Remember I don’t own the Beatle’s or their families. This is just a fan fiction from my warped mind.



George crawled back into bed with Pattie. He curled up to her warm body as she held him and stroked his hair, telling him it would be all right. It wouldn’t be, George thought as he lay next to his wife and feeling a bit of comfort from her hold. Pattie fell into sleep while George tossed and turned, his mind raced with the dream. Each time he dozed off, he would wake suddenly from one part of the dream, or from the blood that laughed at him as it ran down the drain. Christ, how could this be happening? They had planned everything just right. He hadn’t had a dream in a week and now, the dream had changed. Once they got onto the road, then everything seemed as it did when he shared the vision with Paul. Originally it was only Paul and Rita who would die. Now Rita was safe, but this poor blonde girl would now die, and before it had only been Paul, now it would also be John. Trying to save Paul and Rita by changing things only had things change more against them. Half of the band would die, half of his mates, and Rita would be the only one safe. Taking her place would be some poor blonde and now John was added to the mixture of this crazy destiny that stood before them. This seemed insane to him, how could they change something that always seemed to know what was going on? This alternate destiny seemed to always get worse and he just didn’t know how to stop it all. Why did he have this burden? He racked his brain until he looked at his watch and it read 8 o’clock. He got out of bed and washed up, changed and then made himself a mug of tea to calm his nerves.


Pattie felt his restlessness, she knew what was going on and still George would not tell her. She waited until he went downstairs, then quickly washed, changed, put on some make-up and headed down stairs. The teapot was still hot and she poured a mug, and then slowly picked up the phone to listen to the conversation she knew would be going on.





George pace furiously as he chain-smoked and spoke quickly to his friend.


“I did what I told you I would Ravi. I haven’t had the dream in a week, and then suddenly it came again last night. It’s different this time up until they are in the car and driving. Still John is in it. He wasn’t in it originally and now Rita is replaced with another poor girl. What is happening here? Please Ravi, I am dead tired of this all. Oops sorry, maybe that was a poor choose of words. But I thought we had it. I thought you said if we change things the right destiny would out rule the alternative one. Isn’t that what you said mate?” George chattered nervously, begging for an explanation from his friend.



“George, again I must beg you to calm down or nothing will be accomplished.” Ravi pleaded with him.


“Calm down you say? Two of my dearest mates will die in four days and you tell me to calm down. How does this happen? How does this keepchanging?” George spat irritably at Ravi.


“My friend, most times a seer can change things rather easily. I have heard where there are times when the alternative destiny wants to win out. It was focused on Paul, I believe with Rita being someone innocent, so if someone is in her place that doesn’t matter. I don’t understand why a third person has been taken on. You changing things, well it must have things in that destiny angry. I know this sounds incredible, but they now have John as well. Maybe they wanted the music and with Paul gone it wouldn’t be the same, but with both gone the music will stop. I think that might be it. Either way you must go to the studio and then do as planned, but George, please have plan B in the back of your mind. If you don’t say anything, the alternate destiny may never see it coming and then things will be all right. You see all knew of this, and even though it took some time for the alternate universe to catch on, it did and warned you. Now, take heed and talk to Rita. I am sure she feels it too. Not like you anymore but with your connection to her and Paul, and hers with Paul, will keep her a part of this. Please, go to her and see what you can do. Remember, you are not in this drastic turn of events so you are able to do what the others cannot. Actually, you have an advantage with this. Go my friend and may Krishna guide your way. “ Ravi hung up the phone.


George thought about what Ravi said for a few minutes before ringing Rita’s phone. Rita answered on the first ring.


“George something’s gone wrong. Something horrible is still going to happen!!” Rita excitedly told him as she picked up the phone with out even a hello or asking whom it was.


If it were any other time George would have laughed at her knowing it was he as she picked up the phone. Only, this wasn’t the time to laugh and it seem she too knew something was a foot.


“ I know something’s changed, I had a dream last night and it was a different beginning, but the end is the same. “ George told her as he placed the phone on his shoulder to light a cigarette.


Rita paced back and forth in the kitchen, almost wearing a hole in the floor as she listened.


“George I think you better come over here. Paul stayed the night and I got so scared. I saw him dead and then turn into a skeleton that turned into ash. I told him. I had to; he saw it on my face. Oh George we have to do something, come quickly.” Rita pleaded with him.


“ I will. You say Paul’s there? I guess we should call the others; only John sleeps late into the day. More a night person he is.” George asked and then explained to her as his mind whirled. He had to figure a way to leave with out Pattie becoming suspicious.


“Yes, Paul’s here. He is in the shower. We didn’t sleep well last night as you can imagine.” Rita sipped from her tea and then put the mug down.


“Right, then I‘ll be by soon.” George hung up and tried to figure a get away plan that wouldn’t make Pattie mad or suspicious.




Again, Pattie had been listening. She had gotten pretty good at picking up the other phone without being heard. She didn’t do it much, but she had to know what this new dream was. She hung up the kitchen phone, poured out her cold tea and then got her coat, gloves, and muffler and then went back into the kitchen to find her purse. When she entered she saw George stare over at her.


“Going somewhere pet?” He might not have to make up an excuse after all he thought as he asked her. He leaned against the sink after he had washed out his mug, looking at her in her coat.


“Ah yes, going to shop and have lunch with an old modeling friend. I though you might be with the guys today working. “ She let him off the hook easy as she grabbed her purse from the table.


George walked over to her and kissed her sweetly,” You go have a good time. Don’t’ know how late I’ll be, so don’t wait up. “


Pattie smiled, “ Right, then wake me like you did the other night. I thought that the most, the way you did that. George you drive me to distraction, just thinking about it ………  oh let me go or I will just have to have you now…..” Pattie laughed.


Her laughter was so sweet. Music to his ears as he remembered fondly of the night she was talking about. It aroused him a bit just thinking about it too. He patted her on the fanny as they walked to the front door together. George grabbed his coat and put it on.

“You’re right, we better go before I go beyond distraction and just take you right here and right now.” He laughed, noticing her watch him adjust himself.


“Hmmm, aroused a bit are we? If I didn’t have plans I would let you take me right here.” She kissed him a bit longer then necessary and was out the door. George stood there, trying to calm himself down and focus on the task at hand. He calmed down and then left for Rita’s flat.




The building was big with an expanse of shelves and books. Dark oak tables and chairs were scattered around the overly large room. There were other rooms attached to the main room and smaller ones labeled reading rooms. Pattie had gotten to know this library well over the last few weeks. She had come often and the Libran had shown her the section she needed. She always sat way back in a corner so she wouldn’t be recognized as she poured over the books she was interested in. If someone had told her that she’d be in the library so much a year ago she would have laughed at them. Now, instead of shopping the way she had, she went here instead to read and learned about all that was going on with George.


She took off her coat and winter things laying them in the big chair next to her. She took the few books she had and scanned over them. The books were old and smelled of must; yellow pages with creases and many dog-eared corners lay before her in the older books. She had learned so much about seers, people who could receive, visions, dreams, and the alternative universe or destiny depending on the book.



Pattie opened a very large book that she had never seen before. The cover had cracked, the binding torn and the dust clouded around her as she turned each page. She could hardly believe the things she had read and this book seemed to have more then any of the others. She found a page and as she read it, it reminded her of what her husband and Ravi had been talking about.



In most cases a seer can change the alternative universe simply by changing the situation. Although there are cases that may be hard for the seer to change, only making the situation play out differently, but causing the same affect. The ripple of time will stand still and take what it wants and not give up if it deems it important. To the alternative universe it is a game very much like chess. The seer moves a pawn or a piece to change things, and then the alternative universe moves its piece as it finds out the changes being made. Like in a chess match, each opponent moves around the board until one comes to checkmate.


The alternative universe prides it’s self on learning what the seer will change, and then allowing him to see its move in a dream or a vision. In order to win this type of situation, something must be done that is very unexpected so that the alternative universe has not the time to change it. Once the date is over, that situation is done and the seer can have the checkmate and win.


However if the alternative universe finds this hidden move, it will win its game, and then the alternative universe with become the real universe. Be careful, it has cunning and baffling powers, but this situation can be put right by the seer if he is wise and moves quickly before the alternative universe becomes aware.


Also, be reminded that if the seer changes all back to the original universe, the alternative can at a later date try again in a different way. Thus creating the same out come, but this will rarely happen if the alternative universe is beaten the first time.



Pattie finished reading the page. Her face paled as she thought about it. “ Oh, my God, please let George and Rita figure out what to do before it’s too late” She gasped as she wrote down everything in a note book that she had been keeping since she started her quest.



Rita quickly let George in and gave him a desperate hug. George found his arms around her in an equally desperate hug. They let go and George threw his coat on the chair. He noticed Paul’s coat sitting there. It was a new one, one that he had seen in his dream. He slowly picked it up. He stared at the brown suede as it slowly turned burgundy and wet in his hands. He suddenly saw blood dripping from the coat and him. He threw it quickly onto the floor as if it was hot and he had burned himself. Rita watched him curiously and so did Paul as he came out dress and combing his hair. Paul had stopped in his tracks when he saw how George looked and what he had done. Rita and Paul looked at one another knowing it had to do with the visions.  



“What George? What did you see?” Rita ran over to him, grabbing his shoulders and turning him to her.


Paul found himself standing next to them, waiting to hear what George had to say. George stood there in shock for a minute and didn’t answer right away. Paul gently pushed Rita aside and put his hands on either side of George’s upper arms.


“Mate, ya gotta tell me what you see. I need to know, please.” Paul begged him with glassy eyes.


George’s eyes met Paul’s with the same watery look in them. He stuttered as he began to talk to his long time friend.


“I ….. I ….. Well, it’s the coat in my visions, in my dreams. You just get this?” George asked mindlessly.


“Yeah yeah, just got it yesterday, needed a warmer coat.” Paul explained and then stared at George hard, “ Haza, ya have to tell me, please, I’m going stark raven mad here.”



George saw Paul’s desperate eyes and then turned to Rita. He knew by touching him that Rita had already seen the vision he had. George swallowed hard and looked from one to the other.


“Rita I know you saw it when you touched me,” George whisper a bit shaky.


“But I didn’t. Some one please tell me!” Paul’s voice rose with excitement.


“I saw the coat from my dreams and visions,……… Oh God, Paulie…..when I picked it up the brown turned to burgundy and then ………..,” He trailed off as he caught his breath, “ Then I saw the blood on the coat , my hands, fuck, it was even dripping on the floor mate. I’m sorry …..oh God I am so sorry….” George’s eyes pleaded with Paul to forgive him and then he felt himself fall into a hug. He felt Paul’s arms tightly around him, and then he felt his do the same. They hugged for a few minutes. George felt Paul’s fear and love for him and he knew that Paul, as a receiver felt the same from him.


Paul opened himself up to George and the feelings swam in almost making him cry at how much George loved him and at how scared he was, atnot knowing how to stop this horrid situation.


“It’s ok Harri, You and Rita will figure something out. Like John said we’re not ready to go down yet.” Paul gave George a weak smile and then went into the kitchen to get a cup of tea. He didn’t want either to see as he wiped the tears from his eyes that started to spill over.



They all got a cup of tea and sat smoking cigarettes around the table in the kitchen. They had called Ringo and he was on his way over. When they tried John he grumbled at Cyn but picked up the phone. He started to get mad as his head pounded and the clock said it was to early for him to be up yet. When he heard a bit of what was going on he shut his mouth and told them he’d be there in a little over an hour. So they sat and waited for the other two to arrive, just making idol chitchat, knowing more important things lurked in their minds.


While waiting Ringo arrived, he sat down with the rest of them, smoking and drinking his tea. They all sat waiting for John. Soon Vicky came out of the bathroom, changed and ready for the day. She grabbed a cup of tea and sat down with the other four. She chatted, but felt something was wrong. She knew of Rita’s gift and figured it had to do with that. She looked from one to the other as she wondered. Finally, she got tired of the charade.


“Ok anyone want to tell me what’s going on here? Don’t try and say nothing, ‘cause I’ve sussed you guys out. I know there is a reason I have to stay with Rita at Sharon’s this week. Now don’t be coy with me either. I do know about Rita’s gift. So fess up.” Her blonde hair shook as she turned looking at them one by one. She saw how the guys looked down and then focused on her friend.


Rita got up and poured another cup of tea, she spoke as she added milk and sugar to it.

“ You’re right Vick, there is something going on and I guess it’s only fair to tell you since you are in it too.” Rita looked over at George, Ringo, and Paul and then came back to the table as they nodded yes.


Rita explained the whole thing to Vicky, from beginning to that day. Vicky sat there in shock. She had witnessed Rita’s gift and how she changed things; it didn’t faze her any longer. Now, after hearing this story, she didn’t know what to say and just shook her head.


Ringo sat frozen. He had thought it had all been dealt with and now this. He was surprised at this new information and just sat there processing it.


“ I told you not to hold anything back, I just didn’t realize it was this big or this bad.” Vicky said, still in shock at what she had just been told.


“That’s why it’s important for you to stay at Sharon’s and not leave or come near your flat.” George offered, as his hand gently rested on Vicky’s shoulder.


Vicky nodded dumbfounded, “ I suppose so.” Was all she could get out and that came out in a whisper.


A few minutes later the bell rang and Rita jumped up to see that it was John. She rang him in and opened the door for him. She took his coat as the other’s came filing out of the kitchen.


“ What’s this then? You all look like someone died,” John had to laugh nervously as he realized what he said, “Sorry …….just came out. Besides we aren’t dying Paulie….So tell me what’s all this about. You told me a bit now finish.”  John took the mug from Rita and watched as Paul looked out the window, biting his nail. John couldn’t help his mind wandering to that day in the music room and Paul standing as he was now looking out that window. Something bad was up and he quickly turned to the others.


“Macca looks as he did a week ago in the music room. What are you all going on about?” John stood akimbo, waiting for an explanation, “ C’mon, you got me up way to early, me head is killing me and I was dreaming about the incredible girl I had last night and will have again tonight.”

This time John kept his mouth shut and sat on the couch. He sipped his mug and took a smoke from Ritch who sat beside him. John sat waiting for the full story.



George and Rita sat down, while Paul stared out the window and Vicky perched herself on the arm of the couch. Rita and George shared telling the tale of the visions and dreams that were going to become reality in four days.


Ringo listened a second time, getting more nervous as they continued to unwind the tale. John sat pulling on his smoke and thinking about what he was being told.


After they finished George and Rita looked at everyone involved. Ringo sat there still stunned as he was the first time, Paul still searched for something out the window, Vicky still couldn’t believe it as she heard it again and John nodded, putting out his cigarette.


“So whatcha got planned now Haz, Rit?” John gazed at them intently.


“I’d fancy knowin me self.” Ringo added.


George shook his head, “I spoke to Ravi and I think we should go back to the original plan. Go to the studio and I take Paul’s keys. I think that’s our only bet here.” George’s brown eyes took in John’s hazel ones, waiting to see his reaction to his suggestion.


John put his mug on the table, got up and playfully slapped George on the shoulder.

“Capital idea mate. Yes, go back to the original plan eh Ritch, just like Bond?” He circled back around to Ringo and looked down at him.


Ringo shrugged, “I s’pose. If it’s good enough for Bond, y’ know it’s probably the way to go.” He offered, not quite sure, but it was better then nothing.  His reliefs at not being the one that would die made him feel guilty. He looked to see everyone nod to this. John went to the phone and called the studio and rescheduled the 9th. He hung up and walked back into the room.


“Right, it’s set and we go to the studio on the 9th,” He walked over to Paul and put his hand on Paul’s shoulder, making the younger man jump.

“Mate we ain’t through yet, so stop yer worrin. It’s rubbish, we are the Beatles and George along with Rit will get us through all this. You’ll see when we wake up on the tenth. I don’t know about you all but I need a drink and have a very lovely dolly bird waiting fer me.” John smiled at them as if nothing were going to happen.



Rita knew John was putting on a show, she could feel it, but if it helped the others then so be it she thought. She knew John was scared as all hell and just wanted to get away, to run away. Rita knew all John wanted to do was get drunk, laid and forget. He was telling them half the truth anyway. She smiled knowingly at John.


John had to get out of there. His heart was beating faster and harder from the fear that he didn’t want anyone to see. He had to just forget this mess. He wanted to get drunk, and laid. He had found a beautiful bird last night and had told her he’d be back in the late afternoon, early evening. He would drown his sorrows in her and drink. If he were going to die, he would enjoy his last few days. It was then he realized that Rita was smiling at him. He felt uncomfortable as his eyes locked with hers. She knew, he thought as he pulled his eyes away and picked up his coat. He didn’t want anyone else to know. He shoved his coat on, walked to the door and turned to the others.


“I’m off then. See you louts tomorrow night at the studio. We’ll make some gear music. Now listen to your uncle John and go get drunk and laid. Best medicine it is. “ He howled as he closed the door behind him.



John laid his head back on the leather seat of his car. It felt good to relax as Les drove to the address he had given him in London. John exhaled the smoke of his cigarette and watched it hit the ceiling and then spread across the back seat. He didn’t want to die and he was starting to get scared. He thought all was fine until now. What ifs ran around in his brain as each scenario played in his head. Would they beat this so-called alternative universe? Or would it just figure out another way to adapt to the changes they were making? Either way, could he hold his tongue if he and Paul were going to have an argument?


 John’s head hurt from the hangover and thinking too much about this, he would just go get bladdered at this bird’s flat. Then he’d go and fuck her brains out. After all if he were going to leave this world he’d do it up good and proper like the last few days. He made a mental note to spend time with the wife and Julian, just in case. He felt the car stop and looked up at the building, her building and he remembered fondly how beautiful she was and what a time they had of it last night. Les told him they were there and he told Les he could go. He knew Les would never open his mouth about his infidelities. He climbed out of the car and watched it go before he ran up to the second floor and knocked at her door.



The door opened to a stunning woman. She wore a black silky short dress that showed off her shapely 5’4” frame. She had olive skin, dark eyes and long black hair. She smiled as she opened the door to John. John noticed that her smile lit up her face as she moved aside for him to come in.He took his coat off and hung it on the coat rack. Her living room was decorated in black and white, black couch and chairs, with a white fluffy rug. Black and white pictures hung off the white walls and white drapes hung closed on the window. She had a black bar in the corner, and a console T.V./ stereo that sat opposite the couch.


John kissed her red lips, a light kiss at first, which led into a longer more promising kiss.


“Julia luv you look rather fetching in that dress.” John’s eyes scanned her body, approvingly at what he saw. A few drinks and then she’d be his for a while. He couldn’t wait to touch her body, but first he desperately needed to wash the thoughts out of his mind.


“Ta Johnny, I’m glad you came a bit earlier. I missed you.” Julia purred into John’s ear as she wrapped herself around him and pulled herself up for another kiss.


John broke the kiss, he wiggle around to adjust himself, “There’ll be plenty enough time for that luv, I really have to get me a few drinks first. Had a rather balmy day so far. You mind?”


Julia smiled, her eyes shined and she shook her head as she led him to the bar. John drank several strong drinks; he felt the affect starting to hit him as he poured another one. Julia drank a lot less, but didn’t seem to mind how much he drank as they talked. She had been waiting for him and was happy to see that he did show up after all. She hadn’t been sure if he would or not. She loved how heated his looks got the more he drank. They sat on the couch and he played with her hair and then ran his hand over her silky dress feeling every curve on her body. She could feel herself grow hotter as his hand slid over her, he only took his hands from her to make another drink or light up a smoke.



After an hour of talking and drinking, John pulled out a joint. He lit it and they smoked it until he put it out with his wet tongue and swallowed the small amount that was left. John was feeling a lot better; his mind was now in the haze that he wanted. No longer did the accident fill his mind instead the haze took his body and he felt so ready for the beauty that sat in front of him.


Julia noticed the tightness of John’s trousers as he stood extending his hand out to her. She reached out, took it and felt his strength pull her from the couch. He pulled her to him.


“See whatcha done you little vixen,” He took her hand and placed it on his hardness. He coaxed her to rub the area and he heard a moan escape his mouth as she did.


John picked up his cigarettes, the bottle and then picked Julia up and brought her into the darkness of her room. He didn’t even turn on the light as he put her down and then put down the other things on the dresser. He pulled her close to him while he stepped out of his shoes. Even out of his shoes he was to tall for her. She pushed herself on her tiptoes to reach her arms around his neck. John pulled her up him, his hands under her bum holding her to make it easier. He then found her mouth and covered it with his as his tongue slipped into her mouth. He carried her to the bed and stumbled, falling with her onto it. They laughed as Julia unbuttoned John’s shirt. He took it off and enjoyed the feel of her tongue licking and kissing his neck. He then felt her tongue swirl around his nipples making them swell with excitement. God she felt so fuckin good, he thought. He unzipped her dress and helped her out of it. He was happy to see she had nothing under it and through the curtains the moon shone on her body, letting him see all her splendor.


Julia knew it excited John to see she had nothing under her dress. She smiled pulling herself up on all fours as she brought herself over top of him. She leaned down and captured his mouth for a long deep kiss. Julia felt his arms fold around her, pulling her body down on top of him. They kissed and rubbed against each other until it became too much to take. Julia found her way down to his trousers and then as he did with her, helped him off with them as well as his pants. Totally naked her dark red lips came down on his hardness as she knelt between his legs.


John watched and shivered as her long dark hair brushed against him and her warm wet mouth took all of him. He moaned and groaned with every wet motion of her mouth. He stopped her and ran his hands through her hair before he pulled her up to him.


“ You’re so beautiful,” He panted and then nibbled at her ear and breathed into her it, “I love your name, me mum was named Julia, always thought it a beautiful name and it fits for such a looker as yourself.” After a few more nibbles John turned her over so he was on top of her. He suck on her nipples and his hands wandered over her body. His right hand found the soft triangle of hair between her legs. His left held her breast as he continued to suck on it. His right hand played with the soft curls and then went further in. He felt the wetness that leaked from her. His callous fingers rubbed her swollen flesh until she squirmed. He felt her orgasm and then slipped his fingers inside her. John felt Julia’s hips rise allowing his fingers to go in deeper as she cried out with need.


 “ John please……..please fill me……I Oh God YES …..PLLEEAASSEE.” Julia begged him.


John’s fever grew at hearing her beg for him. He pulled out his fingers and kissed a trail to her mouth. He sat up and spread her wetness on him and then pressed his hardness gently against her opening. Every time she tried to push up and have him in her he would raise himself so he was still at the entrance of her heat. John loved the game, as much as the feeling and making her want him even more, was part of that game.


“OH GOD JOHN PLEASEEEE” Julia pleaded, exasperated with him teasing her further.


“I rather fancy yer beggin fer it.” John told her slyly.


“I need you inside me, John please” Julia continued to raise her hips to him.

When John wouldn’t give her what she so badly needed her body collapsed in frustration.


John watched her frustration making his desire so strong he plunged into her unexpectedly. He grunted and heard her moan in satisfaction as he started pushing in and out of her. His need grew as he started a steady hard rhythm. The haze of booze, drugs and sex filled him. He never felt more complete then he did at this moment. Nothing could feel better then the animal desire, and the lust of being together as one climbing that hill to fulfillment. John never wanted to stop. He just wanted to stay inside Julia and feel this way forever. He grew closer to the top as he watched her head and luscious hair toss back and forth at the pleasure he was giving her.


Julia felt herself tighten as John pounded into her. His force brought her closer to the edge, closer to where she needed to be. She couldn’t take it any longer as his sweat dripped on to her and hers dripped onto the pillow. She felt her body shake with the rush of her orgasm. Julia cried out and then whimpered, feeling herself tighten to him.



John felt her pull him in, he knew he had gotten to the top of that hill and now was falling down it. He fell with thunderous speed as he called out her beautiful name and felt her body mold to his. He fell to her side and pulled her against him. He gasped and panted with her as the glow filled them.



Finally, after catching his breath John rolled a bit more to her and kissed her forehead.

“You are sumethin you are.” He breathed, still trying to catch his breath.


She smiled over at him and their mouths met in a kiss. They ended up making love twice more that night before John had to leave to go home. He wished he could stay but he need to get back to Cynthia and now back to being a husband, father and a Beatle. He wondered, as he slowly got dressed if he’d ever see Julia again. He watched as she slept peacefully. He then went into the kitchen, got a pen and paper so he could write her a small note as he waited for Les to come and pick him up. He laid the note on his pillow and told her he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to see her again and how wonderful the last two nights had been. He went into the bathroom and got several aspirins, he then came out and swallowed them with a few gulps of scotch. He took a few more swigs from the bottle, capped it up, grabbed his coat and left as he saw Les drive up.