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music, loudermilk, PETA, my friends, sign language, vegetarians/vegans, clothes, accents, Dane, Coffee East, being liked by someone, flirting with someone and having them flirt back, Etam, shopping, gelly bracelets, Hamtaro, Sanrio, penpalling, snail mail, skirts, bell bottoms, Hot Topic's pants, chopsticks, Sign Language, my friends, democrats, political and vegetarian debates, free stuff, gothic-ness, the colour black, peace, Trader Joe's, organic food, Hot Topic, France, Paris, travelling, cultures, languages, animals, getting letters, snail mail, European cars, how things work in Europe, cities, fashion, passports, Hello Kitty, Diddl, pens, animal friendly things, laughing at an inside joke, making new friends, being complemented, the metric system, sparkles, glitter, stationary, rings, the Maryland Renaissance Festival, ghost stories, haunted places, cemetaries.

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