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sarah is here [really?]
sarah is evil [*gasp* no i'm not!]
sarah is seventeen [i wish]
sarah is performing [oh, cool]
sarah is well [good]
sarah is seeking [seeking what?]
sarah is born [uhh?]
sarah is a beast [ahhh!] sarah is one the country's top five musicians[i hope i'm a drummer!]
sarah is the real thing [yes i am]
sarah is doing? [doing what?]
sarah is at home and expecting a visitor [oooh maybe it's dane ;)]
sarah is motivated by compassion to do good deeds [see? i'm not evil]
sarah is a design label for bigger women [i'm a label?]
sarah is dying issue [noooooo!]
sarah is macquarie harbour [HUH?]
sarah is my favorite big brother babe [i'm on big brother]
sarah is soup [minestrone?]
sarah is 6 months old [i'm a very smart 6 mo. old!]
sarah is a godess [well we knew that already! :)]
sarah is cinderella [once again, DUH! ;)]
sarah is around [around..where?]
sarah is now a christian [i'm NOT a christian!]
sarah is a bum [*cries*]
sarah is very charming [*blushes*]
sarah is working her way to the top [oui?]
sarah is buffy [the vampire slayer?]
sarah is present at the time of rebekah's caesarean birth [who's rebekah?]
sarah is slated to host saturday night live for the third time on october 12 [why can't it be MadTV?]
sarah is also a very sensible actress[i'm an actress!]
sarah is now sixteen years old [wow, i grew up pretty fast]
sarah is a third year student at the evergreen state college and fiber artist with the newly formed spidey heaven studio [i thought i was only 16?]
sarah is back [where did i go?]
sarah is cooler than you [wow!]
sarah is having a revelation [about what?]
sarah is google [now i'm a search engine?!]
sarah is also in the new david cronenberg film existenz [cool, i'm in a movie!]
sarah is absent today [i'm never in school]
sarah is presented in the new testament as a model woman? [i'm in the bible too?]
sarah is a doll [aww]
sarah is fiercely independent and adamant about staying that way [yep]
sarah is feeling a pain [ouch, ouch!]
sarah is golden [hehe]
sarah is taking this cock into her mouth very deeply [gross]
sarah is anywhere where a pile of leaves calls to you to dive in it [i like jumping in leaves!]
sarah is a friendly [true]
sarah is" [i'm what? a quotation mark?]
sarah is in the movie scooby [scooby doo!]
sarah is very attractive [hopefully DANE FROM COFFEE EAST thinks so too!]
sarah is [is what?]
sarah is one of four young peregrines bred in captivity and released on the kitchener city hall in 2001 [what the hell is a "peregrine"??]
sarah is the music director at the river [wow i'm like barbie...i do everything!]
sarah is autographed and up for bids on ebay [i'm...autographed? where?]
sarah is one of six young women selected [selected for what??? tell me!]
sarah is on the cover of this month's uk elle magazine [ooh, i'm on a magazine]
sarah is making herself ill by pretending to love her husband [since when am i married?]
sarah is the same girl with the same [with the same what?]
sarah is the alter [um...ok?]
sarah is delighted with her latest victory [yes!]
sarah is somewhat of a celebrity [hehe]
sarah is currently doing her project [i should be working on my swedish & bio projects now...]
sarah is very charming [aww, you're so kind]
sarah is coaxed by eric garrett [who's eric garrett?]
sarah is a cute blond prostitute and she likes to be wet with hot sperm of her clients [eww!]
sarah is 5 years old [now i'm 5?? what happened to being 17?]
sarah is a reporter ["hello this is sarah for channel 5 news..."]
sarah is a pioneer [yeehaw!]
sarah is one of the best guitarists and 'live performers' of today's world [dude!]
sarah is awesome [geez so many compliments!]
sarah is a great competitor with exceptional quickness and the ability to make things happen in a positive way on the court [awesome!]
sarah is a third grader [nuh-uh! i'm a tenth grader!]
sarah is pregnant [ who???]
sarah is supporting animal rights[i do! PETA rocks!]
sarah is an international event rider/trainer and four times member of british three day event teams []
sarah is seeking [seeking what? Dane??]
sarah is well [i'm sick...*cough*]
sarah is sexy [oooh, i hope Dane thinks so!]
sarah is corpse [i'm gonna haunt you!]
sarah is alive [wait...i though i was a corpse!]
sarah is in love [with who? i only like dane] sarah is speaking [so be quiet!]
sarah is a role model [yes i am! *hehe*] sarah is so cute[again with the compliments!]
sarah is the rarest [i'm so special!]
sarah is forever [aww.]
sarah is a 'good citizen' [um...*sure*]
sarah is an ambassador [to france? je parle français un peu. or sweden? jag kan talar svenska, ocksċ! ]
sarah is up for the tv entertainer of the year award in the 2002 biography & usa today viewer polls [wowie!]
sarah is sooo driving [a mini cooper!]
sarah is your typical young lady [hmmm...]
sarah is it ok if i can ask [ask what?]
sarah is a month and a half younger than i am [younger than who?]
sarah is featured in december's issue of victoria magazine [interesting]
sarah is featured in november's issue of reader's digest on sale now [i'm in another magazine?]
sarah is a crack hoe [*cries* i am not!!]
sarah is committed [to Dane?]
sarah is a postcard [oooh! can i be a french postcard??]
sarah is very attractive [awww ;)]
sarah is a composite character inspired by the experiences and testimonies of many individuals who knew anne frank at certain points in her life [*interesting*]
sarah is planning to take some time off work until next february [too bad i can't]
sarah is sensational [oooh...]
sarah is pregnant again [again?!]
sarah is mentioned in adam sandler's new chanukah song 3 [whoohoo! i'm in a song!]
sarah is the one [for dane?]
sarah is the winner [what did i win?]
sarah is a sneaky goldfish [man, why can't i be a nice goldfish?]
sarah is confident [i wish...]
sarah is a manufacturer of wedding invitations [are the envelopes posionous??]
sarah is in town [cool]
sarah is following me [don't look behind you]
sarah is in need of a loving boyfriend [dane!]
sarah is fun [yep]
sarah is encouraging [yeah]
sarah is cool [tell me something i don't know :)]
sarah is leaving next week [where am i going?]
sarah is beautiful [aww!]
sarah is so cool [you are too!]
sarah is really pretty [thanks!]
sarah is sixth member of the band [a punky band?]
sarah is very charming [you're too much!]
sarah is british [time for tea and crumpets!]
sarah is rad [whoa]
sarah is my friend [awesome]
sarah is getting her stuff back soon [oh, good. i was wondering about that]
sarah is stil playing pretend as the main character in her favorite novel the labyrinth [i thought it was a movie]
sarah is a junior [no i'm not! i'm a sophmore!]
sarah is especially interested in the family life of the french nobility from the ancien regime to the third republic [i am]
sarah is short [no i'm tall!]
sarah has eyes whose color no one can name [i have green eyes]
sarah is undoubtably one of the best films ever[now i'm a movie?]
sarah is in london [big ben!]
sarah is phenomenal [in which way?]
sarah is very interested in the world [that's true]
sarah is from a wealthy family [$$]
sarah is seeking a boyfriend [dane...ask me out! i like you!]
sarah is reading [so be quiet!]
sarah is a random girl [that's for sure]
sarah is on fast track to success [ok?]
sarah is the best [at what?]
sarah is doing great in tennis [ick. i hate tennis]
sarah is the princess [yey!]
sarah is testing [for what?]
sarah is bachelorette #2 [ok?]
sarah is crazy [true]
sarah is a consumer [of what?]
sarah is cool although i dont know her that well [thanx anyway!]
sarah is still single [unfortuanetly i am...dane?]

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