Remember I don’t own the Beatles or their families. This is just a fan fiction from my warped mind.



To George’s relief all the lads took the instruments eagerly. They sat down, pulling chairs around in a circle as you would around a campfire. Their cigarettes, ashtrays and drinks sat on a table that John put in the middle. Paul was surprised that George had strung a guitar so that he couldplay it left-handed. George just smiled and said he had thought of it incase they played tonight.


George got the affect he wanted, the drinking slowed down and he was engulfed in the music. It soothed him as he strummed the guitar that had become part of his being years ago. They sang and played songs that were from years past and laughed as they made mistakes. John as usual just made up words if he forgot them only to have either Paul or George sing the right ones and laugh when they heard what he sang.


The girls watched, loving every part of it. Parties usually included playing and to them it was magic to hear their men play. They didn’t go to their concerts or the recording studio, so this was the only way they could hear the men they loved play. They always marveled at how the harmonies fit perfectly and sounded almost like a choir.


In between each song John would tell them to drink up some more, not giving up easily on his chosen parlor game. After awhile the chords became harder to play for Paul and John and Ringo had a harder time keeping up with the beat. They all felt the alcohol hit them harder, except George who sipped his juice as they all played.


Laughing wildly like a pack of hyenas, the boys tried hard to keep up with George.

They were now barely getting through a song. Ringo stopped and put down his tambourine and then slowly lit a cigarette.


“Oh here it comes girls, you ready Rita?” Mo giggled as she asked the newest addition to the Beatles in crowd.


“ I don’t know they seem pretty pissed to me.” She answered Mo.


“Right, and they will get worse as the night goes on. John is dead on and will never give up.” Cyn told her with a laugh, “ He likes games and likes to win them as well.”


“I’m surprised George isn’t drinking with them. He always does.” Mo said as she turned to Pattie.


Pattie figured that sometime tonight one of the girls would ask. True, George always did join in and kept going as long as he could.

“ His stomachs been bothering him and he hasn’t felt well today so he is taking it easy.” Pattie lied to protect the secret that only she and Rita knew.


“ Then it’s good he doesn’t drink. I wish Paul didn’t. I mean I’m not a prude, but they are so bladdered and you say it will only get worse?” Rita commented as she watched the three drunken men.


“Yup, only worse unless they all concede to John, and believe me they hate to do that.” Cyn smiled at her, “ I only hope John stays in a good mood. He can get a tad nasty when he’s drunk.” She continued to explain.


Rita knew that to be true by the few times she had touched him and felt that side of John.


After awhile Ritch put down his drink. He looked terrible and stood up on shaky legs.

He turned to the guys as he felt his stomach churn.


“ I can’t do this no more mates. Me stomach is going bamly. Gotta go.” Ringo held onto the chair and looked to Mo. “ Mo we need ta go, feeling lurgy.” He gulped.


John slapped at his knee and missed, hitting the rug. “ You’re out!!!! You and me Paulie, unless you wanna give now?” John’s face was flushed and carrying a goofy smile on it.


“Not on yer life, give me more of that.” Paul slurred as he grabbed his drink. Both men drank up more until their glasses were empty.


“ Right were off. Ta Pattie, George for the party. John, Cyn, Paul, we’ll be seein yous. Rita, good meetin ya. C’mon Ritch luv, lets get you on home.” Mo smiled as she helped her husband on with his coat. George helped Ringo out to the car and watched as they pulled away. Good, he thought, only two more to go. He was a bit worried. John and Paul were very competitive and would keep it going for a while longer. Until, as John said the last one was left standing.



It was 2 in the morning when John put down another empty glass. Paul watched and finished his to keep up. George had never been on this side before and watched in wonderment at the two finishing drink for drink. George smiled to himself as he thought. Did he look as ridiculous as these two in the games they all played? He found it quiet amusing and wondered how the girls put up with them in this state. He noticed how green around the gills Paul all of a sudden seemed and wondered if John would get his wish and win. Both were inebriated and had long since stopped playing their guitars due to the fact they just couldn’t. George saw how John was unable to sit straight, leaning against the arm of the chair, and slurring his words. George never understood how John could still talk and be understood at this point. Paul too was leaning and slurring only he was less able to convey what he was saying. They had sat down when Ritch left, to play cards. George seemed to be winning, much to John’s unhappiness. He smiled every time he won the pot, knowing it was only ‘cause the other two weren’t thinking clearly enough to play.



Suddenly Paul looked up in alarm at George. His face pale and sweaty, George knew the look well and jumped up to get a rubbish bin. He promptly brought it back and shoved it under Paul’s face just in time. Paul grabbed hold of it. He hugged the tiny bin for dear life and buried his face inside it as his insides came retching out.


“Now ‘at’s plum d-i-s-g-u-s-t-i-n- “ John spat trying to get the words out between almost dry heaving and the haze of booze that over took his brain. He looked away, not bothering to watch as he grinned at George. “ I win!”


George shook his head, “ No John, rules were last man standing and Paul is still somewhat standing.” George chuckled as he watched the poor lad pull his face from the bin. George handed him a glass of water and Paul rinsed the bitter taste from his mouth, spit it and then swallowed some to wash it from his throat.


“Bollocks.” Is you could here John mumble.


Cyn nudged Rita and Pattie with a chuckle. “This is the part that’s going to be the funniest.”


Rita’s mouth curled at the thought of just seeing Paul empty his stomach into the rubbish bin. “ Watching Paul sure wasn’t fun.”


“ No, but you don’t understand neither will give here.” Cyn explained as again Pattie and her stifled a giggle.


“ Yeah, they’re always doing this sort. A manly Northern thing I think. To me it’s sodding awful. “ The young blonde model smiled at Rita.


“ That’s why men need us women, to keep them right and proper, give them direction. Remember they’re all little boys at heart. Watch you’ll see.” Cyn pointed towards both her husband and Paul.



John thought for a minute at what George just told him and then stammered. “Right, reckon ya ken stands …..  Paul?”


Paul looked for a moment slowly processing what John had just asked him. He felt a little better, but everything seemed to move. It was as if he were on a boat. He shook his head yes. “ I stands.” Paul blurted out.


The girls were tired and hope the game would end now. They couldn’t help it, just as George couldn’t, to laugh at the two drunken men. George took the bin from Paul and handed it to Pattie who went to wash it out.


“K we stands, see who “ John had to think hard for a minute,” who ken”


Paul nodded again and stood up holding onto the chair. John stood and also held on to the chair. The stubbornness came pouring out of both and George knew he had to get this game over and done with.


“ You guys are cheating. Can’t hold on to the chairs. Walk over to the bar and I’ll make you both a drink and see who lasts. “ George told them as he hurried to the bar and turned around to watch who would make it.


Both stood on wobbly legs, they swayed towards the bar until they grasped on to each other. Paul had his arms around John and John had his around Paul and they leaned against each other dragging towards George and the bar.


George smiled at this. He knew neither could stand by themselves and figure both could barely see straight. He wondered just how much longer this would go on for.


“I think you have to walk it alone. Right Johnny?” George questioned, pushing the game to a close as he grinned at the pair.


Both looked at each other almost bumping noses, “ ‘E righ ?” Paul asked John.


John gulped and squinted at Paul then back to George. :”Isit Geo?” John asked


“ Think so John.” George waited with anticipation as he winked over at the girls who were giggling and also hoping the game would end.


“ Gusso Paul.” John steadied himself before he let go of Paul.


George and the girls were amazed that Paul and John just made it. John and Paul had staggered to the barstools, both falling onto them and then clumsily climbing onto them.


John tapped the bar as he slouched over. Paul had his arms up on it too, supporting himself. George knew the tap was for the next round. He filled up the glasses before either got there. He didn’t add the amount that they had, just enough so it could be tasted. John and Paul started drinking it.


George could see neither wanted it and only their pride made them drink it. He watched as John gagged before swallowing it. Paul stared at it and it was clear on his face that he was afraid this would send him back to retching. Half done, John slouched lower to the bar. He slipped a bit more and then mumbled something before his head hit the top of the bar. Paul swayed as he looked over at John passed out.


“ I wond it.” Paul said proudly. His eyes heavy lidded and his face turning green again.   “ Geo ‘elp me ….. the loo.” Paul said urgently as he gagged and tried to hold it back. George ran over to him and half dragged him to the loo. He plopped Paul down just in time.


“You want me to help you to bed mate?” George asked after Paul finished.


Paul stared up at George, his head laying sideways on the cold toilet sit.

“No, sleepin ‘ere.” Paul said as his eyes closed only to open wide as his face turned into the toilet again.


George brought in a blanket and covered him. He took a glass and filled it with water.  He laid it down beside Paul with a bottle of aspirin.

“Here you might be needing these during the night. You’ll be alright?” George asked with concern.


“ Ta, yea.” Paul’s face fell back in the same place it was before as his eyes closed again. George flushed the toilet and covered Paul a bit more before he closed the door and went in to take care of John.


Rita went up to George. “ He alright?” She asked worried.


“Yeah, think he’s kipping in the bog. You might as well go to the guest room and get some sleep. I have to go fetch Mr. Lennon over there.” He nodded his head towards John.


She smiled as she looked over to John and then saw Pattie and Cyn approach.


“He sleeping in there then?” Pattie asked her husband.


“Yeah, better that way. Cyn you go up and I’ll fetch John and put him down on the couch. Pet why don’t you help them and I’ll be up as soon as John’s settled down on the couch.” He gave Pattie a kiss.


“ You sure you don’t need help? He dead weight.” Cyn asked George.


“I’m fine, no worries. Done this sort before.” He gave Rita and Cyn a kiss on the cheek and then again kissed his wife on the lips. He watched as they disappeared up the stairs and readied himself for the task of dragging a passed out John to the couch.  




Paul lay on the cold tile floor, the blanket wrapped around him. A shadowy figure pointed at him and gave an eerie laugh, sending chills down Paul’s spine.


“ In just 24 hours you will be mine Paul McCartney. You and Mr. Lennon will be singing for us. We will prevail, you will see and the tears of the world over your deaths will be glorious.” The shadow smirked.


Paul looked at him. He felt cold and shivered from that and the fear he held inside.

“ No, don’t want much ta die.”


“You have no choice, you will be ours!!!” The shadows voice bellowed in the cold darkness.


Paul looked around and that’s all he saw was darkness and the figure that stood before him. He felt the icy cold chill of death all around him, as the figure loomed closer. The figure stopped as he saw Rita and George standing in the background. The breeze blew his cloak and both Rita and George could feel the freeze from the alternate universe.


“ You need to stop this now. It is not your time to touch his mind. Let him be until 12am tomorrow night. I can assure you we will be the ones that prevail.” Rita stated with confidence.


The shadow thought for a minute and gave her an evil grin. “ Witch, Seer, how nice of you to join our dream. Although I don’t think it fair to tell me what to do when you have taken it upon yourselves to use your witchcraft and conjure up a potion to keep us out. I hardly think that fair at all. After all this is a game where each moves and see where each player is moving. Now we cannot see your move. So I think I have the right to touch him earlier, and so I shall. “ He moved and placed his hand on Paul’s head.


Paul felt a sharp coldness shoot through him as the hand touched his head. He tried to wiggle away from it, but was stuck to the hand that brought possible death to him and his mate.


George step closer to Rita. “ I think this is fair what we have done. You added a person and now we added something. Believe me we shall win this.” George stated bravely, even though deep inside he didn’t quite feel that way.


The shadow laughed loudly, the sound echoing through their ears.

“ Alright Seer, you and the witch believe as you will. The 9th shall show you just how wrong you are. I must say you have been wonderful opponents and we have enjoyed the challenge. Remember we have our own tricks also and you will soon find them out! Paul I will be seeing you very soon be sure of that.” The shadow dissipated and Paul jumped up from his slumber, eyes opened wide and the cold made him wrap the blanket tighter.


Paul shook as his head, it ached as he did this. He wasn’t sober yet, but was more so after having the dream he had just had. He took the bottle of headache pills and fought to open it. The lid flew open and pills bounced in every direction on the floor. He picked up four and popped them in his mouth; drinking the entire glass of water George had left him. He dropped back against the wall as the dream filled his hazy brain.




George bolted straight up in bed. The dream he had etched in his mind. Somehow he knew that he and Rita had been in Paul’s dream together.

“Paul” He whispered fearfully as he tugged on his trousers and stepped into his slippers before heading out into the hall.


Rita’s eyes flew open as she sat up. She looked at the clock. 5 a.m. of course, she thought. She could still hear the hallow figure’s chilling laughter as she recalled the dream. She realized that she and George had both been in Paul’s dream. She pulled on her socks and grabbed an old robe Pattie had lent her. All she could think as she headed for the door was Paul.



As Rita came out of the room she collided with George. She fell to the floor and he helped her up.


“Ya ok there Rit?” George asked as he helped straighten her up.


“Yes fine. It’s Paul, I know you were there in the dream too.” Rita panted excitedly.


George nodded. “Was on me way to check on ‘im.”


“ Good we can go together,” Rita told him as she descended down the stairs, George right behind her. They moved across the house the bathroom. George had kept the light on for Paul and seeing the door ajar, pushed it open more. They scanned the room and didn’t see Paul right away. The bathroom was big and Paul was huddled half on the floor with his head resting on the corner and the blanket wrapped around him. They looked at each other in relief.


Rita took huge steps towards Paul and bent down to him, she felt George behind her, looking over her shoulder. They both noticed he was still drunk, but not as bad as he had been earlier. Rita thought this might be good under the circumstances.


“Paul you alright?” She asked as she kissed the top of his head and caressed his cold face.


Paul looked dazed as he focused on the two people in front of him. Was this still his dream or was this real? He couldn’t figure it out as he stared at them both questionably.


“Paul, you had a dream. We saw it, Rita and me. We were in it.” George told him.


Paul thought for a minute. His thinking was cloudy and it took a minute for what George and Rita said to register. He nodded his head. It felt so heavy to hold up and the memories of the dream still haunted him somewhere in the back of his mind. Cold, he felt so bleedin cold. He shivered as he felt the chilled air around him.


“Fine, cold is all. I saw yas in me dream. He’s still here I feel the coldness of ‘im all about me.” Paul told them as his teeth chattered and he leaned in against Rita trying to find some warmth.


Rita held him tightly and felt the coldness of his body. She rubbed his arms and turned to look at George.


“Yes we were both in your dream luv. You are cold.” Her heart jumped as she pulled him closer to her. Love overwhelmed her and she just wanted him safe. She kissed his lips and even they were cold. He hung his head afterwards and slowly laid it on her shoulder.


George could see him falling back to sleep. The dream didn’t affect him as much do to his drunkenness. It was then that George noticed all the white pills on the floor and the empty glass bottle with the metal cap on the floor. He turned back to Paul.


“Paul, why are all these pills on the floor?” He asked as he saw Paul’s eyes flutter open halfway. He looked not only drunk, but also sleepy as he answered George’s question.


Paul stared at the many white pills that scattered the floor and had to think for a minute about how they got there.

“Oh, couldn’t budge the cap. Stuck it was, but good. Needed some and they just flew out. Sorry forgot.” He offered as his eyes closed again.


George just shook his head, “ You twit, just had ta unscrew the cap is all. “ His words fell on deaf ears as he noticed Paul was asleep against Rita.


“I’ll clean this mess up. Can you take him to my room and put him to bed? I think he is done with the toilet. Good thing he is still to drunk to remember the dream fully. I believe we are in for a surprise on the alternate universes part.” Rita rambled to George.


“Right, I think so too. We must be ready for anything.” He told her.


Both still kneeling on the floor just locked eyes. They could read what the other was thinking and George was comforted by the fact that Rita would be there by his side and in his mind if necessary.


“ I will be with you through out all of this I promise. I am going to find a quiet place just in case I need to connect with you. We will fight them together George, so no worries ok?” Rita comforted George as he nodded and then sized up the situation on how to get Paul up stairs. He’d haveto wake him and then drag him; he wasn’t looking forward to it.


 “Right, now let me get him and you clean this mess up.” George told her as he watched her lay Paul against the wall.


George shook Paul and he was somewhat awake, “ C’mon mate up you go.” George pulled him up and placed his arm around Paul. “You’re a heavy bloke, but not as bad as John. Rita we’re off, meet you in the room. C’mon Paul you have to ‘elp me ‘ere.” George told his friend. Paul stood the best he could leaning on George, still clutching the blanket as he was half dragged and half walked out of the bathroom.


Rita cleaned up the mess and then walked into the guest room in time to see George push Paul’s legs on the bed and put the quilt over the blanket that was still tightly wrapped around him.


“There, now I think I will be needing more sleep. “ He smiled at Rita.


“ Ta George, we’ll see you in a few hours.” Rita kissed George’s cheek and watched him leave before she crawled in to bed next to Paul, who was out like a light.




It was early afternoon when Paul came downstairs. He didn’t feel too bad after taking the pills and getting everything out. He doubted John would feel as good and noticed him still sleeping on the couch as he made his way to the kitchen. They all greeted him as Pattie handed Paul a cuppa. Cyn was getting her coat on and was getting ready to leave.


“I’ll send Les by with clothes for John. You sure you don’t mind taking him to studio tonight George?” Cyn asked again to make sure.


“Naw, better this way. He’ll just be grumpy anyways for a while. You go take care of Julian and say hullo ta him and yer mum for us. “ George smiled as he kissed her good-bye.


“ You don’t look worse for wear Paul.” Cyn told him as he gave her a kiss good-bye too.


“Naw, think I killed that last night, though I would like to get a shower and some clean clothes before we have to go to the studio. Don’t want to be here when the monster wakes.” Paul chuckled as he nudged George.


“Ta mate, leave him to me you will. He’ll be fine, nothing I haven’t seen before. So see ya at studio around 8 then?” George asked his friend as Rita got up and put their cups in the sink.


“Right, 8 it is. Rita ready? We can walk Cyn out on the way.” Paul and Rita put on their coats. Paul put his one arm around Rita and his other arm around Cyn, making her giggle.


“Well, I get an escort then.” Cyn smiled at them.


“Why not luv. You’re worth it. Even if it’s only to your car and Les is driving so no worries…..Give Jules a kiss for me then. Ta George, Pattie for everything.” Paul winked at George and George knew Paul remembered last night now that he was sober.



The Harrison’s walked the three to the door bidding a farewell. After shutting the door, Pattie looked up at George.


“ What was that about?” Pattie asked.


George slowly moved his arm around her waist and walked her into the kitchen, telling her about the dream and all that happened late the night before.


“You think they have another plan then?” Pattie’s eyes held fear in them as she met George’s eyes.


“I do indeed. Not to keen on figuring it out so late in the game, but Rita will be there to help. I think it’s safe to say all will work out.” He kissed his bride to reassure her.


“ Good then. Just let me know please luv.” Pattie placed her arms around her husband.


“ I will pet, don’t you worry none.” George’s lips locked with Pattie’s in a tender reassuring kiss.


“Eh, knock that shite off,.” John told them as he stood in the kitchen.


Both looked up embarrassed at John, who leaned his body and aching head against the wall. He smirked with amusement at the two.


“Johnny bout time ya rinsed.” George grinned at his friend. He let go of Pattie just holding her lightly around the waist.


“Where’s me Mrs.’s?” John asked.


“She went home ta take care of Julian, since your mother in law had him all this time. She’s sending Les back with clothes and you’re goin about with me to the studio.” George explained.


John winced as he nodded, “ Got anything for this bleedin ‘ead?”


“Sure John I’ll go get it.” Pattie offered, and then let go of her husband as she walked away.


“I won last night?” John asked George as they walked from the kitchen into the back room.


“Naw Paul did. He was last man standin.” George snickered at John’s displeasure.


“Cheated, he did. Retchin takes some of it out so really I won.” John told George adamantly.


“No, never said that. Gotta be in the rules now doesn’t it.” George grinned as he watched John take the pills and water from Pattie.


“Ta luv.” John told Pattie then swallowed the four pills and finished the glass of water. She also had brought him some tea, which he started sipping on.


“Innit in the rules from the tour? We’ll do sumethin bout that one won’t we.” John said as sat back down on the couch and laid his aching head back.


“Don’t remember that rule. Anyways doesn’t much matter now does it. You’ll have a rematch I know you well enough for that eventuality. Sumethin ta eat then?” George asked John after telling him what he knew was true.


“Na yet. Stomachs still a bit lurdgy, give us a bit then I’ll eat straight away.” John slowly sat up to sip some more of his tea, “Les be by soon with me clothes?” He asked in between mouthfuls.


“Yeah soon Johnny soon.” George got up from the couch. He wondered if he should tell John about the dream. He paced back and forth, noticing Pattie had left them alone.


“ What you going on about. Yer like an expectant daddy, wearin a hole in the floor you are.” John’s brow rose as he commented on George’s pacing, “ Calm down son, tell father John what’s up.”


George laughed at that, “ Father John is it now, Jeysus we’re in trouble for sure.”


“I’ll give you sacrament and five Hail Mary’s then absolution will save you dear boy.” John cackled holding his head. He watched George laugh and then light a cigarette. He took in a long drag and then exhaled.


“Can I nick one off ya?” John asked. George handed him the pack and John lit up waiting for George to tell him what was on his mind.


George stopped pacing and looked out the window. The sky was gray, as the cloud grew heavier. He knew that it would rain and then pour, justlike in his dreams. He told John the story of what had happened the previous night. John’s face showed nothing as he blew smoke out of the side of his mouth.


“Yer gonna change things you and Rit are. Don’t be a stupid git and let those ugly sods get ta ya. Now no worries bout this sort, the time is coming soon enough.” John told him as he got up to answer the doorbell. He knew it was Les with his clothes. “ Gotta get the door, Les ya know, fancy a shower.” John walked out of the room.


George hoped John and Rita were right. He couldn’t help but worry. It wasn’t long now and he was dead nervous as he stared out the window, wishing it were all over.