By Sue



Angry muffled voices could be heard from under the closed door. He saw two male silhouettes from the big window arguing, one got up and slammed out the door. A few minutes later the other chased after him. The car quickly sped away, chirping its tires as it left the curb. Rain fell hard, bouncing up from the street in the cold misty night air. The other man stood there drenched, yelling at the blur, incensed, as it shot away.


The car changed gears with infuriation, as the speed increased. The sheets of rain made it hard to see. The man’s anger turned to hurt and his tears blended into the stormy rain that fell in the darkness that blanketed the night.


The beautiful woman on the side of the road took the attention of the man from seeing the light that just changed. It was too late. The brakes on the car squealed, but it was no use.  He heard the horrific noise of the car smashing into the pole, killing the girl instantly.  The noise grated in his ears of shattering glass as it made a tinkling sound spattering all around. He shook as he heard the scraping and screeching noise of the twisting metal grinding together, making the pole one with car. 


The car erupted in a loud explosion, sending black billowing clouds into the dark sky. Fire so intense, it no longer seemed cold to him. His eyes dropped to the color red running down the street mixing with the rain that ran into the gutter.



He sat up with a start. He didn’t even hear his own screams. Sweat ran down his body and his head , making his hair drenched , as if he were the one that stood in the downfall of rain. His saltwater tears mixed with it, making it hard to know which was which.  He trembled violently and it was a few minutes before he felt her touch.


She held his arm and rubbed his back, gently trying to sooth him.


“Shhh Shhh there, there luv. It’s just one of you’re nightmares. “ The voice cooed in his ear.

She wiped away the wet hair that matted around his face. His beautiful face, and it looked the same every time he had one of these nightmares. Her arms enveloped him in a hug, and then she rocked him as his head lay gently against her shoulder.


She caressed his face and whispered comforting words as he tried to get himself together.

It took awhile before he was able to quiet down. It was always so real. It wasn’t like a normal dream. This dream was exactly the same over and over again and had become more frequent lately. He was a third person, an on looker, watching the events transpire, not able to stop what he knew would happen. Now, they seemed to haunt him. He didn’t want to sleep anymore. He would stay up until his eyes betrayed him and would close with out him knowing and sleep would come and the cycle would continue.


Finally, calmed down, he lay back with his wife. His head lay on her chest and his arms circled her body . He could feel her arms around him. He thought this was the way it always ended as he drifted off into a dreamless sleep.



The alarm went off and he shot up in bed. His heart raced as he realized it was only the alarm clock. He sat there rubbing his eyes and noticing his lovely wife was no longer there beside him. He shook the dream out of his head as he stumbled into the shower, brushed his teeth and shaved. He tripped over his trousers as he tried to put them on, falling onto the bed. He huffed, annoyed at his clumsiness and got up to finish dressing.


He came out to the smell of food, and it was then he noticed he was hungry as his stomach growled. He sat down and sipped his tea. He watched her put his food on the table and started at it the minute the plate settled in its spot.


She studied him as he ate. These dreams were getting worse and it scared her. She didn’t know what to do for him. She sat down gingerly into her chair.


“George?” Her voice came out quietly as she broached the subject.


“Mmmm?” He mumbled as he shoved the food into his mouth.


“These dreams you’ve been having. I think we need to talk about them.” She ventured.


He almost spit out his food and tea at the mention of the dreams. She knew that the dreams weren’t to be mentioned once they were up. They weren’t mentioned at all except while she would comfort him. He didn’t want to think about them. They scared him, like ghosts in the night and mentioning them might bring those ghosts out into the day.


“Pattie, I don’t want to talk about them, whilst I’m awake.” He said curtly, not meaning to.


Pattie sighed, her shoulders sunk. He needed to do something; they couldn’t go on like this. His eyes were sunken back into his head, with dark purple circles from lack of sleep. He was quieter then usual. She knew these dreams were affecting him. He hadn’t even told her what they were about. She knew he was too afraid to talk about them. They were happening more and more and had started occasionally, about six weeks ago. She thought they’d go away, since they weren’t she knew something needed to be done.


He knew she was right, but he was too afraid to talk about them. He knew they had begun when he had started fooling with meditation. Not right away, but a few months after. He didn’t know what these dreams meant, only that they were so bloody real. He finished his breakfast, got up and kissed Pattie.


“I’m sorry pet, I didn’t mean to be cross with you. Try to understand that these dreams or whatever they are. Well, they seem so real and I am so bloody gutted by them. I’m not to keen on talking about them , but maybe you’re right. We’ll talk; now I have to get to the studio. I’ll be back later. I love you.” His eyes were filled with remorse for how he had cut her off. The only one who brought comfort to him after one of those dreams.

He grabbed his coat, keys and left.


She sat there confused by all this. Newly married and he wasn’t talking to her. Somehow she had to get it out of him, she thought. She heard the front door close and the humming of the engine as he pulled out of the drive.




George walked into studio two. The beige doors closed behind him, and he turned to see everyone in the large room. The tile floor gave the room a good sound. He looked up at the big window to see Brian and George Martin talking , and then back down at Ringo tightening the keys on his snare drum. He then scanned the room for John and Paul, who sat on chairs , facing each other , going over something for a song. He unhooked his case and pulled out his guitar. He started tuning it when Ringo spied him.


“Hey you snuck in, didn’t say a word. You trying to hide there, Georgie?” Ringo gave him a teasing wink.


George laughed and then turned back to his guitar. Ringo walked up behind him.

“ Not to friendly today are we?”


“Naw, just a bad night is all.” George told him without looking up from fooling with his guitar. His only safe mode was to hide behind his guitar. He figured it was probably the same for Ringo with his drums.


He felt a hand on his shoulder and tensed up for a second,” You’re having a lot of bad nights lately mate. Want to share it with us?” He looked up into the sincere blue eyes of the drummer, who had become such a good and true friend over the years. Could he share this with him? He probably could, but would Ritch think him certifiable? He thought better of it, for now they had work to do.


“Ta Ritch, maybe later after we get some work done.”


“Georgie, always work. You need to come out and play with us some. I know you’re newly married , but you need some time with your mates.”The hand left George’s shoulder.


“Yeah, leave that young beautiful wife of yours alone for a night. I’m sure a night with this lot would be more satisfactory then a good shag with that vixen your lucky arse fell into.” John howled.


George jumped not hearing John approach, and then gave him a lopsided grin.

“You dirty sod. Your just jealous is all.”


“Straight away I am, and I will freely admit to it. Your sort shouldn’t be blessed with such a looker as Pattie.” He teased as he tossled George’s hair.


“What’s this then? Am I hearing right ? Are we all to have a turn at the beautiful Mrs. Harrison?” Paul laughed and then gave him a thumbs up along with a wink.


“NO, You all are a bunch of wankers!” George laughed along with them.


“Oh you don’t know how many times I do wank off to that one.” John backed away , just in case George took offence to John’s teasing.


George instead looked John up and down seriously, “I don’t think your having a lark .I think you’re dead serious.  Just remember I am the one who doesn’t have to wank off, for I have the real thing; now don’t I,” His laughter grew louder then John’s


“He’s right y ‘know Johnny. Me, I have the lovely Miss Asher, amongst others.” Paul slapped John on the back as they all howled at how John’s teasing had backfired on him.



“Well son if you don’t do something bout the way you look, she may run now. Really, George you look like shite. Still, not sleeping?  I don’t think you can shag every night until dawn without a wink or two.” John said half serious and half teasing the young guitarist.


George realized they all had noticed, and wondered if he should tell them of the ghosts that came for him in the night. He shuddered noticeably at the thought. John placed his hand on George’s shoulder the way Ritch had done a few minutes before.


“Seriously, Harri, we’re all here for you if you need to chat.” Their eyes met and George could see the concern in John’s eyes.  That concern seemed to mirror in Paul and Ringo’s eyes as he looked from one to the other. 



“Right, O.k. I think maybe we should all have a chat later. Right now, it looks as if Mr. Martin wants to start.” George said with gratitude.


They all saw George Martin turning on the intercom, “ Alright lads you ready for a bit of work then?”


They all smiled up to him and said in unison. “NO!” and then laughed. He joined them, knowing it was a joke.


“Right then, let’s do it anyway.”


They all started moving away to their spots, when George felt a hand stop him.

“Really, George we’re all here for you. Whatever it is we can sort it out together.” Paul’s voice was soft and sincere just as the look on his face.


“I think that’d be a rather good idea . Thanks Paul.” George watched Paul walk over to plug in his bass. George didn’t understand the strange feeling he got when Paul touched him. It was as if there was something invisible tugging at him, trying to tell him something. He heard the song announced that they were going to play and shook off the feeling.



The session went well as the band put their instruments away. The large room suddenly looked larger, as they cleared their things. John walked up to George, who was putting on his coat.


“You ready to go to the pub then?” John looked at him, pushing his new round specs up onto his nose.


“I think I should go home. I was a bit curt with Pattie before I came in here and I want to straighten things out. Another time?” George begged off.


“I knew you wouldn’t go out with us. C’mon Harri , just a drink or two. We’re all worried bout you,” John pushed the reluctant guitarist.


“No John, I really must do this. I appreciate the worry, but there’s no need.  I promise another time,” With that he grabbed his things and quickly exited the studio before the other two could start on him and he would change his mind.


He wanted to call Ravi and talk about these dreams he was having. He thought if anyone would know, it would be him. He didn’t want to get into it with the others, not just yet, not until he knew what was up with the whole thing.



Paul and Ringo came over to John, puzzled looks etched in their faces.


“He’s not going then?” Paul asked with surprise.


“Naw, got into it with the wife before he came in and wants to get things squared away.”


“I had a feeling he wouldn’t go. Something is wrong, very wrong with him. Did you see the dark circles under his eyes and how quiet he’s been lately?” Ringo inquired of the others.


“Yeah, he seemed a bit off with me before we started. Matter of fact he kept his distance from me the whole session. Do you think I did something?” Paul mused.


“No Paul , you didn’t do anything that I can see. He’s been like that with all of us lately.” Ringo shared.


They all stood there huddled together by the door. The intercom boomed, making them jump.


“You lads going home?” Brian’s voice echoed through the studio.


“A, Yeah , I mean no Eppy , we’re still going out ,” Paul looked to the other two, seeing if they still were.



“I’m game. I could use a few pints. Eppy you can join us if you’re not busy with one of your male friends that is.” John smiled up at Brian and saw the manager blush.


“John, please, I will have to go, another time perhaps. I thank you for asking.” Brian didn’t want to hear any comments from John, especially since he did have a date. John was always able to get it out of him and he hated that. Hated feeling different and hated the fact that after all these years he was still attracted to John, and John knew it. Sometimes, he’d use it to his advantage and Brian just wanted to get to his companion.


“I knew you had a night of sinful sex planned,” John waved his fingers at the man in the window, shoulders shrugged and tried to smile innocently, though you could tell there was something behind that Lennon smile.


“Oh, C’mon lads let’s go. I’m feeling a bit thirsty and very randy tonight.” John grabbed his coat. He was ready for a few drinks, some weed and a pretty bird to put out his fire.


The other two laughed as they grabbed their coats and watched Brian leave the control room with embarrassment written all over his face.


“You’re always randy son, I don’t know who is worse you or Paul.” Ringo laughed as they left for their night out.




George unlocked the door to his house and quietly crept in. He saw Pattie asleep on the couch; he knew she was waiting to talk with him. He felt relieved when he saw her sleep, and snuck into the music room. He wanted to call Ravi before it got to late, and then he’d wake a sleeping Pattie for their talk.


He dialed the number and waited impatiently for someone to pick up. He heard the ringing stop and a man’s voice answer the phone. Good, he thought, it was Ravi on the other end and he wouldn’t have to make small talk with his wife. He felt the fear slip into his gut as he started to say something.  


“Hullo Ravi?” George asked, even though he knew it was.


‘George? What is wrong that you should be calling at this late hour?”


“I’m sorry Ravi for the lateness of the call. I just got home from the studio, but needed to talk with you about something.” George felt bad, he hadn’t thought about the time. The only thing he could think about were these dreams that kept eating at him, and he had to find an answer.



“You sound worried George. What could be worrying you so much? Of course we can talk. Please tell what bothers you.” Ravi’s voice was calm, but peppered with concern for his friend.



George fidgeted in his chair and twirled the cord around his finger, as he tried to find the courage to get into the haunting dreams that terrified him every night.


“Ravi, I’ve been meditating as you know. Lately, I’ve been having the same dream and it feels so bloody real. They are coming every night now and I don’t know why, or understand them. All I know is I wake up every night at 5 am, scared out of my gourd, with sweat pouring down me. Poor Pattie , she has to calm me down and it’s really doing a number on us here.” George’s voice came out fast, as he rambled to Ravi.


Ravi could hear the fear in the young man’s voice as he spoke so quickly it was almost hard to understand him. He thought for a few minutes, leaving dead air through the phone line.


“George, slow down and tell me what are these dreams of?” Ravi spoke calm and slowly, trying to get George to relax a bit.


George told him every last detail of the dream. He told him how at first they were once a week and now since September, they were every night. It was now the first week of October and they were getting stronger. He told Ravi, of how he could feel the fire more intensely, smell it and hear everything as if he were standing right there. The thought sent a shiver through him, and he waited to hear what his friend had to say. Again he was faced with dead air and then he heard a knowing sigh from the other end.


“George my friend. I have a few thoughts on the matter. First, have you ever had dreams that came true before, that felt real?” Ravi asked.


George thought about it for a minute. Yes, he had , years ago. He quickly answered the man’s question.


“Yes, yes I have. I haven’t in a few years, but I did have. I had dreams that felt so real, but I couldn’t tell who they were about, but knew what was going to happen. A while later, I’d find out, when it did in fact happen. Oh Sod it Ravi, I had dreams of Peter, my brother breaking his arm. I had dreams of Paul’s mum getting sick, and a few others. I got scared when these dreams happened and when they came true. They stopped a few years or so ago. I never had a dream as real or as powerful as this one. I mean when I dreamt about Paul’s mum I didn’t know it was her. I thought it was about me own mum. I realized when he told me she was sick that it was her. I was shocked and when she died, well I guess I knew she was going too. That was the scariest one I ever had. Still, it wasn’t like this one. Why do you ask?” George was confused by the question, as he remembered those forgotten dreams.


“George, I want you to listen to me, very carefully. When you have the gift of visions, as you seem to, it never goes away. You might push it away, out of fear the way you did. I believe you have this gift. When you meditate, you become more in touch with yourself, more aware and in tune. You have done so. Now, these dreams are more real and have become a prophecy. There are many visionaries in this world, all work differently. You, my friend, are seeing the future, a future miscarriage, that shouldn’t happen.” Ravi explained.


Now, George was even more confused, “ What are you saying?”


“I am saying that now, you are having these dreams to stop something that isn’t suppose to be destiny. You didn’t know before to help your brother or to help Paul with the blow of his mother’s impending death,” Ravi sighed, he wanted to explain this the right way.

He had seen many with this gift, and had seen what they could do with it.


“George, with meditation you can get in tune with your body. You can also control things, like your dreams. What you must do is concentrate on them in a meditation before bed. I have seen people who can stop these dreams, pause them you would say and walk around them to find the clues they need to stop this from happening. Some can do that successfully, but they get feelings when they are awake too. Usually, they know the person. Touching that person could send feelings rushing through them. Some get to the point to where if that happens they also see parts of the dream. You will get physical symptoms when you touch the person these dreams are about. You must start working on this. To me, it sounds as if it is not time for him to die. You must save him and this girl. “ Ravi stopped to let it all sink in to George.



George sat there stunned at what he had heard. He had to figure this out and save these people? Christ, how was he going to do that?


“Ravi, how will I do that?” George whispered, shock still in his voice.


“You know the accident happens at 5am. Right?”


“I know of no such thing. I don’t have a watch on in the dreams, not one that I am aware of.” George answered a bit frustrated.


“Pay attention to it all George. You tell me you wake every time at 5 am. This means that is the time the accident will happen. Now, It’s cold in your dream, end of Autumn , beginning of Winter.  The dreams are more frequent because the time is growing near. You must work hard on this George or these two people will be dead, and it isn’t supposed to happen. Sometimes , things do , when they shouldn’t. Also, You know the man in this dream. You are in the room with him and another. You only see the girl, so you don’t know her, only that she too will die.” Ravi again gave George a minute to catch up to what he was saying.


George fished for a cigarette and lit it. He inhaled the smoke, begging for it to relax him as he exhaled, and then spoke again to Ravi.

“Ok, so I know the bloke, and it’s 5 am, cold, raining, and he has a fight with another man that I guess I know too. ,” George paused to think some more, “ So what you are telling me is instead of being scared of these dreams I should meditate before I go to bed on them to see if I can notice more clues. Also, you are telling me through touch I might be able to figure out who this is and I should get some reaction from this touch, is that right?” George asked, trying to squelch the confusion in his brain.


“Yes, that is correct. You can call me anytime and I will help you as best as I can. I have only known people like this. I myself don’t have such gifts.” Ravi confided.


George shook his head, and then realized that Ravi couldn’t see him, “Right, then you’ve already helped me. I don’t know how I will do this, but I’ll try.”


“I know this is a lot for you to fathom. It is truly mystical how these things work, but I know you can do it. Please, call me if you need me or need to talk.” Ravi tried to make his point clear to George.


“O.K. right then I will try. Ravi ta for the help, and again I am sorry to call so late.”


“This is not a problem for something as serious as this. Do call me; I pray your journey through this is successful. Good-night my friend.” With this Ravi hung up the phone.


George sat there finishing his cigarette deep in thought as he heard the phone hang up and he heard the buzz on the other end. He hung up the phone, put out his cigarette and went to get Pattie.


He saw her sound asleep on the couch. He hoped he wouldn’t wake her as he lifted her up. He didn’t want to have that talk. He needed to think. Carefully, he brought her to their room. He laid her down and covered her. Good, she was still asleep, he thought as he went back downstairs to meditate on the dream. He was going to start right away and figure this out. Someone he knew, he thought as he took the large pillow and threw it on the floor. He loved to meditate on this pillow and sat down slowly, sinking into it. He wondered if he should tell the others, maybe they could help him find this person that he knew. He pushed it aside as he quietly started to meditate on the problem at hand.