By Sue


Remember I don’t own the Beatles or their families. This is just a fan fic from my warped mind.



Vicky had put on the kettle as Rita opened the door to four very nervous and anxious Beatles. They pushed their way in like a pack of dogs and threw their coats on the chair. Rita noticed a quiet Paul sit on the couch biting his nail, a worried Ringo who sat next to him as his eyes wandered guiltily to the blonde in the kitchen. George faced Rita with concern, whilst John started chattering on.


“Tell her George!” John said quickly and impatiently as he nudged George. He then became distracted as Vicky came out and sat on the arm of the couch by Ringo. When she sat Ringo put his arm around her. John’s brow rose with curiosity, Vicky and Ritch?  Together?

“When’d this all come about?” He motioned to the cozy couple.


Ringo smiled at Vicky and they chuckled at the change of subject. Being the center of attention, Ringo just shrugged, “Last night, only good thing that happened.”


“Forget to mention it?” Grinned John.


“Perhaps, didn’t think it fit with what’s going on.” Said Ringo.


This brought John back to what he was upset about. He turned his focus back to Rita and George.

“Well ya gonna tell her then?” Pushed John more urgently.


Rita looked from one to the other, confusion spread across her face, “Will someone tell me what’s goin on here? I get an excited call sayin you all have to talk to me, so talk.” Rita stood with her hands on her hips waiting to hear what was going on. The two Beatles stood for a minute while images of the night flashed through their minds bringing them back to life


“Right, here, Ringo has a friend who’s a chemist and he did up these pictures from this mornin. Y ‘know the ones of Paul and me takin a kip?” Said George as he handed the pictures to Rita.


“They’re not right. See how the white swirls are in them. I’m not to keen on the next couple, none of us are. Just take a look,” George stood watching Rita examine the pictures slowly. John danced nervously back and forth shifting on the balls of his feet as he watched her too.


Rita walked farther into the room and held the pictures under the light. She didn’t seem surprised at them.

“Photo’s are funny things. Have you ever heard of people who take pictures in old homes and ghosts appear in the photos?” She asked all of them.


“I think I’ve read sumethin on that.” George said flatly as he remembered Patties notes. Funny how the notes had said that and he hadn’t remember up until now.


“That really happens?” Asked Ringo as he pushed himself forward to hear and see better.


“Not sure I’ve heard that one. I do know I’m not dead keen on this whole thing.” John said thoughtfully before agitation started to build up inside him.


Rita turned to George and John, who was still on George’s heals, “This is common. Spirits, ghost, angels and so on for some reason show up on photos. This however is a bit different. I get the feeling as I’m holding them that these alternative shadows wanted to be seen for a reason. I am getting a very strong feeling from them.” Explained Rita.


“T ‘wasn’t just that though. I tried to burn the fuckers and they wouldn’t burn. The flame lit around them as if they was protected.” George cut John off.


“Dead serious he is and then sumethin blew it out and it wasn’t none of us. Not a mark on a one of them. What do you make of that?” Asked George.


Rita nodded at what they said. She stood there to long in thought for John’s taste. He grabbed the pictures from her hand and went in the kitchen. They heard draws slamming and things rattling until he came out with a pair of scissors.

“This should rid us of them!” He exclaimed not wanting to see them any longer. They spooked him and he just wanted them to go away.


“NO!” George yelled for John to stop.


Rita held George back. George’s brow furrowed not understanding her actions.


“Let him try. It will be just like the flame, watch.” Rita told George quietly.


All eyes where on John as he took the scissors and tried with all he had to cut the pictures up. It was as if the pictures were mental to the scissors and John threw the scissors down in frustration almost hitting his boot with the point. He shoved the pictures back into Rita’s hands.


“For Fuck Sakes! Why can’t they be destroyed!!!” John’s anger could be heard clearly as he glared at Rita, “You got sumethin stronger then tea here missy?”


Rita shook her head, “ In the right cupboard, closest to the wall in the kitchen. Oh and John why don’t you bring out some glasses too.” She told him as an after thought as he started towards the kitchen.


“Anything else miss?” John muttered angrily.


“No I think that’s all. Ta John.” Rita smiled.


“ The last thing we need is a drunk John Lennon on our hands.” George told her as he looked to the kitchen to make sure John didn’t hear him.


Rita shook her head; “ He’s not going to get drunk at this point. He’s scared George, you feel it, and I know you do.”


George took a deep breath, exhaling long to try and calm himself. He didn’t know what to do; only that he had the two plans, but these pictures spooked him as well. He wondered how Rita could be so calm. He gave a side ways glance and saw her still observing the pictures.


John brought out the bottle and put the glasses on the table. First he poured himself a big straight glass and then put the bottle down for the others. He gulped the burning liquid down and hoped it would steady him. He just wanted to know why. Why were they around Paul and if they were around Paul were they around him as well? He didn’t know what to do so he drank more like he always did when he felt nesh. He lit a smoke and sat on the chair watching, his eyes darting to all of them. Observing everyone’s reactions, taking it all in as he tried to get himself under control.


Rita walked over and poured herself a drink. She was worried about Paul; he hadn’t said one word since he came in. He chewed on his nail and then had a drink. He sat there now with a cigarette in his hands. Rita sat down on his other side.


“I know you’re not alright so I wouldn’t ask you. These pictures just state that they are getting ready and want you to all know about it.” Rita told Paul and the others.


John bolted up from the chair. “If they’re around him then they’re around me too right? I feel so bloody nesh.” He told her as he banged his hand on the table. Everyone jumped at this sudden noise.


“John that’s not going to do a bloody thing. Now stop being daft and calm down. Of course you feel nesh, you don’t know what to do and you’re used to doing something about things. I feel so much negative energy coming off of you. Please sit and talk.” Rita hoped she was getting through to the volatile side of John. Yes, she could understand him feeling useless, and knew how uncomfortable he was with it.


Rita got up and touched John’s shoulder, “Relax luv, please.” She felt his anger, frustration; fear and confusion hit her at once. Like being burnt she jumped back from him. There were to many emotions and all of them strong.


John chuckled at this. “ I got sumthin wrong with me do I?” He knew she felt the power of his feelings. He had known her long enough to know that she could tune into something as powerful as what he was feeling.


George was concerned by how she pulled away from John. What did she see or feel? He walked over to them.


“You alright?” George asked her, his dark eyes looking straight into hers.


“Um, yes, just that…..” Rita looked at a knowing John as he winked at her and nodded. He knew she thought, how odd,” Just that John has some very strong feeling that I wasn’t prepared for. Sometimes I don’t think. I’m fine really.” Rita shook her head. She’d have to center herself and she knew what John wanted.


They all jumped when they suddenly heard Paul’s voice. “Is he right then? Are they with him as well? “ Asked Paul as he leaned forward to put out the head of his cigarette. He smashed it over and over until ever little glowing amber had been extinguished. He seemed to concentrate on every last one as he watched the ambers turn to ash and remembered how John and he would turn to ash.


“Could be a possibility that they are around John too.” Rita answered as she watched him play with his cigarette.


“Funny how the cigarette turns to ash, but then everything does when fire hits it.” Paul flatly stated to himself and the others if they were listening.


“We ain’t turnin to ash Macca! “ John snapped furiously at his friend and then got up with a cigarette in his hand and a drink in the other. He paced fretfully around the room making everyone uncomfortable.

“So we just except those bleedin photos? “ He paced more as his mind raced.

“ I wanna know. I’ve got to know! Rita you can find out? George did. So I reckon you can’t see them around me?  We all know they’re here by Paul and I bet me too!”


Rita came over to John. She knew he was hiding behind his anger. He stopped, put out his cigarette, and took a gulp of his drink before placing it on the table. He then took his glasses off, placing them lightly on the table also. It was the first thing he had done that night so far that wasn’t startling.

“Rita.” John’s words were calm, his demeanor not so agitated, “ I want you to find out if they are truly around me. Please I need to know.” His eyes pleaded with her.


Rita saw the fear cross his myopic eyes and then disappear. Rita thought about what John had said, “Fine, if you want to know we can do that. I figure that the shadows came out to George because his senses we’re uninhibited. You want to know John?” Giving him a questionable stare, she waited for his answer. The answer she already knew.


“For Fuck Sakes! Isn’t that what I’ve been sayin all along? Yes, ok, yes I Want To         K-n-o-w!” His last word he emphasized with deliberate slowness.



Rita motioned to the others, “ Right then, I need all four of you to sit on the rug. George, help me move this table?”


John went over and picked up one end and waited for George to pick up the other end.

“C’mon, George help us here.”


George had been off thinking. Wondering how Rita was going to do this. Wondering if it would really make a difference since John already figured they were there. He also wondered how they’d all come out of this in one piece. He snapped out of it when he heard John’s voice telling him to do something. Do what? He hadn’t heard the last few minutes of the conversation.

“What?” George shrugged, honestly not knowing what John was going on about.


John put his part of the table down and gave George an annoyed huff.

“ This blood table you prat. You reckon you could give us a hand here?”


“ Oh right.” George picked up his end and both carried it to the other side of the room,

“What are you doin then?” George asked Rita as they moved the table.


Rita smiled at the innocent look on George’s face and knew she better tell him before John exploded.


“John wants to know if the shadows are around him too.” Rita said simply as she grabbed certain candles from the shelf.


“ I know that one, but how ya doin it?” George gave her a quizzical look.


If things weren’t so serious Rita would have laughed at his expression.


“We have the perfect number for this. Usually it’s a circle but as long as there are four we can still do it.” Rita further explained.


“Do what may I ask?” Ringo’s face also read confusion.


“Right, I have to center myself and what you are going to do is sit on four sides of the rug to help me. I need one to sit north, one to sit south, one to the west and one to the east. “ Rita waited as Vicky sat north, Ringo west, Paul south and then with her hand she motioned to George to sit on the east side. She made a square with the candles and slowly lit them. She then turned out the light. She lit a candle and put it in the center of them.


“Where are we to sit?” Asked a puzzled John.


“You my dear will sit in the middle with me. You will sit south in front of Paul and I will sit north, the candle in between us. Go on now you wanted to do this, sit Lennon.” The last part came as almost a direct order. For once John took it and sat directly in front of Paul.


“Good, you need to be in front of him, and I’ll sit across from you. The candle in the middle is a center and has it’s own energies. The other candles also have different energies and will keep us safe as they are around us.” Rita further explained as she took her spot opposite John.


Rita ‘s head turned to everyone to see if they understood.


Paul cocked his head after she explained, “ Is this like a séance?”



“No, not at all. I need to center myself and then I will touch John’s fingertips. John, you will feel heat as I do this and then I will slip my hands into yours. You will feel me with you and a contentment will fall over you. You may say that we are looking for the shadows. Sometimes a vision is hard and I have practiced some other things to help me. John’s emotions are to high strung right now, but he will become very calm and sedated with my touch. Centering myself I will be able to see what needs to be seen and my guess from those pictures that they want to be seen.” Everyone nodded at her explanation.


Ringo was nervous so he cracked a joke to lighten himself and the others up, “ Can you keep him that way? I mean sedated, if you would.” He smiled at Rita and then at John.


“I’ll give you sedated Starkey. Now do what the gurl asks.” John said half threatening, but he only wanted to see what would happen. He wondered if he would see these figures too, so he decided to ask.

“Will I see them too Rit?”


“No John you won’t. You’ll just feel very good, a sense of well being. So don’t worry. After wards the feeling will linger a short time. When I am done I will pull away gently and slowly, can’t do it fast. Leave the palms over your hands open and only close them lightly around mine when I close my hands around yours. O.K.?” She smiled at him.


“Can you bottle this stuff? I mean it would be a great drug for me, no hangovers or anything. Whatcha think?” John smiled ruefully at Rita. He also needed to lighten things up.



“ No John you can’t. Now lets get on with it.” Rita had already lit the other candles. She lit the one in between her and John.



“Oh and not a word from anyone. I need you to keep positive thoughts, you too Paul. Close your eyes if you have too and image something nice and serene. Right, then let’s start.” Rita told them.



The four sat there confused, but did as Rita said. Ringo thought about how good it felt when they all played together. Vicky thought about the wonderful times she had in Blackpool when she was a child. George thought of playing his guitar and how it soothed him, and Paul thought about being with his family at a McCartney clan gathering. John emptied his head. What should he think about? He thought about how much fun they had in Hamburg when they played and how happy he was playing and singing the music. How he messed about with his mates, the fun times in Hamburg.



Rita’s eyes never left the candle between them. She took deep, slow breaths and then exhaled them slowly, clearing her mind. Her focus was clear as the room slowly drifted away. She felt her fingertips on John and the heat that came from them. When she became more focused her hands slid into John’s and his in hers. The warmth bathed them both.


John felt the warmth. It was like the sun baking on his skin, starting from his hands and then glowing all around him. He became less mindful of where he was and soon thoughts of Hamburg were gone and replaced with a beach. He didn’t know what beach, but it felt so good and he felt atpeace for probably the first time he could remember. He laid there, no pain, no fear, and no anger, just the contentment that filtered throughout him. It felt wonderful to him and he never wanted the feeling to end. He couldn’t even remember how he got to this beach, but he enjoyed the feelings that washed over him.



Rita felt centered and clear enough not to be pulled into what she would see. She would be on the outside looking in as she had done with Paul and his memories. She’d feel what they wanted and see them, but her emotions wouldn’t get in the way.


The warmth soon bathed over everyone in the flat, as thoughts turned to love and contentment. Everyone in the room was totally relaxed.


Rita could feel this and knew it was time. She opened her mind and saw the three shadows around Paul. They were always in the same place around him. Suddenly she knew why. She saw only two with John, one leaning over the front of him stopping by his neck. The other shadow was in back of him and also by the neck area, hovering closely to John. Rita heard one of them speaking to her. It was the one by Paul, the one with the bony finger, and then she realized he was the leader.



“You see we have them. It was only Paul at first until you changed things for the better. It serves us to take both of them” The figure told her.


“But why take Paul and then decide to take John too? What is your purpose? Why do you always have the same stance? “ Rita asked the shadow.


“The music, we want the music. With Paul dead it would change, but with both it will never go on. We stand the way they are going to die silly girl. John will go through the windscreen, glass tearing through his throat. The large piece of glass will not take his full head off. Paul will hit his head hard, break his legs and have internal injuries, he will be torn apart from the glass and bleed almost to death. Paul will see his friend dead and see death coming to him as he passes out. Then they will burn and become ash. Simple as that, the master wants it that way. Fight, as you will child for you can’t out run us, this is too important. We can also push into their minds, and they will fight. This will happen. That one you can surely count on. “


His voice echoed in her ears as he spoke. She was right about some of it and now she knew more.


“Why do you want the music to die?” Rita asked


“The music has changed things so much. It must go; they must go, before more changes. If we could take over the music it would be all well and good. Since we cannot then this will be the right destiny.”


“But this is not their destiny. Surely you can see it.” Rita pleaded.


“ We can see the future and what it holds. We will not have them change things so. This next album will change things further. If it were to change to our benefit as I said before things would be different.”


“Change in your favor? I don’t understand.” Rita asked again hoping for the answer.


“All I have told you is all you need to know. The music most stop. We cannot control it to make the world the way we want it. Now youmust go, I’ve said far too much already. Remember, we can get into their heads on the fated night and I promise you they will have that fight and this will be, as we want. Now, go and tell them, you cannot change us from doing what we must. GO!!!!!” The bony finger pointed at her and then was gone.


Rita slowly came back, her hands loosening from John’s. She brushed his fingertips and broke the hold. She came back slowly as did John and the rest of them. Rita blinked and felt weak as the words she was told haunted her mind. All sat there for a few minutes saying nothing as their minds drifted back to the two bedrooms flat. Rita got up and blew out all the candles and put them away. She still felt weak and dizzy. Rita sat on the chair and tilted her head back trying to steady herself. It always took a lot out of her when she did this. It wasn’t often that she did, but it had to be done.


George noticed how pale and spent she was. He got up from the floor and went to her.

“Rita you alright?” Concern filled his voice.


Rita held up her hand and waved him off. “ I’m fine, just takes a lot out of me. Give me a minute to get myself together.”



Paul walked over to her and knelt down on the floor.

“You look off colour luv. Can I get you something? Do anything?”


“Just hold me.” Was all Rita could say.

Rita felt herself shaking and moved forward letting herself fall into Paul’s arms. She felt his arms encircle her, and knew he felt her shakiness. She laid her heads on his shoulder and closed her eyes. He felt so good she thought as the warmth of love flowed through her. He couldn’t die. She hated to admit it, but she needed him and he felt right to her. The voices of the shadows nagged at her and Rita knew she’d have to go and tell them. She prayed silently that George would pull this off.


Paul held onto her tightly, realizing how much this had taken out of her. He knew she had experienced something, but didn’t push her as he held her. Paul could feel how much he needed her, wanted her and in such a short time had fallen for her. He continued to hold her protectively in his arms, and dismissed any other thoughts in his mind. All Paul could think about was this incredible woman in his embrace. He kissed the top on her head, and then whispered into her ear.


“I love you.” Paul couldn’t believe he had said this. The words just came tumbling out. If something did happen to him, he wanted her to hear those three words from his mouth. Paul heard Rita mumble back the same three words and hugged her, as a smile crept onto his face.



John couldn’t stand it anymore as the calmness left him and his mood returned. He shuffled between George and Paul. He could see how much it had taken out of the girl, but with his impulsiveness he needed to know. He felt a pang of guilt and just stood there for a few moments hoping she’d sit up and tell what she saw on her own. When she just kept lying on his friends shoulder, he couldn’t keep the question to himself any longer. He knew everyone else wanted to know as much as he did. He cursed himself not being patient.


“Rita, please what did you see?” John blurted out.


“Lay off John. Give the gurl time to get her strength back.” George’s voice clearly showed his annoyance.


“Give her a mo would ya?” Paul echoed George’s tone.


“Sorry just need ta know is all.” John lit a cigarette and picked up his drink, waiting for Rita to share what she saw.  He paced around the room and finally settled by the window, watching the street below and the people on it. He found himself yearning to be carefree and walking among them. He shivered as he thought about the shadows that were probably along side of him. He raised his glass to the shadows and said a quiet “Cheers” Then he pounded down the rest of his drink.