By Sue


Remember I don’t own the Beatles or their families. This is just a fan fiction from my warped mind……



The waiting room door flew open. Rita ran into Paul’s arms as their mouths came together in a passionate kiss that said it all. Said how relieved they were that he was alive, it said how much they loved one another as his arms slid down her and the kiss was broken. She took his face in both of her hands, tears running down both their faces as their eyes sparkled with the comfort that all was all right.


John and Ritch followed Rita in and watched for a minute before they each stood on either side of George.


“ How ya doin mate?” Ritch asked as his hand gently ran from George’s back to his shoulder.


“ Any word on Pattie?” John asked with worry. His hand too sat on George’s other shoulder for support.


George took a pull on his cigarette, as he nodded no. His eyes were red and swollen from the rain that wouldn’t stop from inside. He glanced from side to side at his mates.

“Dunno why she was there man,” He again shook his head, “ I can’t lose ‘er, they won’t tell me a thing or Eppy. The inspectors came and talked to Paul. I think they feel he …….” George took in a shuddering breath, “ That he injured Pattie in some fowl play thing and it didn’t happen that way ya know? I was driving; I slid onto Paul’s lap and drove. If I hadn’t we’d all be dead.” George told them wearily.


John perked up at this. “ You drove, right Rita filled us in on that one. Paul lied?” John looked over at Paul seeing both him and Rita walking over to the three.


“ He’d ‘ave to now wouldn’t ‘e. No one in his or her right mind would believe the truth. They’re coming back to question you, Ritch and Rita.” George told them absent mindedly as he continued to stare out at the rain.


Rita pulled George from the back, her arms circling around his waist as her head lay on his back. George turned around and let her fall into his arms.


“Oh George I’m so sorry. Oh God in heaven I never meant for this to happen. I felt something last night, but with all that was going on I just couldn’t read it.” She cried openly as George hugged her tighter to him.


“ Not yer fault luv. Dunno why she was there? I just want to know and that she’s alright is all.” He wiped his eyes with his fingers and kept hold of her with his other arm. Trying hard to comfort her, when he could barely comfort himself.


“ These cops mate, ya gotta tell us all what you said so we can back yous up.” John turned to Paul and quietly told him.


Paul nodded, “ Right, later after we know the out come with Pattie. Right now Bri is on the phone with the solicitor and they won’t be bothering us at this point.” Paul’s lips were tight, his face scrunched up as he had tried to be strong throughout this for George. All he could see was the car hitting her, making her body crumble to the street. He saw all the blood, her blood that was on his hands as he wiped the imaginary blood from his hands on the sides of his legs. Tears trailed down his face, unashamed, as John took him in his arms, hugging him.


“T’wasn’t’ yer fault either Paul. Chin up son, Georgie needs us now.” John whispered, comforting his mate.


Paul and John released their embrace. Paul sniffed hard and wiped his eyes.

“ I know Johnny, but ‘er blood was all over me. I can’t forgit it, t’was ‘orrible it was.,” Paul sniffed again, catching his breath so he wouldn’t break down again in front of George.

“ He drove like nothing I’ve ever seen, yet it wasn’t enough. “ Paul shook his head yes to convince himself and John, “ She’ll be just fine though, just the shock is all.” Paul stopped and they clasped each other on the back. Paul seeing John understood.


“ That why yer dressed like doctors then?” John looked Paul up and down, then George to see the blue scrubs on them.


Paul swallowed hard, “ Yeah we was soak to the skin and I was covered,” He bit his lip before finishing, “ Covered in ‘er blood.” Paul looked over at the bloodied clothes that sat on the chair.


John followed his eyes and saw the coat, shirt, t-shirt and jeans soaked in blood and rain. He felt an uneasy feeling at seeing this. His knees almost buckled at the picture in his mind of the beautiful blonde model battered up so that she had lost so much blood. His mind wandered for a minute to Julia and knew the case was probably the same. He felt nauseas as he sat down on the dirty cloth chair hiding what he was feeling.


Ringo had wandered over and heard what Paul had said. He smiled weakly at his friend, “New fashion statement Pattie would say.” His head turned down as he imagined the giggle she’d have at this. He then thought of Mo and Cyn,

“John we ‘ave ta call the girls and tell them what ‘appened.”


John nodded in agreement, “ We need the story first Macca.”


Paul came over, Rita and George stood to listen also as he filled them in on what he had told the inspectors.


John’s face turned to a frown, “ The gurls know that Pattie only met Rita last night. We have to tell them to hold their tongues. Ya think Mo can keep her gob shut there Ritch?” John gave a light smile to his friend.


Ringo turned to John and gazed down at him in the chair by the wall. “ Fer this she will.” Is all he said.


John and Ringo left to call their wives. They weren’t gone more then five minutes as each quietly explained the situation that Paul had told the inspectors. To Cyn and Mo all was the truth except the part that Rita was a good friend with all of them for quite a while. They questioned why Pattie was there in the first place and both John and Ringo thinking alike told them they would explain later and had to go. They slowly walked back into the room and poured some tea, lit a cigarette and sat back down.


With all of this out of the way George’s mind wandered back to Pattie. He became agitated as he looked at the clock on the wall. He paced and wrung his hands together as his face turned flushed. He had mixed feelings, anger, frustration, worry and guilt, it all came out as his voice rose.


“ Why haven’t they come in ta tell us bout Pattie? She’s been in there fer over two in a half hours now. “ George raged in desperation. He scanned the room for someone to give him an answer and hooked eyes with Rita.


“Calm down son. It takes time, she’ll be fine.” John tried to reassure George, but George didn’t hear John, his eyes were still fixed on Rita’s.


Rita didn’t know why he was looking so intent at her. She watched as it only took three huge steps to get to her. He gave her a pleading stare on his way to her.

“What George?” Rita asked confused.


“You! Ya can do it! See what’s happening to Pattie for me, yer the only one who can.” He softened, kneeling in front of her, “Please ya gotta ‘elp me here. Please Rita do this fer me?” He continued to beg her.


Rita felt helpless, how could she do this for him? She saw all eyes on her and his mates surrounding him with concerned looks etched in their faces.


Rita’s eyes fixed on George, sorrow filling them. She couldn’t imagine how it would feel if it were she with Paul. His touch sent all his torment through to her and she wiggled his hands away.


George noticed this and knew she had felt what was pulsating through him.

“ See ya know, ya felt it within me and know. Please ya gotta do this.”


George’s begging was pulling at her heart. But how could she do this? With George she had touched him she couldn’t touch Pattie. If she had the connection with Pattie that she had with Paul and George, then she might be able to achieve this.


“ George I am not connected to Pattie. I can’t touch her to see. What do you want me to do?” Rita asked feeling helpless.


The other three couldn’t fathom what George could possibly be thinking. They knew what Rita said was true. John bent down.


“Hari she’s right mate, c’mon and sit.” John tried to get him up, but George stubbornly pulled away. John didn’t know what to do as he turned to Paul and Ritch.


“ Mate she can’t do it.” Ringo reiterated to his friend.


George ignored them and turned to Paul. “ Paul give us that shirt of yours ya were holding to stop the bleedin on Pattie,” George ordered instead of asking.


Paul’s face filled with confusion, “ WWWhat?”


“ Yer shirt get it!” George was losing patience and becoming desperate as he yelled.


“ What good……” George just cut him off, to annoyed and agitated to explain.


 “Just GET IT!” George shouted desperately.


Paul jumped not expecting for George to yell at him, “ Right, calm down, I’ll fetch it.” Paul got up. He felt sick as he carefully picked up the shirt that George asked for. He walked back dropping it in George’s waiting hands.


George didn’t thank him. Instead he quickly turned and shoved the bloodied shirt at Rita. “ With this you can do it! See, this is ‘er blood. Take it! Tell me what you see when you hold it!” George’s voice was anxious and forceful. He felt he was falling apart and just needed Rita to do this for him. He touched her, knowing this would be conveyed to her.


Reluctantly she took the shirt knowing what he wanted and felt. “ All right. I’ll try. I need to focus and need quiet.” She told them.


Paul rushed over and turned half the lights out so it wasn’t so bright in the room. The three sat on the couch close to her as George perched himself steadily in front of her.




The room grew dark and all faded away the more Rita held the shirt in her hands. She turned it around and found the exact spot that touched Patties wound. Her hands held that spot firmly and the room and it’s occupants were no more.


Soft beeping rang in Rita’s ears; swooshing noises of the machines began to chime in like a band that starts with one instrument and slowly adds more. She felt the coolness of the room and saw the dimness of the lights. The doctors slowly came on the stage and all started to move, slowly coming to life.


She saw the breathing tube down Pattie’s throat, along with IV that ran from her arm, wires were pasted on her chest recording things on a monitor. The doctors ordering instruments from the nurses and Rita saw blood hanging on a pole running into Pattie.


“She’s lost a lot of blood we need more, hang up another bag nurse” The doctor ordered.


“ What do you think Matt?” Asked one of the doctors


“ Well the spleen is out and I’ve sewn up the internal injuries, yet she is still bleeding out.” Matt told the other doctor.


The other doctor was older; he looked at the younger doctor as a nurse wiped his brow. Although Rita couldn’t see his face under his mask, she could see the worry in his eyes and feel the tension in the room.


“Obviously we’ve missed something. Nurse more suction please.” The older doctor asked.


Another doctor chimed in as he sat up by Patties head watching her vitals.

“Gentleman, work faster, her vitals are dropping. If you don’t get the bleeding to stop we shall lose her.”


Matt looked up at the anesthesiologist with worry. “ How bad is she? Can we continue?”


“Yes, just give me a second here to get her stable.” The anesthesiologist answered.


Nervously they waited while he did his magic. His eyes darted up. “ Go, but move fast I don’t know how long I can keep her stable.”


Rita shivered as she allowed herself to touch Patties hand. Coldness of death, of the alternate universe, and now they would take Pattie? “NO!” her mind screamed as she saw them appear around her belly.


“You think you have won? Child you are so naēve. If we can’t have them we shall cripple them.” The dark shadow addressed Rita.


Rita felt fear course through her veins and became aware of George’s presents. He must be holding on to me, she thought.


“ You can’t have me wife!” He yelled at them.

Rita tried to calm him as all stood still.

“ George calm down or all will go south.” She warned him as he looked sadly at the situation.


“We will prevail. You may have won most of the battle but we will walk away with something!” The shadow told them.



Rita’s eyes went to wear the shadow was looking and then her hand moved to Patties stomach. That’s it!!!! She could feel it; she knew it and didn’t let on to the shadows.


“ You can have Pattie then. I think that’s fair.” She stated. George’s face fell when he heard her.

Rita took hold of George’s hand and soon he knew to be quiet that she knew something but was hiding it so well even he couldn’t tell what she knew. He didn’t give it away as he wasn’t sure and mournfully stared down at his wife with tears running down his face. This seemed to make the shadows happy. Rita was glad of his distraction. She watched them study George and quickly touched Matt’s hand, the hand that was inside of Pattie.


“You see George you will suffer for interfering. Pattie knew, we told her it was her life for yours and she gladly gave hers for yours and the others. Touching actually. Love a silly emotion that moves you humans to play into our hands. Plus you and McCartney will be in jail for murder. I told you we had other ways you just didn’t see them. ” The shadow grinned evilly at George.


“ You bastard!” George yelled, his voice bouncing off the walls.


“Now you know what she was doing there. You wanted to know, so I told you for you shall never hear it from her mouth.” The shadow concentrated on George not seeing Rita touch the doctor’s hand and mentally nudging him towards the problem.


“ I see the problem Geoffrey. I don’t know how this happened; I’ve never seen it before. It’s her uterus, looks as if someone reached in and squashed it with their bare hands. I don’t quite understand it, but it must be remove quickly.” The doctor stated as he removed it as fast as he could and tied off the tubes, stopping the bleeding and then closing her up.  


“You witch you have trick us again!” The shadow yelled furiously, “ Well, at least you can never have children Harrison!” He tormented.


“All is over, I think it time for your leave.” Rita smiled as she spoke calmly.

They both watched the shadows dissipate into the darkness from which they came.


She’s fine now. Let’s take her up to the recovery room and go tell her husband.” Matt told the staff of doctors and nurses.


George and Rita watched them wheel Pattie to the recovery room and clean up after the surgery.


“George before we go back I am so sorry you will never be able to have children together, but you will have one another and can adopt. Are you alright?” Rita put her arms around him.


He nodded, he had his Pattie back, and kids didn’t matter at this point. Yes they could always adopt. He knew Pattie would be upset, but the alternative was unthinkable. Not having her in his live would be too much for him and to be in jail for a crime neither he nor Paul committed would kill them both.


“I’m glad I got you to come in here. If you hadn’t I would have lost her.” George hugged Rita again, “ Ta luv”


“ I’m just glad you’re a stubborn git.” Rita laughed, “ You ready to go back sweetie?”


“Yeah, just want ta say thanks and I love you like…….” George didn’t know the words so Rita finished the sentence for him.


“Like a kindred spirit, and a sister, that goes for me as well” George smiled and nodded.

“ Now we must go back. Come.” She motioned.



George broke his hold with Rita and fell backwards. John and Ringo quickly got up and helped George stand. He stood there dazed and tired from the experience, but he had his Pattie.

“She’ll be fine.” George softly blew out to the others and then sat exhausted in a chair.


Paul knelt in front of Rita. He took her hands and shook as he saw flashes of what had happened. The flashed became steady and ran through his mind. He now too knew Pattie’s fate and what the shadows had tried to do to all of them. He pulled the shirt from Rita’s hand and threw it with force across the room. The others watched, not knowing what was going on.


Rita fell into Paul’s arms, her head rested on his shoulder, all energy drained from her. Paul pulled her up and brought her to the couch. He sat down with her on his lap and head still lying on his shoulder. Her eyes closing while Paul hugged and ran his hand up and down her back.


Rita slowly felt better, her energy coming back. She jumped as the rest did when the doctor came in. He smiled over at George, who had to act like he didn’t know what had happened in the operating room. He walked over to the doctor and looked with anticipation.


“ Mr. Harrison, it was touch and go for awhile. Your wife lost a lot of blood and was bleeding out from the internal wounds. We transfused her with blood, took her spleen, sewed up a lot of injuries. We couldn’t understand why she was still bleeding. We almost lost her, but I am happy to say she will be fine. The only problem is the bleeding; we couldn’t find out where it was coming from.  Then we noticed it was from her uterus. I have never seen anything like this, but in order to save your wife we had to perform a hysterectomy. I’m sorry Mr. Harrison it was the only way to save your wife. She can never have children.” The doctor told George sadly as he laid his hand on George’s shoulder, “ May be hard for her for awhile. I know it’s hard for you, but it had to be done, I am so sorry. Right now she is in the recovery room. She will be herself in a few weeks. She just needs rest and care. We need to have the four of you come and go through the back alley in order not to cause a scene. I hope you understand all of this.” The doctor studied George and was glad to seehim smiling.


George shook hands with the doctor. “I understand and know ya did whatcha had ta do in order to save her. We can always adopt. It will take sometime for Pattie to get used to this though, she so wanted children.” George pondered.


The doctor again looked at George with caution he proceeded, “ Mr. Harrison, it’s not the same for a woman as it is for a man. She may fall into a depression over this; feel less then a woman, Mrs. Harrison will need your support. If things become too much for her I can recommend someone for her to see. “ The doctor watched to make sure George understood.


George thought this over. He hadn’t considered how she would feel. He would do anything to help her through this, even if he had to say he was the reason they couldn’t have children. He was determined to get his wife back soundly and would do anything to achieve it. After all she showed her love in the alternate sacrifice, her own life for his and the others.


“ I understand completely doctor and thank you for saving my Pattie. Can I see her?” George just needed to be near her, even if she was asleep.


The doctor nodded, “ Of course, she is in recovery so she isn’t awake yet. Later we will move her to a remote room, keep her and you from the public eye. “


Paul shifted Rita from his lap and jumped up. He had felt horribly guilty and even more so after he had seen the vision of what happened in the operating room. He walked up to the two men.

“Please, may I see her too? I wouldn’t stay long, just need to see her is all.” His face was full of different emotions, not caring who read him at this point. George realized how much Paul need also to see her alive and well.


“I think Paul needs to see her as well as me. Doctor please allow it.” George asked.


“Of course. I can’t have all of you in there.” He looked at Rita, John, Ringo , and then at Mal and Neil , who had arrived after all had happened.

“I also have to ask for minimum visitors due to your fame it may cause a problem for the hospital. Perhaps you all could wait until Mrs. Harrison arrives home.” He stated as their manager walked in and heard what the doctor had said.


“She’s alright then?” Brian asked.


“Yes, she’ll be home before the end of the week. Just needs to rest and recuperate.” The doctor told Brian and the rest.


“ Good good, I shall have a nurse hired if need be. George this is fabulous news. I have also talked to the barrister and I feel all will be fine once he and the inspectors talk with Pattie. They just need to confirm that this was indeed an accident.” Brian told him and then looked over at Paul who was biting his nail from nerves.


“ I think you all should go home and rest. Paul and me are going to visit Pattie. I’m going ta stay. I’ll send Paul down ta ya Rita when the visit is done.” George informed all, “ Thanks for all of your support, I really needed it. Rita ta fer what you did.” George shared a knowing smile with her and then quickly with Paul.


“ Good then I’ll show you to the recovery room. I must tell you Mr. McCartney, this is out of the ordinary and you must make the visit short. Of course Mr. Harrison you can stay with your wife.”  The doctor told them.


Paul shook his head confirming what the doctor had said, “ I won’t stay too long. I just need to see her. Ta doc. “ Paul told him and then looked over to Rita.

“You’ll be here when I come back?” His eyes searched hers for an answer.


“ Of course I will. Where else would I be?” She smiled at him.


“ I wasn’t sure.” Paul blushed slightly.


“I’ll be here waiting silly now go and see her, the two of you.” Rita pushed, a hand on each of their shoulders and then gave Paul a peck on the lips as she watched them follow the doctor through the door and on to where Pattie was.