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How Tips Paid to surf Multi-Pay News

Bluetree 1.2 5$/h
can download Viewbar $1.00/hr

special promotional rate
until December 31, 2000.
Epipogo international

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LottoForever 18c per click.
PlatinClicks During the next days they will add an new moneymaker: paid-to-search.
ValuePay New JackpotBar from ValuePay
AllCommunity Launches 'Get Paid to Surf! Smartbar V1.0 is rolled out to members on a first-come-first-served basis.
ThunderAD Free flash website. Download the new AD Viewer. The old AD Viewer will remain working for a few more days.
LottoForever multi
ThunderAD surf surf
PlatinClicks multi
Click Wage multi
lottoforever LottoForever- Get paid to receive email and play their "Fun game"You simply register and accumulate points. Once you accumulate 6000 points you can redeem your points for cash. (100 points =$1.00)  They are planning to raise the value of 100 points to $2.00 soon. To play their "game", all you do is click on banners and get points which vary from 9 to 18 depending on your luck. You earn 600 points for every 6,000 your referral earns.Available internationally but payments shall be made in US Dollars only. Please use as your referral if asked.   About   0.5$/h    Unlimited time This is a co-branded bar between and Spedia, they are guaranteeing $1.00/hr payout for unlimited hours until December 31, 2000. Note: You can be a member of both this program and Spedia but you must choose a different username, email address and you can not use both bars at the same time. $1.00/hr is a special promotional rate available until December 31, 2000.

Spedia   Spedia   0.47$/h     Unlimited time
Spedia has one of the the best pay out rate.There is no need to click on banners, and no matching surfing requirements for referrals time surfed. You also get paid for signing up for programs ($150 in one hour), paid for playing games, reading emails. If you are do many hours of surfing, then go for this program! For the month of August they paid $.60 an hour and 20 - 50% above the standard rate an hour for Spedia users that surfed for more than 2 hours each day.

valuepay   Valuepay   Max 1$/h    Unlimited time
ValuePay is a simple yet revolutionary Internet Service through which you can earn money when you and your friends are online, visiting Websites, or using any of the ValuePay services.They offer 2 cash bars, fat piggy that sits in the corner of your browser (taking very little space) and thin piggy, that is a regular shaped bar that pays you double! They also have 2 free lottery-lucky7(7x21- max7 tickets per day) and sooper7(6x49- max7 tickets per day),and pay you to play.You must email them your ID to be able to download it (

getpaid4   Getpaid4   0.4$/h
GetPaid4 is a great program from TeknoSurfcom.You can get paid to surf, work, play, study and anything else you feel like doing as long as you remain connected to the internet and active.The program pays for 7 referral levels, has a very generous pay structure at 40 cents an hour, and credits for up to 75 hours a month. You need to have a click through ratio between 0.5% and 5%, in other words between 1 and 5 clicks for every 500 ads you see.

epipo   Epipo   0.35$/h
Epipo is a very professional organization and looks like it will be a real winner. They have 2 versions of their viewbar, a big version and small version.The big version pays 35 cents an hour for up to 35 hours a month. The small version pays 20 cents and hour up to 60 hours a month. There are 5 levels of referrals. An unique feature of ePIPO is that their 5th indirect level pays 10 cents an hour.

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