Remember I don’t own the Beatle’s or their families. This is a fan fiction from my warped mind.



Rita pulled her head from Paul’s shoulder. She kissed him gently and thought again how he had become so important in her life in such a short time. She felt him brush his hand against her face, as his eyes tenderly gazed into hers. She did love him, and it was a love she had never felt before. She couldn’t sit and ponder it at this point as much as she wanted to. She felt better and she had a responsibility to these people. Never had she had so much trouble in changing things. This was the first time she had help from someone else and the first time it had been this challenging. It seemed everything they tried would be met with another change from the alternate destiny. The shadows were egging them on and confident in their abilities to win this. She and George had to keep them alive, selfish or not, neither could die! She got up and shivered as she thought of the shadowy figure and what he had said to her. Rita felt Paul and George’s stare; she turned around and smiled, as if to tell them she was fine.


“I’m fine really.” She reiterated to the two worried men.


Her stare fell on John. His focus was on the street below. He stood there with cigarette and a drink. He was quiet, she had seen him from Paul’s shoulder give a cheerio salute with his drink to the shadowy figures and knew no one else had seen it. He just stood there in a daze, thinking, she figured. John Lennon’s mind always thought on something, his mind never stood still. She felt for him and knew he just wanted to know, but had backed off when he was told to. She approached him and stood by the window looking down to the streets to see what he saw.


John felt her along side of him. He didn’t flinch or acknowledge her presents until he spoke. John’s voice was stoic as he spoke to the window.

“ They just go bout their business. All have worries, but just keep pushing on, chin up and all that sort. “ He sighed deeply staring at the people on the street and then continued, “Never knowing when their number is up, just bucking up. Great really if you think about it y ’know? Human natural, the human drive is to survive at all costs. There are sume selfless bastards that take the cost. Gotta admire that lot. “ John was pensive for a moment.


Rita put her hand on John’s shoulder. This time the strong emotions were no longer there. The only thing there was that void that she always sensed had been there for years and his lonely thoughts. She thought about what John had just said and saw the truth in it. One thing John never had a problem with was telling it the way he saw it. She felt bad for him and had grown very fond of this troubled, sarcastic, funny and complicated man.


“John I’m fine now if you and the rest want to hear what I saw.” Rita told him gently.


John turned to her and gave her a small smile. He took his two fingers, resting them under her chin and he brought her face to look directly at his.


“Sorry lass, I mean about before. A bit of an insensitive lout I was. When you’re ready to tell then I am ready to hear.” A warm smile crossed John’s face as he spoke to Rita.


Rita’s heart warmed at this. This was a side of Lennon that only a chosen few were aloud to see, his softer side. She felt honored that he would show it to her. Filled with emotion, she hugged him tightly and whispered in his ear.


“ Ta Johnny, I know how hard it is for you to say things like that. You’re a right teddy bear underneath.” Rita smiled full of affection for John.


John chuckled a bit and whispered back to her. “Ya tell anyone, I’ll deny it.” He gave her a final hug and then let her go.


Rita saw the curious glances from the others over the tender moment shared between John and Rita. The three Beatles figured it was John’s soft side coming through. They all knew better then to question it and went back to smoking their cigarettes and drinking their drinks.


Rita and John walked into the middle of the room. John put out his cigarette and sat in the chair Rita had previously been in, sipping on his drink. Ringo and Vicky looked at her waiting to see what she was going to do. Paul sat on the couch and figured it was time to find out by the look on her face. George took a seat on the ottoman, knowing what was about to happen. He could feel she was ready to tell them what she saw.


Rita ran her eyes over each person in the room. She felt goose bumps as she realized that five shadows also were in the room, three by Paul and two by John.


Rita took a deep breath and started to tell them “John you’re right there are two shadows with you and three with Paul. I spoke to the one that is over Paul’s head, the one with the bony finger. They can’t control your music and it’s changing things too much and not in their favor. They don’t want the love that you spread from what I felt. They want ciaos, they are from a darker universe and they want your music gone. At first they thought to take Paul and that would change things, but when we changed the plan, it allowed them to change theirs. It’s like a chess game and with every move we make they can retaliate with another change or move. John was added and they are very happy with that one ‘cause that means that no music will happen. The group will be no more. “ Rita picked up a drink and took a sip, her throat was dry and she needed the alcohol to give her courage for the rest.


George sat there listening and couldn’t help but to think of the book Pattie had him read. It too had called the alternative destiny a chess game, making each move and the opponent changing and making their move. How ironic it was he thought.


John perked up. He exhaled some smoke and waved his cigarette as he spoke.

“ Why three around Paul and two around me?”


It was an innocent question, but one Rita hated to answer. She hated to think of the gruesome reality of why the shadows were in the positions they were in and why.


Rita lit a cigarette and sat on the coffee table. She knew she was stalling.


John knew she was stalling too. “ Rita you can tell us, I think we can take it. Ain’t that right Paul?” John turned to Paul.


Paul really didn’t want to know. Hell, he already had figured it out by himself. Death was the answer, but he didn’t want to hear it again. He saw flashes of the vision he had shared with George. His head ached as he turned to George quickly, their eyes met and he knew George understood what was going on in his mind. He then turned back to John and nodded.


“Go ahead Rita. Tell us.” Paul relented.


Rita shook her head at them and continued with a lump in her throat.

“Right, They are the shadows of death. The three that are around Paul are placed in the positions where Paul will be fatally wounded. One of the figures sits at his legs because they break, one in the middle for internal injuries bleeding out and then the third at his head that he hits.  The blood from his head and from his middle makes him pass out and he would die from them alone, except that the car explodes. The fire consumes him and you John.” She hesitated for a moment knowing that Paul had already seen this and it was only a bit more that he found out about. John was harder for her to tell since he hadn’t experienced the sight of his own death.


“John, you only have two shadows of death around you. It’s because of the way you die. One is in front of you and stops at your neck, whilst the other is in the back, stopping at the same place. See John you die instantly and Paul gets to see this before he dies.” She stopped again and looked to George for support on the last bit. George knew how upset she was and he knew the rest after seeing it and so did Paul.


John saw the exchange of looks and the ashen color on Paul’s face.

“Right then all know how I die but me. C’mon tell me I have a right here to know!”

John exclaimed staring at Rita, but his head turned, as George was the one who answered his question.


George gave a somber look to his friend as he spoke, “ John you go through the windscreen. You die, as Rita said instantly. A large piece of the glass goes through your throat. You aren’t decapitated, but almost. I imagine that’s why the second one is in the back of you. Then the car explodes into a fire. “ George was cut off by Paul.


Paul’s eyes fell to the floor as if he were talking to the rug,

“ The fire burns and we turn to ash. It’s just as I said before, ash like in this ashtray. Not recognizable, just a pile of ash for the rubbish bin.” Paul’s voice had a cryptic tone to it



John’s brow furrowed as he stared at the three of them. Ringo and Vicky sat quietly in shock at what they just had heard.


“So it’s not going to happen right? George you said that your plan would work, so no worries. I told ya all we ain’t dyin. I reckon you won’t believe me Macca until you wake to see the sun on the tenth.” John told them as he again started to fidget. He just didn’t believe it would happen. It couldn’t happen, George wouldn’t let it happen, he thought to himself.

“Besides, Paul and me ain’t fightin.” John stated simply.


Rita bit her lip, knowing she’d have to tell them the last part of what the shadow had told her.

“ No John you will fight. The shadow told me they could influence the two of you the closer it gets to the 9th. On the 9th they can pull your strings like a puppet. I’m sorry, but they will put the two of you against each other to get what they want. They can start soon, it’s just the strongest on the 9th and believe me they will do it.”


John shifted and Paul looked up in surprise at what Rita had just said.

“You mean they can get in our heads and control us? But George will have my keys so I won’t be getting to far. They won’t like it too much I s’pose, but I know you and George will help keep us alive.” Paul said this, but there was a nagging in the back of his mind that they wouldn’t. He didn’t know if this was the shadows starting on him with their influence or just a morbid thought. He knew he wasn’t the morbid type, so he figured they were already pushing at his thoughts.


George ‘s lips were pursed as he listened to Paul and hoped that he would be able to stop this.

“Mate we will do our best in not letting this happen. It’s just that they really want this to happen and are holding on to this. I s’pose since they are in the room they can hear us, so I really don’t want to talk about our plans, don’t want to give it away. “ George prayed that one of his plans would work. He knew they were there and he was not about to give up his second plan.


Paul nodded in agreement as John poked his head up to say something.


“Then no matter how hard we try they’ll pin Macca and me together in that daft fight. So we are just pawns or puppets in their sick game. I hope you two can out smart them. I understand why you can’t tell us your plan, that’s fine. I don’t fancy this but will do whatever must be done to stop this. “ John shook his glass watching the ice as they hit each other making a clinking noise against the glass. John felt it was time for anotherand got up and poured one.


 Ringo and Vicky sat quietly the whole time listening to all that was going on. Ringo turned to George.

“What can we do?”


George smiled at his friend, “Vicky you just stay away from here until this is all over. Ritch I don’t know, I’m keen on your support. It does help and you aren’t involved so you have a clearer head so if you see sumethin that isn’t right, please do tell.” George told Ringo and Ringo nodded at George, wishing he could do more for his mates.


John finished his drink in three gulps, put his glass down and turned towards everyone.

“ I s’pose it’s time for me and my two shadows to go. I’d like to spend some time with Cyn and Julian. I feel I need to be with them. I’ll see you lot in the studio tomorrow night. You understand don’t ya?” John scanned the room and saw nods that they all did.


“Go home to yer family John and be the good husband and father. We understand and I fer one am glad yer doin this.” George smiled his lopsided grin at John.


John shook his head at that and again scanned the room.


“Yeah give Cyn the night of her life there Johnny boy.” Ringo laughed, knowing how happy that would make Cyn.


“Yeah go on you prat. Go home and act like the family man you should be. We’ll see ya tomorrow night. Have fun and give Jules a kiss from his uncle Paul.” Paul told John with a teasing smile on his face.


John smiled back at them all. “ I shall give Cyn a night she will never forget.” He cackled, “ I’m off them, anything appens ring me.”


“We will John.” Rita answered him.


“Good then like I said I’m off to give Cyn a night she deserves.” John grabbed his coat.


“Yeah putting up with you she deserves one hell of a night there, so shag her well mate.” Ringo laughed as he saw John give him the finger and then walk out.



George stood up and grabbed his coat. “I’m off as well. Pattie will be chuffed to see me early. I need to be with her right now. See ya all at studio.”


They all nodded goodnight as he walked out.


Vicky looked over to Ringo, her face held a question that Ringo knew only too well.

“Yes, luv I must go home as well. They’ll be time for us later. You take your pretty arse to yer friends house and stay safe. I’ll be in touch.” He kissed her and too grabbed his coat and left.


Rita slid around on the table to face the couch, “ You going home too or you staying here?”


Paul shrugged, “ I have nothing to go home to. Mind if I bunk here tonight?”


Rita smiled, happy that he decided to stay with her, “ Not at all.”


Paul smiled and then thought, “Can we be a bit normal tonight and not think about the shadows, just forget all of this and no visions or anything. Just enjoy each other?”


“ Of course luv. I will not think of anything but you and me. I can push it away for the time being. “ Rita stood up and held out a hand to Paul.

“C’mon luv let’s go forget.” She smiled as he took her hand and stood up.


“Good night Vicky. Tomorrow we’ll go to Sharon’s. For tonight just ignore what you hear from my room.” Rita laughed.


“I will put cotton in my ears.” Vicky teased back as she got up and collected all the glasses and bought them into the kitchen.


“Can we get away from the dread shadows for a night and the visions?” Paul asked again, wondering if it were possible to do so.


“Yes, I think I can try hard not to focus on anything but what you do to me.” She laughed as she took his hand and led him into the bedroom.




George walked into the house and laid his coat on the couch. He was mentally drained from the whole evening, and from the whole experience. He went over to the bar and poured himself a drink. He drained it down in two gulps and then put the glass back on the bar. He was too tired to meditate; he’d do that in the morning. He almost crawled up the stairs to the bedroom. The light was on and Pattie lay sleeping with a book opened on her stomach. He smiled as his eyes slowly roamed over her. God he loved her, he thought as he took his stare from her and started to undress. He crawled into bed and gently moved the book off of her stomach. He looked at the title and smiled. It was a book of Indian meditation and relaxation exercises. He pressed down the page she was on and put it on the nightstand.


George turned off the light, reaching carefully over Pattie, trying not to wake her. She stirred, as he pulled back and then cuddled up to her. He needed to feel her; he needed to feel the woman he loved and the reality of it. He felt her arm fold over him and soft lips press against his forehead.


“You’re awake? “ George asked surprised as he lay against her breast.


“Yes, you ok luv?” Pattie asked him quietly. She could feel the tension in him and smelt the liquor on his breath.


“No.” Was all she heard besides feeling the water from his eyes on her fingertips as she caressed his face.


“You can tell me. I know what’s going on. Please honey tell me what happened, what has you so distraught.” Pattie hugged him with one arm and kept caressing the tears away with the other hand.


George felt horrible, like a child crying in his mother’s arms. Then again he had always felt better after he had. He sniffled, trying to get himself to stop. Flashes of the past few weeks wouldn’t allow it as he started to sob.


Pattie held her husband tightly and felt his arms surround her just as tight. His body shook harder with each sob. Pattie knew the stress was too much and the time too close. She rocked him and comforted him. She felt so bad; she wanted to fix it for him, to make everything better and knew she couldn’t. All she could do was be there for him, and for her that just wasn’t enough.


Finally the sobs quieted down to sniffles. George hiccupped tears as he told his wife the tale of what happened with the pictures and what had happened with Rita and the shadows.


“What …..what do I do? I don’t know? I don’t know?” George whined in tired confusion.


Pattie held him and caressed his hair.


“Poor thing, the stress has gotten to you. It’s going to be fine, you’ll see. You have a hidden move that they know nothing of and you are not apart of this. They can’t control you as they can John and Paul. You need to sleep and relax. You all do. “ Pattie cooed to him.


He felt so much better, just like he did with his mom or Lou. He was so glad Pattie knew and he didn’t have to hold it back anymore. Sure he hated crying in front of her, northern men are supposed to be strong. The only thing was that Pattie was right, the stress and everything had gotten to him. She calmed him as he lay safely in her arms.


“Georgie” Pattie nudged him. He had finally calmed down and she had an idea.


“Hmm?” He answered.


“Why don’t you all sag off tomorrow night? We could have a party here and bring on some cheer. I think it would be smashing and lighten things up a bit. What do you think?” She waited as he thought about it.


“Bunk off, well s’pose we could. We were going to on Tuesday. It would cheer the lads up and me too.” George considered his wife’s suggestion.


“ Invite Rita as well. I’d fancy meeting her. What do you say luv? “ Pattie prodded.


“ I think it’s brill. I’ll call the lads tomorrow and see what they think of it. I do think the night before all of this happens we could use with a bit of slagging off.” The more George thought about it the more he liked the idea.

“Thanks Pet. I think that’s a splendid idea.”


“ I love you, don’t you know that silly? You mean the world to me and I only want to help.” Pattie told him tenderly as she kissed the top of his head.


Within five minutes she heard steady breathing coming from her over stressed and tired husband. She felt a surge of love pour over her as she admired his figure lying next to her. Soon she fell back to sleep along with him.




Paul felt the intensity grow. He thrust in and out, dropping down to capture Rita’s mouth and clasped his hand in hers. No shadows, no visions, just sweet heaven as he made love to this incredible woman who took over his soul. He felt how strong they came together, as they were one, not just physically, but in every sense imaginable. He felt them sore to the top and teeter until their climax came crashing down hard on them. Never in his life had he experienced such strong emotions and orgasms as he did with Rita. He collapsed afterwards, sweaty and spent from the intensity of their lovemaking.


Rita wiped the sweat from her brow and then the sweat from Paul’s. Every time they came together it was like magic to her, and she loved every minute of it. She could feel his heart beating wildly and then the coldness of him rolling off and out of her. She curled up in his arms, feeling safe, warm and satisfied. She loved this man and thought how nothing could happen to him. She would give her own life for his if she could and never before had she felt that way. She couldn’t tell him this, not yet. She was afraid to scare him off and knew that after all was said and done that there would be time for it.


Paul pulled away from her and rolled on his side. He held himself up with his elbow, resting his head on his hand. His other hand caressed Rita’s hair. He noticed it was starting to grow out of the pixie cut she had had.


“ You letting your hair grow?” He smiled down at her, still feeling the warm glow.


“I thought I might let it grow a bit. Shoulder length at best. What do you think?” She asked gazing lovingly into his eyes.


“ I think you look smashing either way. Longer hair’d be nice though.” He said thoughtfully, imagining what she would look like with longer hair, but it really didn’t matter to him.

“ You never have told me what it is you do for a living.” Paul looked curiously at Rita, running his index finger over her face. He ran it around her eyes, nose, mouth and the outer part of her face and then started again.


“ I am a civil servant. That’s why I work in shifts. I am a meter maid for now. I am up for promotion, should get it too.” Rita told him as she grabbed his finger and kissed it.


“Oh so you can fix me violations? Might be losing me license, not sure though.” Paul grinned.


“No, can’t be doing that sort of thing. You take your medicine laddie. “ She teased.


“ I s’pose you’ll be driving us around then.” He laughed.


“ No, you need a driver as John has. Beside you might learn something.” Rita told him as she rolled over and propped herself up on a pillow and her arm.


“I’ve learnt a great deal. I drive way too fast. Now tell us of this promotion.” Paul changed the subject as he ran his hand down her side and let it rest on her hip.


“Oh that. Might move to days and do deskwork for the inspectors. I really want to be an inspector one day. With my gifts I think I could do some good.” She stated thoughtfully.


Paul laughed, “There aren’t any female inspectors. Never will be either you silly girl.”


Rita frowned at him and pushed his hand off of her, “ You think not? I can tell you in another six years or so there will be. The world isn’t ready now, but in a few years women will rise up and I will be an inspector if I want. You think it’s funny then you’re not the man I thought you were. I thought you were open minded and left most of that Liverpool northern crap in the past.” Rita told him adamantly. She moved away from him, hurt by what he had said.


“I’m sorry really. I apologise, fergive me, yer right. Me northern ways just come through at times when I’m not thinkin. Ahh Rit don’t be cheesed off wit me.” Paul tried to make up with her. He went to pull her over to him and she pulled away. He felt badly and didn’t know how to make it up to her.


Rita knew he felt bad. She could feel it.  She wanted to make it a bit harder on him so that maybe next time he would think better of what he said.


“Oh Rit c’mon I know with your gift ya’d be a natural at it. Not sure I’m chuffed at the fact ya might be in danger, but ya’d be a fine asset. Please luv forgives me?” Paul’s accent grew thicker the more he worried that she was upset with him.


Rita turned to meet his huge eyes. How could she resist them? She knew he was sorry and smiled at him.

“Alright I will forgive you. “


Paul smiled happily and pulled her towards him, “ Give us kiss then.”


Rita melted into both Paul’s mouth and body as they kissed. Suddenly Paul pulled up. He sat on his knees and looked down at her. He wanted to drop the subject and then heard his stomach growl.

“I’m famished. Gottcha anything ta eat round ere?”


Rita had to laugh; you could take the boy out of the Pool, but not the Pool out of the boy. For that matter, you couldn’t take the boy out of the man either and she found it adorable as she got up and threw on her robe.


“C’mon, can’t have you starving now can we. I’ll fix us up something.” She watched him pull on his jeans. God he was amazing to look at. She turned before he could see her flushed face and headed out to the kitchen with Paul behind him.