Remember I don’t own the Beatles this is just a fan fiction from my warped mind.




George saw the light turn red as Paul shouted anxiously in his ear. He pushed back against Paul, and then franticly hit the gearshift into neutral. The road was slick with rain and the car wouldn’t slow down fast enough as George hit the brakes.


He swerved missing another car.  The mini slid and the back end of it hit the blonde girl on the corner.

“Bloody Hell!” George yelled.


“ Ya ‘it  ‘er!” Paul screamed, his accent growing thicker from fear.


They both watched as the girl fell in slow motion and her umbrella blew down the street, allowing the rain to drench her. George hadn’t hit her dead on like Paul had in the dreams, so he figure he only seriously injured her, and knew she wasn’t dead. What was Vicky doing there anyway? He thought before turning his attention back to the reality ahead of them.


They both saw the lamppost heading towards them. George quickly turned the wheel pushing harder on the brakes. The pole came at them as the car slowed and crashed, side swiping into the it, pushing hard on the mental of the car. The sound was deafening as the two objects hit and their side of the car buckled from the force. Sparks lit from the friction as George turn the tires into the curb, finally bringing the car to a stop.


“Fuck” George exhaled with a shaky voice.


Paul watched as George maneuvered the car with his expertise. The wetness that had before covered him from the rain now covered him in sweat from the fear of the situation. He didn’t realize how much both their bodies had tightened up, until he sank back into the seat and George sank into him after the car came to a stop.


It had only taken a few minutes for everything that transpired, but for the two men it had felt like a lifetime as the vehicle stopped dead against the curb.


“You all right then?” George asked Paul.


“Yeah, we’re alive, you did it!” Paul exclaimed as it sunk in that he wasn’t dead.



It was then they both remembered the girl and cried in unison, “ Vicky!”


George went to open the door, but it was jammed from the accident.

“ Push with me. The door’s jammed.” George excitedly ordered his mate.


Both pushed at the door hard. It groaned and creaked under their weight as the two men pounded their combined weight against it, finally opening the door. George jumped out first, ignoring the warm wetness that was coming from his head. He had hit the windscreen on impacted and the blood trickled down the side of his face. George felt the throbbing headache and the soreness of his body. He turned and pulled at Paul, dazed by the whole thing.


Paul felt the daze wear off as he felt his mate’s hand pulling at him to get out. His body was sore and his neck and head hurt from the hard impact.


Once out they looked at one another oblivious to the hard torrential rain that beat against them.


“ Ya alright?” George asked Paul again in concern, as he saw the pain in Paul’s face as he got out.


“Yeah a bit sore, but fine.” Paul answered as his eyes turned to the girl that lay on the corner.


“ C’mon “ Paul hurried George as they ran over to Vicky who was still lying on the sidewalk.


Coming up to her they could see, just like the dreams and visions, the blood running onto the sidewalk and mixing with the rain as it pour down into the gutter. George cringed at the sight that he had seen so many times before in his dreams.


Paul knelt down to her. She was face down and her wet hair, clung to her face. George knelt down too and helped Paul roll her over. Shock hit them both as they saw who it was.


“ Oh Jeysus. “ Paul spit out as he took his coat off and covered the girl. Then held his two fingers tight against her wrist.

“ She ‘as a pulse.”


Both soak, George felt his tears mixing with the rain as he moved the girls head on to his lap.


“ We need to get ‘er to a hospital.” Paul told George.


George was in shock as he wiped the rain drenched hair and blood her from the girls face.



Paul drew his coat back opening her mac and saw where the bleeding was coming from.

“She’s in shock George we need to get ‘er to the ‘ospital now!’ Paul voiced excitedly.


George moaned and nodded not able to do anything at this point. Paul took off his shirt and pressed again the area where the most blood was coming from. He then recovered her with his coat. 

“Here hold this ‘ard against the wound. We need to slow down the bleeding and keep her warm.” Paul instructed.


“ Call an ambulance.” George said softly through is tears.


“No, no time fer that mate. We can drive her there quicker.” Paul told him.


“ Aye, I better drive and you hold her.” George told Paul. He wasn’t sure if the shadows could still control Paul and wasn’t up to taking the chance.


Both men picked her up gingerly and carried her to the car. George help Paul in and then placed the girl on his lap. Paul cradled her in his arm as he took the other to hold the shirt tightly in place trying to stop the bleeding. George got into the car, the door still opened. He had trouble closing it and made sure it wasn’t closed tightly. He stole a look at the passenger seat and then started the car and quickly sped off in the direction of the hospital. Even though it was still early in the morning, there were cars on the road. George swerved in and out of the traffic as he sped on to the hospital.


Paul felt badly as he looked down at the beautiful unconscious blonde girl.

:” It’s all right luv you’ll be at the hospital in just a tic.” Paul told himself and George more then the unconscious girl that lay limply in his lap. He pressed hard to try and stop the bleeding as blood oozed onto his t-shirt and hand.



George saw the lights for the hospital and stopped dead in front of the door. He jumped out of the car. “ Wait  ‘ere whilst I get some ‘elp.” George told Paul panicky as the tears ran down his face.



He ran into the hospital yelling and pushing by several people that were in his way. A few nurses came over at hearing the commotion and then noticed they were face to face with a Beatle.

“ C’mon we ‘ave no time fer this.” Annoyance came from his voice. He was sick that people still acted this way towards him. He just needed help and didn’t want to be recognized as Beatle George Harrison. “ I need someone to go out there and help me wife!” George barked as the nurses and doctors came to life.


They took a gurney and brought it out side to the car. The orderlies help take Pattie from Paul’s arms and put her on the stretcher. They flew into action as they ran her back into the hospital. Paul quickly got out, only wearing his t-sheet and jeans that were as soaked as George. Neither of the men noticed the shivering they were doing as they followed the doctors and nurses into the hospital. The doctor quickly removed the coat and bloody shirt dropping them into Paul’s hands.


 The doctor accessed the situation and knew there were internal injuries. She needed surgery and a blood transfusion fast as the nurses pushed needles into her arm and ran an IV. They closed the curtain before the two men could enter. The doctor stopped them when they reached the exam room.


“Mr. Harrison and Mr. McCartney you can’t go any farther. Mr. Harrison your wife needs surgery. She has internal injuries and has lost a lot of blood. She needs help right away. Do we have your consent?” The tall gray haired doctor asked George.


George was still numb. Pattie why had she been there? So many things bombarded his mind that Paul had to give him a shake after wiping his bloodied hands on the coat he held in his one arm.


“ George they need to do surgery. Tell them yes.” Paul gently urged George as he laid a hand on his friends shoulder for comfort and bringing George back to reality. 


George nodded through the tears that now ran heavier down his face. The doctor didn’t waste anytime as George signed the papers that were pushed under his nose. He watched as they pushed Pattie quickly into the operating room. A kindly older nurse came up.

“Hullo, I’m Aida. Mr. Harrison and McCartney we have a small room to keep you from the public eye.” She led them there.


Paul had to guide his friend to it as he continued to mutter. “ She wasn’t supposed to be in this. She wasn’t supposed to be there. “ George choked out.


The kind nurse brought them hot tea, towels and some scrubs to change into.

“ Here this will warm you and you must get out of those wet clothes. I’ll have another doctor come in for you Mr. Harrison it seems you might need stitches,” She informed them. She taped gauze over the wound to try and stop the bleeding or at least slow it until someone could stitch him up.


George looked up bewildered, “ Me wife, she be ok?” He asked the older nurse.


She smiled sweetly at him, “ She has the best doctor here, she’s in good hands Mr. Harrison don’t’ you worry none.”


George didn’t feel the stitches they put in and kept asking about his wife.


Paul took George over to the couch and lit them both a cigarette.

“Here have a smoke and finish your tea. Pattie is going to be fine.” Paul lied. He didn’t know what would happen, but George needed to be calmed down.


George nodded as he sat next to Paul and then leaned his head down crying in his hands. “Why was she there?” Was all that ran through his mind and out of his mouth besides hoping she’d be all right.


Paul gave his friend a hug and George fell heavy onto Paul’s shoulder. “ Why she was there. She’s gotta be ok. I can’t be without her. It’s my fault, it’s all my fault.” George mumbled between sobs.


Paul held him tight and tried to comfort his distraught friend. Why had Pattie been there? Paul didn’t understand it either, but he pushed his thoughts away and concentrated on his friend. “ I don’t know why she was there.  I do know that it’s not your fault George. You saved all of us and Pattie too, she will be fine.”


George was too upset to answer his friend, but was grateful for the comfort. He felt Paul’s hard hold and drew strength from it as he kept his head on Paul’s shoulder. He didn’t move as he sobbed heavily and prayed that his beloved wife would be ok.




Rita rushed out of the room and saw two sets of eyes look up anxiously at her.


“ We have to go to the hospital now!” Rita told them all agitated.


“Why? Are they all right?” Ringo asked nervously as he stood from his chair.


John bolted right up when he saw Rita come out of the room. “Yes why? What is it?” John asked her excitedly.


“ They are fine. George was able to stop the car and only side swiped it.” Rita told them, but before she finished John impulsively jumped in.


“ Then why the hospital Rit?”


“Pattie was the blonde outside and George hit her. He didn’t kill her but she is in surgery. We must go to him.” She explained quickly.


“ I don’t understand I thought the blonde was Vicky?” John said to Rita as Ringo looked on,


“ I did too. Last night I got this chill from her, but didn’t know why and with all that went on I forgot to look into it. I should have known!” Rita sniffled, feeling guilty for not knowing and at the same time relieved that George and Paul were all right.


“ Wasn’t yer fault lass. You had no idea. C;mon we’ll have Les drive us there and be there for George. You guys did it and saved us from the alternate universe.” John told Rita as he helped her on with her coat.


“Yes but at what price? George’s wife?” Rita answered with guilt in her voice.


“ Minor set back luv. You said that she’d be fine and she will, so no worries. We have to call Brian first and then get there for Haza.” John put his arm around her. Ringo nodded at John and hurried to call Brian. Once he did the three walked quickly to John’s Rolls.



The white room smelt of disinfectant and felt like it was closing in on Paul. He hated hospitals. He remembered going there as a teenager, to say what he realized now was good-bye to his mum. The smell no matter where it was always brought the memory back to him. He didn’t know how long he had held George or how long they had been there. George had gotten up smoking and pacing the room. Paul stood by the window watching the rain beat against the glass as he blew out smoke from his cigarette. A part of him wanted to jump out it and run as far from the hospital as possible as the fear tightened inside his chest. The other part of him tried to stay calm and think logically for George’s sake.


The nurse entered the room with two men, bringing Paul out of his anxious thoughts. One man was in his late fifties, and to Paul, the man looked like he had eaten too many doughnuts with the round stomach that stretched tightly against his jacket. His hair was balding, what was left held a salt and pepper colour to it. He wobbled into the room along with a younger man who seemed to be in his forties and a bit taller then the other man. The second one had reddish blond wavy hair and haunting green eyes. From looking at them, Paul knew they were inspectors. He knew George was too upset to talk to the men. He approached them protective of his friend, as he got ready and put on his PR mask.


“These gentlemen wish to see you both. I couldn’t keep them out any longer.” Aida gave a look that came across, as if to say she was sorry. “ They’re inspectors and need to question you both.” Aida was grateful for Paul’s slight smile and nod to her as she walked out of the room closing the door behind her.


Paul walked up to the two men as George sat in his own world on the couch. He shook their hands. “ Inspectors as you can see this isn’t a good time for my friend here. I will answer what I can, but please remember his wife is still in surgery.” Paul gave a nod to George and then led the men to the corner of the room.


The older man spoke up first. “ I am Inspector Ravitts and this is Inspector Carlson. We need to ask some questions about the accident that involved Mrs. Harrison. “ Ravitts eyes never left Paul’s.


Paul knew he had to keep the eye contact with him; he wasn’t going to be made to feel smaller then the police officers. He gave an understanding nod. “ I will tell you what you need to know, but please leave Mr. Harrison alone. He is having a rough time of it, you can understand can’t you? Either of you have wives?” Paul asked turning his head from one inspector to the other.


“Aye, I have a wife and little ones. I think we can get what we need from Mr. McCartney.” Carlson told his partner as he took out a notepad and pencil.


“Right then you tell us, why was Mrs. Harrison out in the pouring rain in such a neighbor hood so early in the morning?” Ravitts began.


Paul turned to inspector Ravitts. He ran his hand through his hair and scratched his nose. He lit up a cigarette and offered one to the inspectors. Ravitts took one while Carlson begged off. Paul blew out some smoke and then felt ready to answer their questions.


“ We, George and me, were in the studio late you see. The phone rang and it was Pattie, aaaa Mrs. Harrison. Anyroad, she was stuck and needed picking up so we took my car to get her. She had stopped by to see if Miss Evins was home at her flat. She’s a friend of all of ours; Mrs. Harrison didn’t know Miss. Evin’s was at the studio with us. The rain was bad; pouring so hard I couldn’t see well. I didn’t know the light had turned and jabbed my brakes. I swerved to avoid an on coming car or maybe a lorry, don’t half remember. I slid and hit her as she waited for us. An accident you see. I never meant to hit her inspector, honestly. She’s my friend and we got her here on the double. Well, you know the rest, my cars bashed in on the side and Mrs. Harrison’s in surgery and my mate here is devastated. “ Paul finished, he was distraught and the inspectors could see this.


Ravitts eyed Carlson and then scratched his balding head. “ Why would Mrs. Harrison be over Miss Evin’s flat so early in the morning? “ Ravitt’s bore his eyes into Paul’s.


Paul drew on his cigarette as his mind raced. He kept the mask on so he wouldn’t give himself away. He shook his head and then bent it down. A soft sad voice came from his mouth.

“ We keep odd hours and Miss Evins was supposed to be working the night shift. I suppose Mrs. Harrison might have gone over there not able to sleep. She does that every so often. Miss Evins is a meter maid and works shifts you see. Something happened to Mrs. Harrison’s car and she rang us to come get her. I suppose she saw us and got out to meet us and that’s when I lost control of the car.” Paul finished, tears in his eyes as he dropped his mask a bit.


Inspector Carlson glanced over at George and saw he had been following the interrogation. “ Is this right Mr. Harrison? What Mr. McCartney is saying?”


All George could do in his dazed and confused condition was nod.


“ Do you have anything to add Mr. Harrison?” The younger inspector asked.


George shook his head no and then turned to light another cigarette.


Paul was getting angry at their questions. He snubbed out his cigarette and stared at the two police officers. “ Is that all gentlemen? May I remind you that Mr. Harrison’s wife is still in surgery and that I feel badly enough about this? It was an accident, pure and simple. Now, please if you have anymore question could you be kind enough to save them for later or do I need my solicitor?” Paul questioned the inspectors.


“ No I think that’s enough for now. We’ll let you know if you need a solicitor.” Ravitts told Paul as Carlson closed his book. All three men turned to the well-dressed man that walked into the room.


“ Boys are you all right? How’s Pattie?” It was then that Brian noticed the inspectors and walked over to them and Paul.


“Bri, we’re fine and Pattie’s in surgery, not out yet, don’t know.” Paul shrugged; releived to see his manager there. Now he could let Brian take over and sit with George. He walked over and did just that.



Brian glared angrily at the two men. :” Can’t you see how tragic this is? Why do you need to question these boys anyway? It was an accident” Brian’s voice raised a pitch in anger, but he still kept calm.


The two inspectors looked at Brian. “ And you are sir?” Ravitts asked.


“ I am Mr. Brian Epstein, the boys manager. If you have any further questions you will speak with our solicitor. Now I am asking you both to please leave. This is a miscarriage and I can’t see why you need to be here.” Brian told them as he stole a glance to make sure his boys were all right. He could see the devastation in George and the misery in Paul.


“ Sorry Mr. Epstein. This is protocol whenever there is an accident that involves a victim.” Carlson assured Brian.


“Well you’ll find nothing here. I am sure Paul answered all you need.” Brian said trying to make them leave.


“ Right, he answered quite a bit. Only time will tell if he answered right. We’ll be in touch,” Ravitts told Brian and the other two Beatles as he started for the door.


Carlson eyed Paul suspiciously before he too started for the door. “ Oh and Mr. McCartney you might want to call your solicitor. Mr. Harrison I hope your wife is ok for you and for Mr. McCartney here. We will have to speak to all involved, I am sure you understand.” Carlson walked out the door.



“Bloody fookin Hell!!!” Paul yelled as he slammed his fist on the table in front of him.


Brian walked over to his boys. :” George I am deeply sorry and pray that Pattie will be fine.” He then looked at Paul, “ Paul please calm down they have left. I suggest you have no further words with them without counsel present. I will call to let the solicitor now what is happening. I need to know what you told them Paul and if it was the truth.” Brain stated as he sat down in a chair.


Paul recited what he told the inspectors to Brian and swore to him it was the truth. George just nodded and then got up to look out the window. How could this all be happening? Who gives a crap about the inspectors or any of that when he didn’t even know if Pattie was all right! He thought angrily. Pictures ran through his mind of the day they met, their first date, their wedding, their joking and mostly the tender moments they shared together privately. Her smile and giggles filled his mind and ears as tears again came streaming down his face. Was this a horrible nightmare? If it was he wished someone would wake him up.


Maybe he saved Rita, John and Paul, but at the cost of possibly losing his wife? For the thousandth time he racked his brain to figure out what she was doing out there. Did the shadows play her as they did Paul and John? He didn’t know and it was driving him stark raven mad!


George paced wildly around the room mumbling his thoughts of why. Not able to stand it any longer he took his mug and threw it hard across the room and against the wall. Brian and Paul jumped as the mug smashed against the plaster and shattered, letting the tea slid down leaving a stain.


Paul and Brian stood up and went over to him. George just held up his hands and turned back to the window.


“Sorry” He mumbled as he lit another cigarette.

“ I just wish this were a dream and someone would wake me.” He said quietly as he put his arm on the cold glass and pressed his forehead against it. The cold felt familiar to him, it was like the coldness he felt in his dreams. Death was the cold that haunted him. It had been haunting him for months now. He just couldn’t get away from it as he surrendered to defeat and cried softly.


“It will be fine I am sure George.” Brian told him in a fatherly manor.


“Right, Bri is right George. She’ll be right as rain.” Paul reaffirming what Brian had just said.


“ Poor choice of words Paul. It’s raining and I want her to shine like the sun again. To see her light up the room and my heart.” George choked out.


“ She will” Paul squeeze George’s shoulder, “ She will you’ll see. Ya ‘ave ta keep a positive attitude.” Paul reminded him.


“ Always the optimist Paulie, God I hope you’re right.” George never looked at either of them as he spoke. His mind drifted off after that. Brian and Paul turned to one another feeling helpless. Paul broke the silence.

“How’d ya find our Eppy?” Paul suddenly wondered.


“ Richard called me. Said they were on their way over to the hospital, but I was much closer so I got here first. Rita, Richard and John will be here any minute. I need to call the office and tell the solicitor what is going on. I will be back shortly. Do either of you boys need anything?”  Brian looked at both his boys. He loved them so much and only hoped for poor George’s sake Pattie would be all right


“No, I’m fine thanks Eppy.” Paul told him as he sat back down in one of the chairs.


“Pattie” Was all George answered as he continued to look out the window. Paul was right he needed to keep a positive thought; anything negative could only hurt her. He concentrated on all the good things they had together. He no longer saw the rain or the dismal streets of London. Instead he saw his beautiful Pattie, his pet as he affectionately called her, and recalled all the happy thoughts he could. He soon got lost in them, blocking out everything around him.