By Sue


Remember I don’t own the Beatles. This is fan fiction from my warped mind.



George followed the doctor, while Paul walked a step behind. George thought the corridor would never end as his heart beat wildly thinking of seeing his love, even if she was sleeping and in a hospital bed. He just wanted to touch her, know that she was all right and just sit, never taking his eyes off of her. What she had done, sacrificed her life for his and the others made him love her even more. He never thought he could love her more, until he had processed in his mind what she had done. He would stay with her and the album could be put on hold 4 to 6 weeks whilst she got better. Brian had already said something about it earlier and the others had agreed with him. The nurse that Brain would hire would be a big help, but he wanted to fuss over Pattie. George had never really done that in this way before. He was always busy with something, a movie, album, and meditation or just hanging with the guys. He was there for her, but not the way she was for him. He felt it was his turn now to be there and focus his full attention on the woman he loved; his wife.


Paul lagged behind a bit. He had seen the vision of what happened and felt badly that they couldn’t have kids. He knew in the back of his mind it wasn’t his fault or any ones really, still he felt a twinge of guilt and the picture of her battered body that ran through in his mind didn’t help. He thought taking time off would be good. Pattie and George needed time for her to mend. They all needed time to get over this horrible nightmare. He thanked God it was finished now. He also had Rita on his mind. What was he going to do with that situation? He had told himself he’d wait to decide after all was over and now it was. He loved Jane, but not in the same way he did Rita. He never felt this way before and wanted to give it a go. He knew she did too. He wished he could talk to George about it, but that would be selfish to bring it up to him right now. He was pondering everything when he banged into George who had stopped at the room and was having a brief word with the doctor. He shook his head and felt foolish as George and the doctor looked up at him.


“Sorry, was lost in thought.” Paul admitted with embarrassment.


“ Didn’t know what ya was up to. The doctor was saying not to disturb her, she needs her rest.” George smiled at Paul.


“Why don’t you both go inside, I don’t want to draw any attention to the both of you.” The doctor told them as he swung the door opened and watched them nod and walk in.




The room was chilly and dimly lit as the two men walked in. They heard nothing but their own footsteps as they walked over to the silhouette in the bed. Pattie lay in the bed looking small and fragile like a china doll. Her color was back as she breathed evenly.


Paul thought she looked like a waif in the big hospital bed. He noticed the one IV still in her arm as she slept peacefully. He followed George closer to the bed and watched his friend kiss her forehead and then her dry lips. It seemed strange to see Pattie with out her make-up and her hair done. Paul still thought she was stunning as he lifted her tiny hand in his. Only hours ago she was in his arms bleeding and he wasn’t sure she’d make it. He smiled a small smile and turned to George.


George grinned after he kissed his wife. She was beautiful and he was with her is all he could think. He felt his heart jump as he laid eyes on her. He remembered how his heart almost leapt out of his chest when he first laid eyes on her. They were making A Hard Days Night, and now it felt the same. He caressed her hair and then felt Paul’s eyes on him and turned to his friend.


“ She looks as beautiful as the day I first saw ‘er.” George smiled, standing there looking between Paul and Pattie.


Paul nodded, “ She does at that mate. I’m so glad she’s all right. I hope ya didn’t mind? I just needed ta see fer me self that she was fine. I won’t be a bother and stay long,. “ He looked back down as his thumb caressed Pattie’s hand.


George knew this and he saw the affection in his friends face. He also saw the relief and knew letting Paul come with him was the right thing to do.

“ No bother Paul. I know ya needed to see ‘er as well.” George affirmed.


“ Sorry bout the babies Hari. I know Pattie fancied ‘aven them.” Paul frowned as he thought about it.


“ No worries there mate. I have me gurl and that’s all that’s important now. I just ‘ope she can ‘andle it.” George confided in Paul.


Paul gently let Pattie’s hand go, “ I think she’ll need support there. I know she ‘as a loving husband that will be there fer her. She’ll deal.” Paul put his hand on George’s shoulder as he told him this. He felt the doubt, but knew it would pass as George figured things out a bit.


George felt how much Paul cared and then he felt something else. What was it? Oh Rita, he doesn’t know how to handle this situation, he realized. George knew Paul wouldn’t ask so he brought it up.


“ Now that it’s over, ya gonna give it a go with Rit then? “ George asked as he watched Paul light a cigarette and walk to the window.


“ We needn’t be talkin bout this now Hari, ya’ve got enough here with Pattie.” Paul stared out the window, his back facing George.


George walked over to his friend and stood next to him smoking.

“ Yeah, think we might need ta. I can feel how strongly the two of you feel. I know yer scared and don’t know what ta do bout Janie. Perhaps it’s time to not play it safe and take that chance, the plunge so ta speak. I’m keen on you two together and I know everyone else is as well. I know what Rita wants. Think ya want the same. “ George took a pull off his cigarette, giving Paul time to think.


Paul stood there amazed at what he was hearing. Yes, he was scared. Jane was safe and he didn’t know how he would handle the way Rita could read him. Then again could he be faithful? He felt George’s touch and it tingled. He knew George was getting better at his gift, especially since now they were connected. He didn’t know if he liked that either, someone always knowing how he felt and maybe before he did.


“Georgie?” Paul asked quietly, “ Ya think it could work, me and Rit? I mean I don’t much care for someone always knowin what’s goin on in me ‘ead. “ Paul admitted.


George almost laughed at Paul, but kept it to a soft chuckle. “ Yes I think it could work. You two are made fer each other and anyone can see that one. As far as the thinking, I think you think too much.” George chuckled a little louder at how it came out.

“That can be controlled. Jist talk to ‘er man. She’ll be able to work on it. I know Janie is safe, but ya don’t luv ‘er like Rit. Jane’s on ‘er way back this weekend right?” George asked looking at Paul’s bemused face.


“Yeah” Paul said dumbly.


“Well, give ‘er a ring and break it off. She can get ‘er stuff this weekend; I promise she’ll be a lady and not take a thing or speak to the press. You and Rit go to that farm yer always on about. We have a few weeks off and it will give time fer talking and getting ta know one another better. Let the fears out and start ta build sumethin. I’m dead keen on the two of yous. Whatcha think?” George watched the wheels in Paul’s head go round. He knew how Paul always had to weigh things out. Think before he acted. Well, not always, but something like this he had too.


“I dunno. So impersonal over the phone and could I really be faithful to Rit?” Paul mused.


George looked sternly at his friend, “Stop the excuses son, ya can run, but ya can’t hide, it’ll only get ya in the end now. “


Paul rubbed his hands over his tired face. When did he last sleep? He was so tired and all this thinking was making it worse, “ I’m givin me self a headache with all this thinkin.”


“ Ya haven’t slept in quite a bit. I wouldn’t be saying this if I didn’t feel it was right. I don’t muck in like this, but you know I’m right.” George gazed down at Paul who was slumped against the wall. 


Paul let out a long and heavy sigh, “ Ya don’t think it’s impersonal? What if I regret leaving Janie?”


“ Maybe it’s impersonal, but it’s how ya gotta do it. I don’t see you telling her face to face, besides she’s only back fer the weekend, so let ‘er move out and move on with ‘er life. You two fight all the time and ya know as well as I, that it will be like this fer ever until ya can’t take it and break it off. Maybe if yer ‘appy with Rit ya won’t be fancing extra sweets, if ya know what I mean.” George tousled Paul’s hair.


Paul sunk down to the floor, his knees drawn into his chest and his arms around them.

“ I feel badly talkin bout this whilst Pattie is over there recovering. Her colour does look better doesn’t it?” Paul asked trying to change the subject.


George stood with his hands on his hips, looking down at Paul.

“No changing the topic. Ya know the only thing I’ve ever seen you chicken at is relationships. Ya try a lot of things, but those scare you. Well, maybe when we asked ya ta do acid ya was chicken.” Now George started laughing at the memory he had just bought up.


Paul’s face leered up at George. “ Was not, just ‘ad ta think a bit on it is all.” Paul defended himself.


George continued to chuckle, “ Admit it yer a chicken with relationships and ya were with the acid too.”


Paul grimaced at the truth as he stood back up, “ Right, yer right. I did like it, but not enough ta do it again. Twice was enough fer me. “


“And Rit? “ George gave Paul a lopsided grin.


“ All right Haza, ya got me number. “ Paul lit a cigarette and smoked it nervously as he thought about what George had been saying. He thought about how much George loved Pattie and then how much he had craved the same thing.


“Well I’m ringin ya and yer not answering.” George’s brow rose as he made the statement.


“Fine!” Paul answered a bit annoyed at how George was shooting everything he used as an excuse down.


“Fine.” George simply stated and then laughed at Paul’s annoyance.


Paul shook his head and realized how stupid he was being.

“Yer right, happy now?” Paul chuckled finally. George was right and Paul knew it before and now he knew it completely. He stepped by his friend and stared at Pattie before he took in a breath and looked back at George.


“Yes, I’m dead on and ya know it. That makes me happy,.” George told him as he walked over and patted his friend on the back.


“Right then, I’m gonna ring the care taker to get the flat ready and talk ta Rit bout going,” Paul eyed George to see his reaction.


“ Call Janie first. Ya got ‘er number on ya. Call from ‘ere, now.” George was firm and caring at the same time.


Now Paul’s brow rose, “ Here? Now? “ He asked trying to put it off.


“Yes, now Paulie or ya won’t be doin it.” George took Paul by the shoulder and led him to the phone on the stand, “ Now get the number and ring her. I don’t think she’ll be doing anything at this hour, ‘cept maybe getting washed up. Now go on.” George encouraged him.


Paul moaned as he fished through his wallet and found the number. He called Jane and just as George had said she was just getting ready. He fumbled around for a bit until George gave him a gentle shove. Then Paul quickly told Jane that things weren’t working and he’d be away this weekend so she could get her things and leave the key on the table. He ended the conversation apologizing to Jane as she cried. Paul hung up, feeling badly for making her cry; after all he did care for her.


“ Bugger off with the guilt there. Now push it out of yer ‘ead and call the care taker then go down and get Rita.” George told his friend as a parent would tell their child and watched to make sure he did it.


“ I’m not a child George.” Paul said weakly. Being tired, going through so much and breaking up with Jane had taken a lot out of him. He rang the caretaker and all was arranged.


“Good lad, now go get yer woman. Get to know each other and fer God sakes no guilt and ‘ave a grand time.” George laughed, trying to push Paul out of the room.


Paul didn’t go. He wrapped his arms around George and hugged him tightly for a moment and then patted him on the back. “ Ta fer everything. Fer saving me arse in more ways then one.”


“Well some poor sod ‘as ta or yer gonna ruin the life we just got ya back.” George’s eyes twinkled with water as he fought back the tears. He saw Paul was doing the same.


“You’ll keep me posted on Pattie?”


“Yeah ring ya a few times a week or you can ring us. Bloody ‘ell Paul get the fuck out of here and up to that farm of yers.” George gave him a final push.


Paul saluted him and left walking down the hall to his new life.



Paul entered the waiting room surprised to still see everyone there. All of them jumping up as Paul walked in. John stepped right up, as usual, and stared into Paul’s face. He had known Paul a long time and the look on his face worried John. Paul’s eyes we’re heavy like a basset hound, his face drawn and wrung out. He watched his friend walk slowly into the room. John knew Paul was tired, but there was something else as well. He had seen Paul tired enough times on tour to know that there was more going on then just not enough sleep. He worried that Pattie had taken a turn for the worst.


“She all right then?” John asked urgently.


“Pattie?” Paul asked mindlessly as everything that had happened over the last 12 hours hit him. He felt like he had been punched and stood there dazed, trying to shake it off.


“ Of course Pattie ya twit!” John barked, afraid of the answer.


Ringo walked over to Paul and John, along with Neil, Mal, and Brian, to see if Pattie was indeed all right. Rita stood in the back round, knowing Pattie was just fine. Like John, she too noticed something was wrong and it just wasn’t lack of sleep. She wondered if now would be the time he’d tell her they’d stay friends and he’d be going back to Jane. She fought not to go touch him and see. She knew from her friends who knew of her gift that they didn’t appreciate her knowing their every thought and she usually tried to give them their privacy.



“She’s fine. George is over the moon and is looking forward to staying home and helping her get well. “ Paul turned to Brian, “ You said recording will be on hold fer 4 to 6 weeks whilst she recuperates Eppy?” Paul asked.


Brian nodded his head affirming what Paul asked, “ Yes I think that would be the proper thing to do. You lads all right with that?” Brian turned to see relief in his boy’s faces. He didn’t understand it and figured they were just looking out for George.


“Think that’s a capital idea Bri. We could all use a rest, eh Johnny?” Ringo playfully pushed at John’s shoulder.


John felt like a heavy burden had been lifted from his shoulders. It was over and as he had kept telling Paul, they were alive. He felt badly about Pattie, but she too made it. Maybe she couldn’t have children, but he felt that a small price to pay. 


“ Aye smashing Ritch.” John leaned over to Paul as the group broke off and went for their coats. “ Told ya we’d live to see the 10th. Don’t like the worry on yer face still though.”


Paul felt John’s intense stare and turned. He was tired of everyone reading him. Did he make the right choice? Christ, George was right he was afraid of this thing called a monogamous relationship. Maybe George would also be right about Rita and him up at the farm. They’d get on well and he wouldn’t need to look else where for his sweets. For now he needed a good long rest and knew some of his nerves were from being over tired.

“ Broke it off with Janie, George said to do it over the phone and take Rita to the farm fer a few weeks. Try and make a go of it and all that sort.” Paul quietly told John.


John’s face held a tight lipped grin to it, “ Scared of throwing out the old comfortable shoes and trying the new ones are we,” John winked at Paul, still standing close to him.


Paul couldn’t believe he was that readable. He had always tried not to be, maybe it was because he was tired or that John and his best mates knew him so well.

“ S’posen”


“Well you take that lass of yers up to that farm. Smartest move you’ve made. I promise you as I did about not dying, that you will be fine with this. I think yer wandering days are through son.” John told him affectionately.


Paul smiled, “You were right about the not dyin thing. Hope the same is true of Rita and me. Aye, the farm sounds good bouts now, take a flight I think.” Paul suddenly felt a bit lighter and surer of things. George and John knew him so well, they were probably right. Paul wasn’t used to doubting himself. The two seemed so positive about this. He’d push on and see what happened; after all he knew he was in love with Rita and she with him. He couldn’t think of going on without her. Besides, George was also right, the fights with Jane were wearing on him.


John gave Paul a hug and patted him on the back.

“I’m off, the wife is probably out of her mind with worry. Ritch coming?” John motioned to Ringo while putting on his coat.


“Yup, what’s goin on?” He asked his two friends.


“Tell ya in the car.” John said then turned and walked over to Rita. He gave her a big bone crushing hug, “ Ta luv, knew you and George wouldn’t let a thing ‘appen to us.” He said quietly in her ear.


Rita smiled at him. She had gotten to know him so well, loved him as a friend and she only hoped they’d see each other again. She hadn’t read him in the hug, so she didn’t know. She was tired and afraid Paul was going to walk out on their love. The hug from John and what he said made her feel so much better.

“I’m glad nothing happened to you. We did our best.” She told him and then had to ask him what she had been thinking about.

“ Will I see you again?” She asked sadly.


John gave her a huge smile and held her at arms length. “ You are the modest one aren’t you, you little wench. “ He looked deeper into her sad eyes; “ I think we shall be seeing quiet a bit of each other once you come home.” John gave her a peck on the cheek, and winked as he left her standing there wondering what he meant.


Paul’s eyes found Brian over putting his coat on, “ Bri? “


Brain turned to face Paul, “ Yes Paul?”


“ I’d fancy a trip to me farm. Could ya arrange a private flight up there for me?” Paul walked closer to where Brian stood. He glanced over to see Rita nervously talking to Neil and Mal. He then returned his attention on Brian.


“Of course I can. The only thing is you can’t leave until the inspectors have talked with Pattie tomorrow. I think they’re taking her statement around 11 or so that’s what the barrister said,.”


Paul thought for a minute before he continued, “ Aye, that’s fine. After they talk to her this mess will be over. So perhaps you could arrange it for the late afternoon? I’d be bringing a guest with me and she needs to pack up first anyways.” Paul told Brian.


“ Oh will Jane be going with you?” Brian asked surprised.


Paul’s stare landed on Rita as she heard what Brian said and turned to hear the answer.

“ No, I broke it off with Jane tonight. George let me use the phone to ring her in Pattie’s room. Thought it a bit impersonal but both John and George told me no. I fancy bringin someone that makes me feel like no other ‘as. Brian, I realise that I am in love with Rita here and she with me. The lads see it too and I would love to get away alone with her for a bit and give it a go.” Paul walked over to Rita and took her hand in his.

“ Can we give it a go luv? Can ya take time off from work and stay a month or so with me up in Scotland at me farm. You’ll love it I promise you that.” He smiled down at her.


Her eyes sparkled with happiness at what she was hearing. He wanted to try, she made him feel like no other and she knew he was in love with her. He was no longer running from it and her heart was soaring. They could be together alone for a month at his farm that he had told her so much about. It was then realization came crashing down on her and her face fell. She couldn’t leave her job for a month. It was hard enough to get a few days off and what about Vicky and the bills?


Paul saw the look on Rita’s face turn from happy excitement to sadness and disappointment. “Rit, what’s wrong? Don’t you wanta give it a go and stay with me up at my farm?” Now Paul felt worry creeping in. Did he misread it all? Didn’t she want the same thing after all?


Rita fell into Paul’s arms and hugged him tightly, “ I can’t get the time off, and it was bloody awful getting just these few days. I do love you and want to give it a go I just can’t take the time from work. Besides, I have to pay half the bills at the flat, Vicky can’t do it all.” Rita explained.


Paul stroked her hair as he smiled over to Brian, “Bri, you have a friend over at the station that Rita works at don’t ya? He has kids and all, right?”


Brian nodded knowing where Paul was going with his thoughts, “ Right, William will be more then happy in giving Rita all the leave she needs. I will explain how she is helping you lads out and throw in some autograph pictures and albums for the children.” Brian knew exactly what to doand knew it would be fine with Rita’s superior.


Paul smiled down at Rita, “ You see you can go with me. Brian will fix it all.”


Rita gave Paul a miserable look, “ No Paul I can’t. I need to be responsible and pay my share of the flat expenses.”


“No, I will cover yours and Vicky’s. Then Vicky can bank some money up for a rainy day.” Paul told her, and then kissed her gently.


“ I can’t have you do that. I would never be able to pay you back.” Rita insisted.


“ I didn’t say you had to pay me back. I have more money then I need. I rather give to you and Vicky then the bloody government. Now, don’t be so blasted stubborn and agree to this.” Paul told her firmly.


“ You really like getting your way don’t you.” Rita told him as she pulled away.


Paul could see her getting angry. He glanced over to Brian. “ Bri make arrangements for the plane, her leave and the flat expenses please.” He said and gave a look that told Brian to do it now. Brian left the room. Neil and Mal didn’t want to hear what followed and left along with Brian.


“Paul what gives you the right to just do this without me agreeing to it?” Rita stood with her hands on her hips as she scowled up at him.


Paul smiled at her; “ Damn you’re cute when you’re mad.” He chuckled, making Rita even madder.


She stomped over to the other side of the room. “ Just because you have money doesn’t mean you can always have your way!” She admonished him.


Paul walked over to her. He cocked his head and gave pouted, “C’mon luv, don’t be so harsh. I really want to give us a shot. I’d do anything ta be with ya. I broke it off with Jane, got the caretaker fixin and stockin the farm up. I’m tryin to move mountains here so we can be together. Please, don’t be so proud and just come with me, please?”


She didn’t want to give him his way, yet her heart swelled with love. Then again he was so used to getting his way, they all were used to it for so many years. She didn’t want to lose him, but she didn’t want him to control her either. She gave a loud sigh.

“ Look Paul, I want to be with you, really I do, but you’re so used to getting your own way no matter what it costs.” She stared into his wonderful eyes, felt herself weaken, and quickly turned away to stare at nothing on the floor.


Paul moved closer and surprised her as he scooped her into his arms. “Gurl don’t drive me mad here. Maybe you’re right and I am used to getting what I want. We’ve been used to it for many years now. I apologise if you think I’m being pushy here, but I want ta be with you, spend time together alone. I want ta see where this will lead. I think we could really have a future. Anyways as John always says, anything after but is just bullshit.” Paul’s eyes bore deep into Rita’s, and his lips slowly came down onto hers in a passionate kiss that took Rita’s breath away. Well if he was looking to win her over, he knew he had. Paul saw the starry look in Rita’s eyes. He knew the battle had ended.


Rita felt her breathing return too normal as she stared dreamily at Paul. He had won, there was no question on that, and she just didn’t like the fact that he was used to winning. Rita let it go as she went in for another kiss. Her mind wandered, thinking about the farm in Scotland, having Paul to herself as they made love, took walks, rode horses and would be alone, just the two of them.


“You’ll come with me then?”  Paul asked sweetly as he kissed her again lightly, leaving his lips close to hers, waiting for an answer.


“ You don’t fight fair. How can I say no after that kiss.” Rita knew he was smiling by the feel of his lips as they again met hers. It was settled, they would go and she would take the money and the favor from Brian with her boss. They rode back to Paul’s house with Neil and Mal, Brian telling Paul that his car would be towed and fixed by the time he came home.




The next day Brian called around 11:30 to tell Paul the investigators were satisfied after talking with Pattie. He told Paul that Pattie was doing well and that he never saw George moon over her the way he was. She had been told of the hysterectomy and was upset, but George comforted her and she agreed after talking to the doctor to see a therapist. Brian then told Paul that the plane would be ready to leave about two and then he rang off.


“ Who was that on the phone?” Rita chirped as she jumped down the stairs anxious to be in Paul’s arms after a night of passionate bliss. She wrapped her arms around him and nuzzled into his chest.


Paul brought his arms around her and kissed the top of her head. “Was Brian. Said we can leave bout two. Said the investigators talked to Pattie and are closing the case.”


“ That’s good news. How’s Pattie?” Rita asked him, still lying against his chest with her head tilted up to see him.


“ She’s upset, rightfully so. Gonna see a therapist. George seems to be fussing over her, think she’ll be just fine. Did you talk to Vicky?” Paul asked


“Yes, and she is shocked but very grateful to you as I am.” Rita hugged him again.


“No need for that. I have you with me and I am looking forward to a wonderful trip.” Paul released Rita and walked into the kitchen. He poured them both some tea, lit a cigarette and sat down.


“Rita I’ve been thinking. You’ve been good with not reading me last night and all, but I don’t’ feel comfortable with that all the time. Think I don’t like people knowin how I feel before I do or when I’m not ready to expose it.” Paul told her not sure how she’d react or even if she could do it all the time.


Rita sipped her tea, “ Listen luv, I know how you feel on this. Believe me a few that know and that’s Vicky included feel the same. I just try not to and if I do I don’t say anything unless it needs to be said. Just remember darlin you can’t lie to me.” Rita gave him a rueful smile at saying the last part.


“ I got that, just wanted you ta know how I felt is all. Guess we should get ready and go by your place straight away. Good thing I’ve got the mini. C’mon get off your arse and a cute one I might add.” Paul smiled and kissed her as she walked by. He washed out the mugs while Rita finished upstairs.


They swung by her flat and pick up her things and then went on to the small runway the plane was waiting on. They got on the small plane that the Beatles had used for tours. It had several rows of sits, a bar in a living room setting. It was just right for what they had needed during the touring days. Paul and Rita buckled up as the engines whirled. They lifted off into the air.


Paul looked at his watch to see the time and then smiled as he thought of what John had told him. “ You’ll see when you wake on the 10th” He could see the date on his watch. November tenth 1966 and he was still alive, getting ready to start a new life with an incredible woman he loved. He squeezed her hand and she smiled at him, knowing what he was thinking, but not telling him. She snuggled against him as they both looked out the window and watched the London skyway grow smaller as they flew closer to the start of a new life together.       THE END