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Long Bio

Name: Sarah
Sex: Female
Location: MD (inbetween bmore & dc)
Music Faves: Army of Me, Loudermilk, The Vines, The Strokes, The Faint, Knife Your Neighbor,The Hives, Unsung Zeros, .
Fave Genres: Punk, Rock, Metal. I have a thing for local music.
Best Friends: Amelia, Jackie. And I guess Megan too.
Fave Songs:The Twisting [Loudermilk], Fake Ugly [Army of Me]
What Makes Me Cry: Realising that my best friend doesn't care anymore. Megan calling me a pot head. The song "I Remember" by Stabbing Westward. The song "Free Me" by Goldfinger. The Meet Your Meat DVD
Loves: My friends, Army of Me, music, photography, road trips, CD's, fall, the colours black and pink. more?
Hates: war, George W. Bush, republicans, racists, sexists, homophobics, meat-eaters, stupid people, people who think that vegetarians are stupid just because they aren't vegan, good charlotte.
Collects: Band Shirts, stickers, buttons/pins, Hello Kitty stuff, Japanese & Korean stuff, chopsticks, fortunes from fortune cookies, anything with Japanese/Korean/Chinese written on it, language books.

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