Tell Me What you See

Chapter Two

By Sue


Remember I don’t own the Beatles or their solo career. This a fictional story from my warped fantasy brain…….



Paul woke up rubbing his face and the sleep out of his eyes. The long heavy drapes made it to dark for him to know what time it was. He realized he was naked and sticky. He looked to the other side of the bed to see a naked, nameless female body sleeping. He sat up; his head felt as if a sledgehammer was breaking rocks in it. He looked at his clock and read 1pm. God; he didn’t ever remember how he got home last night. He got up carefully, not to wake the nameless person that still slept. He grabbed some clothes, showered, shaved, brushed his teeth to get that horrible taste out of it and changed. He quietly closed the door and started towards the stairs when he noticed the guest room door was ajar.


He peeked in to see a naked Lennon, with yet another nameless body along side of him.

He shook his head, causing more pain as he crept downstairs to the kitchen.


He put on the kettle and tore though the cupboard, looking for something for his head.

Every time Jane was away it was the same thing. A nameless female in his bed and half the time he didn’t remember or he didn’t remember all of it. Most of all he never remembered their names. A shame that was, but they wanted a Beatle at any cost and he wanted sex, so he figured it all worked out in the end. Only thing was that he didn’t fancy the hangovers that followed, or escorting the women out of the house when they didn’t want to go. He didn’t relish that, he thought as he went out into the living room.


He saw two more bodies covered under a big quilt. He walked over, not knowing who they were. He stood on one foot. Then took the other foot and using his toe he pulled the quilt down to find Ritch and another strange woman. Great, he thought, now I’ll have both wives calling me.


He looked at his answer phone to see a few messages on it. He was sure they were from Cynthia and Maureen. He played them and he found out he was right. He heard the few worried messages that were left by each Beatle wife. He shook his head again, stopping quickly when the pain pounded through out it.


He went back in the kitchen, let Martha out, grabbed a mug of tea and lit a cigarette.

He heard a noise from the stairs and got up to investigate it. He saw John in just his pants and the girl from last night in his shirt. He watched as John hung onto the railing, slowly coming to the bottom of the stairs.


“Cor, Me head. You got anything Macca?” John rested his head against the bottom wall.


“Yeah , sure Johnny and you miss?” Paul asked politely and looked at John to see what her name was.


John looked at the girl and shrugged his shoulders, “Your name luv what is it?” John asked her.


She looked at him in astonishment as he asked her, “Well you knew it all right when you were having me last night.” She announced strongly.

John cringed at her loudness and Paul’s brow raised at how funny it seemed, but he dare not laugh as he watched the scene unfold.


“I’m getting my clothes and leaving since I feel rather used at this point!” She huffed up the stairs.


John yelled up after her, even though his head pounded, “You know how it goes luv. You wanted from me and I took from you. A mutual venture as I see it.” John chuckled a bit as she gave him a scorned look.


“I was hoping it was a bit more then that!” She answered back and went to get dressed. John stepped into the kitchen and sat down, his head in his hands. Paul poured him some tea and handed him some headache pills.


“I guess I was rather bladdered last night. Don’t remember much mate.” John took the pills and nodded a thank you as he swallowed them with some water.


“I don’t remember much either. I only know there’s a girl sleeping in me bed right now.” Paul added to what John had said.


The girl John had been with stomped down the stairs dressed, and then slammed the door behind her as she left.


John gave a sly smile. “Cheerio luv, thanks for the shag.” He yelled to her just before the door slammed shut.


“You’re horrible John. Oh, by the way I have some frantic messages on my answer phone from Mo and Cyn.” Paul sat down and lit them both acigarette.


“Do you now? Well, she’ll wait.” He sipped some tea.


“You’re not going to call her?” Paul asked, surprised at his friend.


“Naw, Be a mate and you call and tell the girls that we’re still sleeping.” His head was still bent low as he waited for the headache pills to work.


“You’re something you know that John. Make me do you’re dirty work. I have a girl to get out of here.” Paul said astonished at John’s request.


“Just do what I did and make her mad.” John laughed as much as his head would let him.


“I think not.” Paul got up and went upstairs. He came down about 15 minutes later with a pretty blonde who was dressed to leave. She cooed to him and he held her around the waist.


John looked up and went to the doorway of the kitchen that fell at the end of the stair.


“Ok luv, it’s been a pleasure but the lads and I have to go to work. Thanks for a grand time of it. “ He kissed her as he took the paper she gave him and left.


John looked stunned, “How’d you do that one?”


“ I make sure I call them all luv , throughout the night. That way they don’t think I used them and then they leave when I tell them we have to get to work. It works y ‘know.” He smiled and sat at the bottom of the stairs. He took the paper the girl gave him, crumpled it up and threw it in the rubbish bin under the phone table in the hall.


“Good shot mate. Should have given me the number.” John smiled, as he put back on the shirt that the girl had thrown on the floor.


John joined Paul on the staircase, and then reached into his back pocket. He took out a flask of liquor. He took a long swallow and handed it to Paul,” Here, this will help the head. Take a drink of the dog that bit you, as they say. It’s good advice and it works.” John watched Paul guzzle almost as much as he did.


“There you’ll feel better in a bit. You say our Ritchie is here? Where?” John asked


“In the livingroom. I have to go get cleaned up, She insisted on a good-bye quickie.” He smiled and then started up the stairs to his room.


“Only you Macca. Only you. Hey call the wife for me and Ritch would ya?” John howled.


‘Yeah sure, I wouldn’t want them to keep worrying and I’m not even married to them.” He yelled back and disappeared into his room.


John got up and went into the livingroom to inspect Ritch and this last girl that they needed to get rid of. He looked at the two sleeping and thought another good way to get rid of a hangover would be to have a laugh at the expense of his drummer friend.


He went through Paul’s kitchen, not finding what he was looking for and then he went out side. He muddled through the shed and found a watering can. He filled it and went back inside to a sleeping Richard.


He stood above them and started to sprinkle the water, lightly at first. He saw Ritch move and wipe the water from him. John began pouring a little more on him and the girl. She jumped up and John yelled.


“It’s starting to rain! Hurry mate let’s get inside before we get soaked!” John hid his laughter as he poured more water on them. Ritch bolted up


“Christ , did we fall asleep in the garden? Shite let’s get inside.” His eyes found John, who poured the last of the water in the can on them.


Paul came down the stairs in time to see the joke. He leaned up against the wall, crossing his one leg across the other and crossed his arms over his chest as he watch, and snickered.


“John!!!!! You bloody twit. I’m all soaked!” Ritch stood up unaware he was naked. Both John and Paul cackled at this.


The girl, disgusted, had the quilt wrapped around her. She took her clothes off the chair and then went in the other room to change.


John smiled; Paul tried to quiet his cackling down.

“You best put something on son, you’ll catch your death. Wet and naked there ol boy.” John took the watering can and sat down on the armchair.


Paul walked over and handed Ritch a cushion “Here, you better cover yourself up there Ritch,” Ritch quickly grabbed the cushion and held it to him. He couldn’t remember where his clothes were; he tried to hide it as his eyes wandered around the room looking for them.


 Paul paid Ritch no mind, as he inspected the drenched rug in his livingroom,

” Lennon, look what you did to my rug. You blert! It will never dry.” Paul gave him a disgusted look.


“Paulie, Paulie, Paulie, it’s just like when that mop dog of yours goes on the rug, Just a wee bit bigger is all. Don’t go sparce on me now.” John laughed again.


“Hey, you two! I’m here wearin a cushion. I’m bloody starkers! You seen me clothes about?” Ringo shouted at them. He was angry that they were more concerned about the water on the rug then him. He looked everywhere and he just couldn’t find his clothes.


“I’ll get you a shirt, Ritch. I don’t think you’d fit in my trousers.” Paul ran upstairs to retrieve the smallest shirt he could find.


‘John, I know you know where me clothes are. Now give it to us.” Ringo was getting mad; enough was enough. He watched as the girl, dressedin her clothes, marched out the door without even a good-bye.


‘I say Richard I guess you won’t be seeing her again. I will also have you know my good man; that I haven’t the foggiest where your clothes would be. Maybe outside?” John spoke using his best Queen’s English, “ You know my dear Richard Maureen called a few times looking for you. Our dear Paulie here took the wrath and called her and my wife as well.” John smiled thankfully at Paul, but Ritch looked up in shock.


“Christ, Mo, I got to find me clothes and get home. We have studio at 7 and I have to calm her down before we go,” He looked at his watch and then also looked thankfully at Paul. “Ta Paulie for ringing her. She all right then?” He questioned.


“She wasn’t to chuffed about it, but I used the charm on both women and I’m not even married to them. I did your dirty work and now you have to do the rest. Cor, I’m so glad Janie didn’t call.” Paul looked relieved at that.


“C’mon John I know you have me trousers and stuff. Give it up. You’ve had enough of a laugh on me for now. “ He had put on the shirt that Paul had given him. It was to long on him and to big, still it was better then the couch cushion.


“I have to say Richard ol boy you do look rather fetching in Paul’s shirt. It looks like a dressing gown or like one of Paul’s birds.” John howled as Ringo picked up the cushion and threw it at him. Paul just gave John a dirty look.


“John, give him his clothes. He does have to get back to Mo. I promised her he’d be there in an hour or so. “ Paul begged John.


“You two just are no fun. Can’t have a good lark anymore with the both of you. At least George can still take it.” John finished and got up off the chair. On the cushion laid Ritch’s wrinkled clothes. John had been sitting on them the whole time. He smiled as his hand waved towards the clothes. Ritch gave him an annoyed look, and then grabbed his clothes and went to get changed.


“You’re a rat you know that Lennon.” Paul sat down with a smile set on his face.


“Yes, but you love me anyway.” John gave one of his funny smiles, while batting his eyes, as he sat down next to Paul.


“How do you think our Georgie is doing?” John said seriously for the first time since he woke.


“Don’t know. Guess we’ll find out later. You going home then?” Paul inquired.


“Naw, I’ll call the wife and tell her it’s silly to drive all the way there and then have to turn around to be at the studio by 7. You don’t mind do you? We could run through Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields. I mean we have a lot of it done but I have some more ideas.”  John didn’t want to go home.


Paul knew it. John wasn’t happy at home and Paul knew that he’d rather stay at his flat, it wouldn’t be the first time he thought, “ No, I don’t mind. After Ritch leaves we can go over your ideas and bring them into the studio tonight. I have an idea for Penny Lane too. I want to have a Piccolo trumpet on the record. I rather fancied it. I heard it a few weeks back, whilst I watched a show.” Paul informed John.


Ritch came down stairs and said he’d see them later at the studio, if he got out of his house alive. He laughed as he said it and they joined him. They’d meet later, 7pm at the studio



George sat in his music room puzzled at still having the same dream with out being able to control it after he had meditated on it. He had successfully put Pattie off from having their talk. She had gone out when she saw he wasn’t going to open up to her. He felt bad that he didn’t talk to her, but he couldn’t, not yet. She had sat up with him once again at that dreaded hour of 5 am, comforting him. He felt he owed her some thing; after all she was being affect as well. Maybe he’d make up some story as he had thought about before and that would keep her quiet. He hated lying to her, but he felt he had no choice in the matter. He had to find out some things first. At this point he figured he couldn’t tell anyone. He had considered telling the others the night before and then thought better of it.  If Ravi were right he’d come in contact with whoever this was and know it by touching him. He had to keep meditating on it. He needed more answers. It seemed to start consuming him and he hoped it wouldn’t affect his playing tonight.


He sat there on his meditation pillow. He had meditated a few hours already today and nothing had come to him. Now that he knew why he was having theses dreams and what he needed to do, the dreams were haunting him more. That’s all he was able to think about all day. In his meditation he felt peace, but when it was close to the end, the dream resurfaced and that had never happened before. Maybe it was working and he just needed some more time.


He was scared at the thought of not getting to this person he was supposed to know in time. What ifs kept running through his head. Meditation was supposed to help calm you and right now it wasn’t. He thought about it. Could the fear be canceling out the calmness?  He needed that calmness to figure this mess out. He started again to meditate. He set an alarm so he would be able to come out of it and get ready for the studio in time. He found himself floating slowly back into the calm.


The alarm rang and he slowly came out of the calm meditation, without the dream this time. He shut off the alarm, and got up and stretched. He wandered through the empty house; he had something to eat and then went up stairs to get a shower.


He shaved and then set the water in the shower. He took off his clothes and then stepped in. It felt good, the warm water pulsating on his body. He washed up and then started to rinse off. He looked down and saw red blood mixed into the water running down the drain.


“BLOODY  ELL!” He yelped as he jumped back.

The soap ran into his eyes and he had no choice but to wash it out. He kept repeating, like a mantra, this isn’t real. When he opened his eyes he saw the fresh soapy water running down the drain and not the red blood he had seen before.


He turned off the water and jumped out of the shower as fast as he could. He wrapped a towel around him and then pressed the palm of his handagainst the counter, leaning on it. He took the other hand and wiped off the mist off the mirror so he could see. He dried his hair and did what he had to do to get ready for the studio.


When he came down he saw Pattie sitting on the couch, waiting for him.

“I know you have to be at the studio soon, but can’t you talk to me? I am so worried about you and you just push me aside, except when it comes to comforting you at 5 am every morning.” Her blue eyes looked sadly up at his brown eyes.


He tilted his head and felt so much love swell in his heart for her. He sat down next to her and took her in his arms. He kissed the top of her head, then her face, until he reached her pouting mouth.


He looked her in the eyes, love shining from him, but he felt a stab in the pit of his stomach, at the lie he had to tell her.


“Pattie, I love you with all my heart luv, I’m not dead keen on telling you about these dreams. I know they affect you too, and I wish they’d go away, “ He started to explain to her and saw her vulnerable shining wet eyes staring at him. Waiting for him to tell her. She would believe him. He knew she would believe any lie he told her. His heart sank and his stomach felt worse at the lie he was about to tell his new bride. He had never lied to her since they married. Before he only lied about the women he cheated on her with, so was this so different? He was protecting her then and now, wasn’t he?


His hand caressed her beautiful face and he wished he had time to make love to her, before he had to go, “luv, it’s me mum you see. I had dreams when I was a kid about me mum getting sick and it was Paul’s mum that got sick instead. I’m now seein me mum sick again. I’m sorry to worry you so. I love you for comforting me and worrying so much about me. It will go away. It did last time. Just took some time is all.”


There he mixed the true with a lie, he thought, feeling a little better about it. He looked at her reaction. She sat still and thought about it for a minute. God, he just wanted to make love to her so badly now. He even felt himself getting a bit hard at the thought.


She gave him a caring smile, “ So is that it then? You’re having more dreams about your mum? I didn’t know what to think. Oh you poor luv.” She kissed his face and lips, cooing to him the whole time.


“Thank you for finally telling me. I’m sure your mum will be fine, but it must be awful scary for you. Oh Georgie I love you so much.” Again she kissed him, this time harder and more passionate.


He sighed, in his mind he knew he’d be late. He also knew he needed to make love to his bride. He got up and pulled her from the couch, “C’mon Luv let’s have a go at it. It can’t be long. I have to be at the studio, but I need to make love to you.” George gave her a soft smile and then started to kiss her.


“You’re going to be late.” She spoke under his kisses.


“They’ve all sagged off one time or another. It’s my turn. Sod em,” He captured her lips again and picked her up in his arms. Her lips stayed connected to his and her arms found there way around his neck.


They both found themselves on the bed. Both panting as they undressed each other, lips still locked, sending electricity through them both.


He looked at her body, white and creamy, as he ran his fingers lightly over her face, down her neck, over her breast and down her stomach. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He loved it when the others, especially John would show his jealousy at the fact that George had stolen her love. He was so proud to be with her and so happy that she could love someone like him.


He nuzzled his face in her neck and kissed her gently, until he heard her softly moan. He then traveled to her shoulder, tenderly biting, kissing, and nibbling at the spots he knew would drive her crazy. His lips found their way to her breasts and his hand followed. He played with one whilst he suckled the other. Did she really taste this sweet? He thought as he continued. Her moans turned him on more, and he found he needed to pull off his trousers before they began to hurt him.


He stopped caressing her and she looked to see why. She saw him struggle with his trousers and helped get them off. Her body rumbled with excitement at his hardness, and her loins began to burn even more. He was a magnificent lover, the best she had ever had. Not that she had that many, mind you, but she had had one or two.


George took his time once he was fully naked. He loved the feeling of their naked bodies together. He didn’t care at this point how late he’d be, he only wanted to please her and become one with her. He wanted to put out the fire that grew hotter inside of him. His desire led him back to her breast as his fingers gently ran back over her stomach. He touched the fuzzy hair that was just below it and spun his fingers through it. He felt her wiggle with excitement and knew she was as ready as he was. Still, he took his time, teasing her, lightly touching her inner thighs and then back to the patch that held the prize he wanted.



She couldn’t stand the ache he caused in her. She needed to feel him. Her one hand ran through his thick dark mane and the other squeezed his throbbing, waiting, hardness and she heard him groan with pleasure. She ran her hand up and down his long shaft, playing with the top, and pushing him closer to the edge.


He began to play the game too, as he found her swollen flesh. He rubbed that part of her that begged for his touch. When she was almost there, he slid his fingers into her. He felt her wet heat as he glided his fingers in and out of her. He loved the little whimpers she gave as he did that. He then added his other hand and again began to rub her. Her breathing quickened and soon she was gasping as she slid her hand to the same pace on him. This time he let her go. He pulled his one hand out of her and took her hand from him. He then sat halfway up and enjoyed the view of watching her reach the edge.


Her release was long as she threw her arms around his waist and buried her face there. When she was done her eyes shone up at him. They were filled with the sweet agony that he had built up in her. He gently rolled her onto her side, her in front and him against her back. They fit so well together side by side. He moved her body and tangled his one leg in hers so he could fill her, and they could become one. Finally, inside, they started a comfortable rhythm. He pushed upward as she pushed downwards; he used his leg for better leverage and then began to quicken the pace. He kissed the back of her neck and cupped her breasts in his hands. He then rubbed his face into her hair, he breathed in the scent. She smelled like roses, he thought, as his body pulled him back. He craved her, needed her and wanted to possess her.


She felt his power over her as he pushed up into her. Funny, how her body just knew how to move with his. She felt warm hands cupped her breasts, rubbing her nipples and sending her further into heaven. The pace became faster as she felt the heat in her blood rise higher. Oh, how she loved this man, she wished so many times that they could just stay like this forever. Having him inside her, she felt complete. Feelings swelled inside each time they were one, letting her know the love they had for one another.


The furry rose as they both listened to the other’s reaction. He grunted and groaned, as he whispered into her ear. She moaned and whimpered, whispering her love back. She felt the fluttering start in her stomach as the friction escalated between them. She heard his groans turned to gasps, as the fire grew more intense. She needed to quench the fire, needed to feel them put it out together.



The intensity drove him to a frenzy as his thrusts became uncontrollable. His body screamed to cum and his arms tightened around her fragile body, as he pulled her with him to the top. He felt her shudder, and then heard her yelp his name. The convulsions started softly at first, and he felt them, bringing him to the release he needed. The orgasm burned and melted them together before it put out the fire. They lay in each other’s arms, still, not moving and just enjoying the last few seconds of glow that ran through their bodies.


Afterwards, neither could think, moaning lazily until it was over. They gasped for air and Pattie turned around, letting George slip out of her. She buried herself into him, still catching her breath. George kissed the top of her head before he laid his chin on it, waiting for his breath to go back to normal.


“I love you.” She whispered.


“I love you too. “ He whispered back. Suddenly he saw the time. He didn’t want to go, didn’t want to leave this piece of heaven he shared with his wife. Yet, he had to go, the lads would be waiting on him. The phone rang along with the thought, and he knew who it was. Much to Pattie’s dismay, he rolled over and answered it.


“Hullo” He said in a dry husky tone.


“George?” He heard John’s voice and it broke the beauty of the moment for him.


“John,” He groaned.


“Fuckin Hell Harri , We’re all waitin on ya down here. “ John stopped for a minute as he realized that George sounded funny and he knew why. He had always been jealous that George had gotten Pattie , but to call whilst they had sex or were finishing up struck him as being funny, “Georgie.” He sang, “Did I catch you at a bad time? Sexus interuptes? Are your trousers down? Is Willy done now so as you can come to work?” John roared with laughter, the way only John could.


George hated the fact that Lennon was so sex obsessed and could figure out in all of them, when they had gotten a good shaggin.


“Oh for fuck sakes John grow up!” George said in a frustrated tone, “ I’ll be there shortly.”


“Be where shortly Georgie? Here or there or everywhere.” John giggled at that.


George could hear Paul in the back round. “Hey stop nicking me songs!” Paul laughed.


“George figured he was probably right behind John and knew what was going on. Soon they’d fill Ringo in on it and he wouldn’t hear the end of it the rest of the night.


‘Right, stop messin about Lennon, I’ll be there.” With that George hung the phone up abruptly, knowing the other three were laughing their fool heads off by now. He leaned over and kissed Pattie.


“You were wonderful pet. I do have to go. Knowing Lennon and the others I won’t hear the end of this one. “ He got up and began to dress. He freshened up in the bathroom and came back out. Pattie stood there in her dressing gown.


“You were wonderful George. That lot, they’re just jealous, remember that. Have a good session.” She followed him to the door and they kissed.


‘I will and your probably right.” He smiled at her and stepped outside and headed to his car..


 She watched him drive away, before the front door closed.