By Sue


Remember I don’t own the Beatles or their families; this is just a fan fiction from my warped mind.



Pattie loved a party and had worked hard all day preparing everything to make a wonderful evening for everyone. George had called Rita and his mates and they all thought it a brilliant idea. They were up for forgetting about the next day.


John told George he’d be there and would bring a very happy Mrs. Cynthia Lennon along with him. George laughed at that, he knew Cyn was probably shocked at first and then very happy second. Ringo too would bring Mo and Paul would come along with Rita. It was all set. They’d come by around 7pm and stay until the last man was standing, as John put it to him. George smiled at that and set about to help Pattie get ready for a fun evening. No thoughts, no visions, no shadows and certainly no negative energy. He had meditated earlier and after getting it all out the night before, felt content again. He was ready as all of them were to have a good old fashion party, larking about, drinking, singing and just having a grand time of it.


George and Pattie set up the large back room that was along side the kitchen for the party. The large room had a fully stocked leather bar with large round buttons on the front of it. Leather swivel stools surrounded the bar that sat in the back, against the corner wall. A slate billiard table sat in the middle of the room surrounded by burnt orange couches and chairs. Wooden tiled end tables with built in lamps and a tiled coffee table adorned the furniture. Pattie had put out a special long fold out table against the wall farthest from the sliding glass doors that led out on to the patio. She draped a linen cloth over it to put all the food on.  


George hummed a song he had been working on, as he got ready for his guest to arrive. He quickly grabbed Pattie around the waist as she passed by him. She screeched from surprise and turned into his arms.


“ You scared me!” Pattie told him as she batted his arm.


“ Sorry pet. I just wanted to give ya a kiss before everyone arrives and tell you what a grand idea this was.” He smiled as his head tipped into hers and their lips met in a warm, loving kiss.


“Mmmm, that was nice. I think I might faint from it. Ohhhh a Beatle kissed me!” Pattie giggled.


George pulled her closer to him, “ Cheeky, This Beatle’d do more to ya if we had the time.” His face held a lustful look to it.


“ That would be nice, but we have guests on their way. Oh and you are welcome for the idea. “ Pattie thought for a minute as she wiggled out of his hold, “ What would my mum say if I were to have a torrid affair with one of them Beatles anyway.” She laughed as she headed towards the kitchen.


George yelled to her, “ She’d say you got the best lookin of the lot and you’re a very lucky girl.” George smiled waiting for her answer.


Pattie hung around the kitchen door and her brow rose as she spoke to him, “ Now who’s being cheeky?” She smiled and went back into the kitchen.


George shook his head and chuckled to himself at her answer as he knelt down and picked out some albums to play.




John and Cyn were the first to arrive followed shortly after by Ringo and Mo. They headed to the drinks and started to play a game of billiards. Cyn, Pattie and Mo sat with food on their plates chatting away about the baby and other things.


“I’ve gottcha runin, admit it Lennon.” Ringo laughed. He was winning the game and watched John move from side to side examining his moves.


John saw Ringo had him at this point, but was determine to make a come back. John hated losing and would do anything to either even up the odds or win. They had always seen this with their hours of cards or games when they were on tour. John finally thought of a set up he could use to his advantage. His smiled at Ringo.


“Not yet mate.” John gloated.


John lowered his stance, he pushed his glasses up and measured with the stick the shot he was considering. He noticed Ringo answer Mo and made a sideways gesture to George. George knew what he wanted and nodded with a smile. Standing next to Ringo, George kept Ringo busy for the extra minute John needed to rearrange the balls just a bit. He bent down more and held the stick to the shinny white ball that would soon help him in this glorious shot. He concentrated hard, pulled back on the stick and shot. Ringo turned around with George just in time to watch the balls in action. The ball hit one ball and then bounced off another two balls sending both into two different pockets. He bolted up, holding his stick in the air and gave Ringo a winning lopsided grin. He stood there with his chest puffed out and Ringo just looked in shock. George watched and laughed hard at the turn of events, which really was John cheating as usual. But that’s what George wanted, everything normal and that included John cheating. He almost felt sorry for a bemused Ringo, but it felt so good to feel normal.


“Told ya never underestimate John Lennon.” John walked over to his next shot and made that one as well. He made his final shot winning the game, as Ringo stood there stunned.


“Sume how you cheated, don’t know how but you did.” Ringo eyed John as John held up his drink in a salute and then brought it to his lips.


George clapped Ringo on the back, “Chin up mate ‘e ‘as ya.” George joined John in laughing as Ringo looked at the balls on the table and then up at the two of them.


“ Ya ‘elped ‘im you did George. Lennon yer a swine, ya cheated as always.” Ringo hung the stick up on the wall.


John brought Ringo a drink, “Ahhh, Rings cheer up mate. ‘Ave a drink.”


Ringo took the drink and smiled at John as he shook his head. The three stood there chuckling when the bell rang.


George and Pattie went to get it. They opened the door to Paul and Rita. Paul gently guided Rita into the house and then entered himself.


“Sorry we’re late, miss anything?” Paul asked as they started to walk to the back room.


Rita pulled on Paul and Pattie pulled on George. The two looked at each other and then realized that the girls had never met.


“Oh sorry, Rita this is Pattie, Pattie Rita.” Paul told them.


George stepped over to the girls, “ Remember the friend I told you of?” He said to Pattie.


“Yes, it’s good to finally meet you Rita.” Pattie extended her hand.


“Yes George has told me a lot about you. It’s so good to finally meet you too.” Rita told Pattie as their hands connected.


Like a dream all faded as their hands connected. Rita saw flashes and a chill ran through her body, she quickly released Pattie’s hand as Paul grabbed her to bring her into the other room. No one but George noticed the look on Rita’s face. She had had a feeling; George knew it and pushed it aside for now. He’d talk to Rita later about it.


They walked into the room; John and Ringo went up to Rita and gave her a hug.


“Hullo luv.” John hugged her, “ Paulie ya should ave been here. Beat Ritch here in billiards.” John laughed.


Ringo hugged Rita and gave her a warm kiss, “ He cheated as always Paul, don’t listen to the nit. “ Ringo put his arm around Rita and brought her over to the girls, “ Rita, this is me wife Mo and John’s wife Cyn.”


Rita smiled and greeted them both. It was nice to finally meet the wives of the three lads that she had come to love. She did feel a bit bad about meeting Mo, knowing that her friend was fooling around with Mo’s husband. It wasn’t her business she thought and brushed it aside to enjoy what she could of the evening. She did have to talk to George first. She excused herself and tapped George on the shoulder.


“I need to speak with you.” Rita motioned to the other room.


George looked around and felt a bit funny with so many eyes watching them leave the room. He knew all understood except Mo and Cyn. He figure this had to do with what she saw when she shook hands with Pattie.


They went into the hallway, just out of earshot. They could still hear the music echoing throughout the house as George leaned against the wall, waiting to hear what she had to say.


Rita stared angrily at George. She folded her arms tightly around herself and then turned herself to face him.


“Why didn’t you tell me that Pattie knows what’s going on? You know they can read her too, especially with Paul and John here tonight.” Rita saw a surprised look on George’s face. Maybe he didn’t think of this or realize that it could happen. Still he could have told her that Pattie knew. She also couldn’t shake the chill that had gone through her when she touched Pattie’s hand. She didn’t have a long enough time to see what it was from. Maybe it was because she knew and the shadows knew too.


George hadn’t thought about what Rita had said. He knew he was still trying to protect Pattie and realized that in doing so he might endanger them all. Then again she didn’t know anything that anyone else didn’t.


“Listen I haven’t had the chance. Might be protecting her I s’pose. I’m not keen on getting her involved, but she found out herself. I haven’t told her of the other plan, just as I haven’t told you or anyone else. “ He looked straight at her not understanding her anger.


“You had the chance to tell me, your doing as you say. You’re protecting her. That’s all well and good, but you need to be honest with me or there is no trust in our relationship. We need to trust each other to do this.” Rita told him adamantly. Her anguish started to die down as she understood and got out how she felt.


“Sorry, I didn’t mean to do anything wrong, honest. I just didn’t figure she need be involved is all.” George felt bad for not telling Rita, but now he was telling her the truth.

He could see Rita was softening and figured it was just the shock of finding out on her own that made her upset.


Rita nodded, “ All right, just know that from now on we have to tell each other everything. I can always find out, you of all people know that one. I guess I’m all right with it now, just didn’t like you keeping it from me is all. “ Rita let her arms fall and gave a smile to George.

“Lets get back before we are missed.”


George smiled at Rita and put his arm around her, leading her back to the room. Both walked back into the room to three laughing Beatles that surrounded the bar. George walked over to see bottles lined up of different alcohol on the bar. He watched as John poured a little of each into a third glass, then dabbed a small amount of coke in it. John looked up at George. George saw the grin of a naughty schoolboy that wasn’t sure if he were caught or not. John motioned George over as Paul and Ringo laughed.


“Care to try our experiment?” John asked still smiling,


“Experiment?” George asked, giving quizzical glances to John and then the other two.


“Yup, John wants to make a new drink. He’s puttin a bit of each bottle into each glass and then a splash of coke. See if we can take it.” Paul turned and answered George with a smile of his own.


“He just wants to see who the last man standing will be. “ Ringo chimed in, nodding towards John, who was working on making one for George.


“The last man standing wins.” John exclaimed as he passed a glass to each Beatle.


“Always a game with you son, innit.” Ringo shook his head as he accepted the drink.


“I’d make sure he put the same amount in all of them Ritch. Especially since he’s in one of his cheating moods.” Paul laughed.


“Maybe you’d want to sample a sip from each Paul?” George grinned as he too accepted his drink.


“Naw, I wouldn’t be a good judge of character on this sort. Drank a few rum and cokes already, won’t be able to tell.” Paul smiled back at George.


“Ah well then that leaves our Georgie here to sample each glass and tell us if I’ve been more generous then to me self.” John gave George an expectant look as he handed his glass over. The other two did the same.


George looked at the bottles lined up on the bar. Vodka, Rum, Scotch, Whiskey, Gin and coke were the line up he saw. His stomach lurched as he thought of how horrible this was going to taste, but he knew they were in it for the game. The games they would always make up to entertain themselves. He thought of a few they had made up on tour and how upset Brian would get with them and chuckled to himself as he stared at the four tall glasses in front of him.


“Don’t shmell it Georgie “ John joked as he used one of his reinvented words.


They all watched as George took a sip of the first drink. He was careful not to smell it as John had jokingly said. He choked it down, as he heard laughter all around him. Fuck, that was horrible, he thought. Was this a joke or was Lennon serious about drinking this shite?


“That’s down right ‘orrible.” George choked out, his accent thickening.


“That’s what Ritch and me thought it would be, but this is a game so sample the other three.”  Paul pushed the next one to George.


George took very small sips of each. He winced, as he tasted each one. Then the other three collected their glasses and looked to George to see if John had given the even amount to each. George nodded as he took his.


“They’re all the same and they all taste like shite.” George told his mates.


“Of coarse it does. If it didn’t it wouldn’t be fun. “ John clasped George on the back laughing


“ That’s his plan y ‘know to have us not able to drink this shite and he’ll do it just ta win.” Ringo stated, still stinging from the game John had cheated on earlier and in the process beat him.


John held up his glass and motioned for the others to hold up theirs too.

“Ok, we drink til the last man stands.” John smiled.


“Or falls.” George said flatly, remembering the taste and how strong the drink was.


“Yer a riot son. Now, shall we get started gentlemen? The night is young.” John held his glass out to the others. They clinked them together.


“Cheers” They all said in unison.




The girls laughed as they heard the conversation from the bar.


“He’s at it again, yer husband.” Mo turned to Cyn and chuckled.


Cyn nodded, “ Never know with him or the lot of them for that matter. I guess you’re either having house guests or we’re carrying them home.” Cyn nudged Pattie and laughed.


“I guess I better get out the extra quilts for you girls. The guys will probably end up on the floor.” Pattie smiled and then giggled at the thought of how true this could be. She remembered many parties at their different houses that ended up like that.


“ Do they always do things like this?” Rita questioned, glancing at the other three women.


“Yes, they do. You’ll get used to it if you’re going to be with Paul.” Cyn smiled at the new girl.


“They’re just young lads in men’s bodies. You’ll get used to it.” Mo added.


“Sometimes it can be quite funny to watch.” Pattie snickered.


The other women nodded and laughed at the thought.


Rita stood up and turned to the girls seated in front of her.

“ I’m getting a normal drink,” She smiled, “ Any of you girls want one?”


“I’m fine, still have plenty ta.” Cyn told Rita.


“Me too, the wine Pattie has here is fine with me. Fine with you too Pattie?” asked Mo as she looked at the blonde hostess.


“Yes, this is fine. Beside some of us have to keep our wits about us, ‘cause they sure won’t be.” Pattie told Rita and all the girls laughed again.




Rita walked up to the bar. She smiled as she saw the looks on the boy’s faces each time they swallowed some of John’s tonic. She heard them laugh and talking as she came up to the bar.


John threw his arm around Rita, “ Want ta try some of me tonic?” He chuckled.


The smell was horrid from his breath as it hit her. She saw the glassy eyes starting on all four and their glasses halfway empty.


“No thanks John, just a rum and coke for me.” Rita smiled.


Paul came over and put his arm around the other side of her. She stood there in the middle of the two partially drunk men that were draped on her.


“Don’t let her have any of this shite Lenny. Ya ok luv? “ Paul asked, his breath strong with the same order. Rita thought she could get drunk just off of both of their breaths.


“Fine.” Rita smiled weakly.


Rita felt dizzy as Paul kissed her forehead and the weight of both Beatles fell heavier on her shoulders. Everything seemed to stop, freeze like an old movie that had broken on the projector, only showing the one picture. Nothing moved as she swayed backwards, ready to fall on the floor. The only thing that moved was George who caught her. He held her and then saw the same freeze frame she did.


“ What the bloody hell?” George questioned her.


His answer appeared in five ghastly forms. The five shadows stood in front of them, their robes blowing, yet there was no breeze, Rita and George thought at the same time. Both suddenly realized that they were connected; their minds were one as they watched the forms in front of them. The main shadow turned to the two of them. They were now finally able to see his face. A skeleton with an evil grin that made George shake and Rita told him to calm down in her mind. The main shadow had his full hand extended now. It was still over Paul’s head and the other four were in the same position they had seen before. The main shadow started to speak, his voice echoed in their minds and his mouth didn’t move.



“Well it’s nice to speak with the other seer. You too seer/ witch. Didn’t realize you were part witch until after our conversation and a lovely one it was. We could start pushing at them tonight, but decided to let you have a final farewell party and leave them alone.” The shadow grinned at the two.


“You can’t do that anyway. It’s not in the rules. You must wait until 12am tomorrow night. So don’t think you are fooling us.” Rita told him with and even tone.


“You know this well I see. It’s really been a pleasure going up against the two of you. A challenge I haven’t enjoyed in awhile. Mind you this will come to pass and your friends will meet the right destiny.” The shadow confidently told them.


“ No, it’s your destiny not theirs. They are supposed to live and bring love and music to the world. You world is of darkness and they will never go there.” Rita told him with equal confidence.


“ You are a feisty one, I like that in an opponent. Be sure that both universes will merge with this happening, and it WILL HAPPEN.” His voice echoed louder in their minds. Blowing around in a terrifying way that made George shiver and Rita forced herself to stand her ground.


“Sorry neither will happen. You will lose and we will win and triumph with love and goodness.” Rita chose the words that would disgust the shadow.


“I think not young witch or is it seer. You get the seer from being half witch don’t you? Doesn’t matter, you will see, as your friends become ours on the 9th at 5 am.  It will be yet another day the music died.” He laughed a loud gruesome laugh that made Rita and George’s hair on the back of their necks stand on end.



‘”You know this isn’t the right destiny and it will be stopped.” Rita told him firmly.


The shadow stopped and studied them. Another grin appeared on his evil face.

“ You both have another plan set. I can feel it. Believe me we will find it out and all will change to our benefit.” He pointed at them and laughed again at the challenge.

“The two of you are wonderful opponents. I must say I am enjoying our game.”


At hearing what the shadow said Rita threw George off of her and into the back of Ringo’s bar stool. He held on weakened by the episode. Rita flung herself into the stool by John. She was weakened too and thought quickly of what to do now that the shadows knew of a second plan, but didn’t yet know what it was. She had been afraid of this. She now knew after connecting with George’s mind what the second plan was. Now it would be easier for the shadows to find out. She was glad that she had prepared something just incase.


George stared at her and she at him. Both watched as everything flickered around them and the movie started again. The freeze frame was over and laughter was heard. Paul and John looked confused as Rita, who had been under both of their arms, was now in the stool. Neither remembered her moving.


John and Paul looked at each other and then to Rita.

“How’d ya get there girl?” John asked, confusion clearly on his tipsy face as it was on Paul’s.


“ I guess you’re drunker then you thought. I told you I wasn’t feeling well and decided I needed to sit and didn’t need the other drink. George too told you that he had a headache and couldn’t finish this game.” Rita lied and watched the two men exchange glances and then shrugged.


“Then Georgie loses. It’s just the three of us lads. “ John told them after dismissing what had happened.


“That’s fine, I forfeit and you all can play.” George answered them.


Rita looked at George. “ You said you needed to go get some aspirins “ She nodded towards the bathroom.


“ Right, I need to use the loo. Can’t stomach yer drink there Johnny boy.” George told him as he straightened up.


“Ah, didn’t think you’d quit on us so soon. You don’t usually, but hey one down, two more to go.” John smiled.


George gave Rita a quick look and saw her nod to him. He knew she was trying to get rid of him so they could speak of what happened.


“I’m going back to the girls.” Rita told them all and then pointedly gave George a stare that only lasted a second, but he knew what she wanted.


“Luv you sure yer fine. I mean we could leave if need be.” Paul offered with a concerned look.


“No, enjoy your self. I will be fine just want to talk with the ladies and maybe get some aspirin for myself.” She leaned up and gave Paul a reassuring sweet kiss and he smiled at how good that made him feel.


“Right, if you need to leave just let me know.” Paul told her with another kiss.


“ I will luv.” Rita assured him. She loved Paul’s sweet concern and flashed him a loving smile before walking over to the girls as George went to the loo.




Rita walked over to the girls and motioned to Pattie.

“ Can I barrow her for a second ladies.” Rita smiled warmly at the two women and then at Pattie.


“Oh sure go right ahead. “ Mo answered and continued her conversation with Cyn.


Pattie followed Rita into the other room. She looked confused, not knowing what was going on and waited for Rita to tell her.


“Pattie, George and I had another vision and need your help.” Rita began.


“You two had a vision? I’ll help best as I can that’s all I’ve ever wanted to do is help. Just name what you need.” Pattie told her willingly.


“Yes, we had another vision. The shadows picked up on the second plan. They don’t know what it is, but they will now try and find out. Time is of the essence and I have had something ready just in case this should happen. I need your kitchen for about 15 minutes, could you keep everyone out of there for that time?” Rita asked with urgency.


Pattie nodded at seeing how important this was. “ Yes I will, I promise no one will go in there until you two tell me it’s alright. What are you going to do?” Pattie wanted to know; her curiosity eating at her.


“I have a potion I need to make that George and I will drink and that way they can’t probe out minds for 48 hours. I promise to clean up the kitchen.” Rita patted Pattie’s  arm in thanks, “ Thank you Pattie.”


Pattie nodded and went back into the room. Rita grabbed George from the hallway; she knew he had heard it all even though he hid.


“You know what must be done, you heard.” Rita spoke to him as they walked to the kitchen another way so they wouldn’t be noticed.


“Yes, I heard. I didn’t know you were a witch too.” George’s voice had some surprise to it.


“Yes, part. I have been experimenting with it over the past two years. I got this spell and have all I need with me just in case this had happened. I thought it might, felt it.” She winked at George as they entered the kitchen to get things ready.


The kitchen was big with every modern convenient you could want in one. Rita put her purse down on the counter. She pulled out a plastic bag filled with herbs and two small colored bottles, and then an old piece of paper.


“ My Grandmother left me a book and this is one of the spells that were in it. “ She explained to George.

“ I need a pot and a large mug. The rest I can do, but you must be quiet, I need full focus here and then we both must drink half from the same mug.” Rita explained more as she got the contents in order by the stove.


“ What will this do again?” George asked curiously watching her.


“ This will make it impossible for them to probe our minds. Since we connected I too know of the other plan, so this is important. It will last 48 hours and that’s all we need. Oh and no more alcohol, that could ruin things ok?” She stopped what she was doing and waited for George’s response.


“Yes, of course.” George agreed.


“ Good, now I need quiet.” She told him as she placed the pot on the burner.


George watched in amazement as she poured in some colored liquids from small bottles and then added the herbs one by one chanting over the pot as she did this. He couldn’t understand what she was saying and figured it was a special language. He watched the colors change with each added part and with each phrase she chanted. It didn’t look good, but it couldn’t taste as bad as John’s tonic. He saw a bit of smoke rise from the pot, his interest was high as he absorbed each thing she did. Finally it seemed the potion was done. She let it cool for a few minutes and then motioned for the mug. He watched her pour the liquid into the mug and say something else over it. She turned to him.


“Ok, you must drink half of this and then give me the mug so I can finish it.” Rita explained, “ It must be done exactly in this way, you drink then I do right away. You will not feel any ill effects so don’t worry.” She pointedly told him knowing he was worried.


George nodded and took the mug. He smelt the contents and it smelled horrible, but that didn’t stop him as he drank it down quickly and then handed the mug to Rita. Rita finished the liquid in the mug and then looked into it.


“ That tasted dead awful,” George told her as the bitter taste still lingered in his mouth. He stood there wondering what she was looking at.


Rita picked up on this and answered him without him asking. “ I am looking at the arrangement of the herbs to make sure it worked.”


“ Did it?” George asked as he too looked into the mug.


“ Yes, it worked and they will not probe us for 48 hours. I am coming to the studio tomorrow. I took off the next few days until this is over with.” She saw the surprise on George’s face.

“ Well you didn’t think I would abandon you did you?”


“ Wasn’t sure if it were safe for you to come.” George did feel relieved that she’d be there with him.


“ The studio is safe for me. I just can’t go home is all. Now, let’s get back out there before too many questions are raised at our being gone so long.” Rita told him as she finished cleaning up everything and George put the pot and mug away.


“Right then, let’s go and enjoy the rest of the evening.” George smiled at her. He felt better and wanted to watch to see who would be the last to stand. He had hoped they would play and decided to bring down some instruments to slow down their drinking and relax him with music and his guitar. Rita went back into the room and sat with the girls, giving Pattie a thankful wink. George came down with guitars and a tambourine in his hands to continue the evening with.