Remember I don’t own the Beatles; it’s just my warped mind in fantasy fiction land….



Rita busied herself around the flat, trying to clean it up. She had gotten Vickie to leave for the afternoon. She had to tell her a story and hated lying to her mate. She just didn’t want her to think that she was crazy.


She sat down with a cup of tea and a cigarette, going over the previous night in her head. Paul, he enchanted her and yet not as a Beatle. She felt close to him. They had gone back to her flat to talk. They didn’t have sex, and any other time she would have, especially with Paul McCartney.


They couldn’t figure out how they knew each other, but when she was near him, her spine tingled. She felt the need to be near him and he had told her he felt the same thing. Yet, they didn’t even kiss. They talked for hours. Funny, she thought when they held hands she knew much more about him and he knew more about her. They ended up laughing nervously about it. He finally said he had to go, but it took him an hour to leave. He wanted to see her again and she wanted to see him too. They arranged that they would see each other later that night, and again they would be alone. Maybe they could figure this whole thing out. 


That night she dreamt of him. The dream was so beautiful. She was in a white flowing dress, with bare feet and he in a white tux, also in bare feet. They danced to soft music. The stars were bright, so they must have been outside, she thought. Yet there was white fog all around them. Nobody was there but them, it was like a Cinderella dream. As she was pondering over her dream the bell rang. Her heart raced as she jumped startled out of her dream world. It must be George, she thought.


She got up and looked out the window. She saw the dark haired Beatle, looking around nervously. She rang him in and in a minute her doorbell rang. Rita fixed her hair and went to answer the door.


She opened it to see George waiting anxiously. She motioned him in and closed the door behind her. She straightened her blouse, tucking it into her jeans.


“Hello Rita.” He said quietly.


“George, hi. Have a seat. I put the kettle on for some tea.” She told him as she led him into the kitchen.


He followed like an obedient puppy, not saying a word. He sat down at the table.


“ Rita, do you mind if I smoke?” He asked.


“Of course not, I do. Here’s an ashtray.” She put it on the table for him.


George didn’t know where to begin. He tried to call Ravi, but he hadn’t been at home. He pulled out his notebook, wondering if he should start there.


Rita was as nervous as George. She could see it in the way he fidgeted while he sat. What could she tell him? He’d think she was crazy.


George broke the ice, “Um listen Rita this is gonna sound a bit off, I know,” He sighed before he started to talk again.


Rita gave him his tea and sat down. George looked surprised that she knew how he took it.


“This is what I wanted to talk to you about. “ He told her.


“Tea?” She laughed.

“No, how did you know how I took it?” George faced her, waiting for an answer.


“Dunno, really. I just made it.” Rita wondered too how she had known.

She looked at it and then put her hand on it, thinking about his odd question, that didn’t really seem so odd to her.


George looked down into his cup as she touched it. The liquid turned to a crimson red and he jumped up with a gasp, pushing the chair back and onto the floor.


“What George? What’s wrong?” Rita rushed over to him.

 His head started to swirl and again he couldn’t hear her speak. He shook his head. His nervousness died down as he looked back at the cup and only saw the milky brown tea.


He swayed as he straightened up and leaned against the wall, trying not to get sick My God! He thought.  How could he talk to her? Then again she had to know something, or he wouldn’t have dreamt about her.


“What happened there George?” Rita stated calmly.


George pulled the chair upright and sat back down on it, “Sorry about that, I never know when it’s going to happen.” He confided in her.


“It’s all right, ” She tried to calm the Beatle down, “Tell me what you’re here for, and what you mean by you never know when it’s going to happen?”


“I um, I have visions and dreams and I’ve been dreaming about this accident that’s gonna happen in a few weeks. It kills two people. At first I didn’t now what was going on, a friend who is good at this stuff explained it to me. I’ve been having this same dream now for quite awhile. Until, I dreamt of you the other day. I saw you clear as day in the same outfit as you wore when I bumped into you, that same day. Only in my dream you said some odd things. I’m also having visions and I get sick after them. I saw the cup of tea, as a cup of blood is all. “ George didn’t know what he’d learn from her, but he needed to know. He wanted to know what she had been seeing.


“Oh, I see,” Rita sat pensively in her chair. She was getting her thoughts together, and thinking about how he saw the tea as blood. George continued.


“I get these visions by touching certain things or people, sometimes they just happen without touching anything. I do need to know what you are seeing. You are, aren’t you? I mean that’s how you know me and all, isn’t it?” George’s dark eyes stared at her, awaiting his answer.


Rita sighed, yes she had been having dreams, and it sounded a bit like George’s. She figured since he had been so honest with her about them, that she could trust telling him.


“Your right, I have been dreaming and feeling things,” She settled into her chair, and pulled one of her legs up onto it. She rested her head on her knee, while she smoked. It was time to tell him every thing, “I’ve been having dreams since I can remember. I have premonitions from them and sometimes, I too get feelings by touch. Ever since I was young this has happened to me. I can tell how a person is when I get these feeling. I can tell what type of person they are. I have seen things that are going to happen and try to stop them” She stopped to collect herself. This time it was different, and she had the feeling that they were supposed to help one another figure this out. She turned her face from George, afraid of what the two might find together. These dreams had been different. She figured she’d get on with it and find out.

“ Only, these dreams and these feelings have been different. Stronger and I can’t seem to put them together as I have the others throughout my life,” Rita again stared into George’s eyes; uncertainty filled them as she gave her self a moment to put it together.


George saw the uncertainty in her eyes and knew she too, didn’t know what to do with them, “My friend who has been helping me told me you and me could fit this puzzle together a bit more. I’m not to keen on this, but this is not the destiny that is supposed to happen. I or we have to stopthis before it happens.”


Rita nodded, “Yes, that much I know. I have had dreams of an accident that is to take place soon. I believe it’s right out side my building. I get an eerie feeling when I walk past that lamppost outside my building. I hear a car crash and the young man, whoever he is dies. I don’t see the crash but I hear it and smell the fire. I then see you. You come and hold my hands and tell me it will be all right and not to worry. That we will find a way to stop this from happening, I get the feeling you know the young man in the car. I feel safe as you hold my hands and tell me it’s ok,” She paused, strained by the thoughts, but glad to finally tell someone who would believe her.

“ I then started to dream the other day, I fell asleep on the couch, but all I remembered was meeting you outside my flat. Then later there you were. Funny, isn’t it?”


George nodded, he didn’t’ know what to make of their connection. Why had their dreams started to mix together? He had to find out and push her on, after all wasn’t that why he was there? “Rita there is a young woman who dies also in the accident. You don’t see that?” He asked.


‘No, I’ve never seen this girl. I wonder why?” She should have seen this girl, why didn’t she?

“I’m not sure. This is all new to me” George confided in her. He then continued his questioning.


“Rita, the other night you whispered to me in my dream…….” Rita cut him off.


“Yes, I saw you on the street corner across the way and again I didn’t see the accident. Instead I was told to tell you to look at your watch and I too looked. It clearly read Nov. 9th 4:59 a.m. Strange that one. I always wake at 5:05 a.m. with you telling me it’s all right. I have dreamt of Paul too. After I see you I see him. I forget about the crash and we stare into each other’s eyes and our hands are held together. It’s like it was at the club last night. There is nothing around, nobody, no noise, nothing at all, and we only see each other. Strange, I have never had such vague dreams. Since I was a little girl I’ve had this power to see into the future and I knew I was special. I could stop things that weren’t supposed to happen, only now, I can’t see the way I normally do. I don’t know why.” Her eyes held a haunting look in them, as she thought.


“What Rita? What are you thinking?” George asked anxiously.


“Well, like I told you. I usually see what is happening and I don’t understand now why I can’t or why I see you and Paul.” Her eyes fixed on his.


George looked at his notebook and then looked back to her beautiful haunting eyes.

“I have written things that I have found out. You’re right, I do know the person and I believe it’s John that dies. I don’t understand it since he doesn’t drive often. Usually, Les his driver brings him, or one of us brings him to the studio. He doesn’t drive well and that might be part of why the accident happens. He is fighting bitterly with someone in the studio, yet I can’t see the other mans face. It doesn’t make sense to me. Yet when I touched him I saw the horrible fight and the slamming of the door. It has to be him.” George grew quiet as he finished.


Rita got up and paced the floor, “ The lamppost that I get the eerie feeling from. Is that where the car hits?” She poured more tea for both of them.


“Yes, that’s where it hits. I have also seen that John isn’t dead, just half conscious. Then the car explodes and he is dead. You haven’t seen him in your dreams though, have You?” George asked, suddenly aware that she hadn’t felt a connection to John and she hadn’t even mentioned him.


Rita put the tea down, “No, I never have seen him. Just you and Paul.”


George thought for a few minutes longer, “Maybe it’s time to talk to my mates. They might think me crazy, but if it’s John and you said you saw Paul, then maybe he’s involved somehow. Have you ever had other dreams of Paul or me?”


“I get these dreams that tell me to help you. I feel we are dreaming at the same time lately. That’s why I had to tell you of the watch. It wasn’t planned. I heard it told to me, in your voice too. Strange that one, you tell me to remind you to look at your watch for the date. I remember a dream I had of Paul last night. It was innocent though. We were dancing: he in a white Tux, bare foot and me in a white flowing dress, barefoot. No one was around and the sky was filled with stars as this white fog surrounded us. I don’t know what to make of it. Except…..” Rita sat there with a bemused look on her face.


“What Rita? Tell me.” George pushed at her.


Suddenly Rita got up and then turned to George. Her face was pale and she looked like she was in a trance. Maybe shock, he thought.


“Open up your eyes now tell me what you see. It is no surprise now what you see is me.” Rita’s face came back to life, confusion written all over it.


“WHAT?” George got up and went towards Rita.


“Cor, what did I just say to you? I don’t remember.” Tears ran down her face, as she sat slowly back down in the chair.


“That’s exactly what you said to me in my dream. Only there was more to it. I know now why it sounded so familiar. It’s a song of Paul’s that we did on an album about a year ago. Cor, what I see is you?” George answered her back, not sure what it met.


“I don’t understand.” Rita sniffled, not sure what had just happened.


“You don’t remember what you just said to me?” George asked her, bewildered.


“No, I don’t remember. This has never happened to me before. George I’m scared. I don’t understand why I can’t see anything why that just happened, or why I am pulled into your dreams to tell you things. “ She sat there, trying desperately to figure it all out.


“I don’t know either Rita. This used to happen to me as a kid, but hasn’t in sometime. Never has it happened like this before.” George gave her a sympathetic look.


“You must ask your friend. I can’t tell you why. I am starting to feel this whole thing closing in on me. I need to rest; I’m so drained and tired. Can we talk again at a later date?” Rita asked.


George got up and nodded, “Yes, and I’m going to talk to Ravi about it. I want you to try to see if you can figure anything more out and be conscious when you’re in my dreams of what’s going on. Remember, you and I are both dreaming at the same time. Curious though that you wake at 5:05 a.m. and me at 5:00a.m; after the car explodes,” George took a pad and scribble down his number, “Here call me at any time to tell me if anything new happens. We go back to filming the promotional film for Penny Lane in a few days. By the time that happens it will only be two weeks or so. We need to move here. Help each other. I am going to think about telling the others. Don’t tell Paul when you see him tonight,”


George walked to the door, Rita following him.


“I mean it Rita. Don’t go tellin Paul a thing. I will talk to them. I need to know who that other guy is. Two in a half weeks, I hope we can do this. Maybe we should talk to them together?” George and Rita exchanged glances.


Rita nodded slowly in thought, “Yes, between the two of us we might be able to convince them. Tomorrow? I don’t think we can wait. Although I don’t know how John is going to feel about his demise.”


“I think that should be the last thing we tell them. We have to be successful, John can’t die, nor can the girl. I feel she is important and will change a lot of people’s lifes. Come by the studio around four. We are just putting some finishing touches on Penny Lane for the Promo. Paul is a perfectionist as you probably know and he called us together to do this tomorrow.” George waited for her answer as he put on his coat.


“Yes, I’ll be there. Is it the same studio where it happens?” She inquired.

“Yeah, Abbey Road studios, studio two. Just tell the secretary I have invited you. I will tell her your name. Maybe be some chance you can feel something that I couldn’t. Maybe you can see this other person.” He said hopefully.


She shook her head, “ Remember I haven’t been able to see anyone. We’ll see what happens and George thanks.”


“Oh, I need your last name to get you in. What is it?” He fished out his notebook and a pen to copy her name down.


“ Rita Evin, that’s my name. I just tell the secretary and she will let me in without a problem?” She asked with some worry.


“Yes, no worries ok? You’ll be led right to me. I am going to tell Pattie that you are a new secretary if you call, so use that one, to cover it up. I don’t want her to worry so I haven’t told her. When it is over and we are successful, then I will fill her in. I’ll see you tomorrow. Thanks luv, “


He smiled at her and then left.




After George had left, Rita laid down. She tried desperately to sleep, but her mind was much too busy. She tossed and turned, going over the conversation in her mind. She sat up and then got into the shower. Suddenly a picture flashed into her mind. She jumped and clung onto the wall. She slid down the wall crying. It can’t be, or could it, she thought. Is the reason why she never saw the girl in her dreams because she knew it was her? She thought about the picture in her mind. It was of her grandmother and she remembered the event well. She sat in the tub, as the water beaded down on her. A vision of that day played for her, only she was in the vision, and it was all so real.


Her grandmother had the gift too, and only they shared it with one another. She sat on the soft green grass at her grandmother’s feet, as the old women stroked her hair.

“Child you have the gift of fore sight. You must use it wisely. It’s a powerful gift and at times can be rather hard to figure out. It tends to boggle the mind. You can see what will come. When this happens it does for a reason. The events you see are not supposed to happen. You must change it so it doesn’t.” Her grandmother explained to her.


“But grand mother, what if I can’t and how will I know?” The young girl asked, laying her head on her grandmother’s lap.


“The dreams will be strong and the visions just as strong. The dreams will come first and then the visions as the events draw closer. I have seen your future my child and you will help a lot of people.” Her grandmother continued to stroke her hair lovingly.


“How will I change them?” The girl asked.


“By seeing what will be and changing the situation so it will not happen, so therefore it can never be.” The wise women told her granddaughter.


“I will try grandmother.”


“This has been passed down skipping a generation at a time. The elders stay around long enough to explain to the young ones what to do. I have foreseen my own death and knew I must explain things in more detail now.” The old women told Rita.


Rita jumped up unto her knees and threw her arms around the old woman’s waist, “No, grandmother you can’t die. No!”


The old women tried to comfort her granddaughter, “We all must die at some point my dear. You, I have dreamt will have a close call with death at an early age, but thanks to a man who has the same sight, you two will figure this out. I hope you do in enough time, for you will not be ready to go and if you do, it will be a mistake. “ The words hauntingly came out of her grandmother’s mouth.


“How do you know you are dying grandmother?” The girl hardly paid attention to the warning that her grandmother gave. She was more concerned about losing her beloved grandmother then the heeded warning.


“When you start getting dreams of something that will happen and you can’t see yourself. Then you will not know it’s you that the dream is calling for. The visions grow stronger, as do the feelings, and they all become unclear too. I know at this moment that it is truly my time. You see I have had this happen before and have had help by another seer who helped me from dying and live like I was supposed too. I have been tied to this person ever since and now I know that it is my time, this person sees it too. Don’t be sad my child, for I will live in you and your fore sight. I will come and warn you, if help is needed. Now hush, my dear. “ Her grandmother wiped the tears from Rita’s eyes.


Rita remembered her grandmother dying a few days later. She remembered most of what she was told and tried to practice it always. Her grandmother left her a special pendant to wear and she always did. Now, her grandmother’s words rang true. Did she come back in a vision to warn Rita? 


She sat there now, finally remembering the premonition her grandmother had of her. Was it her that could die in this accident? Is that why she couldn’t see the girl that George did? Her heart raced as she finished washing, dressed and fixed herself up. Paul would be here soon and she wondered how he fit into all this. She would talk to George about this. Now, she had to push it from her mind and concentrate on Paul, now more then ever she knew he fit into the picture. Still, shaky she tried to ready herself for her visit from Paul.




Paul couldn’t wait to see Rita again; she had been on his mind all day. He had tried to figure out again how he knew her. He didn’t sleep well the night before, and so he decided to stop trying and just get up. His mind still on Rita, he went to the music room and started writing a song about her.


He brought her flowers, at the cost of signing some autographs, and then went merrily on his way to her flat. He rang the buzzer and was let in. He ran upstairs to her door.


Rita took one last look in the mirror. Her black leather mini looked good, she thought with her low cut yellow sweater. She wore no stockings or shoes, since she knew they were staying there. She had told Vickie of the date and Vickie had decided earlier to stay at Sharon’s, to give them some privacy, she told her.


Rita wished she could shake the feeling that had been hounding her all day. Hopefully, Paul would be a distraction for her. She wanted to know what Paul had to do with this, but didn’t know how to find out. She readied herself as she opened the door.


Paul stood their looking incredible. His tight rust trouser outlined his lower body, and flared out below his knees. He had a blousy white shirt on that even though it was tucked in hung out a bit. His jacket hung nicely around his well-built body. Last night the attraction was more on how they knew each other. The strange feeling of how they felt they almost belonged to one another, which they both laughed off. Now, Rita took in his handsome features, his thick black hair, large doe shaped eyes, his handsome chiseled face and of course his body.


He walked in and handed her a bouquet of beautiful and exotic flowers. She smiled as she closed the door.


“They all reminded me of you, so I bought one of each.” He smiled at her.


“They’re lovely, really.” She smelt them, the fragrance brought her to different islands in a mere second, “Wow, they’re from all over. They smell great, thank you. I’m gonna put them in a vase. Do you want a drink?” She asked him. This was nice, she thought, and it helped distract her.


He took off his jacket and laid it on the armchair, “ A yeah that would great. You have any rum in there?” He said as he leaned against the archway to the kitchen.


“Yes, I do……..some coke in that too?” She looked back at him.


“Yes, make it strong will you?” He smiled as she nodded.


He then looked around; he hadn’t notice much the night before. The living room was small, he saw the couch they had sat on, and the coffee table in front of it, both had seen better days, he thought. In the corner was an armchair, with a table and lamp on it. There was a bookshelf, the books only filled the last few shelves, on top there were all different frames filled with pictures. Along side the bookshelf was a T.V. that sat on a metal stand. The wall by the kitchen had a small table with a stereo on it and speakers that sat on either side of it. In the middle of the floor was a weaved rug, filled with colors. The previous night, things were too intense to even bother to look.


 She had told him the night before that when she touched someone she could tell things about them. He didn’t understand why he could tell things about her when they touched. She was vague, but he had thought about it all day, remembering the feeling, and decided he would ask her tonight about it.


He walked around, stopping in front of the pictures. He scanned them until he felt pulled to one of them. He picked it up and stared at it as if it wanted him to pick it up. Strange he thought as he examined it.


She brought out the drinks and saw him looking at a photograph. She came over to him and gave him his drink. It was then that she realized which photo he had picked up. Was it just a by accident or had he been drawn to it on purpose? She took the picture from him and lovingly looked at it.


“My grandmother,” She told him, as she took a large gulp of her drink and put it down.


He did the same, putting his drink down along side of hers. He watched her face change as she stared at the picture. He gently laid his hand on her shoulder.


“She meant the world to you. She was wise and had taught you a lot. She had it too, didn’t she? I mean this gift you started telling me about.” He didn’t know how he knew this, but he felt the need to say it and gauged her reaction to what he said.


“Yes, she did and ……..” She sniffled as the tears she fought won and began drizzling down her face, “I miss her,” She whispered without thinking, “ She visited me today.”

She then realized she shouldn’t have said that, but she was suddenly overwhelmed by everything again. She felt a gentle push in her mind to reach out to him.


Paul took the picture and carefully placed it back in its spot, as he glanced again at it.


She turned to him and he scooped her into his arms, holding her tightly.


“Shhh, luv it’s all right.” He comforted her.


She cried openly, shuddering under the tremendous force of all that had been happening. After a while her crying calmed and she felt a need to be as close to him as she could. Her hands swam over his body, trying to feel everything about him. She felt a warmth as she did this, and knew it wouldn’t take much to become one with him. She felt a need too; she had to fully connect with this man. Not just sexually, although she felt the stirring in her body, but she needed to be as close as two people could be. She felt driven as she took the lead and surprised him with a passionate kiss, which took his breath away.


He suddenly could feel her calling to him, egging him on to take her. He felt the urgency that ran through her body, not just sexually, but mentally as well.

He began to react to both, as the kiss grew deeper and longer. He pulled away for a minute and looked at her tearstained face.


“You ok? I mean I am getting those strange feelings again. It’s like I know exactly what you want from me, or for me to do. I felt you inside of me as we kissed and I felt inside of you. It ….was…. a …a bit overwhelming.” He stammered, as again he got lost in her eyes. All he wanted was her, but he controlled himself long enough for her to answer him.


“I just need to be one with you physically as well as mentally. Not many can pick up on this, you can,” She starred back into his eyes, and caressed his face as she continued, “ I promise, since you are so receptive that this will be amazing. Now, no more questions just do what you feel inside, as long as we don’t let go of one another, you will know exactly want to do and I will know too. We will be closer then you’ve ever been when you’ve made love to a woman, I promise you that one. “ Rita’s lips were captured by Paul’s after she told him.


True to what she said he felt as if they were one and he knew what they both wanted. He picked her up and brought her to the bedroom. There were two rooms and she laughed at his confusion at how he knew which room was hers.


The light was never turned on as he slipped her down his hard body and drew her into him, with another deep kiss. Slowly they took each other’s clothes off, and like he was told he made sure he was constantly touching her.


He pushed her back onto the bed, making sure he went down with her. He trailed kisses over her face, down her neck and to her shoulder. It was just there, what she wanted him to do to her. She caressed him and ran her hands over his chest. She started teasing his nipples the way she knew he liked.


He nibbled on her shoulder as he felt the sensation run through his body from her caressing his nipples. He ran his lips to her breast, needing them and then teasing each nipple with his tongue before he rested on suckling one. He heard her moan and it drove him further into his desire. He slid to her side and ran his hand over her inner thighs. He felt her tease his hardness. He shuddered at the touch, as he ran his fingers in side her heat. She was so ready, he thought.


She jumped as he pushed his fingers into her, one at a time. He started a rhythm that drove her crazy. Yes, she thought and after awhile she directed him to the swollen flesh that yearned for his touch. She paced her strokes on his shaft with his and felt not only how good she felt but also how good he felt. They moaned in unison as she felt a charge run through her, filling every part of her body.


Paul had to hold back, he panted wildly as he felt part of her orgasm. He didn’t give her a chance to calm down as he mounted her. He slid in easily, feeling the warmth and wetness as he filled her. Paul towered over Rita as he slid in and out of her. He bent down, taking the palms of his hands and laid them flatly in hers. Their fingers intertwined, squeezing tight as he held her hands over her head. His mouth landed on hers, their tongues snakes around each other. Paul felt Rita wanting him to push into her harder, deeper and faster. The friction drove him crazy as he stopped to quiet himself down.


Rita didn’t move a muscle when he stopped. She knew why, her eyes held his, as she waited for him to continue. She felt him in every part of her body, and she felt him in her mind. When he entered her, it was as if they entered one another’s mind. . Rita felt like they were on a roller coaster together going higher and faster. She could almost see it as she took him with her.


Sweat dripped from his body, giving it a hard work out. Paul’s hair clung to his face. He felt her fingertips, as she caressed it away. He didn’t know where he ended and she began, it was as if they were a perfect image of each other, forming a circle. He felt his release building from below and into his stomach and knew somehow that Rita would climax with him.


. A surge passed through her as she felt the build up getting stronger. Rita pulled at his mind, kiss me please, was what she told him wordlessly.


Paul kissed her strongly, almost sucking the air out of her. He didn’t understand it, but it didn’t matter as he drove his body harder and harder, thrusting inside her like a mad man. He couldn’t move his mouth from hers. They were completely together in sync with one another.


They both felt the final hill, as the roller coaster climbed higher and higher. Both started to moan together as they followed it to the peak. Once on top, they teetered for a minute and then dropped down the huge slope at a fast speed. Both screamed at the intensity of the release.


Rita’s head filled with swirling visions that flashed by so fast she barely could tell what they were. Her body shook with the release. She saw Paul and herself, colors, mostly red, but she saw silver, black, and white. She heard them both scream in the bedroom and somewhere else as it hit. She clawed at him furiously and he held onto her as tight as he could as they came. The emotions in both ran amok. She heard yelling, saw tears and as his sweat hit her, it was as if rain had dropped onto her. She knew he probably pick up on some of what she saw, heard and felt.


 Paul finally fell off of her breaking the connection. My God, he thought, he had never felt anything so intense as what he just experienced. She was right, he had been with thousands of women, but never had he felt this. The connection was so right, whether he understood it or not. He lay there, and reached over to grab her hand, wanting to stay connected. He touched her as he kept panting and trying to pull in air. Their hearts pounded together again and a glow lit throughout them. He had seen right into her soul and she had seen right into his.