Remember, I don’t own the Beatles or their families and friends. This is a fan-fiction from my warped mind.


The humming of the shower stopped as Paul entered the bedroom. He saw the freshly made bed and knew Jane was in the bathroom. He knocked lightly on the door whilst biting his lower lip. He knew she probably wanted to spend time alone with him and would be disappointed when he told her that George and Pattie were coming by. He swallowed hard as he remembered how she was told about the drug that was slipped to him. He really didn’t want to hear a lecture on the evils of hard drugs right now, especially when he had been completely straight this time.


He heard Jane call him in and opened the door slowly. He saw her in her fuzzy blue robe, brushing out her hair. He sat down on the toilet and looked up at her sheepishly.


“Hey, sorry bout last night luv. Didn’t know you were dropping by.” Paul told her scratching his head and then looked down at the white throw rug on the floor. He saw some fuzz on it; to keep him occupied he pick the fuzzy balls up and threw them in the rubbish bin.


Jane placed her brush back in the cabinet and gave him a concerned look.

“I wanted to surprise you. I guess you surprised me. Paul, I wish you’d stay away from those hard drugs. You scared me last night. You were so out of it and so terrified I didn’t know what to do. Are you alright now?” She searched his face for the truth.


He cleared his throat and putting on his best actor’s face, started to explain to her.

“ I didn’t know about the drug. It must have been slipped to me. I can assure you it wasn’t any fun. The dreams it invoked were horrible. Sorry to scare you Janie, but thanks for being there for me.” He looked down embarrassed.


“I love you, why wouldn’t I be there for you? “ She paused, looking at his embarrassed face, she felt bad for him now, “ Well it’s over and done with so they say. We have the rest of the weekend to spend together; I don’t leave until Monday morning. “


His face rose to meet hers and he kissed her as she bent down to him. He felt badly for lying to her and even more that he really didn’t want her there. Especially after seeing the love on her face. He knew if she hadn’t been there he’d be with Rita, and felt a little guilty. Rita Evin was the one he truly wanted be with; he wondered how he had fallen for her so quickly. He loved Jane, but it just wasn’t the same feelings he felt for Rita. He wondered if it was because of this whole situation and if afterwards he would again feel the same for Jane. So for now he figured he’d keep it the way it was and try to act normally around Jane. He knew he had to tell her about George and Pattie. He had a feeling that maybe the other two might stop by to see how he was, since George told him how bad he had been the night before.


He sucked in a breath and watched as she applied her make-up.

“Janie, I didn’t know you’d be here and George is stopping by in about 30 minutes. I told him to bring Pattie along to keep you company since we have to work on something. The others might stop by as well. I’m sorry; I just didn’t know you’d be here.” He held his breath as he waited for her answer.


Jane turned her head to him, she had stopped what she was doing and thought about what he had just told her, “I really wanted to spend time alone with you. It’s been awhile since we have.” She paused for a moment and then continued, “ Well I suppose I could share you for awhile. Just promise me that we will spend tonight and tomorrow alone, o.k.?” She tilted her head waiting for his answer.


Great he was off the hook, he thought, to his relief, and then exhaled the breath he had been holding. He really didn’t want to spend time alone with her. Funny, usually he did, but now all he wanted to do was get her out of there and not screw up. He was afraid she’d notice something and he didn’t want her to see that there was plenty going on. This was different then just a one nightstand that he successfully kept from her and he hoped he could act as if nothing were going on.


“Good, right, then tomorrow we will have the whole day together. I am not sure of tonight though, I’ll see how it goes. Sorry luv, truly I am.” He gave her his puppy eyed look and saw her face soften.


“Next time I guess I should tell you instead of surprising you.” She told him a bit disappointed and sighed in defeat with a slight grimace on her face.


Paul stood up and enclosed his arms around her. He felt badly as he drew her in for a kiss. He kissed her with passion, and saw Rita’s face. He didn’t show his shock at this, but pulled away from her, “ I better get a shirt on then. Thanks for understanding.” He quickly told her as he stumbled and left the bathroom.




Why had he seen Rita’s face when he kissed Jane? This bothered him; he tossed it away for now, put on a shirt and ran down stairs. He quickly rang the other two and asked for them to come over, explaining he couldn’t stay on the line. They told him they’d be there soon with wives in tow. Now, that will keep the day and night busy he thought as he       re-heated the kettle for more tea. Then he sat down and waited for his company. He wished somehow Rita could come by, but he knew there was no way he could accomplish that one without questions.


Jane came down as George and Pattie got there. Jane looked perfect as usual, Paul thought as he answered the door.


“Hey Paul, how ya feelin?” George asked as his hand fell to the small of Patties back, letting her in first.


Paul smiled up at George, “ I feel fine now,” His eyes lowered to George’s beautiful blonde wife. He kissed her on the cheek, “How’s the better half of the Harrison family?”


Pattie kissed Paul back on his cheek and chuckled as she looked at the pretend hurt on her husband’s face. She slapped Paul on the shoulder in a joking way.

“This part of the Harrison family is fine thank you.” She smiled as she moved towards Jane and greeted her.


“Hey, that’s just not right.” George protested and then found his way to Jane. He kissed her lightly on the lips, and then looked back at Paul with a grin.

“How is the more talented part of the McCartney – Asher couple?” Touché George grinned and then laughed as Paul and the girls joined him.


 “Ok, ok. I wouldn’t go that far now. Remember we have different talents. C’mon in and have a cuppa.” Paul took their coats and hung them up.


“I’ll fix us a tray for the living room. Pattie you want to help me? You boys sit.”

Paul and George sat on the couch as Jane motioned to Pattie. She followed Jane into the kitchen. Jane pulled down a tray and handed some biscuits over to Pattie as they busied themselves.


“How have you been Janie?” Pattie turned her head to Jane after she finished laying out the biscuits.


“I’ve been good. I’m up for the lead in the next play we’re doing. This tour will be over in another month,” Jane paused and wondered if she should ask Pattie about what went on last night, and then decided to.


 “ Guess you heard about last night with Paul?” Jane saw the blonde nod,

“ Well I wanted to surprise him and I guess he surprised me. Pattie he had a horrible dream from that drug last night. I’ve never seen that happen before. What sort of drug does that?” Jane looked curiously at Pattie.


Pattie knew she had to come up with something. She really didn’t know what to say. Tell her that Paul saw his own death? That he hadn’t taken any drugs at all? No, she’d just pretend she didn’t know. Pattie shook her head at Jane.


“I don’t know much about those hard drugs, so I couldn’t tell you. I do know that was a rather wicked trick to slip it to him though. Poor Paul, it must have been horrid for the both of you.” There she sounded convincing and Jane looked like she had bought it. The only thing she really did was smoke some grass. Of course there was that horrible time when they were slipped LSD. She thought about it and shivered at the thought.


“ You know I do know how he feels. Remember when George, John, Cyn and I were slipped that LSD? That was so scary and it wasn’t our fault. So be easy on him. But like I said I don’t know about any other hard drugs.” Pattie finished hoping Jane would believe the same happened to Paul.


“Neither do I and you’re right, that was a wicked thing to do. I wonder who did it? Well, it’s over now, I just hope Paul pays more attention next time,” Jane picked up the tray,

“Lets take this out to them then.”




They finished their tea just in time for the bell to ring. Paul answered it and found Ritch, Mo, John and Cyn on the doorstep. They must have come together, Paul thought as he greeted them. The girls and the guys stood in the hallway.


“We’re gonna go up to the music room and work on some things that we need to.” Paul offered with a bit of nervousness in his voice.


John picked up on it and bailed him out.

“Yeah, you told me you two came up with a good guitar part for the middle of me song. I’m rather curious to hear it. I really want to get this song out of the way. Maybe we can finish it up nice and tidy like.” He smiled to the others.


They all kissed their wives and girlfriend and like a group of kids, raced up the stairs to the music room on the third floor. John pushed them aside; putting his bum on the banister he used his feet to slide himself up it. Paul pushed John into the wall to get by. George zoomed right by the two with Ringo in the lead. John finally pushed Paul and George aside as he high tailed it to the stairs on the third floor. Ritch was right behind him as the other two pulled on Ritch and John’s shirts to slow them down. Panting they all broke into the room. Ritch and John pushing each other through the doorway, sideways. The other two gave up and walked in. As they caught their breath, Ritch turned to John.


“Brilliant that was.” Ritch laughed to John as they stood there in the cluttered room.


“Yeah, the story was grand.” Paul agreed thankfully with Ritch.


“Saved your arse I did,” John grinned at Paul, “ Richard I am hurt, did you ever doubt my brilliance?” John said turning his attention back to Ringo. He covered his heart and feigned hurt as he answered him making one of his famous Lennon faces. This caused some laughter amongst the three of them. John just kept a straight face as they stood there.


“ You’re daft, you are.” George laughed harder with them.


“Daft you say? May I remind you that most geniuses are a little off.” John teased them as he watched Paul closed the door


“Hey I never doubted anything and I agree, you are a bit off.” The laughter became howls as tears rolled down their faces at Ritch’s comment. John joined in with them; he walked towards Ritch not able to speak due to laughter and smacked him on the back.


It felt good to all of them to break the tensions they had been feeling since George had told them about his visions. 




The laughter died down as they all scanned the familiar room that they had been in so many times. A piano sat by the only window in the room. A note pad and pen sat on the bench. Scattered around the room were different types of guitars, basses, and percussion instruments. On the other side of the room sat a beat up couch and table with an ashtray. Along another wall stood a tall bookshelf filled with records, note pads, a stereo, and a reel-to-reel tape recorder. The walls were adorned with some Gold albums and pictures of the Beatles at different periods in their career. The floor had a braided old throw rug that covered the other battered wooden floor. Two fold up chairs sat together next to the piano with a music stand in front of it. The hiss of steam rose from the heater in the corner, making the room cozy.


 Ringo slid the half empty cup of old cold tea over. He picked up the ashtray and emptied it into the rubbish bin that sat between the piano and two fold up chairs. He then took it to the spot he had cleared for himself and sat on the worn couch. Paul quickly picked up the old cups and put them on the bookshelf to make room for the others to sit. He then sat on one of the fold up chairs. John grabbed an ashtray off the piano, lit a cigarette, and fell into the chair next to Paul. George took the other side of the couch and put his elbows on his knees with his chin on his hands.


“That’s the most normal I’ve felt since this whole bleedin thing started.” John chuckled,  “ Would have beat you too, man. If these two wankers didn’t pull on our shirts.” John balled up a piece of paper and threw it at Ringo.


“You’re just a spoil sport you are Lennon.” Ringo answered as he swatted the balled paper back at John. It didn’t quite make it and John picked it up and threw it hard into the rubbish bin.


Ringo and John didn’t hear the others chime in when John called them wankers or with the larkin about. John thought it unusual and turned to Paul and then George. He saw the seriousness back on both of their faces.


“All right then what’s up? Why were we summoned here, did sumethin happen?” John stared curiously at George and then at Paul. Paul hadn’t had time to explain to either of them. John knew Paul had been bad last night and he knew the gravity of the situation, so he waited impatiently for an answer.


George looked over at an anxious Paul, who turned away quickly when their eyes met.

George’s eyes turned to John and Ringo; he dropped his fore arms to his knees resting his body on them. His eyes moved from one of his mates to the other. Thoughts crowded his mind; he didn’t know how to explain what happened so they would understand. George decided to try and just see what came out of his mouth. First he lit a cigarette for some courage, his body craved the nicotine. He exhaled and felt a bit better and then tapping his ashes into the ashtray, then opened his mouth to begin.


“ Um, I really don’t know how to explain this to you mates so just try and stay with me.” George told the two and then watched as Paul got up and walked over to the small window. George could feel the aura of death that surrounded Paul and shook from it.


 Paul stood there biting on his nail, cold surrounded him like a blanket, only a blanket should be warm, he thought. Paul stared out the window; fear glazing his eyes, and the remembrance of the dream whirling in his head.


“When you share a vision with someone it affects them as much as you. Sharing a vision, your minds come together, like one. Y’ know? Anyroad, a connection forms between both of you. You saw the condition Paul was in last night.” George got up and paced the floor, pulling on his cigarette as he finished telling them, “ He dreamt what he saw in the vision, only this time he was in it. He was able to feel, taste and smell, as well as see. Me, instead of just seeing as I usually do, it was as if I was inside Paul’s head. I felt the fear, desperation, the pain at seeing me mate dead and the horror at feeling us dying. I felt and saw the blood pouring out of us. I felt the panic, heard the girl scream and felt the guilt of it all as we said a pray our mum taught us when we were small. Before losing consciousness, the odor of petrol was in the air. We woke to the explosion of the car and the feel of death all around us. Desperation to feel alive instead of death possessing us; we had to feel alive somehow…..” George in explaining had drifted off and the other Beatles heard him talk as if Paul and he were one. Paul stopped George’s trance like state before he described how they went about feeling alive.


“GEORGE!!!!” Paul turned around in a flash, embarrassed that he might reveal more.


George snapped out of it and realize what he had done as a heat crawled up his face. He turned his face allowing the blush to fade a bit before he turned up to Paul.

“Sorry mate.” He saw images in Paul’s face and felt again all the feelings he had described going through them both.


“What?!” John jumped up from his chair, clearly annoyed bybeing shut out. “Ya talk as if you’re one. Ya then tell us what happened andcome to a dead stop. Get on with it! What else happened George?!” John leanedagainst the piano exasperated.


George stopped pacing and put his burned out cigarette inthe ashtray. He was unsure how to explain this as he caught Paul chewing hisbottom lip out of the corner of his eye.

“Listen John, I ……we, aw hell it’s rather personal and Ishouldn’t ave seen it, but did. I’m not to keen on talking bout it, so dropit.” George’s face again took on a red look as he stammered.


Paul turned away not able to look at any of them. He wentback to the window, gazing out of it. For what, he didn’t know, it was the onlything he could do. He stood there frozen to the window, to the dream and to hisfears.


John’s face lit up as he realized what George was talkingabout. He could have some fun with this if it was any other time, but he knewit wasn’t. He spied Ritch who shook his head no quickly to John.


“Right then I’ll let it go. So let’s have a go at what to dowith this mess. I am not about to die and neither is Paul or this bird for thatmatter.” John said adamantly.



“Yeah let’s have a crack at figuring this mess out.” Ritchadded to John’s idea. He wanted to get something done. He didn’t want this tohappen, none of them did. He was concerned at the toll it was taking on Georgeand now on Paul too.


“Right, Rita and me, we spoke about taking Paul’s keys awayfrom him. This way he can’t use his car. How’s that sound, nice and simpleinnit?” George watched for the reactions of his mates. He sat down on the edgeof the piano bench


Now John paced thinking. He rubbed his chin and raised hishead to George.

“Yeah, could work. No keys, no car……yeah I rather fancythat, it’s simple. You think it could work? I mean we’ve seen how things changeas we change things.” John came to a halt and sat on the arm of the couch. Hefidgeted with a pull in the fabric as he waited for an answer to his question.



George looked around then focused back on John, “ I don’tsee how it can’t work” He sat thoughtful for a minute remembering what Ravisaid about a second plan, “ Although, Ravi said we should have a second plantoo.” George squirmed on the bench. Even with his back to Paul he still feltfully what was going on in Paul’s head. He felt Paul’s need to talk to Rita, tofind a solution, and to find some solace in his now upside down life. Georgefelt bad for his mate and after being in his mind during the dream; he couldfeel the terror even more.


Ringo sat forward on the couch. He had been thinking thewhole time whilst he was listening to George and John discussing things.


“Here’s a thought to toss out. Why don’t we skip the studiothat night? Y’ know sag off for the night. This way no one is there and we areall home. No worries and no troubles with that one. Whatcha think?” Ringolooked from one to the other. He saw them think about it and then saw a lightgo on in their heads.


John turned and put a fake shocked look on his face, “ Why Ithink our Richard is the one that’s off. He’s the genius.” John snickered athis comment and seeing Ringo’s sour look on his face.


Ringo didn’t know if John was serious or not, “ You pullinme leg here?”


“Ritch if I was pullin yer leg luv you’d feel it. “ A smilebroke over John’s face as he said this, “ I think the idea is brill! How couldanything happen if we stay away from the studio?” John got up and tousledRitchie’s hair and then looked to George.


George thought about it for a minute and then looked toPaul. Paul turned from the window, a thin smile on his lips for the first timesince the subject came up.


“I think that could work. What do you think Georgie?” Paul’sface took on a brightness. It had to work, he thought. No one in the studio,how could any of this happen?

“This is simpler then takin my keys!” Paul stated excitedlyas he quickly went over to George to see him nodding yes in agreement.


“Yes, not only are you a genius my dear Richard but asimpleton too.” John howled, not only at the joke, but also at the relief hefelt.


“Get stuffed John. It’s a good idea and you know it.” Ringosmiled at them.


George nodded at all of them, “ That’s it then. Ritch greatidea, we don’t go to the studio that night. Sounds good to me. Lets call andcancel.” George watched as they all sighed in relief.


“ See I told you John.” Ringo stood up, puffed out his chestand crossed his arms around it.


“ I told you Ritch I fancied the idea. It is a great plan. Iknew we kept you around for some reason.” John just couldn’t contain himself ashe smiled at Ringo.


“ Piss off would ya already. Go rouse someone else.” Ringosmiled back. He knew it was just good-natured fun and a tension reliever,something they all needed.


“Fine, you two shut yer gobs whilst Paul rings and cancels.”George grinned as they looked around for the phone.


Paul’s face grew red as he realized he didn’t know where thephone was. He went to the beginning of the wire. John ran over and bent on allfours and followed the wire like a hound dog. All of them laughed as theywatched him trail the wire and pull the phone out of a pile holding it up intriumph.


“I found it! “ John shouted.


Paul petted John’s head like a dog as he took the phone.John grabbed Paul’s leg and started humping it. Paul laughed with the others ashe shook John off of him.

“Gerruff you nit.”


“I’m a good dog not a nit….” He laughed as he stood up andlistened to Paul cancel the studio for the 9th. Now no one had toworry and maybe things could get back to normal, John hoped as he joked withhis mates. They worked on some songs into the night as Paul had hoped and theyall laughed, joked and got some work done now that the tension was gone.




Paul spent the next day with Jane. He tried to actnaturally, but she knew something was wrong. He told her it was the stress ofgetting the album out in time and she bought it to his relief. He saw her offMonday morning, he felt guilty to be glad that she was gone. He also felt badthat the first thing he did after he watched her cab leave was to try to reachRita. To his disappointment he found out she was working the day shift thisweek. She’d be working the night shift next week. He knew how much she hatedshift work, but left her a message with her roommate to meet him at the studioaround 7pm.