Remember I don’t own the Beatles or their families. This is just fan fiction from my warped mind.


After John left they all sat in their own thoughts. John’s words rang in Ringo’s ears, get drunk and laid. He thought about Mo and then turned to see the pretty blonde on his right. She looked so fetching, he just wanted to touch her and get lost in her. Maybe John did have an idea. He looked at his watch to see it was just passed four and then looked at all the depressed faces that hung in the room. He stood up and scanned each one. No, they had to do something to get their minds off of this or they’d go potty. He cleared his voice.


“Hey, I think John’s right. We can’t just sit here or we’ll go potty. Lets sag off then, go to a club. Whatcha think?” Ringo stood awaiting an answer.


Tired eyes turned in his direction. George put out his cigarette and then spoke up, “ We can’t go clubbin Rings. First it’s to early and also we have to cover for John if Cyn calls Paul’s flat. “ George reminded him.


Ringo shook his head and then an idea struck him, “Then let’s go to Paul’s. You have a stash don’tcha Paulie?” All heads turned in Paul direction.


He leaned against the windowsill, “ I do, and yeah I think getting me mind off of things would do us a bit of good.” Paul agreed with Ringo.


“Right then let’s go. You gurls up fer some fun?” Ringo laughed as he looked at Rita and then concentrated his stare on Vicky.


Both girls nodded after looking at each other.


“ Good” Paul clapped his hands together. He was sick of thinking about his and John’s demise. This would get their minds off of things and they’d have fun in the process.


“Right” George chimed in. He was starting to feel the excitement of getting lost in some substances and forgetting all of this for a while. After all there was nothing he could do at the moment, they had made their decision. He got up and grabbed his coat as the others followed. They all got in their cars, Rita with Paul and Vicky with George. Ringo wasn’t happy to see this, but figured he’d work on her later, after a few, and besides George hadn’t cheated on Pattie since they married. He smiled as he thought of the night ahead of them.


Paul opened the door to his house; he dropped the keys in the dish on the hallway table. Everyone hung up their coats and tried to get warm as they entered the living room. George and Rita sat on the couch that divided the living room from the hallway. Vicky sat on one of the chairs as Ringo waltzed over to the bar. He crawled behind it and got a few glasses along with a nice big bottle of rum and a few bottles of coke and a cap opener. He put it all on a tray, and then maneuvered back to the rest of them. He carefully put the tray on the white tiled coffee table and started pouring. Paul bought over a ceramic box and sat Indian style in between the couch and the table. He opened the box and revealed a stash that would keep them if they ever got snowed in. He smiled at his four friends and he took the rolling papers and started to roll up some joints.


Ringo passed the glasses out and then made himself comfortable on the ottoman in front of Vicky’s chair. Paul finished rolling several joints and took out his lighter.


“ Ok now for the ceremony of the lighting, cheers.” He teased as he held it up to Ritch and George as they raised their glasses to him. They all watched as if it were the sacrament of the wafer they had gotten in church on communion as children. He took the grand pleasure of lighting it slowly and took the first tolk before passing it around for all to enjoy.


An hour in a half went by and the lubricates were doing there jobs. All were laughing and joking. Ritch was busy focusing all his attentions on Vicky; he pulled her until she ended up on his lap.


“Eh eh, take it upstairs.” George laughed as he watched them, “ If you’re gonna snog there are plenty of rooms to get lost in upstairs, right Paul?” George giggled.


Paul joined George in giggling as if they were kids back in school.


“Yeah, go upstairs and don’t muck up me sheets. If you don’t go we’ll just keep having fits of giggles.” Paul couldn’t stop as the substances took over.


Vicky turned red and buried her head in Ringo’s shoulder. He laughed back at them after whispering in Vicky’s ear.

“You up fer it luv, I mean having it off with me.” He smiled a goofy smile after giggling with the others.


Vicky stood up and Ringo joined her. He took her hand and saluted the others as he pulled gently for her to follow him to one of those rooms upstairs.


Paul shouted playfully after them, “ Not in me room ya hear?!!!”


Ringo roared and shouted down to his mate, “ But Paulie yours is the most comfy of them all.”


George and Paul cackled more as they heard him shout down, knowing Ringo had succeeded in his quest to pull her.


Rita playfully punched George and then Paul, who had moved to sit on the other side of her during the coarse of the day.


“ Why don’t you mature lads go get some guitars and play for me? I’ve seen you in the studio, fight over different songs or parts, play them over and over and listened to the different parts of the song being put together. I have never heard you lad’s just play for fun. I’d fancy a private show.” Rita turned her head from one to the other. She saw silly grins on their faces as Paul pushed the joint in her hand and she just passed it over to George. Rita had smoked, but didn’t want to get as high as the others. She didn’t know how they did it. Years of practice she thought and then it came out mindlessly.


“I don’t know how you guys get so stone. Is it years of practice?” Rita again turned to each for an answer.


“Years of practice ain’t it Paul?” George giggled.


“Yup years of practice luv. “ Paul’s mind moved slowly and then he remembered her original question, “Ya wanna play then Georgie for our Rit, y’know give Rit a treat!” Paul fell back laughing, George chiming in with the silly joke.


Rita just shook her head and smiled, “Ya auta. Now go on and play for me.”


Paul shoved himself off the couch slowly. His movements were not as fast due to how high he was.

“ I have a right handed git up there for ya Georgie.”


“Well go get it son! The gurl here wants us ta play.” George nodded to the stairs and then to Rita, “Rit wants that treat, ya sure it’s music ya want as a treat luv?” George gave Rita a cagey look, his flushed face lit into a smile as he tilted his head.


“Yes George that’s all I want. I hardly think either of you could do anything right now.” Rita couldn’t believe that George was pulling her and it sounded as if he wanted a threesome.

“Tell her Paulie how we was in amburg. She doesn’t believe we could do anything in this condition. “ George wiggled his eyebrows when he finished. He watched Rita blush and got what he was looking for.


“Oh yes luv, Pissed as all ell we’d be and still ave it off with a few birds in one night. We also shared, that was great fun, it was. Young hormones, but got ta tell ya still can do it, ain’t that right George?“ Paul leered at her.


“Right as rain you are Paulie.” George gave Rita a lopsided grin.


“I don’t think the two of you are sharing me tonight. Now, go get those guitars and show me you can play like this.” Rita redirected the conversation back to the guitars. She didn’t want to even be tempted to have both of them at the same time. She really doubted they could carry through in their condition.


Paul brought the guitars down and moved the tiled table away from the couch. Both he and George sat Indian style facing one another. They tuned the best they could and started to play songs. They played the old songs from their early days.

Rita listened to them. Their voices sounded so sweet as they swirled together. Both voices complemented each other. Whether it was George who sang lead or Paul, the other harmonized beautifully and she couldn’t get how they sounded as if they were one voice. They really were good even if they were wasted.


“Wait, your git needs tunin. “ George still smiled that goofy smile as he and Paul tried to get their guitars tuned the same. It took a bit longer, but finally they were in the same key. Again the tunes came out beautifully, they goofed up here and there. Rita knew some was from the grass and some was from not playing the songs very much anymore, but she didn’t care. She leaned back with her drink and enjoyed her private concert.



George continued to play and saw something out of the corner of his eye. He turned still singing and playing. He saw a dark shadow on the wall in the next room. He shook his head and it was gone. Paul laughed thinking George was shaking his head as they did in all their early concerts.


“Blue moon Georgie and no head shakin there.” Paul laughed as he waited for George to acknowledge him.


“ Sure” Was all George could get out as he saw another shadowy figure come closer towards the room. Was this real? What was going on he thought as he heard Paul in the back round and started running the chords with him. He came in late and chuckled with Paul as he ignored his imagination. It must be too much smoke and drink, George thought. Yet this never had happened to him before. He tried to focus on the song and forget the black hooded shadow he had seen.


They stopped and started a few time before getting it right. George tried to let it slid until he saw another shadowy black figure crawl up the other wall in the room and one come in from the bar area. They circled in back of Paul. George started to panic. Maybe this wasn’t his imagination after all. He watched the dark hooded figures come together; first there was one, then two, and now three? What were they he thought as he shivered inside? He saw bony fingers on one them and shut his eyes. Maybe too much grass, he thought again.


“I’m not able to play anymore.” George told Paul as he put the guitar on the pushed back table.


Paul gave him a surprised stare as he tilted his head, “ You alright? Maybe another drink or smoke?” Paul began to pour some in a glass and handed it to George.


George drank it down quickly at the amazement of Rita and Paul, “Wooooa  son, ya drank that one awful fast.”


George nodded to them and placed the glass down and picked up another joint. He wanted to block it all out and it wasn’t working. His anxiety level was rising, although the figures had disappeared. He sparked it up and took a few hits off of it.


“Haz, ya want ta share that now? Gizzit ere.“ Paul nudged him playfully. He wondered what was wrong. He took the joint and pulled on it before handing it to Rita.


Paul slowly picked at some chords to a song he had been working on, and then started playing something else.


. George thought the shadowy figures were pushing Paul to play something different. Even though it was John’s song, Paul was like a robot programmed to sing for them.  George heard Paul started to play “She said she said”


George’s brow furrowed at this. Why was Paul playing that? His heart started to pound harder and he felt fear in ever nerve throughout his body. He didn’t understand it. The figures reappeared on the wall behind Paul. George shivered as he felt the cold and heard Paul sing. Was that the right words?


“I said I know what it’s like to be dead.” He heard Paul sing. George’s anxiety shot through the roof as he heard this. He remembered Rita singing it like that in his dream and then he strongly pulled the guitar away from Paul.


“What kinna soft crap is that? I don’t think under the circumstances that I’m too keen on ya singin that or in that way.” George’s voice was clearly irritated as he put the guitar down, away from Paul and grabbed his drink.


“What? Wha did I do?” Paul asked incredulously as his voice raised a pitch higher. He leaned towards George wondering what he did.


“ That’s John’s song and it’s bout bein dead and then singin it about you bein dead, well, that’s just so wrong at this point of time. “ George explained his voice filled with annoyance.


Paul turned to Rita to see if she heard what he had. Paul put a hand on George’s shoulder, “Hold on, I never sang tha one or in tha way. Whatcha you goin on about? I sang Here, There, and Everywhere fer Rita. Innit right Rit?” Paul’s big puppy dog eyes were glassy and red, but still you could see the surprise in them at George’s actions.


Rita looked down at George in concern. She watched his eyes loom around the room as if he were watching a fly. What was he watching or seeing, she wondered? They were supposed to deaden the psyche so this wouldn’t happen.


George began to shake, his stomach churned. He knew those things made Paul sing that, he knew they were after Paul. George’s paranoia took over. He wasn’t in this and he could save Paul if he had too. He studied the strange figures as they began to come out from the wall and towards Paul. He heard the one figure say something and he repeated it.


“Beware of darkness.” He said flatly as the three-surrounded Paul and started towards him.


 George was acting so strange, he was worried and didn’t quite understand it,  “What’dcha say?” Paul questioned his mate.


George saw the sardonic smiles on the dark figures and his heart leaped into his chest as he sprang forward. He knocked Paul down just as Paul had finished his sentence. He covered Paul. One hand over Paul’s head and his forearm hit Paul’s throat, with his full weight on Paul’s torso. George didn’t realize as he did this that he cut off most of his friend’s air. He was only trying to save Paul from the death that walked towards him. George screamed, not making any sense as he himself was squeezing the life out of his mate.


“GIT AWAY FROM IM!! YOU CAN’T ‘URT IM WITH ME ERE!!!! RITA STOP EM, THEY’VE COME TO GIT IM!!”  George panted with excitement and fear. His pupils were dilated from the grass, but his eyes bulged out of his head in fear as he covered his friend.


Paul lay gasping, “ I can’t breath …… stop …..I  can’t breath.” Paul felt himself grow weak as he tried to pull in any air he could. The dizziness swam in his head as he tried to fight off George. George was too strong, the adrenaline pumped through his veins enabling him to keep his tight grip and not let Paul loose.


Rita flew off the couch and tried to pull George off, but she too couldn’t with the adrenaline forced strength.


“George you’re straggling him! PLEASE GET OFF OF HIM! HE CAN’T BREATH, YOU’RE KILLING HIM!” Rita pulled on George as hard as she could. She even climbed on his back, but couldn’t move him, “HELP ME!!!! “


Vicky and Ringo had heard the commotion and dressed quickly. When they heard Rita’s cries they ran down the stairs half dressed. Stopping, they saw a sight they didn’t understand.


“What the fuck is going on?” Ringo ran up, suddenly sober and started pulling George off, “ They have a row?” He asked Rita.


“No, George thinks he is saving Paul from something, but he is cutting off his air. Please Ritch get him off.” Rita said quickly, trying to help Ringo.


Vicky knelt down in back of George as she tried to help too.


“Ritch, you’re not in this. You can help save Paul too. They’re after him. Look, see them?” George gasped at him, fear trembling in his voice, “No you can’t take me off of im don’tcha see they’ll get im if ya move me. I’m not daft look, look!! Can’t you see? Rita don’t you see?” He begged as he held on to Paul, protecting him. He push down harder on Paul’s throat.


Paul’s face was turning red and all three knew they had to get George off of him. Ringo thought how strong George was against all three of them. If they didn’t get him off soon, then George would kill Paul and Ringo didn’t want to think about that. Suddenly, an idea came to Ringo. He let go of George and got desperate looks from Rita and Vicky.

He slid in front of George and leaned down so they were face to face.


“Georgie, let go and I’ll protect our Paulie. Remember ya said they couldn’t urt me. Now, loosen up here and I’ll wrap me self around our Paul. C’mon Georgie.” Ringo saw the wild look in George’s eyes. He had never seen George like this before and it scared him even if he didn’t let on to it.


Ringo gently pried George off of Paul and took his place. He helped a gasping and coughing Paul. Paul lay limply against Ringo in his arms.


Rita pulled George up, “ See there Ritch’s got him now. He’s safe.”


Vicky grabbed George’s wrist with her thumb and forefinger as she looked at the second hand on her watch. His heart rate was sky high and she knew he needed to calm down. He sat there still yelling about the black hooded figures that stalked Paul.


“Rita his heart rate is way to high and he is starting to hyperventilate. I’m getting a bag; some water and I have tranquilizers in my purse. Try and calm him down.” Vicky told her as she grabbed her purse and ran to the kitchen.


Paul was still trying to catch his breath as he heard what was going on around him.

“Rita” He said hoarsely and in a whisper. Rita held a desperate George as he rambled on about the three black hooded figures that surrounded Paul.


“Ritch don’t let go of em!!!! Ya gotta safe em mate!!!!!” George squirmed in Rita’s arms and she knew she wouldn’t be able to hold him too much longer. The only reason she had been able to at this point was that he had started to hyperventilate


Paul continued to try and get his voice loud enough for Rita to hear him. Paul’s throat was dry and sore; he struggled as he tried to get the words out of his mouth.

“Calm …… whatcha did with me………..touch his mind ……calm em Rit……see it.” Paul couldn’t get much more out as he lay limply against Ritch. Ritch stroked Paul’s hair and spoke to his friend quietly.


“ Easy Paul, just breath mate. Rit will take care of George and so will Vicky. “ Ringo tried to sooth Paul. Paul didn’t take his eyes from George’s frantic face and it scared him that maybe he was right.


Rita nodded to Paul and understood what he was talking about even though Ringo didn’t. She placed her hands on his head and slowly brought them down until his face lay in the palms of her hands. He struggled to free himself from her, but in his weakened condition he couldn’t.


 Vicky brought back a bag and crushed the opening and twisted the bottom so it wasn’t so large. She knelt beside George and put it over his mouth and nose. He fought her too as she held it in place tightly and he started breathing into the bag.


Rita felt the warmth of her hands on George and knew he felt it too. She jumped with fear and her eyes focused in the same direction George was looking toward. She quickly regained herself not wanting to be drawn into what he was seeing. She closed her eyes and thought of nothing but calmness. Her strength carried her and him to a calmer place. She couldn’t calm him completely, but enough for him to stop hyperventilating.


Vicky took the bag away. She brought two pills and a glass of water to George.


“ Here luv take this.” She whispered gently to him.


“NO! “ He shouted, the agitation getting stronger again as his eyes fixed on the figures that wouldn’t leave.


Vicky looked at Rita, her eyes closed, hands still in place. Vicky knew what she was doing, but needed her help. She gently touched Rita and whispered in her ear. She knew Rita would hear her. Rita opened her eyes and slowly released George with one hand. She took the pills and brought them to his lips.


“George you must take these. Paul is safe with us. Ritch is with him. Now, please luv take this.” Rita felt him lean into her. With her power of persuasion placed in his mind, she placed the pills at his lips again and he opened his mouth. George kept staring ahead in an almost catatonic state. She gave him the water and he swallowed. Rita removed her other hand from his head. He bolted upright.


“ Why? Why did you make me take those?! Are you daft?!” He glared at Rita almost burning a hole through her.


“It’s for your own good.” Rita said quietly.


“No, it’s fer you, ya want him to die? Ritch needs elp I need ta elp im.” George tried to move, but both Rita and Vicky held him down. He struggled to free himself, but he was weakened and frustrated that no one believed him. Then it hit George and he turned to Rita.


“Ya saw them too, didn’tcha. I know ya was with me just now and saw what I did. You know what I saw, what I heard. You know the TRUTH! “ George spat at Rita, “ Tell THEM!!!!!!  TELL THEM!!!!!” He screamed at her, blood-curdling screams that raised the hair on all of their necks. .


Vicky rubbed George’s back as Rita stroke his head. My God she did see. How could she tell them in front of George? Then she thought of Pattie, what would they tell her? Maybe Ritch or Paul could ring her and make an excuse, she knew it was only a matter of time before the pills knocked him out and she really couldn’t wait.


“TELL THEM RIT!!!!!” George began again. He pleaded with her in a crazed voice and close to tears.


Rita tried to get him to lay down, “ George why don’t you lay up on the couch and then I will tell them. “


He shot them all a scornful look. They didn’t believe him, they though him daft, a bit soft, he thought as he took a second look at Rita. She knew, but why wouldn’t she tell them? They had been going through this together and now she was against him? He didn’t understand, but she saw them as plain as he had. They seemed to dissipate as he slowly climbed on the couch. George’s mind was tired, his heavy lidded eyes started to droop, and he knew the pills were pulling him into sleep. He couldn’t fight anymore, couldn’t think. Sleep cried out to him, cried out to him as those shadows did, as protecting Paul did and he curled up feeling Rita putting a pillow under his head and Vicky pulling a quilt over him. Dreams; please no more dreams, he thought as sleep pulled deeper at him. Finally, he was out, breathing softly and steady.



Vicky put up the kettle and motioned for them to come into the kitchen. Ringo helped Paul up. He was better now, but still weary from what happened. He was worried about George as they all were. They sat down and lit up cigarettes, sharing an ashtray between them. Paul, Ringo and Vicky looked at each other in shock not knowing what happened, as Rita opened the window a crack to let the smoke out.


She busied herself with getting everything ready for the tea and to give her time to think.

Rita knew they’d all want to know what happened, but was thankful that for the moment they were leaving her alone.


Ringo got up and went towards the phone, “ Gotta call Mo and Pattie so as they don’t worry none.”


Paul nodded and Vicky stared up at Ringo, “ What are you going to tell Pattie?”


“The truth luv, he’s to bloody sloshed to go home and is sleeping it off here at Paulies. So that leaves us here, and me with a fit bird like you luv” Ringo winked at Vicky and watched her blush with a smile. He made the phone calls and then sat down to tea and another cigarette. The kitchen was clouded with smoke, but they knew it would have been worse if Rita hadn’t opened the window.


All sitting down, tea done, phone calls made and cigarettes burning all eyes turned to Rita.


Rita sat down last; she knew it was time to tell them what had happened to George.

She searched her mind, remembering what she felt, saw and heard when she had touched him. She had heard the song George heard Paul sing; yet she knew Paul hadn’t really sang it. She was there; she knew what Paul had sung. She felt George’s terror and his panic, along with what he saw. She knew, just like George had yelled to her before sleep took him. Her face was drawn as she felt the six eyes stare at her. She raised her head and rubbed her neck. Her eyes locked with Paul’s.


“You all right Paul?” She asked as he scooted his chair over to hers. He gently started rubbing her neck for her.


“I’m not the one to worry on now am I. What happened luv? I know you saw, felt and heard it all. Tell us.” Paul asked with a hoarse voice and in concern for his mate. With everything they had all sobered up and waited to hear what Rita had to say.


Rita nodded, “ It’s a lot of things really.” Her mind drifted through the whole night.


“Well tell us then, don’t leave us guessing. We went through some of it too.” Vicky’s voice was nervous. The look on George’s face was one she never wanted to see again, but still she needed to know, they all did.


“Stress from all these weeks, mixed with drug and drink made him a bit, oh how shall I put it?” Rita tried to think of the right word.


“Loony?” Ringo simply stated, “ I mean I know he’s not soft in the head or anything, but temporary insanity maybe?” Ringo felt like he was digging his own grave. Then thought that a poor thought and just settled on that he had put his foot in his mouth.


“Rings you watch too many movies or read too many of them there detective mags of yours.” Paul chastised him. George wasn’t loony and he knew it. He didn’t mean to come off like that and saw a bit of hurt in Ringo’s eyes, “ Sorry there mate, too much stress and if we feel it then George feels it much more.” Paul offered.


Ringo smiled lightly at being taken off the hook and gave a thankful look at Paul. He then turned back to Rita.


“Exactly.” Rita chimed in, “ The stress is eating him up and instead of dulling him the drugs and drink made him freak out, out of control of sorts. I felt it. He was so terrified,

for you Paul. He did hear you sing what he thought you did. I know you didn’t, but he heard it and he saw those three black hooded shadows of death. “ Rita gave a tired sigh, when would this all end? She had never gone through this for so long and with this much trouble changing things.


“Was he right then? Were they here for me?” Paul croaked and shivered at the thought as he asked.


Rita looked down at her hands and then tapped the ash of her cigarette into the ashtray.

“ He saw death, yes Paul and that part was real. He saw the aura of death all around you and so he tried to save you and didn’t realize he was choking you. What he didn’t remember is that they can’t touch you until the 9th.”


Paul sipped his tea and felt it sooth his sore throat. He thought about what she had said. Death all around him, were they still there watching and waiting for him? A chill ran up his spine and he shook noticeably for a second. He sadly raised his eyes towards Rita’s.

“ I know he didn’t realize, I don’t hold it against him. I know he was trying to protect me and I don’t begrudge what he did or is going through. Did it really happen? I know he was dead scared, but the song and the figures?” He slid down in his chair leaning his aching head on the back of the chair. He waited for an answer along with the others two.


Vicky noticed Paul’s discomfort and got up. She looked through the cupboard and found some aspirins and then handed them to Paul. He nodded in thanks and then took them. She sat back down on Ritch’s lap and waited with the other’s for Rita’s answer. 


“Yes, in a sense it did happen. A strange vision of death and a song that I sang to him in our first vision together, that’s the song he said you sang now. He sees it all around you, God Paul I’m sorry. “ Rita felt the tears run down her face.


Paul took his finger and let them drip onto it. He rubbed the tears into his fingers, those wet salty tears that were for him, John, and George or for everyone including herself. He studied her face; grief written all over it, and then leaned in as he kissed her.


“Don’t worry luv. Were not beaten as of yet.” Paul tried to convince her, and at the same time him.


Vicky and Ringo felt a bit uncomfortable. Now knowing what happened, although neither liked it, they knew more then ever the time was drawing near. They all saw it on Rita’s face. The two got up.


“We’re gonna sleep in the guest room Paulie.” Ringo told him as he laid his hand on Paul’s shoulder and gave it a squeeze.


“Ritch, thanks for helping me, don’t know what I would have done if you didn’t think so quickly. “ Paul’s hand covered his friends and their eyes meant in a meaningful way. Each saw the love they had for one another and felt comfort from it. They all knew how much they loved each other; they just didn’t say it much. Northern man didn’t say things to their mates, like I love you. It wasn’t considered manly. Ritch did love his brothers and didn’t care what anyone thought about it. Being an only child for so long and now he had three brothers; he didn’t want anything to happen to them. He was tired and needed sleep and a soft warm body to curl up too. .


“No worries, you woulda done the same had it been me. Sleep well.” Ringo drew back his hand and led Vicky upstairs with him.


Paul’s head dropped onto his arm as they lay on the table. How could he sleep after all of this? He was completely and utterly sober now. He was so tired, but his nerves where on edge. He remembered the feeling in Hamburg, only with the prellies you had energy and he had none. Four days or was it three left, he didn’t remember anymore. It was after all early Sunday morn. He felt Rita’s touch as she now rubbed his neck and then his back.


“ C’mon baby let’s get some sleep. We’re both exhausted.” She tried to encourage him.


“I can’t, you go and get some sleep. Maybe I’ll catch a kip later. “ He muffled through his arms.


“Paul, you need to rest. Please, come with me.” Rita tried again as she got up and decided to leave the dishes for the morning.


“Sorry luv, can’t. You go up.” He repeated.


Rita rubbed his shoulders, they were so tight with tension and she could felt the knots as she tried to rub them out.

“Why don’t we make-love then?” She thought it might relax him as she said it.


“No, for once I don’t even think I could do that.” He raised his head apologizing to her.

He got up and stretched like a cat, bending his back, his long legs and arms He then lit another cigarette and walked out to the living room. He watched George sleeping peacefully for a minute.


Rita stood by the door and saw the love in his eyes for his friend as he watched him sleep. She then watched him grab the half empty bottle from the table and walk back to her.


“ I think I need a bit of this and then maybe a kip. You’re not mad are you?” He asked feeling a bit guilty at not wanting to be with her. After all this weekend was supposed to be theirs.


“No luv, I understand. Don’t be too long; I’ll be up stairs in your room if you need me. I think you need time alone.” She knew he needed to think and process it all. It must be hard for him she thought, then again she knew. She kissed him sweetly and went upstairs leaving Paul alone with his thoughts, bottle and cigarettes. She just hoped that it wouldn’t be too much for him as she stood at the top of the landing and saw the flickering light off of the kitchen. She turned and went into his room leaving him to do what he had to do.