By Sue


Remember I donÕt own any of the Beatles or their families. This is a fan fiction from my warped mind. Also I must add a special thanks to Trini for letting me know certain things about photos.



Pattie paced the floor waiting for George to come down. She smoked furiously and found she couldnÕt sit still. She looked out side at the cold gray garden. It hit her, all was dead from the winter, and like the garden, all would be dead if she didnÕt go through with what she had decided. So many times over the past 30 minutes she had passed the music room and wanted to just grab the old book and hide it. Now, instead she held the bag with her notebook on everything she had learned over the past several weeks. She had kept notes and would go over them when she got home. She was quiet confident that she understood it all and wondered if she didnÕt now know a bit more then George. Maybe now she could finally help him the way she had wanted to for all these months. She heard him in the hallway and shivered as he came down the stairs. She knew before he came looking for her heÕd head for the music room to check the message machine and see the book. She sat on the chair in the living room. PattieÕs nerves knotted in her stomach as she waited to hear him beckon to her.



George felt better; he was clean and had on fresh clothes. He was thankful that Pattie hadnÕt been angry with him about staying at PaulÕs. Still, he wondered why she wasnÕt. Usually she would be upset and heÕd have to make it up to her, and now she had just hugged him. He was mystified by why she held him so tight and acted as if she was relieved. Women, he thought as he shrugged it off and entered the music room to check the message machine. He arched his back like a cat as he stretched with his arms over his head. Boy did that feel good, he thought as he approached the machine. It was at that moment that he stopped, his eyes hitting a book that wasnÕt there yesterday. It was a big old worn book with cracks on the cover and the binding was torn from age. He examined it closely. The title hit him, The Book of Mystic. He shook his shaggy head as he read it again. George noticed a page that had been creased down. He opened it to the page and began to read it as he leaned down, resting his weight on his left hand. He slowly turned the page and finished what he figured he was supposed to read. When he was done he blinked as the words swam around in his head. ThatÕs it! He slowly figured out his second plan of action in case the first plan didnÕt work. He then thumbed through a few chapters. He spied a few other things that jumped out at him as the musty smell hit his nose. All he read reinforced that his second plan was the right way to go if the other didnÕt work. The positive attitude came back to him as he felt sure that now he was ready.


His interest in the book and what it said made him temporarily forget where the book had come from. Curiosity of how it got there slowly came back to his mind. He stood still thinking and the thought of how Pattie had been acting lately and especially today hit him. Could it be her? How did she know? He walked slowly over to the door still in wonderment as he called out to her to come in to the music room.


Pattie jumped when she heard his voice. He sounded bewildered, as she knew he would be. Chin up she thought as she carried the bag of notes down the hall and into the music room. There she saw George standing by the desk, he raised his head as she came in. She already felt the tears threatening to fall as she tried to force them back. She stood unsure of what to say or what to do. George solved that problem the minute their eyes met.


George saw the shame and guilt on PattieÕs face; it had been her. Why didnÕt she say anything? He didnÕt know if he was mad, relieved that she knew, or just confused by this whole thing. He figured he felt all of these things. He motioned to the book that still lay along side of him on the table.


ŌThis your doing?Ķ George inquired calmly holding back his emotions as he stared at her waiting for her answer.


Pattie slowly walked towards George, Ō Yes, IÕm sorry. IÕm so sorry. Please try and understand. I saw the terror with those dreams night after night. Then I over heard a phone conversation. I never meant to spy on you. I just didnÕt know what was going on. I was worried, confused and just on my last wick wondering what was happening to you. Ō


She stopped and watched for his reaction. All he did was stare silently at her. She couldnÕt read what was going on inside of him. Her stomach tightened not knowing what was going through his head.


Ō Shall I go on?Ķ She asked nervously.


George nodded, still not saying a word. She had known all this time and never told him. He was mad at that, but how could he be when he never told her all the times she asked and he had even lied to her. How could he be mad when this book had help bring him back to a more positive outlook, and a good back up plan to boot? He waited for her to continue as he mulled this all around in his head.


Ō I started to piece things together. You were lying to me, telling me stories and then that the dreams had stopped when I knew they hadnÕt. I had to know, especially after what I had heard. Oh luv I am so sorry, I would listen to your calls. Please IÕm begging you not to be angry with me. I just had to know, I had to hear it all. I asked but you never would tell. Then IÕd go to the library and IÕd read more and more on the subjects I was hearing.Ķ Pattie sat down on the edge of the chair, her back straight as she waited for him to speak.


George watched as she sat and waited for him to say something. He heard her repeat a few things out of nervousness and he knew then that he would have done the same thing. How could he be angry with her over this? This was a very unusual situation. Had it been something different he would have exploded at her. This he could only feel for her. George felt love for her poured over him. She had gone through all this trouble, and painstakingly so to find out the answers to the puzzle. He never thought of her being the book type. He went to her and knelt down on the floor in front of the chair. George laid his head on her lap.


ŌIÕm the one who should be sorry. I should have told you. I just wanted to protect you out of love. I didnÕt want you to worry and obviously you have. I canÕt be angry with you, not for this. That book did help a lot and I know that must have been hard for you to do. I love you pet and the fact that youÕd go through all the trouble to help me.Ķ GeorgeÕs voice was soft as he told her and hoped she could forgive him.


Tears felt down PattieÕs face as she stroked his hair, Ō I love you Georgie.Ķ That was all she could say as he raised his head. He met her mouth in a deep kiss, one that said everything. He broke the kiss and sat on his knees in front of her.


Pattie took out the notebook she had been carrying over the last several weeks.

ŌI even took notes. They may help you. IÕve been down at the library everyday and IÕve learned so much about all of this and of your gift and RitaÕs.Ķ


George gave her a surprised look. Right, she would know about Rita as well. He then took the notebook from her and quickly thumbed through it. He had to smile when he saw how many pages she had written. It must have been hard for her to do; she wasnÕt the book type. He put the notebook down next to him, and then smiled up at her.


ŌThis was awful sweet of you luv. I know it must have been hard for you to sit and study, take notes and figure out what they were going on about. I mean youÕre not the book type. Well, maybe romances and that entire sort. Ō He chuckled as he thought about it.


Pattie knew he didnÕtÕ see the clouds that ran through her eyes as he spoke and then laughed at her. She wasnÕt a dumb blonde, she was smart and had done better in school then he ever did. At least she had finished school and with good grades to boot. How dare he, she thought, anger coursing through her veins. Here she was worried that heÕd get mad and now she was. She stood up suddenly, walked over to the desk, and leaned against it.


ŌIs that what you think of me? A dumb blonde with perfect make-up, hair and clothes, the perfect Barbie doll? IÕll have you know that I finished school and at the top of my class too! Ō She stood there fuming as she watched the confusion cover his face. She couldnÕt believe he thought that of her. She crossed her arms over her chest as she simmered.


ŌWell, luv itÕs just that you donÕt seem to be the type to go for hard thinking. I mean, you shop and go to lunches and that entire sort. IÕve never seen you with a book the likes of letÕs say like Jane would read. Ō He was trying to explain and found he was digging himself in deeper. He was at a lose of what to say to get out of it. What he said was true he had never seen her with an intellectual book or friends of that type. He saw Jane and Paul with that type quiet often, but not his Pattie


PattieÕs frustration grew as he compared her to Jane. How did he know what she read or whom she spoke to when he wasnÕt around?

ŌItÕs nice to know after weÕre married what you think of me. Was I a prize for you to win and show off to your mates?  A trophy wife, arm candy to walk around whilst others drooled at the lucky Beatle George Harrison!!!Ķ She yelled feeling exasperated by this. She got up and started across the room. She bore her eyes into her bemused husbandÕs face.


George got up and shook his head no, Ō I never thought that. Well, maybe the first time I saw you or for a bit, but I fell in love with you, not Pattie Boyd the model. Luv IÕm sorry, you are a looker and you know that, but it wasnÕt like that, not after I got to know you.Ķ He pleaded, but knew he wasnÕt scoring any points with his honesty. Maybe he should have left the first part out. Bloody hell what was this turning into?


PattieÕs face fell at his admission. Tears came down faster and it made her even angrier that she couldnÕt stop them.


ŌRight, I think IÕll go up and touch up my perfect make-up and hair, wouldnÕt want anyone to see Beatle GeorgeÕs wife not perfect!Ķ She sniffled and then ran out of the room.


He shook his head as he heard the bedroom door slam. Now what he wondered? How was he going to smooth this over? He picked up the notebook and sat down. He started to read it. Half way through he was amazed at how smart she was. What was in the book was her own interpretation of what she had read. He figured it was word for word right from the books she had read. He felt horrible, had he really been so callous not to see how smart she was? He hated to admit it but she was smarter then he was in that area. He had even learnt a few things from reading her notes. There were a few words he had to look up in the dictionary he kept for writing, but heÕd never tell her that. He rubbed his eyes with his fingers and then massaged the knot from his neck. He knew she was up there crying her eyes out and because he had been so daft. He had to fix this and now. He had so much on his mind and the last thing he needed was his wife angry with him. He really had gotten the second plan from her hard work. Maybe heÕd admit that to her. But he couldnÕt tell a soul, the alternative universe could easily find out, but sheÕd know that wouldnÕt she?


George crept up the stairs and listened by the door. Sure enough she was crying. He never meant to hurt her or even make her mad, he just never thought about her being smart. When they got together he, being a Northern man had told her that he made enough money to provide for her. He realized that she gave up her career for him, and this was how he thanked her. George felt ashamed as he bowed his head and slowly turned the knob opening up their bedroom door.


Pattie lay on the bed crying. How could he think this of her? She had helped him with the book, she saw it and now this is what he thought? HadnÕt she given up her career for him and did what he wanted? She didnÕt know how long she had been up there when she heard the door open quietly. She sniffled and blew her nose into the tissue that was balled up in her hand. She felt him sit gently on the bed and waited to see what heÕd do.



George didnÕt know what to say. He turned to Pattie and saw her red-blotched face, mascara stains under her puffy eyes along with her raw red nose. He saw the tissues on the bed along with the used balled up ones in her hand. God he just wanted to hug her and make it better. He hated seeing her so upset and being the one who caused it. He lay down facing her.


ŌIÕm such stupid git. Pet IÕm so sorry for being so callous. I read your notes and I was truly amazed at how you grasped it. It wasnÕt word for word; it was your interpretation of it. I learnt much from reading it, and it gave me an idea of how to handle things. YouÕve helped me so much and I go and do this. Daft I am. Ō George shook his head at his stupidity.


Pattie listened as he spoke. She figured he really did feel bad, but still the trophy wife sat aching in her head and heart.


ŌLook luv you know how beautiful you are and I couldnÕt believe that someone like you would be interested in likes of me. I thought maybe Paul or one of the other lads. Of course I was proud to have you on me arm, still am. ThatÕs not a bad thing, OR does it mean yer arm candy. You are amazing in so many ways and I just found out something even more incredible about my lovely wife. You did it. You helped me think of the second back up plan I needed and being as smart as I see, you know I canÕt tell anyone this time. Please except me apology. I love you so much, please pet, donÕt be upset with me. I donÕt fancy it and I donÕt think you do either.Ķ George pleaded with Pattie.


GeorgeÕs hand slowly moved over to PattieÕs. His eyes gaze at her hand as his fingers grazed hers. He felt her fingertips touch his.


Pattie knew he wasnÕt lying, his eyes begged to her as she felt his fingertips touch hers and then move into her hand until their hands were joined. All her reserve was gone and all she wanted was to be in his arms. She moved towards him and they embraced.


Ō I do forgive you as long as you realize I do have a brain.Ķ She whispered into his ear.


George lifted his head, his eyes stared down into the blue pools on her face ŌYes, I realize that now, so sorry. I love you so much.Ķ He leaned down and captured her mouth as his hand ran over her body. He needed her so much and he felt her need as well.


He felt her unzip his trousers. So anxious to be one he pulled up her dress and slid her panties to the side. He entered her fast and deep as he heard moans from both of them. It felt so good to be inside her and then his desperation took over.


Pattie felt him enter her hard, she needed him so badly and knew neither of them could wait to take off their clothes or have foreplay. She just wanted to be one with him and now they were.


Sweat poured down George as he slammed into Pattie. He loved how she invited him with her hips straining up to his. He took her, his wife, his love and reclaimed her. He rode her hard panting and then leaning down to her ear. He kissed it as his hot breath blew words of love to her. The passion was overwhelming as he felt her tighten up inside. George felt himself let go with her and then collapse along side of her. He kissed her and felt her hand stroking his wet hair. God that was the best sex, he thought. The kind that takes you over with such need you have no choice but to become almost animalistic. He smiled at the thought, the glow and his sweet wife back in his arms.



John was surprised when he was the first one there. He never was in the studio first. He checked the clock; they did have studio time tonight, didnÕt they? He then saw George Martin up in the booth and waved to him to turn on the two-way speakers.


ŌWe on tonight right?Ķ John yelled up to the man in the booth.


ŌYes John. Surprised to see you here first. ItÕs usually Paul or George. IÕm going to get myself a cup of tea. They should be here soon, no one called so they should be here donÕt worry.Ķ George Martin smiled down at John and the left the booth.


John sat on the piano bench. He was worried and hoped nothing had happened to his mates. He started to play a song to get his mind off of things. His fingers ran over the ivory keys and soon he was lost in the old songs he played and sang. After three songs he stopped to take a drink when he heard clapping. JohnÕs face snapped up in shock to see Ringo smiling as he walked over to the piano.


Ō The other lads not here yet?Ķ There was concern in RingoÕs voice and John picked up on it right away.


Ringo leaned against the piano staring at John. John pulled the cover over the piano keys and leaned on it with his elbows.


Ō What happened Ritch? Somethin happen last night?!Ķ Alarm rang in JohnÕs tone.


Ringo nodded and explained the whole night quickly to John. John was amazed as he sat in deep thought, taking in all Ringo had told him. Bloody hell, he should have been there with them. He banged the top of the piano and jumped up from the bench. He paced around Ringo.


Ō Bloody fookin Ell I should have been there Ritch. I shouldnÕt have taken it so lightly and been there!Ķ JohnÕs arms whirled through the air as he excitedly expressed the frustration he felt.


Ringo stopped John and put his hand on JohnÕs shoulder. He knew John always thought he was responsible for whatever happened to his band mates, always playing the protective leader. Right now the last thing they need was John in this mood.


ŌListen Johnny you couldnÕt have done a blasted thing so stop. The last thing they need is to think about it so when they come in just lets have a laugh and play some music. I think thatÕs whatÕs needed right now. Ok?Ķ He looked deep into JohnÕs magnified eyes waiting for what he said to process.


ŌHow can I do that one Ritch? How can you or them?Ķ John asked in surprise.


ŌLook John, 3 days, two after this one is over. The last thing anyone needs is to get all gutted. Paulie is already there and he needs you to be strong, we all do and thatÕs what you can do.Ķ Ringo said sternly to his mate and hoped he was getting through to the impulsive side of John Lennon.


John whirled around pulling out of RingoÕs hold, Ō How can you say that man, ItÕs not your life on the line now is it. ItÕs me and PaulieÕs thatÕs up in the air at this point and if those things are around him then theyÕre all around me too.Ķ John looked all around the room.


Ringo saw how spooked John was and tried to calm him down.

ŌJohn, they canÕt touch you until the 9th and Rit and George arenÕt going to let that happen. Now isnÕt the time to fall apart, we need your strength and your fight.Ķ


John quickly lit a cigarette and inhaled it. He exhaled and then locked his eyes with Ringo.

Ō You think IÕm really fearless do ya? Well, IÕll let you in on a little secret, IÕm bloody scared out of my wits.Ķ John turned embarrassed as he finally admitted it to someone.


ŌIÕd be too mate,Ķ Ringo confided to John as he put his arm around JohnÕs shoulder,         Ō But thatÕs not helping matters any now is it?Ķ


John shook his head at what Ringo asked. His stomach felt queasy and all of a sudden his head pounded. He again pulled out of RingoÕs hold.

ŌSÕpose not. I gotta get some air and something for me head. Gotta get me self together. Be back.Ķ John sprinted out of the room and Ringo swore he saw tears in JohnÕs eyes as he turned to go.




The other two Beatles finally showed up about 15 minutes later. Paul tried to joke and forget as he had promised George. George was now confident that nothing would happen to them and before they started playing he told them so. He briefly explained about the book he found, careful to leave Pattie out of it, and told them that things would work out in their favor.


All seemed reluctant but hopeful at the same time. They ended up playing around a bit with old songs to lighten up their moods and then started to rehearse. They fooled around with each other, changing the words or just laughing at the jokes that were being made. It felt so normal to them all that they forgot all about the problem for a little while.


John tore into a song with gusto when all of the sudden his C string snapped, making a twanging sound. It hung twisted downwards to the floor. This brought laughs from all as they stopped to take a break.


John handed his guitar to George, Ō Harri you mind mending this fer me?Ķ


George nodded that he didnÕt and took the guitar. He sat down and dug in his case for a new string and undid the old one. He carefully connected the string to the bottom and then wound it, tightening it to the fret board as he sat concentrating on it.


Paul went over to the corner of the room to grab a drink. His mouth was parched from singing and the cool drink felt so refreshing going down.


Ringo pulled out a sealed envelope from his jacket before throwing it back on the chair by his drum kit. He then proceeded to walk over to John, who leaned cross-legged against the wall smoking a cigarette.


ŌEy, got a chemist chap who took care of that film I was telling you about from PaulÕs.Ķ The envelope waved in his hand as Paul walked over at hearing his name.


ŌOh, got yer camera Paulie in me car. IÕll give it later. I havenÕt seen these yet, should be a good look.Ķ He smiled jokingly.


ŌDonÕt be so cheeky son, I donÕt know what else is on that. Givit here.Ķ PaulÕs hand reached for it, but John was to fast as he grabbed the envelope from Ringo. John held it up in triumph as he wiggled his eyebrows added with an evil grin.


Ō So Macca whatcha got on this? Some primo porn besides your escapades with our youngest Beatle? Really Paul you shouldnÕt corrupt our GeorgieÕs mind.Ķ Howled Lennon as he tore the seal to the envelope.


ŌYer a laugh John you are, Ō Paul chuckled as he went for the pictures again. John just pulled back and held them up out of reach.


George didnÕt say anything as he concentrated on tuning the guitar John had given him. His ear was good enough to tune it as he also listened to the banter and had to stop for a minute as he snickered. He knew that the pictures were innocent of them so he didnÕt care. He did however wonder as the rest what else might be on that roll of film that Ringo had taken.


Ō Ey this sounds to good not to see. Ō John grinned widely at Paul knowing how much he was getting to him. John loved to play with people and he especially loved to play when he knew it got a rise from them. He knew his mate well and cocked his brow at him, waiting for Paul to try to defend himself. He knew Paul would and that was part of the fun of the game; always know what the other would do ahead of time.


ŌHey, there might be sumethin private on that!Ķ Paul announced defensibly not knowing what was on the rest of that roll of film. For all he knew it could be the porn that John would drool over and then rib Paul unmercifully with.


Ō I think our boy is worried we might find out about his evil fetishes. AinÕt that right Paulie? You have somethin ta hide eh?Ķ John shot a look at a laughing Ringo. He then turned his focus back at Paul giving him a lecherous face.


Paul huffed in defeat knowing that when John was in one of his moods he couldnÕt be stopped and that heÕd suffer if John came by any pictures Paul didnÕt want the others to see. He knew he liked to snap shots of some of his conquests, especially if there were two birds together. Of course he usually hid them from Jane in his secret flat he owned in London and kept for such affairs. All the lads knew of the secret flat and of PaulÕs randy ways. He flopped into a chair as he pouted.


ŌHeÕs got a sulk on now John.Ķ Ringo laughed at the good time they were having over the expense of their mate. ÔCourse it was all just a good-natured lark and PaulÕd get over it, Ringo thought.



ŌOh now weÕll have none of your shirtiness,Ķ John shook his finger at Paul much as a parent would with a child. Then John whispered loudly enough for Paul and George to hear,      Ō Can that chemist chap make copies if thereÕs anything of interest in here? Ō John and RingoÕs shoulders hit and they howled at the joke as John took the pictures out of the envelope.


Paul groaned as he waited also to see what else was on that roll. George finished with JohnÕs guitar and sat it in the stand. He got up and walked over to Paul.


Ō Ah donÕt worry, I donÕt think theyÕll be so keen on seein armless photos of us havin a kip. Just a few minutes of ribbing is all. YouÕll see, cÕmon over and get it done and over with.Ķ George nudged Paul. They both wandered over to see John flip through a few pictures.