly felt so much love for him and felt bad that he had to go through this whole thing. She wished he’d confide in her, but she knew he wouldn’t do that. She started her car and pulled away. She forgot about stopping to getting something. Instead she thought that maybe she could seduce him before he left for the studio.