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The following day George left for the studio earlier then usual. He couldn’t stop his thoughts about the dreams. He thought maybe if he went to the studio and played around, or talked to some of the people there he’d feel better.


The gears slowed as he approached a red light. He sat there for a minute in thought. He looked around to see a familiarity about the intersection. This wasn’t the way to the studio, he thought. How did I get here? He pulled over and parked his car. He got out and looked around. He had started carrying a small notebook with him to write down anything that brought him closer to who and what he was supposed to find out.

He looked up at the street signs.


“Hmm, Charing Crossing and Maryleborne Street. I know this intersection.” He wrote it in his notebook. He had seen this intersection many times and thought nothing of it. This time it jumped out at him. Was he taken here? Did something will him to this very spot? It was definitely the intersection in his dreams. Looking across the way, there stood the lamppost that haunted him. He looked both ways and sprinted to the other side.


He slowly walked up to the lamppost and stared at it. He felt that fear well up inside of him again. He remembered Ravi telling him that the fear would get in the way of him finding out what he needed to. People dotted the sidewalk, but that wouldn’t stop the Beatle from finding out why he was led here. George swallowed hard. He brought his hands up to either side of the pole. There was a magnetic force that seemed to pull at his hands as if they were metal. He kept them an inch or so away and moved them around. One spot pulled hard at the metal that his hands had become. They settled fast to the pole.


The real world stopped, and the visions took over. The impact of the car, the metal grinding, the glass shattering and then the man trapped inside, still alive. The man was half conscious, and then the explosion. It seemed so real that it threw George backwards into a pretty girl.


She fell to the ground, and sat there shocked. George was stunned from what he envisioned as he came out of his stupor. It was then he saw that he had backed into the girl, causing her fall. She was strikingly beautiful. He stared at her for a moment, taking her in. She wore a lime green mini dress, white Go-Go boots; her matching cap had fallen off her head onto the sidewalk. Without the cap her auburn pixie cut hair shone in the sun. He could clearly see her large round white earrings, her button nose, pouting pink lipstick painted mouth and her hazel eyes with dark liner and false lashes. He bent over to help her up and noticed she was also wearing a clear hip length plastic mac with an outline of white.


She fumbled for her cap and purse and then extended her hand for him to help her up. Once she was up, she gave him a smile.

“George.” She said softly.


“Pardon?” He asked, surprised she knew his name.


“George.” She said again, her hazel eyes piercing through his.


“How do you ……,” He stopped, realizing she must have been a Beatles fan.


Her stare wasn’t like a Beatle fan and it bothered him. He felt as if she was staring into his soul. She blinked a few times and then her pink lips started to move.


“I know you because we will never part, if I’m a part of you. Open up your eyes now. Tell me what you see. It is no surprise now, what you see is me.” Her stare continued.


George was dumbfounded by what she had said. It didn’t seem right, yet the words rang familiar in his head.


“I don’t understand what you are trying to tell me?” He asked her honestly, still bewildered by her.


Her eyes moved to the pole that he had been touching. His eyes moved with hers.

“Big and black the clouds may be. Time will pass away.” She said just as softly as before.


Billowing black clouds of smoke ran through George’s mind. Is that what she meant? Why were those words so familiar to him? He didn’t know, as his forehead wrinkled in confusion.


“Listen to me one more time. How can I get through? Can’t you try to see that I’m tryin’ to get to you?” The hazel eyes sparkled at him and saw he didn’t understand, “Open up you eyes now, tell me what you see? It is no surprise now, what you see is me.” She smiled gently at him.


He stepped back, unconsciously and hit into the pole. He rubbed his head and stared back at her. She hadn’t moved from the spot where he left her.

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand you, or what you might be trying to tell me.” He waited for her to explain. A soft whisper came from her mouth. What she said was dark and with no emotion to it.


“ I know what it’s like to be dead,” With that she turned and walked away from him.


His head rang with that last statement. ”I know what it’s like to be dead?” Where had he heard that before or the other strange words she whispered? He suddenly heard another voice calling for him in another direction. “George, George!”


He took a deep breath and moved to see who it was. He couldn’t see the female voice that called to him, although it too was familiar. Turning back, the pixie haired girl with the strange words had disappeared. He felt gentle shaking and his vision became clouded. He closed his eyes and then opened them again.


He saw a blonde, bent over him. She was shaking him lightly. He rubbed his eyes and realized it was Pattie.


“You told me to wake you early so you can leave for the studio,” She stopped to see a bewildered look on his face, “You ok luv? You look a bit off colour. Another dream was it?”


George sat up and pulled Pattie down on his lap. He held her for a few minutes. He needed to feel her love and security. He buried his head into her shoulder, waiting for his heart to calm down. It was a dream. Another dream. He had never had one like this before; it was always the same dream. What changed this one? He looked up at her, took a deep breath and kissed her.


“Salright luv, I guess I didn’t think I fell asleep on the couch.” He slid her off his lap and stood up. Pattie gave him an unsure glance.


“I’m fine, I tell you. Dead fine,” Well maybe dead wasn’t the right word to use at this point, but he didn’t want her to worry. He swatted her on the backside and she laughed.


“I have to go. I love you Pat.” He kissed her again and started to leave.


“I love you too” She tried to hid her concern, but she knew he could see it as he got ready to leave.


He needed to go to Charing Crossing and Maryleborne Road. He needed to see if his dream was telling him where this happened. Later, he’d call Ravi and fill him in.



He parked his car and got out. He then jogged across the street. Funny, he thought, he had parked in the same spot as in his dream. He shook it off and went over to the lamppost. Looking around he didn’t see many people. His hands again, like the dream were metal to the magnetic pole. He saw the same thing he saw in his dream and jumped away from the pole. He didn’t hit anyone this time. He looked around and didn’t see the pixie haired girl. Curious, he thought as he wrote everything down in his notebook, while he walked back to the car. His eyes were in the book, and he bumped into someone. He immediately looked up. To his shock there she was. She was in the same lime mini, white Go-Go boots, cap, clear mac, the white round earrings and the same auburn pixie cut hair.

He saw the same button nose, pouting pink lips and hazel eyes.


“Sorry” He said, half expecting her to rattle off the incoherent words that she did in his dream.


“It’s quiet alright. Just look where you’re walking next time,” She looked at him for a moment, “ George Harrison from the Beatles.” She smiled knowingly at him.


Now, he really did feel awkward, “ A yeah, I mean yes.” He couldn’t move from her. He had to know why he dreamt of her and why she looked exactly the same as she did in his dream.

“Your name luv, what is it?”


She focused her eyes on his, “ Margarita, my friends call me Rit or Rita. You can call me which ever you want. I would have thought you’d know my name.” She tilted her head and gave him a smile.


“Why would that be then?” He questioned her.


She shrugged, “We’ve met before. I really need to go. It was nice to see you. I’m sure we’ll see each other again,” She started to put her cap back on and then added, “Soon.”


“Wait!” George grabbed her arm, “Where do you live?”


“Me? Over there in that brownstone flat on the corner. Third floor, flat B. I really need to go. I’ll see you in your dreams. “ She winked at him and left.


He stood there in shock. So much to this puzzle, he thought. Did she really mean they knew each other from his dream and he would see her again in another dream? He needed to put the pieces to this puzzle together faster then he was. He shook out of his stupor and saw the time on his watch; he had to get to the studio. Getting into his car he thought about another thing he had to do. Remember to meditate about his watch so he could see the date on it. Ravi had told him if he really meditated on one thing he’d be able to see it, and he needed to see when this would all take place. He lit a cigarette before driving off to the studio, and thought about the newest part of this puzzle. .



She made her way to the tubes and when she came back up to the street she saw the Bag O’ Nails. This was a favorite place for her and her friends to hang out at. They loved seeing all the celebrities. They played a game to see who would take one home, or hang out with one for the night. She walked towards it excitedly, yet she couldn’t get George out of her mind. Bumping into him felt funny. She got such a strange feeling from him. Why? Hadn’t they met before? Now she wasn’t sure. She shook the feeling off when she noticed the time. She was twenty minutes late. I hope they’re still there, she thought.


She walked into the smoke filled club and searched for her mates through the walls of people. At eight o’clock the place was filling fast. She went to the bar and ordered a drink. Looking through the haze and crowd, she spotted them. They sat at a table moving to the music that shook the club. The band was a favorite there, and always drew a big crowd. She walked over to the table, careful not to get bumped into and spill her drink.


Getting closer she could see Sharon with her orange shirt, black boots and mini-skirt. Her black hair cut to frame her face that was adored with heavy eye make-up and the latest neon lipstick. She saw her other mate tapping to the song that pounded the floor making people flock to the dance floor. Vickie was the opposite of the other two girls. She wore a short white dress with black paisley designs running together. It made Rita wonder if the dress wasn’t black with white in it. She giggled to herself as she got close enough to see the girl with the blonde fringe and shoulder length poker straight hair smile at her. Rita wondered how the whitish lipstick Vickie wore didn’t make her look paler then she was.


She finally reached the table successfully keeping her drink in her glass. She sat it down and gave her friends a hug before sitting with them.


“Cor, it’s about bleedin time you got yourself here.” Sharon said with a tone of frustration to her voice.


“Sorry ran into someone on the way. You’ll never guess? It was the grooviest thing really.” Rita shared excitedly.


“Right, I expect you’ll be telling us you ran into one of the Beatles.” Sharon continued, waiting for her friend to finish.


“How’d you know? Yeah, I ran into George Harrison, or rather he ran into me,” She giggled.


“George Harrison ran into you? Are you mad, or are tellin us the truth?” Vickie eyed her suspiciously.


“No, really, He did run into me. He seemed preoccupied about something and I got the strangest feeling when I saw him and touched him. He asked my name and where I lived.” Rita told them. She just couldn’t shake the feeling off.


Sharon finished her drink,” Of course you felt strange; he’s a bleedin Beatle. You should have brought him back then if you really did meet him. Or instead of telling him where you lived, took him there and shag him silly. ” Sharon told her, also feeling suspicious of this accidental meeting.


“I swear on me mum’s grave. I met him, rather nice too. He just seemed so preoccupied. He also seemed like he didn’t remember me, I felt a little funny with that.” The last part she spoke more to herself.


“Of course he didn’t remember you. He’s never met you before. What’d you expect?” Sharon mocked her friend.


“No, I feel like we have met. I just don’t remember where or when. “ Rita answered quietly.


“Well, enough of this talk. I think we should get up and have a dance. See who we run into tonight.” Vickie said as she got up and pulled at her dress, straightening it out.


“Right, I’m for that one.” Sharon stood and looked down at Rita.

“Love the out fit by the way.” She smiled as Rita stood up and was led into the sea of people that swallowed them up.




 Paul walked into the control room to find John and George Martin discussing John’s song Strawberry Fields. He watched in the back round and listened to the two men talk.


“I like my voice better on the first half of this take and I like my voice better on the last part of that take. Can’t you put them together for us. Make one song out of the two?” John leaned against the control board waiting for Mr. Martin’s answer.


George Martin had done things he had never done before with the Beatles. They had the imagery and asked him to help make it happen. He had always been able to figure a way around it. Now, he sat with a pensive look on his face. He felt John’s stare and then played both tapes through, listening to them again.


“John, these two tapes are different. The key is lower in one and the tempo is faster in the other. I just can’t quite figure out how we would pull this off.” George Martin shook his head as he turned off the tape.


“You’ve done the impossible before George. I have faith you can do it for me again. I wouldn’t trouble you if I didn’t think you could do the job. I know it will sound better. Besides, this has to be done, we do the promotional films for this and Penny Lane next week.” John smiled as he got up. He would leave as he always did, letting George Martin figure out how to accomplish the task at hand.


Paul stopped John and led him back over to George Martin. The two men looked at Paul as he play one tape and stopped it and then played the other tape and stopped it at the same spot.


“I think there would be good George. What do you think Johnny?” Paul’s brow rose as he waited for both men to answer him.


John realized Paul had something up his sleeve, “ Do tell us what you’re going on about. I know you have an ear for this stuff, so don’t keep us waiting.” John lit a cigarette and exhaled the smoke into Paul’s face, as he grinned at him.


Paul waved the smoke away, “ For that Lennon I shouldn’t even tell you what I’m thinking.” He smiled.


George gave a pleading look to Paul, “Please Paul if you have any suggestions do tell.”


“Yes, do tell us Paulie,” John sat back down waiting to hear Paul’s suggestion.


Paul looked quickly down at Ringo, Mal and George. He saw they were engrossed in a game of cards and then his mind wandered back to the control panel.


“Right, I think the two can be mixed as John said. This part here in each tape can be redone to join the two together. It’s a small part, but I think it would be quite effective in bringing the tempo and the key together.” He played back both again to the men as they listened with Paul’s idea in mind.


George played it again on both tapes, “Yes, right. You boys could do a small bit to join it together. I could splice both tapes and join it together with that bit. Do you think you lads can do it?” George asked hopefully.


John looked up at Paul and cracked his neck, “ You are the smart one aren’t you.” He laughed, “Yeah, I think Paulie and I can get the others to do something for it. How long do you need it for?” He turned to George.


“Not to long, just enough to pull it together. Take this piece, like Paul said, slowly take it up in tempo and key and then we’ll bridge the whole thing together. It’s up to you two to figure out how to do it and then I shall do my job in piecing it together.” George Martin stated satisfied.


Paul took a cigarette out of John’s pack and lit it.

“Eh, stop nicking me smokes or I’ll have to charge ya.” John joked.


“Charge me will ya? Then I suppose you can figure this out on your own.” Paul winked at him as he headed for the door.


Paul and John had known each other for so long, that one could figure out what the other would do in certain situations. This one he wasn’t too sure about, but exited the control room anyway. He was pretty sure John would come up to him like nothing happened. He went down the stairs to join the others, who were still playing cards.


“Who’s winning?” Paul asked.


The two Beatles scowled at Paul. Paul looked over to Mal.


“You?” He laughed at the other two.


Mal smiled and pulled more money into his pile, “I’ve run into some good fortune.”


“Enjoy it now Mal, cause that’s your bonuses for the next year.” George teased.


“Either that or you’ll have to live on it whilst you’re out of a job mate.” Ringo said following George’s lead.


“You guys couldn’t sack me. What would you do without me? Mal get us this, Mal get us that. “ Mal smiled as he pocketed the money he had won.


John walked in and heard the last part, “Sacking Mal are we?”


“Naw, just sore losers, the lot of them.” Mal turned to answer John.


“Now, lads hasn’t mother told you before if you’re going to play a game you mustn’t be sore losers?” John pretended to scold them.


“He’s right y ‘know. Can’t have a lot of sore losers now can we.” Paul wagged his index finger at them.


“Oh, c’mon, we were just messin about.” Ringo smiled at Mal and then at Paul and John.


“Speakin of messin about. Don’t we have a few bars to this song to figure out?” John asked Paul.


“Sorry?” Paul asked, trying his hardest to hide his grin of satisfaction.


“The song you twit. We need to figure that part out for George.” John suddenly wanted just to figure it out and get it out of the way. He didn’t want to play any more games. His attention span was being pushed to the limit. He knew Paul, the perfectionist that he was, would help him get this out of the way faster.


‘Oh right, that. Shall I charge you then?” Paul teased as he walked over to get his guitar and then came back.


“What part do you need to figure out? I thought we were done with the song.” George eyed up the songwriting team


“Oh our Johnny here wants one part of one tape and the end part of another tape spliced together. Problem being, the tempo and key are different for each. So we have to work out something to pull it together so that Mr. Martin up there can make it all tidy for us.” Paul explained to the other two Beatles. George groaned and Ringo started dealing another hand of cards.


“Looks like another hands in order here. Maybe I can win me money back.” Ringo looked directly at Mal.


“Ready there Macca?” John looked at him eagerly.


“I’ll have a crack at it.” Paul answered as they walked to a quieter spot, where they could concentrate.


Paul and John worked for about an hour, trying different ideas. They finally came up with one that they both agreed on. The other two not so happy Beatles were enlisted in learning and then playing the part they needed.


After they were done, Paul and John left Ringo and George to play some more cards with Mal. They hoped to win some money back. Ringo laughed as he started to win.


“See that there Mal? I am cutting your bonus.” He swept the money from the pot into his pile.


Mal shrugged, “Well, I have to let one of you catch up, don’t want to be sacked now. What would Lil say?” He smiled playfully at them.


“She’d say she finally has you home with her, instead of these crazy hours that we work. You might even get a shag in there mate.” George gave a hardy laugh. It was working he hadn’t thought of the dreams or of the girl all night, up until now. He dismissed the thoughts knowing that he’d have to think on them when he got home and continued the game.



John and Paul watched as George Martin went to work. When he was done, they listened to the play back.


“Brilliant!!!” John exclaimed loudly.


“I know that Johnny, been trying to tell you that for years. You’re just to thick to listen.” Paul joked.


“Shurrup ya tosser. I’m talking bout the way it sounds. C’mon, lets let the others have a listen,” John got up and ran excitedly down into the studio. Paul followed, laughing at John’s sudden enthusiasm.



They all listened to the finished tape and marvel at yet another first. They all agreed that it was a stroke of genius and something no other group had done before. The song sounded exactly the way John had heard it. It was now ready to be used for the promotional film they needed to do for both songs.